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While tuna may be a source of heart-healthy omega-3, mercury contamination is a major concern. The mercury in tuna (especially certain brands) may damage the brains of infants, children, and adults more than the mercury in vaccinations, amalgam teeth fillings, high-fructose corn syrup and Ayervedic supplements. Algae-based sources of omega-3 do not bring the danger of mercury contamination.

Tuna may also contain DDT (a banned pesticide still present in our food chain), PCB pollutants, and the carcinogens benzene and putrescine. Tuna sushi may contain fecal contamination in amounts exceeding National Food Standards guidelines. A toxin in tuna has even been found to cause a form of amnesia.

Protein from tuna and other animal sources may negatively affect kidney function. Tuna ranks among the most acid-producing foods, which can be associated with the formation of kidney stones.

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