Doctor's Note

The colon cancer video I refer to is my last video, Turmeric Curcumin and Colon Cancer.

More on what this golden spice can do in:

There are ways of Boosting the Bioavailability of Curcumin to get it into our blood stream.

Some should be cautious about turmeric use, though. See Who Shouldn’t Consume Curcumin or Turmeric?

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  • Merio

    This is really interesting, and maybe if more plant substances are added to the “cream”, maybe the effect could be even more better…

    • Huang

      Probably would have made more sense not to use a carcinogenic substance to make the cream (vaseline which is petroleum based ) possibly could have made for better results

      • Freddy

        You might be able to use glycerine (they sell it at wal mart), coconut oil. Coconut oil is pretty sticky but very pleasant and healthy.

        I am testing Tumeric, Green Tea extract mixed with apple cider vinegar (ACV) ffor skin cancer. I used the good organic ACV with “mother” I bought the tabs and ACV at Wal Mart but you can get it anywhere. Amazon sells tumeric in pound bags or bigger. You can make your own tabs.

        I opened the tablets for both Tumeric and Green Tea Extract is a shot glass used for mixing food ingredients or making drinks. Put in a little ACV and mixed it around with my pinky into a paste. I dabbed the paste on the skin cancer and it sticks like cement. It appears to start to get down to the job within a day. It reminds me of the Cansema black salve which is also good for skin cancers. Cansema will “light up” cancer spots almost immediately and you can feel it.

  • sharon brink

    The turmeric relieved smell, itch, etc., did it ultimately cure some cancers?

    • Thea

      Sharon, The narrative does say, “Most of the lesions dried up…”. But I’m not sure what that means. I may mean that the surface problem was cured but not the underlying cancer? I just don’t know.

      • Kim Churchman

        I think that means there was less oozing.

    • Rahat Iram

      Sharon, Turmeric has been found effective to significantly reduce and limit the spread of breast cancers to its axillary tail. It has not been found “curative” for any cancers yet.

      • Freddy

        I am testing Tumeric now with green tea extract and good quality apple cider vinegar. Open the tabs and mixed a paste that will stick to your skin. Others have said it kills the cancer but I will see if it does work. So far it seems be working.

        I am waiting for my Cansema black amazon paste which I have used before. Cansema will “light up” the cancer almost instantly – you can feel the burn. It is not painful but over the next few days tylenol or asprin can help.

        The plus side to Cansema in most cases is it gets down under the cancer. Eventually the cancer scab/escher (?) falls out. The skin then heals up even if there is a hole from the cancer falling out. Cansema also acts well to detect if it is cancer. If no cancer it might slightly irritate the skin. If it is cancer – it goes to work right away and you can feel it. The web site for Cansema black tropical salve has hundreds of testimonials with pictures for the past decade or more. Warning – some of the pictures are graphic and also amazing. People who had no hope saved.

    • TheHulk

      In rural part of India where there are not even doctors, when they get injured, they apply Turmeric with water and they get fine.

  • SeedyCharacter

    It seemed the research article was from 1987. Is turmeric being used for cancer treatments these days? Is there any current research? Or because big pharma can’t make huge profits off of a common spice, is the research and application languishing?

    • Darryl

      In the past 20 years, there have been around 26,700 articles mentioning curcumin and cancer (18,600 in the past 5 years, 12,900 in the last year). Most research has been academic, with pharmaceutical companies examining enhanced bioavailability formulations like Meriva. As you might imagine, researchers from India are well represented, most notably Bharat Aggarwal of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Instutute in Houston.

      • Rahat Iram

        One major problem with pharmaceutically sponsored studies is that they would like to involve something which they can eventually patent to make money, for example the active ingredient of turmeric “curcumin” and so on.
        Nature, however, do justice to poor and rich alike & therefore the studies which involved the “curcumin” did NOT produce the same beneficial results as compared to studies which involved whole spice turmeric which is not only far far less expensive but also not patentable by any :)

      • Darryl,

        Have you any insights into whether or not Aggarwal’s research on the healing properties of spices has been called into question? Have you seen the articles in “Retraction Watch” about allegations of image manipulation in his papers? The allegations don’t appear to involve his curcumin research. See

  • Plantsrongdoc M.D.

    A natural compound having this effect is just amazing! Nature rules….

  • JR

    does this work for supplements?

    • bob

      I take a curcumin supplement daily. The one I currently take is 95% curcuminoids in sunflower oil in a gel cap….probably could just pierce the cap and use it as an ointment. If you take curcumin/tumeric…take a sniff after your next urine test…or maybe not?

    • norma

      I use on my smoothies, juices… better take naturally, you can add to soup, bean, tomato sauce, anything that has some kind of sauce, it does taste little spyce. It’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory for you body in general.
      So ..I think is better prevent than treat, in case of cancer.

      • Saved1973

        You can also take dried turmeric powder in capsules & not taste it at all, it does stain though. I bought an inexpensive capsule machine, ordered some turmeric powder by the pound (cheap) & 00 capsules by the thousand (also cheap) added black pepper to the Turmeric to increase bioavailability & fill the capsules while watching T.V. Been doing it for about 5 yrs & in addition to any other benefits it keeps my arthritis pain in check. Thank you God for creating Turmeric.

    • Rahat Iram

      JR supplements only contain one key ingredient of turmeric i.e. “Curcumin” where as nature has many other micronutrients packed in turmeric with curcumin who are there for a reason and their synergistic effect is far more powerful than what one ingredient can do alone.
      Besides, a bottle of supplement cost almost 100 times more than what the actual spice itself would cost with all the benefits.

  • Robin D. Everson

    One of the best videos you have made. Thank you Dr. Greger.

    • Arjan den Hollander.

      You think?

      You need to start browsing videos on this site fast, :)

      No kidding there are loads more generally usefull ones.

      • Han

        It’s all in the eye of the beholder. No point in argueing that.

  • Roland Stebbins

    I note that he mentions using vaseline and wonder if this can be used on tongue lesions inside the mouth. I’m tempted to try turmeric on the tongue but wonder about the vaseline.

    • Chris Hartley

      perhaps substitute coconut oil for the vaseline ?

      • Ben

        I wonder if tumeric mixed with coconut oil could provide a little bit of protection from sunburn? Before I go to the beach I load up on things like beet root and red cabbage about an hour before I expose myself… Maybe it’s just a placebo effect but I feel like I don’t burn as easily.. Maybe turmeric mixed coconut oil might help even more.

        • Roland Stebbins

          I have always been susceptible to sunburn and am allergic to most sunscreens so don’t use them. I don’t make it a practice to go out in the sun. However, when I necessarily do it, I have found that 8 mg a day of astaxanthin has protected me.

      • Rahat Iram

        What type of lesion do u have on tongue?

        As suggested earlier by Ben, coconut oil or any other edible oil can be substituted easily. Adding a pinch of black peppers or cayenne peppers will increase its absorption many fold and capsaicin in cayenne peppers will also help control any amount of pain within 30-45 seconds literally.

      • Huang

        That would have made much more sense considering vaseline is petroleum based which means it a carcinogenic in it own right

    • Kim Churchman

      A lot of those tongue lesions can look trivial, just a faint whitish patch or a variation in the ragged-edge borderline along the sid of the tongue. But they can be nasty beasties with a fast progression to death, much widespread facial disfigurement with sometimes airway closure. An aggressive category of cancers. Please get that thing biopsied, if you’re still out there.

    • sf_jeff

      What about canola oil, or if you don’t mind refrigerating, flax? Also, look in this site for the strawberries video.

  • Rick

    You can mix curcumin in a little DMSO liquid which should help carry it through the skin. I did this a few years ago and rubbed it on my neck in the hope that it would help treat my skull base tumor. The tumor stopped growing and has been stable for eight years now. (Of course I did many other things too.)

    • Vegan31

      Hi Rick, I am interested in what you did to make the tumor in the base of your skull stop growing. I am trying to shrink a breast tumor. Thanks.

  • mikeyboy

    Wow, I was just sent this by a good friend who believes everything he gets from this site. But I will tell you as a cancer survivor I am really offended by much of what this site puts out. This one is really bad, one study of 64 patients who were given a topical treatment for 4 weeks with no long term followup, wow no that is a new low and really bad medicine really really ill responsible. People get hurt by this type of misinformation. Skin cancer spread quickly, most forms are very incurable with prompt attention. All this will do is have people delay there visit to the doctor while they attempt to self treat.

    Shame on you Doc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mikey,
      are you ok? I realy think people with cancer will be treated by their doctors – and ADD tumoric to their diet and all. Verry few Hippies will try to cure cancer in their backyard.

  • mdouble

    I am constantly impressed with the tremendous amount of information you can back into one of your videos. Aside from being really interesting much of it, like this video on Turmeric are potentially life saving. Thanks again for your continued research and the exceptional public service you do by offering it freely.

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    The video shows breast cancer with an open wound and a partially exposed tumor. What sort of cream can be blended with turmeric and be suitable for application to such a site? How can it be made sterile before application? How can the cream be removed so the wound can be cleaned? I’m dealing with this and need some specifics. Thanks.

    • Rahat Iram

      Peu d’ orange or open wound on breast cancer are usually suggestive of an advanced cancer and must get proper treatment from a team of oncologists and surgeons.

      If it is inoperable and you meant to apply turmeric in order to control/improve skin lesion … then you can mix turmeric powder in a mildly warm olive oil or coconut oil and apply. Turmeric is very potent anti-inflammatory and you do not need to sterile it. Simply washing wound with water is good. If pale color of skin surrounding lesion bothers you, u can always clean it with soap water or just by using a rubbing alcohol swab.

      Another way to use turmeric on any skin lesion is by preparing a “POULTICE” which is not only easy to apply as a dressing but also more effective if you can prepare it.

      1 Tablespoon of Turmeric powder
      2 tablespoon of olive oil
      1 table spoon of wheat flour,
      1 Table spoon of Sucanant/ raw brown sugar
      Half tsp of salt, sea salt preferred

      Mix all the ingredients in pan, mix well while cooking on medium low heat. Cook until a doughy poultice is formed.
      Remove from heat, let it cool a bit and apply on lesion. It normally stay put but you can also secure it by applying some bandage. Change every 8 hours.
      Please note that poultice draws any deep seated pus out as it dries . You many note some discharge initially and that is a good thing. Change frequently if needed.
      This technique is centuries old and in Asian cultures of subcontinent, this home remedy for many skin problems (furunculosis, boils, abscess, non-healing wounds etc) is very popular and effective for many centuries.
      Hope this helps.

  • Hello Dr Greger, I love your work, it’s both inspiring and validating as a long-time vegan, thanks for all your wonderful work that you share . I have a question after watching this video – this video really had my attention – now, I know you’re not a vet! but I’m treating my elderly dog who has oral melanoma with organic turmeric paste mixed with a bit of oil, water and a good dollop of raw New Zealand honey applied topically to his mouth tumour. It’s been a month since his diagnosis and this disgusting looking tumour is shrinking slowly but surely and looks like it’s going to come away from his gum. I’ve watched all your Turmeric videos now and researched alot about it in regard to using it for dogs too.

    My question is this: is there any research that you know of about sugar feeding cancer cells – I’ve heard people tell me that sugar feeds cancer but when I mixed the honey in with this paste I’m using it seemed to amplify the results. And if sugar supposedly feeds cancer then people shouldn’t eat fruit if they had cancer which sounds like nonsense when fruit could potentially cure cancer….Maybe the hydrogen peroxide honey can generate is helping the Turmeric destroy the tumour, or maybe it’s acting like a Trojan horse and luring the cancer cells in for the Turmeric to do it’s destroyer thing….anyway my dog’s arthritis has certainly improved! and even tho you’re not a vet, you absolutely have helped my dog :) thanks again for everything you do :)

  • Roland Stebbins

    I saw this video and became very excited since I currently am seeing an oral surgeon for lesions on my tongue and I wanted something I could put on the tongue and let it do some good work. But I got turned off by the vaseline mix on the tongue and thought there has to be a better way. I believe there is a better way and I have found it in Swanson’s organic turmeric tea bags. I ordered 3 boxes of 20 bags and drink 1 cup a day. I take some in my mouth and usually swish it all around, then leave it a while before swallowing. When I do this I notice that my tongue has a yellow coating which tells me the turmeric stays on the tongue and does its work longer. For additional benefit, after drinking most of the cup I put the tea bag right on the tongue and leave it there a while too. After doing this for forty days I went to my regular 4 month appointment with my oral surgeon. Over the past 2 years he has performed 3 biopsies, and one laser procedure to blast off severe dysplasia. He examined my tongue, told me that he was very pleased and that my tongue was in the best shape he has ever seen it. He asked me what I was doing and I told him.
    I believe I am now fighting a winning game here with turmeric’s help. I also wonder if it may also be helpful to my gums and even my throat and esophagus.

    • Hilary

      Hello Roland,
      My mom had oral cancer last year and had a t4 tumor removed from the side of her tongue. Can you tell me how you have progressed since your comment a year ago?
      Thank you!

    • Roland Stebbins

      To all: end result is it did not help. In spite of my turmeric treatment the dysplasia returned and got worse. After additional biopsies (which I believe did help because they removed some of the bad stuff) I was referred to an ENT physician who operated to remove the small bad area and so far (9-10 months) the dysplasia has not returned. Regular checkups are continuing with very good results now.

      • Thea

        Roland: Thank you for the update. I’m sorry it didn’t work, but I’m glad you are getting some good results another way.

  • Guest

    In a skin cream base, I used turmeric to get rid of an actinic keratosis on my leg. Applied liberally twice a day for a month. Still gone two months later.

    • Oliver

      How exactly did you prepare your turmeric cream? Did you use a turmeric tincture in combination with the skin cream base?

  • artman625

    I wonder if you can make your own cream to apply topically, I want to try it out to apply for anal lesion.

  • Minda

    Great stuff. Would love to hear about diet to protect against sunburn/skin damage too! Thanks!

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Hi Minda. Dr. Greger has a page on skin health. There was a study performed in Germany of a lotion made out of cilantro seeds, showing it could decrease the redness of a sunburn showing it had some anti-inflammatory effects, though not as much as an over-the-counter steroid, hydrocortisone, or prescription strength steroid cream.

  • Kim Churchman

    I believe in the video on turmeric and Alzheimer’s, black pepper was said to be a strong potentiator for turmeric. (If I remember right, ha ha.) Maybe that could help too.

  • A. Bruton

    Is it possible to get the recipe/formula for making the topical ointment described in the video?

  • CHessert

    Is it not OK to just mix the turmeric spice with Vaseline or coconut oil? I have recurring basal cell carcinoma that I’d like to try it on.

  • Think About It

    My mother has had basil cell carcinoma on her nose for over 15 years. Hated the pain of surgery so stopped having it removed. She just managed it (as it kept growing) with neosporin and bandaids. After learning here of curcumin’s topical efficacy, I decided to make her a salve of Turmeric powder (about 1 TBS.) and mixed it in an old tin of ointment (1/4 oz) I had on hand from Mountain Rose Herbs (but any kind would do) In just one week, the cancerous growth is completely gone, and she is thrilled with the results!

    • Thea

      Think About It: That’s an *amazing* story. Your mother is lucky to have you. Good for you for figuring that out.

  • Cin

    Wow, that’s funny! I’ve been adding a tiny bit of turmenic in my night cream for a while now. I eat plenty of curry and use turmeric in a lot of dishes. This along with saffron makes everything taste like heaven! I figured that the yellow pigment would also help with my pale winter skin and it works so well (and it’t super cheap). I rotate between this, saffron, carrot juice and black tea, all thing that I also eat/drink on a regular basis.

  • Will MacCormac

    The BBC did their own study on turmeric. Look it up online, very interesting reading. adding turmeric to food is the best way for absorption into the blood stream.
    I drink fruit smoothies daily with a small amount of coconut milk (to act as a carrier) and a sprinkle of black pepper to increase the potency.