Plant based spices have been used in medicine for thousands of years, and their use continues today. Saffron has been found to be just as effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s as the leading drug Aricept (see here, here). Black pepper has been found to be potentially protective against cancer and inflammation. Combining black pepper with turmeric boosts the bioavailability; this illustrates why diversity in the diet is very important.

Drinking green tea every day may increase our lifespan. And chai tea has all the benefits of tea but also incorporates cloves and cinnamon, which makes it one of the healthiest beverages.

The healthiest food by weight is cloves. Cinnamon, oregano, lemonbalm, and majoram are also excellent sources of antioxidants (see also here, here, here, here). A yummy pumpkin pie is an excellent way to incorporate cloves and cinnamon into your diet.

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