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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on eggs. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Also be sure to check out my associated blog post Bad Egg!

  • Energy

    Is there any research or at least any reasonable assumptions about egg whites that you know of?

  • Elton Toledo

    What about just plain egg whites ! ?

  • Liana Emanoil

    If doctors were selling stroke prevention they’d be out of business, so kind of silly I think.

  • Gauri

    I see a lot of vegetarians around suffering from all the diseases you list for meat eaters – diabetes, CAD, hypertension, cancer, kidney disorders, obesity, alzheimer’s, parkinsons…………… WHY???? Pl throw some light on the matter. I am a vegetarian myself & enjoy being so.

  • Clint Stevens

    I’ve heard people tell me that brown eggs are better than white eggs, is there any merit to that commentary? It may be like asking what is better for you a bullet in your foot or your head?

    • Toxins

      They are nutritionally equivalent, its just the pigment of the shell.

    • Patrick

      different doctors, different opinions?? Some say: that the color of the egg yolk is very important, the more red it is, the better. And that egg yolk is very nutritious, you can’t have enough of them.