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Breakfast Cereals and Sugar

While breakfast cereals are convenient, it’s important to read their labels. Many of them contain added sugar, even the ones we think are healthier options. This is one reason that oatmeal is a better choice. (Oatmeal also may help with weight loss, cholesterol reduction, and an improvement in liver function.)

Breakfast Cereals and Fiber

Many breakfast cereals contain fiber, but most of them violate the “five-to-one fiber rule”: divide the number of carbohydrate grams by the number of dietary fiber grams (a result of 5 or less indicates a healthy balance of ingredients).

Breakfast Cereals and Antioxidants 

Breakfast cereals are very low in antioxidants, especially when compared to breakfast alternatives like fruit smoothies. Adding fruit to cereals is a good idea: a half-cup of blueberries eaten with breakfast cereal may help blunt the cereal’s glycemic effects.

Breakfast Cereals and Vitamin B12

Fortified breakfast cereal can provide vitamin B12, a nutrient that is not naturally available in plant foods.

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