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Smoothies may be an excellent way to increase one’s intake of fruits and vegetables. The blender may break down fruit and vegetable cell walls better than our teeth, and this helps release important phytonutrients. It’s critical to use whole fruits rather than extracted fruit juice as of the many health benefits of fiber and the phytonutrients may be attached to fiber. Berries are an especially good choice for a smoothie, because they may help control sugar uptake into the bloodstream and thus could potentially help prevent hypoglycemic dips. A teaspoon of amla powder added to a smoothie may significantly boost antioxidant content. To avoid feeling hungry after a smoothie, sip it slowly so that the mind and body register the intake and send appropriate fullness signals. Adding ground flax seeds to smoothies might help suppress appetite and lower cholesterol. Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking a sour smoothie may assist in reducing tooth enamel erosion. Dr. Greger recommends, among others, the Mayo Clinic’s green smoothie recipe.


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