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  • Wow! So why are they holding a world record longest BBQ in Australia to raise money for prostate cancer?

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      Sounds like they’re going to need all the money they can get!

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        Just showed this video to a patient today in my office that came to me specifically for Dietary counseling and has a PSA of 11.8.
        Gotta tell ya thanks!!!!!!  As always, your work has many times been the cornerstone of my success.  Being able to show these videos in specific situations has profound impact on a patients future behaviors.  You should win an award because you make my job more ReWarding ;-}

      • Richard

        It all sounds good but the devil is in the details! I have read all the Ornish, Esselstyn, McDougall and others including How Not To Die.
        I still do not know if nuts and seeds are a good idea for a diet intended to reverse heart disease. It appears that nuts and seeds work wonders but yet the proven diets that have actually reversed heart disease do not favor avocado, nuts and seeds.
        What is your position, Dr Greger, on reversing heart disease while consuming avocado, nuts and seeds given a whole plant-based diet 100%. I do not consume any animal products, refined grains or processed foods yet my total cholesterol is 190 and LDL 130. My blood pressure is normally around 110/70 and at almost 5′ 11″ and 165 pounds I do not think I am overweight.
        I plan to lose another ten pounds making me very thin in hope that the LDL will at least go below 100.
        I enjoyed your book very much and learned a lot…

        • MobyTcguire

          I really hope Dr. G replies to this as I’m afraid I may have heart disease and I had no idea eating nuts, seeds or avacodos are not in favor of that type of diet. I am vegan so eating those things are somewhat essential to me.

          • David J

            You might also want to check out Dr. Furhman’s opinion in his book The End of Heart Disease, which was just published. Unfortunately, it will probably leave you confused since he strongly disagrees with the very low fat recommendation, and strongly recommends eating lots of nuts and seeds as long as one is not overweight.

          • Richard

            Well, it is a very small part of the adult population that is neither having heart disease or overweight so that is good advice for those ten people lol What about the rest of the world? If a heart specialist told me I needed an operation I would be very reluctant to consume nuts, seeds or avocado given all those pictures that Dr Esselstyn has in his book.
            That has not happened to me so as I mentioned earlier I do consume small amounts of those but 100% whole plant-based products. NO OIL!!!!

        • David J

          I agree this is an important issue. Note that in his most recent book The End of Heart Disease and elsewhere, Dr. Fuhrman warns against the possible long term adverse neurological consequences of very low fat diets (and specifically compares his recommendatons to Ornish and Esselstyn), and recommends a daily fat intake as percentage of total calories in the range of 15-30%, depending on one’s desired weight. It seems most people struggle with weight and so should be on the low end, but for people like me who find it hard to maintain a BMI over 18.5 without a lot of fat from nuts and seeds, I found Dr. Furhman’s opinion a relief (I simply could not eat more carbs than I do). Note too that McDougall and Fuhrman both do not put much if any stock in the necessity of achieving a total cholesterol level below 150, a point of agreement between them. Regarding LDL, Fuhrman thinks the type is more important than the amount. I’d be very interested in Dr. Greger’s opinion of this controversy, since there seems to be a serious disagreement on this issue.

          • Richard

            The type of LDL does appear to matter but in the long Framingham study of 45,000 people heart disease did not seem to appear in people with cholesterol levels below 150. Something like 75% of heart attacks are in people with levels of 180 to 250. I have all of Dr Fuhrman’s books but he does not have the same solid evidence of reversing heart disease that Drs Pritikin (in himself) and Esselstyn have made public.
            Given that whole plant-based products likely average 10% fat another 5% from nuts, seeds and avocado mathematically works out to be 50% more but in your hand it will look very small. On 2000 calories we are talking 100 calories. That is about 15 almonds and I do not eat that many so maybe with all the fat items we have mentioned I am consuming 100 calories a day.
            I am 5′ 10.5″ and weigh 160 so I would like to lose about five pounds but if I were thin as you mentioned I would “beef” up the starches like brown/black rice, sweet potatoes and other good grains. (Excuse my French lol) You likely are eating much more greens and vegetables that you could reduce some to add more starches.

  • Rami

    A friend of mine just started chemotherapy. Should I wait until after he is finished with the chemo to show him this? From what I understand a diet high in antioxidants might actually counteract the chemo, whose job it is t oxidize the cancer cells. Is that true?

    • Alan Lara

      The oxidation is the key to the succes of the vegan diet cutting cancer. It’s so polemic I wish to just to say that it is still unknown. But it does increases oxidation. So it is recommended for your friend in this time. As the same as chemo. BTW I am not vegan or vegetarian. I am just a medical doctor. I wish mankind could find the answer to a perfect diet. Myself I like the fructiferous diet philosophy. The only diet that does not kill other living beings like all the other diets like carnivores, vegan or vegetarian..

      • Barry David Butler

        I wish GOD didn’t invent Carnivores….in THAT World every living animal would eat some type of plant. Never could understand any of that. I have NHL and became a Plant Food Eater mostly raw….Also some anticancer supplements that work on apoptosis and angiogenesis. What kind of Doc are you?

        • Alan Lara

          HIV – NHL? you are obviously offended by my comment wich is not my intention. I am a good Doctor :) and angiogenesis is not what you want if you have NHL. I hope you get better, there are clinical studies showing better results with a complete lifestyle change, trying spiritualism, letting regrets go, living without hate brings better results over the first 5 years of most of Cancers. It is hard related to the decrease of function of the immune system when the person is depressed. BTW didn’t fully understood? Makes no sense to me sorry. GOD “inventing” Carnivores? why would carnivores eat plants? I was saying I don’t like to kill others to survive. I like the fructiferous philosophy. Plants can be symbiotic or prey. I choose symbiotic. Cause they are living beings and feel pain as well. The fact that we don’t understand them doesn’t give us the right to catalogue them as products, the same a vegetarian argument for carnivores why is different? Just saying my point of view on that subject.

          • Barry David Butler

            I was wondering WHY there ARE Carnivores at all. IF I was God I would have done it with Just Plant Eaters. I find it repulsive where tigers chase and kill a wilder beast and eat it. ALSO Our anatomy is more towards plant eaters anyway. I want Anti Angiogenisis….curcumin, Green tea extract, IP6 and others show some promise with that. Just doing the best I can. Have a slower growing type and have not taken any treatments in the past 20 months. Have had some nodes go down to normal. I pray a lot also and write Songs and post at barrydbutler channel on youtube… I’m sure you are a great Doc….I’m not sure about plants feeling pain in the veggies and fruits it produces. It seems to ME as it is designed to fall off for us to eat….But what the hell do I know. It’s Nice getting to know you and glad you are at this site…..Barry

  • Toxins

    I love this

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For some context, please check out my blog post Treating COPD with Diet!

  • Jenniferhopewebb

    It makes me mad that doctors don’t discuss diet with patients, outside of low salt, ADA, AHA or renal.    My Dad had prostate cancer a year and a half ago and nare a word about diet.   Well, except telling him to avoid certain foods when he was having diarrhea after radiation…It is almost criminal the way nutritional research is ignored.   If a doctor didn’t order a statin drug for a patient that had high cholesterol it would be near scandalous.   Yet, all this potentially life saving information and the patients have no idea.   I talked to an invasive cardiologist about it once and he said the reason he doesn’t “get into that’ with the patients is because they’d never do it, so it’s would be a waste of time due to lack of compliance.  Plenty of diabetics don’t check their blood sugar regularly but we still advise them to do so!…Why don’t we offer the information and let the patient decide?  At this point it seems like an ethical duty that’s being ignored.  I’m certainly not anti-doctor, but I don’t understand the kicking and screaming about something proven to work that’s EASY and affordable.  :(

    • Guest

      I’m having the same problem with my husband who has stomach cancer. He’s been losing weight and the doctor told him to eat whatever he wanted in order to gain it. I was so mad and frustrated on how little they care… I’m doing research on my own, trying to help him fight this disease.

      • Jacksaid

        Diet is everything. No bread of any kind. No sugar, be it real or imitation. Nothing made from flour or other grain products. All cruciferous vegetable… Tomatoes mixed with broccoli ups the power to ameliorate the cancer… Any fermented vegetable… Almonds are good.. Grapes have too much sugar..Check out chicken and eggs. No sure on that one? Use one or more protocols a day in addition to your diet. I switch back and forth.. The Budwig diet! molasses and baking soda mixed in water.. Am presently taking one to two portions a day of hedgeapple that i froze in the refrigerator when they were in season.. Take high dosage of selenium.. I have been fortunate to keep my psa numbers low using these various methods. Check youtube for specific information on these and other methods. This must be your new way of life if you choose no surgery and the chance for a better and longer life, hopefully. Cancer is a very good website!

    • Twinkle

      Jennifer, one “elephant in the room that no one talks about” that the invasive cardiologist did not mention, which explains a lot about why doctors do not inform patients about this: because major players in our medical system would lose profits if they did. Our medical system in the U.S. is about pharmaceutical companies making profits from drugs, and medical device companies and surgeons making profits from surgeries. Eating a healthier diet could reduce or eliminate the need for drugs and surgeries — which could reduce or eliminate those profits. THAT’s the main reason (the ulterior motive) why doctors don’t discuss this superior option with patients. (That, plus the fact that so many doctors are just plain ignorant about the role of nutrition.)

    • White Elk Clearwater

      Can’t blame all the individual dr’s.

      A] In 10 years of medical school they get a total of 2 hours of “nutritional” lectures.
      B] They get indoctrinated by their professors that there is no other legitimate method than what they are taught in med school.
      C] It is the pharmaceutical companies that fund & direct the content of med school text books etc.

      That 1 in several thousands breaks free of the “matrix” like these 2 did is already in the mode of miracle.

      BTW The Ramba”m of blessed memory said several centuries ago that almost all disease is due to improper diet, insufficient physical activity & improper lifestyle.

      • Alan Lara

        Except for the 1, I agree with you. A proper lifestyle would change all this. Doctors say that too. Problem is not as easy as it sounds specially if people is already living city lifestyles. How are tue doctors to blame on diseases is just human nature when no one else is left to blame, blame the first to come across you and the problem.

      • Jacob

        Yes White Elk, the Ramba”m zt”l was a very wise physician and Rabbi.

    • Skeptic

      Look for young doctors; some of them have a clue. Make sure your Dr is normal weight and looks fit for her age. But you’re right, it should be a crime to not inform people of medically significant information. And many people enthusiastically stay on vegan diets when their health improves so much. There’s been some problems on intervention studies where patients refuse to return to omni diets after being on low-fat vegan diets.

    • Alan Lara

      Sorry for the misunderstanding, I really don’t want you to feel in any way attacked: This here is not a fact, the studies you see here are in many ways misleading, that is one of the main reasons doctors don’t say this things. You need to dedicate your life to study medicine in order to understand many things we see in the internet. For example, try studying research protocols, it may give you a hint of what I am talking about. Not saying that going vegan is bad, it is a choice. But still have to know the pros and cons, For example, as a doctor I know how the biodisponibility of nutrients and how the body metabolize to acquire them affect strongly in the beta oxidation and the free radicals. So if you study that subject further you will understand more how different diets work inside your body. I hope I helped.

  • Suannehiller

    Subject *: Sour Sop
    Message *: I would like your opinion on using Sour Sop for a cancer prevention/cure. This goes by other names but all are from the Gaviota Tree.

  • the_walrus

    Could it be that these people were getting better in spite of their diet, instead of because? You’re talking about a ‘near-vegan diet’ reversing atherosclerosis but the intervention was also stress management, aerobic exercise, and group support as clearly seen at 00:23 in your video.

    The study where Ornish was still reversing heart disease has a 1h/day stress management intervention – so he’s not exactly keeping all the other variables the same.

    • Skeptic

      Nope. There have been numerous studies and doctors like Ornish who treat patients in their clinics- see for example Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn, and Joel Fuhrman. They all use vegan, or near vegan, diets to reverse heart disease and other illnesses. This is much bigger than one study by Ornish.

      • bobluhrs

        Excellent point.

      • Frasier Linde

        Feel free to point us to other studies, but all of those cited on this page used “comprehensive” lifestyle interventions including exercise and stress management, not just vegan or near-vegan diets—It is misleading to attribute the results to diet alone (not to mention the difference in diets was much more than simply inclusion or exclusion of animal foods).

        • BaddaBing

          There are plenty of studies showing vegan and vegetarian diets are protective against cancer. The China Study might be an interesting read for you. In any case, three studies are sited below. I’d spend the time to link in more, but I need to go get started on the lentil loaf we’re eating for Thanksgiving tomorrow :)

          1. Cancer incidence in British vegetarians

          CONCLUSION: The incidence of some cancers may be lower in fish eaters and vegetarians than in meat eaters

          2. Cardiovascular Disease Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Vegetarians: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

          Conclusions: Our results suggest that vegetarians have a significantly lower ischemic heart disease mortality (29%) and overall cancer incidence (18%) than nonvegetarians.

          3. Vegetarian diets and the incidence of cancer in a low-risk population.

          Vegetarian diets seem to confer protection against cancer.

          Vegan diet seems to confer lower risk for overall and female-specific cancer than other dietary patterns. The lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets seem to confer protection from cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

          • Frasier Linde

            The China Study has serious flaws as detailed in various critiques, and the others you present are observational studies that cannot and do not adjust for all confounding factors, the most glaring of which is the comparison of plant-based diets against average (i.e. poorly planned) omnivorous diets.

          • BaddaBing

            The “China Study” in the “The China Study” constitutes only one part of a large book. As well, there are serious flaws in some of the critiques I’ve read on the “China Study” in “The China Study.” Since you of course have read the book yourself in it’s entirety I don’t need to call out the many other studies referenced in that book, which is why I mentioned it in the first place.

            The studies I presented indeed are adjusted for various factors – the first adjusts for age, smoking, alcohol, BMI,physical activity level, and “for women only, parity and oral contraceptive use.”

            The Adventist study is interesting in that it’s comparing diets among members of a group that as a whole has a healthier lifestyle than the general population.

            Here’s another study Dr. Gregor has talked about:

            Cancer incidence in vegetarians: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Oxford)

            Conclusions: The overall cancer incidence rates of both the vegetarians and the nonvegetarians in this study are low compared with national rates. Within the study, the incidence of all cancers combined was lower among vegetarians than among meat eaters, but the incidence of colorectal cancer was higher in vegetarians than in meat eaters.

            Interesting, this study compared vegetarians with non-vegetarians who ate an otherwise healthy diet – consuming a similar amount of vegtables and fruit. Dr. Gregor’s video on this stufy is here:

            Regardless, you seem to consider a prospective study on diet to be invalid if it isn’t adjusting for what you consider a “healthy” omnivorous diet. Feel free to reference studies comparing a “healthy” omnivorous diet to a whole food plant-based diet.

          • Frasier Linde

            Your last article goes on to say, “Total cancer incidence was significantly lower among fish eaters and borderline significantly lower among vegetarians than among meat eaters,” and the other article cited in that video also finds the lowest total cancer incidence among fish eaters. Furthermore, to call a diet “otherwise healthy” based only on a similar (and still smaller) amount of fruits and vegetables is a bit of a stretch.

            Dietary habits and mortality in 11,000 vegetarians and health conscious people: results of a 17 year follow up.
            “In this cohort of health conscious individuals, daily consumption of fresh fruit is associated with a reduced mortality from ischaemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and all causes combined.”

            Vegetarian diets, chronic diseases and longevity.
            “Meta-analysis of several prospective studies showed no significant differences in the mortality caused by colorectal, stomach, lung, prostate or breast cancers and stroke between vegetarians and “health-conscious” nonvegetarians. In vegetarians, a decrease of ischemic heart disease mortality was observed probably due to lower total serum cholesterol levels, lower prevalence of obesity and higher consumption of antioxidants. Very probably, an ample consumption of fruits and vegetables and not the exclusion of meat make vegetarians healthful.”

            Mortality in British vegetarians: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Oxford).
            “Within the study, mortality from circulatory diseases and all causes is not significantly different between vegetarians and meat eaters.”

            Regardless, none of these speak to this page’s titular, ill-supported claim of “cancer reversal through diet.”

        • Lorrie

          I simply changed my diet to %100 plant based, and I am all better. If you choose not to believe it, you are free to stay ill and encourage those you love to stay ill also. That should keep your dr’s very wealthy and happy!!

          • Frasier Linde

            That’s great! You had cancer? Is a plant-based diet the only change you made to your lifestyle?
            By the way, I am not ill and rarely visit doctors.

        • Alan Lara

          Thank you for clearing that. Lifestyles, mot only diet but the whole lifestyle.

        • Richard

          End of discussion for me. I am not going to converse with someone that believes life begins and ends with one article!

        • calum

          There is not a single study showing that stress management or exercise can reverse heart disease or any other cancer. Clearly diet is the single biggest factor, the other parts like stress management will just be contributory.

          • Frasier Linde

            “Clearly diet is the single biggest factor.” What makes this clear to you? Any studies? And again, even if diet was the biggest factor, removal of animal foods was not the only dietary change made in these studies, by far.

    • Richard

      Ornish is not the only one that reversed heart disease and the others did not use more than diet or some cases drugs to reverse cholesterol.
      I am sure the amount of stress is important to your health but maybe diet can overcome it.

  • paweł

    but isn’t it the opposite conclusion to the article?

  • cfd2012

    Is supplimenting with whey protein vegan?

    • Thea

      cfd2012: re: “Is supplementing with whey protein vegan?”
      No, it is my understanding that whey comes from milk.

      While vegan protein supplements are available for purchase, you may want to review for yourself why you are supplementing protein at all. Most people get plenty of protein just by eating enough calories. See this site:

      Also, we have many examples of supplements harming us. Ex: Green tea – amazingly healthy for us. Green tea extract – not so much.

      Whole foods are generally better, unless you are different in some way. Just a thought for you.

      • Devoooo

        Thea, you are correct, Whey does indeed come from milk.
        Some sources of plant based proteins are soy protein preferably non-GMO which is difficult to find, even better would be hemp protein.

        • Toxins

          Why supplement it at all when we can get all we need through diet? Excess protein is not health promoting.

  • tavit

    just 3 days on your website and I can’t imagine myself benign not vegan anymore

    • Thea

      tavit: I’ve been enjoying your comments and enthusiasm. I agree that the information on this site is persuasive. Welcome aboard.

  • White Elk Clearwater

    Homeopathy done by a trained level headed homeopath not a woo-woo new-age or 6-week-course one has great track records in stopping & curing cancer. Dr Banerjee & Dr Sankaran’s group in India are examples of world class success in this.

  • Carl Wagner CEO BeatCancer.Org

    Dear Dr. Greger, Thank you so much for posting this information. We have believed for the past 35+ Years that cancer is up to 90% preventable. I would be honored to talk to you some time. Warmest Regards, Carl

  • jackycck

    Hello ! I have a question about cancer diet.My father had stage four
    liver cancer and the chemocheraphy doesn’t seem to be very effective. I
    am now looking for a diet for him to fight against it. Is there any food
    or diet that can strongly fight live cancer ? Thanks~

    • Jacksaid

      Do a liver cleanse by soaking in the bathtub with epson salts, coffee enema.. google liver cleanses….

  • JMmc

    Has Dr. Ornish continued follow up on the test group? What were the Gleason scores for the men in the test group and the control group?

  • Raw Foods, Juicing ( also Powdered Green Drinks ) and Anti Cancer supplements.
    Check out the site Chris Beat Cancer AND his facebook page.
    A Great New Book about Survivors and what they did is Radical Remission by Kelly Turner PHD.
    Good Luck…I Have NHL….
    Barry David Butler
    Sebring, Florida

  • Terry


    Toxins NF Team Devoooo • 10 months ago
    Why supplement it at all when we can get all we need through diet?
    2 • Reply•Share ›
    Because today’s growing process is shorter, full of toxins that ruin nutrients and some is even color injected to look like it took in the sun and time it needs so we now need to supplement. Even our beef is feed junk food instead of the foods it needs to process good meat. Think about it.

  • Terry

    And because our beef is fed junk,,, maybe that’s why we get cancer from our diets when in this day we should have been able to combat it better. Pharma still uses methods they used in the 70s. I heard aspirin might control and minimize some tumours but it seems pharma doesn’t sell it so they won’t put bucks on testing it.
    My hubby died from cancer that we beat with my treatments and theirs,,, he felt cured, it was all good but he stopped taking my stuff after they called it clear, then it got him a second round in the heart, viciously at what looked like a flu symptoms to dead in two weeks. Here is the thing, his tumour was down by half with my stuff before they started their treatments, they sucked up all the success for themselves letting him believe ‘they’ cured him in the end of his first round. I think he believed that and then let my stuff go thinking they did it all and it wouldn’t come back. But here is the thing, he should have showed rad burns in third week, he didn’t, he never showed any after 8th week and that was the finish line, they loved what a wonderful job they did. It was my stuff that made him the first they knew in this clinic who didn’t show signs of radiation or chemo. Still miss him badly.

  • Terry

    My stuff was all natural, algae, vit C, vit A, vit B in high levels, modified pectin, the best fish oil you can get and lots of it, a good multi, and a lot of other stuff, they wanted him off all of it and he chose to keep it all during their treatments, their reason,,,, it would kill their treatments, if so then let’s say my stuff did kill their treatments, it was my treatments that cured him, right? He was 100% cured! No signs anywhere But, it came back after he thought he was safe and let go. Had he road on my stuff for the rest of his life, I believe he’d be alive today because cells can hide and go dormant with any treatment, he just needed to keep scaring it away so it couldn’t come back and what’s a few pills if you can afford it? He loved sugar so he allowed that again in his diet after the cure.
    Here is what kicked me badly, they wanted him to eat gravy, potatoes and meat, as well as a supplement food Boost, and keep the weight on, he did what I wanted and ate good stuff and Boost, no gravy and potatoes and he kept it on. After it was cured he also went back to his meat and potatoes and gravy diet.
    Oh how I wish I had pushed him to cure it on my plan,,, I just couldn’t do that because if I was wrong I would have to take this all on myself so I let him choose and he chose both methods but I should have pushed harder after the first round was done for him to stay off the bad food and keep the pills going, we had beat it after all.

  • Terry

    Don’t go thinking supplementing is a bad thing, just know what you buy is a good product. He was the best cancer patient they had ever known, he was healthy and strong during the whole treatment and they didn’t know why. Seriously, not one single burn on the skin after eight solid weeks, not one bad day, he was into it and did all both sides asked except for dumping his supplements and eating off their menu even tho he told them he did as they asked. Yay for them, they got to see him a second round even tho the treatments this time were none, it was too late, for me and them to help.

  • Terry

    Hey Doctor, I have never seen your stuff before but I back you all the way! Keep up the good work.
    I have seen lots of people like you trying to help after my time of studying at a min 4 hours a night to save my hubby, I still study and one day we will kick this disease and all others in the butt.
    I know he would have beat it if he had not thought it was a one time thing, we have to keep fighting once we know what works.
    I have studied food and nutrition a lot of years before he was diagnosed just some guys are hard to change. Some women too haha.

  • tony F

    read that there is a strange inverse correlation.

    People with dementia dont get cancer.
    People with cancer dont get dementia.

    Make of this what u will !!

  • apprin

    My PSA is 12.9 and has wavered between 11 and 13 for over two years when I discovered the PSA during a general physical. I am 60 years of age, 175 lbs, a near-total vegan now but was once a poster child for bad diet, my general health has noticeably improved; however, the PSA remains high. Prostate symptoms have subsided dramatically and as mentioned, general health is great with a blood work-up like a young athlete, not counting the PSA score. My diet is based upon cruciferous vegetables, greens and lots of legumes. No enriched flour, seldom even whole wheat, no white rice, no dairy, no eggs, no animal protein except monthly salmon. Quite a change for the last family member of generations of cattle and rice farmers. Refused biopsy for fear of seeding and aggravating the condition. Should I expect the PSA score to reduce or should I be satisfied with the fact that it has stopped rising? I am considering German transurethral hyperthermia and plan to remain near-vegan forever. ???

    • Barry David Butler

      I’d just LET IT BE….it seems like it is under control. It may come down but stay on the diet etc….check out supplements for Prostate Cancer and other problems….I wouldn’t do anything else….Let your body heal itself.

      • apprin

        Thank you. Has anyone on this forum had experience with or have knowledge of the process of transurethral hyperthermia. I understand that it has been performed in Germany for over 25 years with nearly 100 percent effectiveness against prostate cancer. Any info, data or advice is welcomed.

        • Robert Luhrs

          I read a story on a forum from someone in Seattle who went over to Klinik St. George to get this. His PSA didn’t stay down after several months, so it apparently did not work for him and he doesn’t want to go back. Not cheap, either for just heating things up. I am inclined to think that something so simple, non-invasive and quick that works even 80 percent of the time would have greater notoriety, even if someone tried to suppress it.

          • Doug Fontenot

            Thank you. I’m continuing to await more advice and recommendations. It seems that this procedure is either very successful or not at all successful. There seems to be little or no middle ground.

      • Justin

        If I were you I would eat a clove of raw garlic 1 to 2 times a day. Hopefully that is not overdoing it, you of course don’t want to smell like garlic then you would know that you are taking too much.

  • bobluhrs

    There’s no doubt the Ornish prostate study is valuable and guiding. I have not been diagnosed, but am still following most of it, simply because I’m 69 and have BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). I also do IP6, cardamom, black pepper, blueberries, amla from this site as well as the books by Dr. Shamsuddin. The end of this video shows some text that summarizes 2 years of followup. It notes the better treatment rates in the experimental group. But it also notes the lack of significant differences in PSA levels and PSA velocity between the two groups after 2 years. Cancers often contain combinations of subtypes, and some of them get knocked out by a treatment, reducing the tumor size or other indicators making it appear the battle is won. Then later the other types take off, some of which may be more aggressive, but not necessarily so. Up to 15 years would be more like a sure followup, in other words. PSA plus blood drip plus tumor imaging combined give a strong picture of benefits, I hope more followup is possible on this, since only time is the final judge when it comes to cancer. If the same results still apply at 15 years, no treatment, no rise in Gleason scores, etc, then it’s moot, many men would have died with instead of from the PCa.

  • Nu

    Dear Dr. Michael Greger,

    I have been looking through your videos all day as well as other studies published regarding cancer and diet. My SO was recently diagnosed with a large Grade II (potentially Grade III) Astrocytoma. After reading about various natural methods to assist his rehabilitation previous to and post brain surgery (since there will most likely still be tumor left in his brain after surgery), I am stuck with what diet approach he should take. There has been some research on the Ketagonic diet which focuses on low-carb (no sugar), high protein, and high fat diet. The diet is meant to ‘starve’ the cancer by cutting off sugar supply and only providing fat (healthy fats) to the good cells. This diet, although makes sense scientifically does not feel right considering the amount of protein he will be consuming (red meats/ poultry/ fish/ egg form) and the effect of the protein on his already high choline levels.

    Can you advise on use of the Ketagonic diet? Should we alter the ketagonic diet to be more plant based and focusing on beans as a source of protein and plants/nuts as a form of fat while avoiding anything that may provide glucose/fructose to the body?

    It was proven that sugar is the fuel for cancer (fructose too)… Does that go against the anti-cancer properties of berries?

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Thank you!