stomach cancer

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  • Food Antioxidants and Cancer
    Food Antioxidants and Cancer
    Antioxidant intake from foods (not supplements) is associated with lower cancer risk.
  • Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease
    Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease
    Because certain tumors such as breast cancers thrive in settings of low-grade inflammation, our immune response can sometimes facilitate tumor growth.
  • Bacon and Botulism
    Bacon and Botulism
    The nitrite preservatives in processed meats such as bologna, bacon, ham, and hot dogs form carcinogenic nitrosamines but also reduce the growth of botulism bacteria, forcing regulators to strike a...
  • Muscle Tremors & Diet
    Muscle Tremors & Diet
    Essential tremor, one of the most common neurological conditions, appears to be linked to meat consumption.
  • #1 Anticancer Vegetable
    #1 Anticancer Vegetable
    There are two superfood classes of vegetables most adept at blocking human cancer cell growth in a petri dish.
  • Veggies vs. Cancer
    Veggies vs. Cancer
    A landmark study pitted 34 common vegetables against 8 different lines of human cancer cells.
  • Hot Dogs & Leukemia
    Hot Dogs & Leukemia
    How much cancer risk can be avoided through lifestyle change?