Doctor's Note

In Friday's video Aspartame-Induced Fibromyalgia and Monday's Diet Soda and Preterm Birth some concerns were raised about the artificial sweetener aspartame, but erythritol was given a pass in Tuesday's video-of-the-day Erythritol May Be a Sweet Antioxidant. I'll go through the other two potential harms arising even from harmless low calorie sweeteners in the next two videos.For some context, please check out my associated blog post: How to Gain Weight on Diet SodaIf you haven't yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here.
  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    Your introductory image says it all:
    Diet coke with a Greasy fried, ground cow carcass and a plate full of (I’m sure) “healthy” peanut oil deep fried fries.
    That Diet Coke reassures me that I’m doing a good thing by watching my sugar intake so therefore I can up the fat– and fat– and fat intake. Atkins has taught them well!

  • R Ian Flett

    There is another aspect here. I read some years ago that the insulin production system is anticipatory. When sweetness is detected on the tongue the insulin production system cranks up immediately, but when the diet soda hits the digestive system there is no sugar to process, so there is just a surplus of insulin that then affects appetite. False messages simply have bad consequences. I suspect that some other artificial flavourings also give false signals to the digestive system.

    • KD

      I have heard this, too. All I know is that when I have a Diet Coke (which I LOOOOVE), it always makes me absolutely starving in a while – like, gonna-pass-out kind of hungry.

  • Andrea

    I Thank God for you, Dr. Greger, for ALL you do. Hawaii Veg Society had mentioned you’d be back in Honolulu next Spring. I am delighted!! God Bless you!

  • Will Kriski

    I’m not saying diet pop is healthy but having a few diet pops a week while doing a Mcdougall diet is not going to have any weight impact. Even as vegans we need to be consistent with our ability to understand and quote the science.