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The video documenting similar findings in nuts and nut butters is here: Nuts and Obesity: The Weight of Evidence and the mechanisms are summarized in Solving the Mystery of the Missing Calories and explored further in:

What's the problem with eating added sugars? Besides all the empty calories, it can lead to the formation of excess uric acid in the body (Flesh and Fructose).

If you missed my last two videos on dried fruit, check out Dried Apples, Dates, Figs or Prunes for Cholesterol? and Prunes vs. Metamucil vs. Vegan Diet. One more coming up, Raisins vs. Jelly Beans for Athletic Performance.

For more context, please refer to the following associated blog posts: Best Dried Fruit For Cholesterol The Best Nutrition Bar, and Raisins vs. Energy Gels for Athletic Performance

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  • Oliver Hugh Perry

    Howdy Dr,

    Love your videos, I recently heard about soaking/sproating nuts and seeds to increase the bio-availability of their nutrients and also decrease their natural anti nutrients. Have you come across many studies on this topic?
    would love to hear your thoughts :)

  • Diane McLean

    Thank you for the daily nutrition update. I truly appreciate your assistance in helping improve my health while advocating a plant-based diet.

  • dimqua

    Dr. Greger,

    Are there any foods that you would recommend for healthy weight gain?

    • Jordan Bray

      Ditto that! Since going vegan 2+ years ago, I feel great. But a bit too ‘delicate’ and ‘boney’ compared to my meat-eating self. Only a small problem to have in exchange for good health? Or can I gain some weight back on plant foods and still be really healthy?

      • Rafal

        Beans are a great way to gain weight, lots of protein and calories. Sweet potaotes as well or any kind of potatoes

  • Elaine Vigneault

    This is really interesting to me. I’m curious if more studies would continue to support this idea. Certainly dried fruits and nuts are healthy calorie-dense foods but it seems unlikely that the high calorie content wouldn’t have any effect on weight somewhere along the line.

  • Tom

    I am curious about the details of this study. I recall one of the nut studies Jeff Nelson let us know that the subjects were calorie restricted and that is why the addition of the nuts did not cause weight gain. They just kept modifying calorie intake to maintain weight. So Im curious who funded this study? (Larabar?) Who wrote up the article (corporation vs researcher)? And what was the diet and calorie content of the subjects?

    • Thea

      Tom: check out the “sources sited” section. It is collapsed by default. But if you click on the words to open the section, you will see that Dr. Greger gives you links so that you can follow up on details about studies that he references.

  • chrystea

    But does it inhibit weight/fat loss?

  • Vegan Heart Surgeon
  • Junes

    Hello Dr Greger, The apricots on you photo is orange

    Dried apricots have actually 3 types:

    Sulphured dried apricots (Orange color)

    Natural dried apricots (Dark brown color)

    Most common type of dried apricots are sulphur treated ones, which is applied before sun drying so it keeps the fresh color. The more you apply sulphur, dried apricots get brighter. Treating apricots with sulphur increase the shelf life, while making it’s taste worse (in my own opinion).

    Sulphur usage rate on dried apricots for Europe Union countries are 2000 ppm and for United States it is limited to 3000 ppm (brighter).

    Many people don’t know about that, but if you just lay apricots under the sun for drying without sulphur, color will get dark.

    Natural Dried Apricots are sweeter and have better taste because you don’t get the sulphur taste.

  • Ilana

    What is your response to the other well-known vegan drs like McDougall and Essylstein who arduously advocate against all fat – even nuts and avocado. They have science, you have science – what do you think?

  • John Weissman

    What does all that sugar do to insulin level? Fiber isn’t always, if it ever is, the saving grace regarding insulin.

  • bluecat

    What’s up with his weird speech pattern? The veeerrrryyyyyy strange way he draaaaaaws out words in an extremely annoying waaaaaay in a halting & unusually odd style????

    • pretzel

      I like it!

  • zandyzalper

    1:30 says “fried fruit”

  • Daniel

    Doctor, is it okay to consume large quantities of dried fruit as I could fresh fruit? If not so well, then what is the problem/issue, and how may I prepare dried fruit to consume it similarly?

    • Don Forrester MD

      It is easier to eat more calories of dried fruit than fresh fruit as they are more calorie dense. Generally eating fruits is not a problem. They contain fiber, phytonutrients, sugar, fructose and glucose. Some folks will experience a rise in triglycerides and/or cholesterol when consuming alot of fruit. So some caution is in order. It depends on what your goals are and how you react to the amount of dried fruit plus other lifestyle habits such as exercise… progressive weight training vs. aerobic. In general restricting fruit intake to about 4-5 servings per day is well tolerated. Some patients need to cut back others can get away with more. I don’t think there is a “right” answer to your question. Working with your health care provider who is knowledgeable about plant based nutrition might be something you should consider. d

  • Annette

    What about dehydrated and/or freeze-dried fruit and veggies? I’m curious about the nutritional profile of these foods and I can’t find a video on your site that covers these topics. Thanks! LOVE LOVE LOVE this website.

  • Velk

    Dr. I am a vegan and occasionally I have a Quest bar (protein bar). The company claims that these are high fiber/high protein bars with very little sugar. Have you heard anything regarding these bars as I somtimes need to supplement when I am too busy.

  • Christoph Dollis

    This is the wrong model.

    You need to add ad libitum of these foods, and check the results.