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Lavender comes in many different forms: fresh, dried, essential oil, and capsule.

Lavender and Mental Health

Lavender has been found to change brain wave patterns. Therefore, its attracting greater scientific interest—from potential early indications for Alzheimer’s disease to generalized anxiety.

Taken internally in capsule form, lavender has been found to effectively treat generalized anxiety, compared to benzodiazepines. Lavender may be a safer alternative, due to the side effects associated with many conventional treatments. 

Although dried lavender tea is commonly suggested to reduce stress, its objective physiological effects have yet to be determined.

Lavender and Migraines

Lavender in its essential oil form has showed to improve overall mathematical performance, and may also be effective for acute management of migraine headaches, due to its analgesic effects. Using lavender essential oil could potentially stack up against conventional migraine treatments, helping about two-thirds of the time.

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