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    More Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases

    More Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases

    Dr. Greger has scoured the world's scholarly literature on clinical nutrition and developed this brand-new live presentation on the latest...

    July 15, 2013


    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    Death in America is largely a foodborne illness. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical...

    July 26, 2012
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    • Should Carrageenan Be Avoided?
      Should Carrageenan Be Avoided?
      Six hundred years ago, people living along the coast of Carragheen County Ireland started using a red algae, which came to be...
    • Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet
      Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet
      Almost half of menstruating women experience painful, crampy periods, also known as dysmenorrhea. According to Dr. Linda French...
    • Cayenne for Irritable Bowel
      Cayenne for Irritable Bowel
      Nearly 50 million Americans come down with food poisoning every year. Over a hundred thousand are hospitalized and thousands die...
    • What is the optimal diet for disease prevention?

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    Some of the benefits of plant-based diets may be because of the beneficial effect of whole plant foods on our gut flora ( Check out what beans can do:

    12 hours ago

    The so-called

    Sarah McInerneyAny beans are winners! you may even live forever! haha AndreaandSteve Helyard10 hours ago

    Carla CoxSara Dawn Stenhouse, get your dad to eat beans12 hours ago

    Adrian RamsayGot a belly full of beans right now :D12 hours ago

    Daniel Angelo Muñoz Alvarezomg9 hours ago

    AndreaandSteve HelyardHahaha the amount of lentils I eat? Lol woohoo Sarah McInerney10 hours ago

    Sarah McInerneyAndreaandSteve Helyard according to this i dont think you will ever ever get diabetes lol10 hours ago

    William BouldinYou talked about the "lentil effect" aka deuce city11 hours ago