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The Standard American Diet may be so detrimental to our cardiovascular health that sexual dysfunction, heart attacks, or strokes are often the result. Industrial pollutants such as PCBs found mostly in fish may lead to loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, and impotence. The regular eating of calorie dense animal and junk foods may down-regulate dopamine receptors and result in a reduced neurological capacity to enjoy sex. Consumption of poultry with phthalates by pregnant women may result in incomplete development of their infant sons’ genitals.  BPA, a plastics chemical used in many linings of canned food, may be linked with male sexual dysfunction.

On the other hand, plant-based diets may improve the attractiveness of men and women, increase the appeal of male body odor, and improve sexual functioning in men and womenWatermelon and pistachio nuts may help with erectile dysfunction, which appears to serve as an early warning sign of heart disease.  Antidepressant drugs may cause sexual dysfunction and may not work as well as just exercising. Saffron may be as effective as Prozac in dealing with depression without the common sexual dysfunction side effects.

The information on this page has been compiled from the research presented in the videos listed. Sources for each video can be found by going to the video’s page and clicking on the Sources Cited tab.

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