Doctor's Note

This is a follow-up to Broccoli Versus Breast Cancer Stem Cells.

Note that the sources for this video are open access, so you can click on them in the Sources Cited section, above, and read them full-text for free.

Worried about the safety of sprouts? You’re probably thinking about alfalfa. See my videos: Don’t Eat Raw Alfalfa Sprouts, and Update on Alfalfa Sprouts. Broccoli sprouts appear much safer; see Broccoli Sprouts

For more context, check out my associated blog posts: Breast Cancer Stem Cells vs. BroccoliAre Microgreens Healthier?; and Prevent Breast Cancer by Any Greens Necessary

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    This is a follow-up to yesterday’s video-of-the-day Broccoli Versus Cancer Stem Cells. Note that the sources for this video are all open access, so you can click on them above in the Sources Cited section and read them full-text for free. Worried about the safety of sprouts? You’re probably thinking about alfalfa. See my videos Don’t Eat Raw Alfalfa Sprouts and Update on Alfalfa Sprouts. Broccoli sprouts appear much safer. See Broccoli Sprouts. And if that isn’t enough, there are hundreds of other videos on more than a thousand subjects.

  • Yes! I love broccoli sprouts every day. So doable. So easy to grow your own — no mess or outside gardening required. :^) One of the most powerful foods is the most easily accessible to anyone in their own home!

    • Thea

      Poxacuatl: I had heard of broccoli before, of course. But I had never heard of broccoli sprouts before – let alone known that they were easy to grow. I am going to look into this. I really appreciate you taking the time to write your post.

      Do you have a recommendation on where to get seeds or potted sprouts and how to grow them???


      • Toxins

        Thea, stay tuned for Dr. Greger’s video tomorrow showing how to easily make broccoli sprouts

        • Thea

          Oh cool. Thanks!

      • ronnie

        You can get seeds at Johnnies Select seeds on line they have a great selection of organic spouting seeds

        • vegnurse

          I get mine a lot cheaper from E & R Seeds. An organic farm. Get the phone number online and leave your number if they don’t answer.

  • randy

    Great real world information at the everyday practical application.

    I wonder if this information could also be extrapolated for prostate and other cancer locations. Also curious as to the possibility of fat present when the broccoli sprouts are consumed…..if the phytonutrient absorption would be further increased, as with antioxidants and greens (kale, spinach, etc.).

    Thank you Dr Greger, terrific work as always.

  • veggie4every1

    Great! Im so glad I found this site! Thank you for everything Dr. Greger :)

  • hunniliz

    Can you translate broccoli sprouts to broccoli. What is the effective quantity of broccoli that offers the benefits derived from broccoli sprouts.

    • 2 kilos of fresh broccoli, maybe 30 pills or one sachet of raw broccoli sprout juice! It’s all about getting enough sulforaphane. Google Tonic Attack.

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For some context, please also check out my associated blog post Breast Cancer Stem Cells vs. Broccoli!

  • does it work only with sprouts or with common broccoli flowers?

    • Toxins

       Both broccoli sprouts and florets contain sulforaphane.

  • Joyce Fields

    How much broccoli or broccoli sprouts should you eat daily?

  • Tong Ren Healer

    I work in a clinic focused mostly on cancer. Some of my clients are vegan and still pass away, even after being vegan for a while. And, these are not high fat gourmet raw vegans, they have actually trained in places like Hippocrates. What are other factors? These people do not eat processed foods at all, they are raw. Their omega 3:6 ratio is good and B12 is good. Some had and corrected extremely low vitamin D but still pass away. Any references or additional places to look for ansers? For the broccoli, all breast cancer patients are recommended brocolli sprouts too but some sitll do not make it.

    • KarenRG —check out info on fats. We need healthy fats.

  • Jared Warden

    How long between application of sulforaphane and effect of cancer cell reduction. Would like the time span for the first and last slides please.

  • Judy Bordeaux

    I had breast cancer and had to have both breast removed in 1999. Do you believe that broccoli can prevent me from having another bout of breast cancer. I had both breast removed and reconstruction. I was told that if it did come back that it would appear in the wall of my breast.

    • Thea

      Judy: I’m sorry to hear about all of the health problems you have had. Certainly you have had enough!

      re: “Do you believe that broccoli can prevent me from having another bout of breast cancer.”
      What we tend to see is that a healthy diet is not a guarantee of a healthy outcome – but it greatly lowers your risk of repeat problems. For example, just because a person doesn’t smoke, they could still get lung cancer. But not smoking sure does lower the risk of getting lung cancer.

      What do you have to loose from eating your broccoli this way? (Or check out the newer video on broccoli and a different method: If it were me, I would not put all of my eggs in one basket. Instead, I would get all of the cancer tips on this site and put them all into practice. I would want to maximize my body’s ability to fight cancer. This site not only covers broccoli, but so many other foods and topics in regards to cancer. You can learn what to stay away from (meat, dairy and eggs, etc) as well as what to focus on (broccoli, traditional soy, etc).

      I’m not a doctor or an expert. I’m just sharing my opinion. But it seems to me that you could take a lot of steps in your diet to help maximize your chances of a cancer-free future. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Adéla Likavcová

    I wonder, since these ar the equivalent of so much mroe broccoli, would they also be an equivalent of the gastrointesetinal distress that I experience when I consume broccoli? Or would broccoli as sprouts be digested more easily?

    • Jaroslav Ružička


      I believe – based on my own experience – that the sprouts affect the GI tract in a milder manner. Sulforaphane, albeit a potent phytochemical, is by far not the only active one in broccoli, so the cause of your GI distress following broccoli ingestion may not even be the compound itself – consequently, the sprouts’ high sulforaphane concentration may not be of concern to you at all. This is just my deductive opinion, though – you have to try some yourself to know for sure, I guess.

  • Mick

    In the meantime radish sprouts seem to have even more anticancer potential. Can this be even true?

    Plus radish is so much easier to sprout, especially for someone with ADHD – 3 days (radish) versus 5 days (broccoli) means a world of difference for an impatient ADHD sufferer…

  • MARK T

    i need to ask for help, this study seems to suggest that sulforaphane is contained in sprout juice right? i understand i loose fiber but juice may be the only way i can get the sulforaphane into my autistic children. have you seen anything suggesting the sulforaphane is attached to the fiber?