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  • Latest Nutrition Video - August 27, 2014How to Diagnose Gluten Intolerance

    How to Diagnose Gluten Intolerance

    After a formal evaluation to rule out celiac disease, those who suspect they might have gluten sensitivity should first try improving their...

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    More Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases

    More Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases

    Dr. Greger has scoured the world's scholarly literature on clinical nutrition and developed this brand-new live presentation on the latest...

    July 15, 2013


    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    Death in America is largely a foodborne illness. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical...

    July 26, 2012
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    • Chronic Headaches and Pork Parasites
      Chronic Headaches and Pork Parasites
      Neurocysticercosis is the sciencey name for an infection of the human central nervous system by pork tapeworm larvae. The...
    • Why the Egg-Cancer Link?
      Why the Egg-Cancer Link?
      Two million men in the U.S. are living with prostate cancer — but that’s better than dying from prostate cancer. Catch it...
    • How Eggs Can Impact Body Odor
      How Eggs Can Impact Body Odor
      I previously lampooned the egg industry PR campaign that tried to promote eggs as a source of eyesight-saving nutrients such as...
    • What is the optimal diet for disease prevention?

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    Eating fiber-rich low glycemic load foods leads to fewer food cravings and less hunger than the same calories of higher glycemic foods ( Beans can even extend this into the “Second Meal Effect”:

    18 hours ago

    The so-called

    Kelly Morrisoni love how you give us good info with humor :)9 hours ago

    Narelle LeedsWarren15 hours ago

    Jenny CameronIt's rather annoying that they combine low GI with higher fibre in this study and thus conclude it's the low GI that is so beneficial, rather than the fibre per se. Here in Australia the emphasis on low GI is used as an excuse to eat more animal based foods and avoid starches.16 hours ago

    Carol DavisonI strive for a cup daily.16 hours ago

    Amrit GillMandeesh Kaur Gill31 minutes ago

    Jeremy QuinnWesley Stewart15 hours ago

    Tea consumption is associated with lower risk of diabetes ( Tea might also protect against DNA damage:

    20 hours ago

    The ability of green versus white tea to protect against in vitro DNA damage caused by a cooked chicken carcinogen (heterocyclic amine).

    Christopher Consciousness TorresMy favorite is hibiscus. ;)18 hours ago

    Julie BrownWho drinks white tea?? Compare green tea to black tea - which is what most people drink. Also, does a person drinking a lot of black tea (like 6 cups a day) get the same benefits as a person drinking a small cup of green tea a day ? Is it just that green tea has it in larger quantities ...or is it that ONLY green tea has it ?18 hours ago

    Pam DickeyOolong tea has anti cancer benefits 10 hours ago

    Anna ClarkNever heard of white tea!!!16 hours ago

    Javier GomezIs this the mircale tree19 hours ago

    Hassan HamzaTea as a plant contains gigh amount of fluoride and manganese.17 hours ago

    Travis J SilberstorfGreen, hibiscus, and black.17 hours ago