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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check out all the videos on juice (including Best fruit juice), and don’t miss Tuesday’s corresponding blog post Alzheimer’s Disease: Up to half of cases potentially preventable with lifestyle changes.

    • Ron

      Dr. Louis Ignarro of NO fame, a pharmacologist at UCLA Medicine, did a lot of funded work on pomegranate using the POM extracts.
      – R
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  • paul3917

    There must be more to the story than that. In a previous pilot study, the one in ’04 that you have a partial screen shot of in this video at 17 seconds, pomegranate juice was found to reduce carotid artery media thickness in patients with severe stenosis by up to 30% in just one year. Blood pressure was also reduced. One difference seems to be that in the present study the patients had “moderate risk for heart disease.” See
    Even this study suggested that the patients may have slowed the progression of the disease. I wouldn’t write of pomegranate juice just yet.

    • Toxins

      Pomegranate juice no doubt has health benefits, as pomegranates are high in antioxidants, but Dr. Greger is making the statement that they do not do what the company advertises it does. Eating pomegranate is going to be far more beneficial than juicing it though!

      • pbdoc

        Claims made by pom wonderful aside, what do you make of the earlier ’04 study? The group that drank PJ for a year showed decreased IMT.

      • Andrew Kosta

        Juicing a pom is not good. It tastes horrible. You have to pull off all of the skin and the white honeycomb like skin inside to make it taste ok but in that case you might as well eat in that way

  • I had a friend from Iran. He told me that pomegranates were like apples there. Nobody experiencing any magical health benefits there.

  • Thanks Dr. Greger. Pomegranate juice is $4 a bottle in my area and the whole fruit is obscenely overpriced as well. It is to know there is no special reason to buy those things.

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For some context, please check out my associated blog post Alzheimer’s Disease: Up to half of cases potentially preventable!

  • redzero

    So what was the final ruling/outcome?  Did they get away with lying?   What blows my mind is that the FTC is going after a juice company instead of the dairy/meat/refined-sugar industries… maybe they are… I hope so.  “Milk does a body good.” should be “Milk makes life short.”

  • Melissa

    Dr. Gregor, Are there any known studies that prove the benefit of pomegranates? I know Dr. Fuhrman touts their advantages, and I imagine he bases his recommendations on more than just one study. Thank you for your great work. Gratefully,

    • Lisa M

      I used to receive a different health subscription, but I got locked out of the email account, so I have not been able to find it since getting a new email account. Anyways, in THAT health journal they quoted a VERY small study from Sweden, or Switzerland…??? That stated a very small amount of Pomegranate juice everyday, I believe it was 4 ounces, lowered cholesterol by up to 20-30%. I can not take Lipitor, Crestor… due to the random muscle weakness it causes in some people. Mine was permanent unfortunately. I haven’t tried niacin because I do not want the hot flashes (that I’m just finishing due to menopause). My hand to God, I had my cholesterol checked recently and I SWEAR it went down by 20%. My doctor said how great the niacin was working. I swear I was in shock, because ALL I did was drink a little pomegranate juice everyday!!! I literally laughed out loud and told my doctor how I did it, with the juice. He didn’t seem pleased, in fact annoyed more than glad then, and insisted I ‘need’ to use niacin too. My opinion, no way in hell!! I have also added dried apples recently after reading Dr Greger’s chart on anti-oxidants in dried fruit. I also drink a gross kale and blueberries/strawberries shake every day. Only wish I started eating healthy 30 yrs ago, like my 18 yr old is doing!! I hope this helps, I am being totally honest, have no financial interest in the pomegranate market ;)

      • Annabelle Betancourt

        I’ve gotten my cholesterol down by making a smoothie with Kale,mixed with a granny-smith apple and real lemon juice daily. I don’t like pomegranate and the juice is way too expensive. I also enjoy a fruit smoothie I make with flax-milk every other day that includes strawberries and blueberries with some either yogurt or flax seed.

        • Lisa M

          OMG I make a shake everyday with KALE, blueberries,apples and 1/3 banana!!! and I used to drink flaxseed oil, but EWWW I couldn’t stand it!! I do NOT like the taste of Pomm juice either, not at all!!! But my kale shake did not lower my cholesterol at all! I ve drank that for 4 years now! It wasnt till I added Pomm that it went down. And I looked up the amount, Im not positive but it is only like 3 TABLESPOONS! so I just look at it like taking medicine, guzzle a little down! And its not expensive if you’re only taking a couple tablespoons a day! And watch for sales! Just my opinoin, it helped me anyways. Best of health to you all!

  • Gadea

    POM juice always made me very ill.
    I tried very hard to incorporate POM juice into my diet.
    But regardless of how little I drank, it made me sick to my stomach.
    It was very expensive, but I had to through it out.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Pomegranate is reputed to be an alternative remedy for prostate problems, including prostate cancer. My urologist also recommended I take it. Since I have prostate cancer, I take LycoPom pills and sometimes drink a hot beverage made from pomegranate juice powder mixed with matcha green tea powder, sweetened with stevia. So far, so good. My cancer seems to be very slow growing, if growing at all.

    • Thea

      Iggy: I’m sorry to hear you have cancer, but happy to hear it is slow growing. The rate of growth can make all the difference in the world.

      You might consider doing a search on this site/NutritionFacts for more videos regarding cancer in general and prostate cancer in particular. It’s a lot of information, but you can do lots of things to fine-tune your diet with the idea of making that cancer as slow growing as possible or even maybe shrinking it.

      Good luck.

    • Ruud Verdouw

      Hello Iggy, now it’s about 2 years ago you wrote about your prostate cancer.
      I would like to know how you’re doing now? Did your hot beverage helped you or did you changed it for anything else? Is the cancer vanished or still growing slowly? Thanks for reply. My regards, Ruud Verdouw ( from the Netherlands )

  • barbarabrussels

    Wish I were shocked, but I’m not. Of course, the less shocked we become, the easier it becomes to lie to the public.

  • Margreen

    That is a very unfortunate use of that image of a noose. It is extremely offensive to the black community, as it stands for lynching.

    • Arjan den Hollander.

      Go write a letter to POM :)

      The noose has been a favorite tool for minions during more than just the black pages of american history.

      Stands for non-appealable arbitrary justice if anything.
      And be assured the entire globe has had its taste.

    • bigbird2071

      Oh, everything either offends the black community or is racist. Everyone and everything is not out to always get the blacks. Get some thicker skin!

    • laguna

      It stands for ‘hanging’. You must be a pc geek.

  • Lawrence

    Dear Doctor Greger – I was referred to this study by my naturopath as a good reason to consume pomegranate juice seeing as I am a heart attack survivor. Eating the whole fruit and the dried seeds must also be good I guess. What do you think of this study? Helpful, Harmless or Harmful?

  • Larry Wagner

    I have extreme heart disease. Emergency triple bypass surgery eight years ago, and not expected to live two more years. Two of those three blockages were 100% blocked and calcified 8 months after surgery. I have another dozen 80% blockages on smaller coronary arteries that are inoperable. I should by all rights be bedridden b on oxygen.

    I found many articles on research of pomegranates. Like apples ? Nonsense. They are one of the highest anti-oxidant fruits on the planet.
    They help the body produce a very significant molecule, that does not seem to arise much from anything else. Paraoxonase.
    It improves HDL function, and if in the diet for long periods, causes REMOVAL of cholesterol from blockages. All of this is documented in research journal articles that can be found on the National Institute of Health website, pubmed.

    I drink POM Wonderful juice almost every day, plus Langer’s 100% Pomegranate Juice. Despite my severe heart disease, I exercise almost daily, have played basketball, play 10 hours of volleyball many weeks, and am an avid sculler.

    My recovery from heart disease is documented and verified on WebMD. A low fat diet, and daily pomegranate juice are important parts of my recovery.

  • Larry Wagner

    I found numerous studies on pubmed about pomegrante juice and about paraoxonase. The latter requires the former. Paraoxonase from ingestion of pomegranate is a health improving triple threat according to research articles on pubmed. It boosts number and efficiency of HDL, our good cholesterol, part of the process to remove LDL from the bloodstream. It is a strong anti-oxidant reducing oxidized LDL in the blood stream. And thirdly, research I came across said that paraoxonase caused effusion of oxidized LDL from arterial macrophages, causing blockages to slowly be reduced in size and widening the lumen of the blood vessel, improving blood flow.

    Few if any other foods contribute to increase of paraoxonase in the body. If true, then this is a superfood that everyone is keeping under wraps. To know a little about me,

    WebMD sought me out for this article, after many years of posts on the course of my recovery from bypass surgery, which included many links to beneficial information I found on PubMed. Curiously, though after years of no growth on that forum, the forum was taken down. To the best of my knowledge, the articles are still available on Pubmed.

  • Mike Logan

    can Arteriosclerosis be reversed with diet? how?

  • Claire Green

    Just FYI, one of the major commerical varietals of Punica granatum (Pomegranate) is a cultivar named “Wonderful”. I suspect that is how Pom came to be named so.

  • Harry Sculthorp

    Good day Dr Gregor and associates. I am (73 y/o, 181 cm, 82 kg) trying vigorously to avoid the surgeon’s knife threatening to remove my gall bladder and stones after serious pancreatic incidnet by dramatically changing my life style over the past six months. Stopped alcohol absolutely, no meat, eggs or dairy or processed food of any kind. Just market plant based food and white fish, oats and honeycomb. Plenty of apple juice, lemon juice, berries, prunes and raisins. Lost significant weight and looking trim. Hoping that the gall stones would behave themselves and miraculously disappear. But three MRI scans later and they persist with the odd one still obstructing biliary ducts. GB removal is the most common operation in the US and Australia – (I reside in PNG but my seven children and eight grand children are living in Australia, US and UK). My blood cholesterol levels have always been normal over all the years. My questions for you Sir. What’s causing the persistence of Gall stones and the intermittent inflammatory problems even after lifestyle changes? Is there a dietary plant based cure for Gall stones or not? Or do I have to succumb to the surgeon after all? There must be millions of people around the World asking these questions!! (PS tried to contribute to your trust but system cannot accept my Australian Visa debit card. Whats the solution to this?) .


    Interesting. I did see an Israeli study when I began using pomegranate juice that showed a regression of plaque.

  • Altair

    I love Pom juice. But I found out one important thing. I bought a large bottle at a local Sam’s Club store where it is a lot cheaper than my local grocery store. It was in the refrigerated section. I put it in car, and somehow it must have rolled under seat. I found it the next day after 90 degree temps. I put it in fridge and drank a glass next day. About 30 mins later I was puking in toilet. So…do not let this juice get warm or it will turn bad.