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I’ve previously covered BPA in Which Plastics are Harmful? There, I go through which “numbers” of plastic are probably safest. My other video on plastics chemicals (Chicken Consumption and the Feminization of Male Genitalia) similarly found particularly high levels in poultry. Eden Foods is one of the few manufacturers that doesn’t use BPA. See my blog about their canned beans: Do Eden Beans Have Too Much Iodine? For more on male sexual health, see Xenoestrogens & Sperm CountsWatermelon as Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction; and, on prostate enlargement, Prostate vs. Plants, and Prostate vs. a Plant-Based Diet. I also have dozens of other videos on men’s health.

For further context, check out my associated blog post: Pollutants in Californian Breast Tissue.

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  • I’ve previously covered BPA in Which Plastics Are Harmful?, in which I go through which “numbers” of plastic are probably safest. My other video on plastics chemicals, similarly found particularly high levels in poultry. Eden Foods is one of the few manufacturers that doesn’t use BPA. See my blog about their canned beans: Do Eden Beans Have Too Much Iodine?. For more on male sexual health see Xenoestrogens & Sperm Counts, Watermelon As Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction, and my two prostate enlargement series Prostate Versus Plants and Prostate vs. a Plant-Based Diet. I have 35 videos on men’s health and hundreds of others encompassing more than 1000 topics.

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    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      I love this stuff!  I remember back in my college days when we were speculating that BPA’s may be estrogen mimmikers and that they could possibly be endocrine disrupters.  A lot of people and scientist poo pood (sp) the idea.  Who’s the one without the sex drive now huh!  Vindication at last!
      All kidding aside, this is what we may see as well with GMO’s when some scientist will be allowed to do the research unfettered.  This will most likely have to come from the National Acadamies or other government agency that has no conflicts of interest.  Did I really just say that?

      Good luck with that right now because guess who is the food safety czar?
      The infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto and now appointed deputy commisioner of the FDA by President Obama. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

      Read below for more interesting info.  And don’t believe anything, research it yourself and become educated on this subject!

      Were playing with the Big Boy’s now!

      Learn more:

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        All kidding aside, this is what we may see as well with GMO’s when some scientist will be allowed to do the research unfettered.  This will most likely have to come from the National Acadamies or other government agency that has no conflicts of interest.  Did I really just say that?

        Good luck with that right now because guess who is the food safety czar?
        The infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto and now appointed deputy commisioner of the FDA by President Obama. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

        Read below for more interesting info.  And don’t believe anything, research it yourself and become educated on this subject!

        Were playing with the Big Boy’s now!

        Learn more:

        •  Nice sleuthing. Thanks.

          • HemoDynamic, M.D.

            You bet.  If you are really interested in some interesting science based info check out Jeffery Smiths book Genetic Roulette.  Be forewarned, it gets depressing reading the info and really makes you start to feel helpless because you start to see that the FDA has given control of all GE (Genetically Engineered) foods to the companies who make them.

            Here’s another great website:

          • HemoDynamic, M.D.

            Check this evaluation of the FDA on GE foods by William Freese with the Center for Food Safety:

            “Contrary to popular opinion, the FDA does not regulate GE foods.  Instead, the FDA has a ‘voluntary consultation’ process that allows biotechnology companies to make all of the important decisions related to bringing their novel GE crops to market.  The company, not the FDA, decides which, if any, safety tests to conduct and how they will be performed.  The company, not the FDA, determines which data, if any, are shared with regulators.  In fact, the company even determines whether it will consult with the FDA at all. Because the process is voluntary, biotech companies sometimes refuse to supply additional data requsted by the FDA. And at the end of the consultation, the FDA does NOT approve the GE food as safe, or even as similar enough to its conventional counterpart to exempt it from scrutiny.  Instead, the pertinent bioteck company makes these determinations on its own authority.”

            This is just one of thousands of articles that state that the FDA has disregulated the GE food industry.

            Sad but true.

          • Thanks. Will check it all out.

        • Thea

           I agree.  Awesome post Dr. HemoDynamic!

          • HemoDynamic, M.D.

            Thanks!  Want an even more interesting and eye opening site?  Check this out:

          • Thea

             wow.   Thanks for the link.

    • Gorden Tri

      Can phytoestrogens cause growth plates to fuse ? Is there a way to disable its effects

  • tryan

    What about beer cans? Please say they’re alright. 

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      Sorry, here is the research on Beer cans–they all contain BPA’s in the beer that had leached from the cans.

    • susan

      Is beer still available in glass bottles? While glass is breakable, when intact, it is totally inert.

  • Mike Quinoa

    I’m not liking the sounds of this. I eat a lot of canned beans (kidney, chickpea). I always cook lentils, but maybe I should start buying only dried beans.

    • Thea

       Mike: I hear you.  I eat a lot of canned beans too. 

      One thing to keep in mind is: if you are willing to pay a price, there are brands of canned beans that are BPA free.  Dr. Greger did a blog post about the Eden brand which not only (if memory serves) is BPA-free, but is also cooked in some seaweed, so you get some (the right amount) iodine with your beans, assuming you include the liquid.

      Eden is quite spendy compared to other organic canned beans.  But it might be worth it…  And maybe there are other brands which are also BPA free?

      Good luck.

      • Mike Quinoa

        Thanks Thea. I may look for the Eden brand, but I really should master the art of cooking dried beans.

        • Thea

          I have a tip for you:  Look into pressure cooking.  That’s something I did after deciding that I needed to start getting comfortable cooking dried beans.  (It’s kind of scary and time consuming…) 

          The pressure cooker has turned out to be awesome!  I find that I still tend to reach first for a can when it comes to beans, but when I want to cook whole grains, including something as simple as brown rice, the pressure cooker is my darling.  That said, I *have* cooked beans some in the pressure cooker, and I can’t imagine wanting to cook beans any other way.  The pressure cooker is both a time and energy saver.

          I have three cookbooks on pressure cooking.  The one I think is best is: Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass.  This book has a great section on beans, including big, convenient charts on bean cooking inside the front cover for quick reference.  The title says “vegetarian”, but the book is really vegan as near as I can tell.  I’ve enjoyed almost all of the recipes that I have made from this book and some are favorites.

          My second favorite book is: The New Fast Food.  The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals In Less than 30 minutes.  The book I didn’t like very much was the Everything Vegetarian Pressure Cooker.

          Good luck!

          • Mike Quinoa

            Thanks Thea. I like the title of the one by Lorna Sass. I have to do something once I run out of my stores of canned beans (lol).

          • “pressure cooking.”

            Exactly. :)

        • Susan

          I rinse the dry beans, picking out any bad or cracked beans. Soak 8 hours or overnight in fresh carbon filtered water (to avoid 2,4-D and other pesticides that may be in my tap water).
          Next, pour off the soaking water, and add fresh carbon filtered water.
          They can be cooked 8 hours in a crock pot (the different beans have different cooking times) OR cooked by boiling, then reducing flame to simmer for a couple hours covered.
          Soaking reduces the cooking time as well as the flatulence causing properties of the beans.

      • Cory Goldblatt

        Amazon has Eden Black Eyed Peas for $23.96 for a pack of 12 cans and that includes free shipping (2 day shipping if your a prime member). You can also buy them directly from Eden @$2.06 a can or $3.32 for the 29 ounce cans and shipping is $10-$13 depending on the size of your order. I agree that it costs a bit more for eden’s products and for me the pros outweigh the cons. Amazon only has a few of Eden’s legumes available that include free shipping. I went to several grocery stores by my home and I couldn’t find any retailers that had a wide selection of Eden’s products. I’ll probably be placing a large order on Eden’s website to save on shipping as I really like their products as well.

        • Thea

          Cory: It is nice of you to share your research with us. I really do appreciate it. But to give everyone some price comparison, I have a very easy time finding organic canned beans right in the store for $1/can. That makes Eden about twice as much with your best prices. At my store, the prices for Eden beans are more like $3-4.

          I can very much understand why you say that the Eden brand is worth it. But for some people, price is a big factor. And if we can help people to just eat beans, even from a non-Eden brand, those people would be better off than on the SAD diet. That’s why I don’t push people to Eden or other BPA-free brands. Just something to think about.

          FYI: I’ve lately been cooking lots and lots of dried bean hearty stew dishes in my pressure cooker and having marvelous success. Great winter food and a way to avoid the cans altogether.

          Good luck to you. If I decide to get some Eden cans, I’m going to use your advice and look on Amazon. Thanks!

          • Susan

            I buy dried beans whenever and wherever available from Eden Foods. But, they are becoming more and more rare. I google, Eden Organic, and the name of the bean, and canned beans generally come up.

            Have you tried VITA-COST for canned Eden Organic beans?

    • Susan

      I have a couple cans of Eden Organic beans the are BPA free. But I’ve long been concerned what BPA FREE may contain. So, I stockpile dry, which last about a year, and I always buy certified organic to avoid Roundup and other mineral chelators that may be used before, during and after when growing beans or wheat, or other gmo foods. Beans are are gmo in Europe, and may be in the USA as well.

      Google, certified organic, bean name, and “dry” beans, and you may find someone who carries what you want.

      Also, to learn more about mineral chelators, they are cited in a talk by both Don Huber, Ph.D. soil and plant pathologist, microbiologist, retired professor at Purdue University, speaking on GMOs in an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola.

      Get the transcript. Google: Don Huber, GMO.

      There is also an article in the 18th April 2014 issue of the Ecologist by Dr. Thierry Vrain, Ph,D,, entitled “GMOs and RoundUp – junking down our food supply” which explains the same things that of which Dr. Huber speaks, and why he tells his students to only buy organic.

      Frederick von Saal was the University of Missouri scientist who uncovered BPA –epoxy of bisphenol A in the formulation of a “new” petri dish that caused the breast cancer cell to multiple profusely. He is cited in a Prevention magazine article.

  • joeboosauce

    Dr G, good stuff! Have you seen this Canadian documentary, The Disappearing Male?

  • I wish there were a BPA-free source of boiled in-shell Cajun peanuts.

    • Susan

      Why not reuse of well washed and dried cloth bag?

  • John

    Any problem with plastic produce bags for storing things like greens, dry beans and oats, etc.?  I also wash and reuse them but am always worried about possible leaching.

  • BPCveg

    This video makes it sound like there is good reason to believe that sliced turkey is dangerous from the point of view of BPA exposure. But if you read the article (Scheter et al.) the authors found a very low level (much lower than canned) in only sample of the meat tested.

    From the methods section:

    “Food samples consisted of three samples for each of 31 kinds of canned and plastic wrapped food for human consumption, four kinds of fresh meat and fish (one sample each), and eight individual samples of canned and plastic wrapped pet food.”

    From the results and discussion section:

    “One fresh food sample, sliced turkey, had a BPA level of 0.35 ng/g ww, which is lower than reported BPA levels in fresh food from Italy”

    Since the authors only tested one piece of turkey, we cannot conclude that this is generally applicable finding.

  • BeetsBeansButts

    I’m trying to gauge whether eating canned beans and beets once or twice a week could make a significant impact on my health. Maybe I should get off my lazy butt and figure out how to slow cook dehydrated beans more effectively, and buy fresh beets when available.

    Anyone have any tips for slow cooking dehydrated beans? Mine always come out poorly.

    Thanks for the info Dr Greger and friends. You make a difference in improving my health.

    • Wendy Vernon

      I pressure cook dried beans all the time and they always turn out lovely. If I don’t have time to soak them I just rinse them well, put them in the pressure cooker, add filtered water till it covers the beans by about 2 inches, and cook for 45 minutes for most beans. Do not add salt until they are finished cooking.

  • What about BPA leaching in cans of Coca Cola?

    • Susan

      Coca Cola is already toxic, but can be made more toxic because of the aluminum and if BPA is part of the mix.

  • The second citation link is broken. I’ve found it though if you’re
    interested in using it:

  • nonyabizzz

    How long does it take for BPA to leave your system? Are effects reversible? Anyone know?

  • What about canned beans and lentils? I’m too busy / lazy to cook them from dried

    • Thea

      Some brands claim that they are BPA-free. Eden is one example. I understand that there are other examples too. You pay a price for it, but it may be worth it…?

  • Emma

    Is it possible that
    bisphenol-A (BPA) leach out from paper cups into food and drinks? I heard about
    that paper cups coated with polymer to make effect of waterproof, and I wonder
    if polymer lining will release BPA when it holding hot coffee. If it is a fact,
    it means when we drink coffee also swallow BPA at same time.

  • DvoraChesed

    It’s not just BPA!
    Beware “BPS” too!!

    Industry is using BPS as a BPA substitute. Unfortunately, it comes loaded with similar harmful effects.
    What coating (if any?) is Eden Foods using in place of BPA?
    For more on BPS and where it is found:

  • Eden’s canned beans don’t contain BPA but their canned tomatoes still do (or to be more accurate, their canned tomatoes still did when I inquired a few months ago).

    Here’s a list of canned salmons with and without BPA.

    • Susan

      I now buy Eden Organic pressed tomatoes in glass jars. They come very carefully wrapped to my front door via Fed-X. Glass, while breakable, is far more inert than canned/tinned with or without BPA.

      • Thea

        Susan: I appreciated this tip and held onto it for a while. And then I noticed in my local health food store that they were carrying the Eden tomatoes in glass. I might not have really noticed if I hadn’t read your post–since I was focused on looking for something else. Thanks for your tip!

        • Susan

          You are very welcome, Thea.
          I went to Eden Foods web site to find spaghetti sauce in glass jars because those delivered to a local healthier food store had been opened by a rude customer –she even put her dirty fingers in and tasted the organic tomato sauce, which is totally against the health laws. After several times bringing home contaminated sauce, I decided to order directly from Eden Foods. And it was there I discovered that they have other foods in glass containers.
          They taste soooo much better in glass. This took me back to the 60’s, when most everything was in glass. Their crushed tomatoes in class are absolutely delicious and they are not available in the local health food stores in my area. We have more than one, and the closer store has more enlightened and caring customers.

          • Thea

            Susan: That’s seriously shocking behavior. I’m very glad you were able to find an alternative. I personally think that store doesn’t deserve your business.

    • Susan

      Eden CANNED beans are BPA-free, but that does not mean they are non-toxic. All products, especially acidic foods canned or jarred in plastic are dangerous. The scientist that first discovered breast cancer cells multiplying at a faster rate in his new petri dishes, discovered that the manufacturer changed the formulation without telling the customers. Intense study has found that all plastics are toxic and BPA substitutes may be more toxic than BPA. But don’t go back to BPA. Go to the web site for Eden Foods, and look at the glass jarred crushed tomatoes with onion and garlic, and they also have some other foods as well.
      Of course, Eden Foods has more canned foods with BPA substitutes because they’ve been on the market longer and ship better. But, I started buying their small glass containers of tomatoes, so they started marketing the larger jars, and I bought those too, by the case. And, now I don’t have to worry about rude, uncaring customers opening them and inserting their dirty fingers inside to taste the product and see if organic tastes different. Then closing the jar and putting it back onto the shelf.
      I had complained to the store manager, but nothing is being done because some customers are so rude and fanatical about tasting the organic, that the manager fears for her employees safety. So the store has a policy that if the bottle is contaminated, just bring it back. That’s fine, but it’s an inconvenience to me when I’ve planned a recipe only to find that there’s a lot of fuzzy mold inside the container.
      Hence, I go directly to Eden Foods and buy organic in glass!

      • Susan,
        Several companies who use glass instead of cans have told me that there’s still some BPA in the lining of the top but that it doesn’t touch the food. Do you know anything about that? I think I won’t worry about it, just won’t lick the tops.

        Thanks for enlightening us. I can’t believe that people actually do that.

        • Susan

          You are correct. There is BPA in the lining of the tops. It was put there because of the potential of the toxic metal, lead, being in the can or top lining.

          If the can or bottle ALWAYS stays upright, there may be no problem. BUT if it ever lies down on its side, there is a problem. That is the same problem as with juice in glass containers, which my husband always shakes and gets the bacteria, any fungus, as well as the BPA in the juice.

          Since he refuses to listen to me, I buy whole foods and eat them instead of juice.

          Read: Is BPA-Free Safe in Prevention magazine online at:

      • And can you tell us more about that scientist you mention? Any links to his work? I’d love to read more.

        • Susan

          Frederick Von Saal is a cancer researcher at the University of Missouri. There are several pages in the book, “Our Stolen Future –a scientific mystery story,” published in 1996 by Dutton that was written about his work. The book is co-authored by zoologists, Theo Colborn, Ph.D., John Peterson Myers, Ph.D., and Diane Duminowski. The book is available at for an amazing price, especially if you have anything else to buy from Amazon at the same time to get free shipping.

          The home page for Our Stolen Future (not the book, but the location of newer studies) is at:

          I had the pleasure of hearing Drs. Colborn and Myers speak at a Scientific Assembly in Bethesda, Maryland in 1992, prior to the writing of this book. At the time, she spoke of another book that was totally scientific, and I as a layperson found reading it was incredibly difficult. She mentioned that she was coming out with the above mentioned book that is written for lay people in a few years. Our Stolen Future still needs some background knowledge, as I didn’t know anything about the endocrine system of what the various glands did or how they communicated. That meant many hours in the public library getting myself up to speed.

          When I heard them speak, I took my tape recorders and set it on the front row desk to get everything loud and clear. It was more information that my poor brain could remember otherwise (as I had been poisoned with an insecticidal fogger several years previously). But, I listened to the tape over and over again until I could almost recite it word for word. That made understanding this much better.

          There is another interview by the three at Dr. Mercola’s web site. The March 09, 2013 article is entitled: “Common Household Chemicals Linked to Human Disease in Landmark UN Study.” Unfortunately, chemical industry flacks destroyed the sound and there is no transcript. But, Mercola’s write up is there.

          Dr. Colborn has founded the Endocrine Disruption Exchange at: which I have not checked out as yet, but should be amazing!

          You can learn more about Dr. Colborn at:

        • Susan

          I keep spelling his name incorrectly. It should be Frederick vom Saal. His web site has published papers and other information you may find of interest, and you can write to him.

  • Where can I find the list of foods min. 1:25?
    Thank you.

  • veerakrish

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  • studentofplants

    Is this just a correlation association bw BPA and ED?

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Yes. There appears to be a significant correlation.

  • Dan Miller

    What do they mean by sliced turkey? Is that the stuff you can buy prepackaged or in the deli department? Or is it whole turkey sliced? If it’s the later does that mean just ripping the meat off the bone is ok?

  • DavePL

    Hi, I don’t mean to change the subject, but I’m concerned about BPA in dental fillings, the kind made from polycarbonate.
    I’m reading that all polycarbonate can leach out traces of BPA, enough to disrupt hormones…
    i would rather get almalgam , that has elemental mercury, since they say it’s not as dangerous as organic mercury.
    I don’t know if modern dentistry still uses BPA or not?

  • Roy Crump

    Costco has 25 lb. bags of pinto beans for very cheap price. Mostly in Hispanic area stores. Rather than waste gas cooking I soak them for 24 hours and then cook for 10 minutes; very cheap source of cho , protein and vit-minerals, plus fiber.

  • willgriffin

    Barbara..I think if you visited all the links I provided and read them closely, you will see that the adverse effects of Bisphenol A have been known for over 40 years or more. .. and has been given about the same consideration as DDT was given, until it was realized that it was responsible for thousands of deaths and genetic mutations annually for decades before it was prohibited. Ditto about two dozen other chemicals like PVB which went into Love Canal and other envirodisaster disposal dumps which cost hundreds of millions to clean up, and which could have been avoided by sooner more prudent action and responsibility by those who knew better all along.. but whom catered to the corporations whom were writing their paychecks. Much like the cigarette industry operated with abject impunity with its nicotine delivery systems and which caused the Cancerous deaths of about 300,000 people over the last decade alone…

    Second – why are you, who recruits in the plastics industry and was a former
    worker in the same industry, decide to spread an obviously biased piece ?

    sorry. I never worked in the plastics industry.. ever. I presented it to those whom presumably, like you, could be in a far better position to address the issues than I am. and to shine the harsh light of public scrutiny on a problem before it causes
    the COMPLETE death of all the live coral reefs on the planet. .. and which will presumably negatively impact world ecosystems and ultimately the food chains upon which mankind’s survival on the planet depends… I dont know if the piece was biased or to what extent it might be biased. I am open to responsible dialogue with those who have the ability to counter its contentions.. very few of which I personally wrote.. with counter points. My guess is however.. that since you have been the only one to so accuse me of over 1500 technical persons who received what you received. that basically is a reasonable question by someone trying hard to bring some level of awareness to my fellow (non-technical) citizens of a complex issue and which given the 50 to 100 million tons of floating plastic raw material in the North Pacific ocean.. needs ..and begs.. some serious consideration..

    i believe that the estrogen component is one of if not the major cause of the
    Feminification and sexual conversion of a million American Men and ..
    in those who have drunk from plastic bottles for decade or more ??

  • willgriffin

    DAN SHAUGERD@MSN.COM Daniel Shauger

    while you may have a point. the hundred million tons of plastics floating in the oceans all over the globe
    and despoiling the beaches of over 10,000 islands. are leaching Bispheol A into the ocean, and which effects
    on our seafood and food chain is already indisputable, has been verified in Japan, and caused birth defects,
    transgenderism, two heads, missing body parts, and brain damage to virtually every species it encounters..
    over time that has to have a negative effect on gender specificity and preference in humans. .and has been
    a pollutant since about 1955 or earlier. just ask yourself what major outcomings you have seen since then and whether or not any study has ever been done to correlate those events ?? Naturally you may find it difficult to get any support from the plastics industry which has generated $400 Million or more in profits from that product in the last 60 years ???