Doctor's Note

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by anything coming from an industry that fed chickens literally millions of pounds of arsenic-containing drugs. See Arsenic in Chicken and my follow-up, How Many Cancers Have Been Caused in Arsenic-Laced Chicken?

The drugs fed to chickens are one reason used to explain why poultry has been tied to increased cancer risk. See Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?.

The most concerning drugs currently in the U.S. poultry supply are the antibiotics. See, for example:

Ironically, not only may antibiotics in chicken contribute to antibiotic resistant infections, but to the infections in the first place. Check out my video Avoiding Chicken to Avoid Bladder Infections

Then as if adding potentially harmful chemicals to the chickens themselves wasn’t bad enough, more are added in the processing plant: Phosphate Additives in Chicken.

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  • Coacervate

    Just a general chicken comment…I hope someday soon people will stop buying them. Chickens get such a raw deal. If we don’t get em, then disease or heat stroke or a freakin fox gets em. They put up with …everything. Up to a point. They are tough, smart and curious… and dinosaurs! They communicate with each other and with me. Mostly its just tonal inflections but one time Henrietta said “Now really, would you drink that water?” and I had to clean up a bit. There was a night I put a laptop with skype going inside their henhouse and we watched the video stream. Very interrestig…So at night they walk around up in the rafters for the longest time and then settle into roosting spots. They just keep circling until someone settles out somewhere. Lacy always gets the best spot. She deals Black Jack. 5 cards or 21 pays double. Well now everybody’s heard about the bird.

    • Arjan den Hollander.

      Thats why they have the awesome superpower of being able to lay so many eggs in so short a time.

    • Thea

      Coacervate: I wanted to thank you for this comment. It’s only been in the last few years that I have developed a real appreciation for chickens. Part of that appreciation growth came from talking to a friend who loved her chicken as much as many people love their dogs. My friend’s chicken even learned to sit on cue. It made me think of chickens in a whole new way.

      Another part of my growth came from the dog training community where I learned that some of the best dog trainers go to “chicken camp”. At chicken camp, the trainers spend a week teaching their assigned clicker-savvy chicken to go through an entire obstacle course. Pretty cool!

      Now over the last few years I keep learning more and more about their personalities and my appreciation (and horror at how they are treated in our society) just grows and grows.

      • Coacervate

        You’re cool Thea…well MY chooks talk to me all the time. I work from my shop, where they are not allowed but they coo and cluck outside all day long. I know when the cats are near or a stranger is coming. Recently I stepped outside with a cup of coffee in hand to talk to a visitor. Suddenly 3 of my little bantams flew up, one on my head and two on my arm checking out my coffee…right while i was in mid sentence. I never missed a beat and kept right on talking like nothing happened. We got the funk

        • Thea

          Love it!! Great stories. Makes me tear up.

          • Coacervate

            Thanks Sis, wish you were here : )

    • HereHere

      One of my hens purred today. It is extremely rare for them to purr, and I guess she was particularly enjoying her dustbath. Then, her friend purred back to her in acknowledgment. I had never heard that before!! They are really emotional animals, but quite gentle. I was hand feeding them sorrel today. Some hens love to snatch pumpkin seeds from my fingers. Even more loved than corn is watermelon. They love it, but for some reason, they especially like the watermelon seeds.

      • Coacervate

        Great stuff. thanks.

  • Leslie

    Is tea tree oil safe in toothpaste? My natural toothpaste bought at the store
    contains it, but from what i know about tea tree oil, wouldn’t it hurt the gums and mouth nerves from longterm use? And what about carrageenan
    in toothpaste? It isn’t swallowed but the mucous membranes can absorb stuff.

  • DanielFaster

    MONSTERS! I just took a shower

  • Plantstrongdoc M.D.

    How grotesk can it get? Did they have an explanation for the Prozac? Happy chickens eat more and grow faster…..? Looking forward to my vegan cajun dish tonight

  • LDGourmet

    It appears these studies are a couple of years old, why is this video posted now? Is there something new here? Do we know if these feeding practices are still used?

  • Olivia

    Here’s an awesome vegan recipe I’ve tried a few times, with super delicious results. You can omit the oil if you prefer. Sweet potato and black bean chili.

    • Thea

      Olivia: The chocolate powder: What a great idea! Thanks for nice tip.

      • Olivia

        You’re welcome, Thea. Yes, the cocoa powder was the secret ingredient. When I first made this, I mistakenly added 1 tablespoon instead of 1 tsp lol but it still came out very delicious. This is really good with vegan cornbread, too. We gobbled this up in no time! :)

        • Thea

          Sounds like quite the yummy meal. I’ve lately grown attached to mole sauce. This sounds like it is a bit of a mole chile – esp with the 1 Tbsp cocoa. I’m all for that!

          I was thinking that I would make the sweet potatoes a bit like Jeff Novick recommends for potato “fries”: bake potato in skin, then cut, then put under broiler for brief time so they can get crispy on the outside. I’m thinking that method might lead to a similar outcome to the recipe/video, but without the need for oil. But I don’t know…

          Thanks again.

          • Olivia

            Thea, it sounds like it should work. If it does, please let me know how it comes out. I just might try it that way too. Good luck!

          • John S

            I have typed out the recipe:

            Vegan Sweet Potato Chili

            Peel ? three orange fleshed sweet potatoes and cut up into
            thin cubed chunks.

            In a mixing bowl with chipotle, salt, olive oil, tossed on a
            baking sheet

            400 degrees roasted until chewy outside, tender inside 20-25
            min let cool down to room temp

            Base : Olive oil in dutch oven or kettle onions and garlic

            Jalapeño, cumin, ancho chile, oregano

            5-6 minutes

            Can of diced tomatoes add water

            Then high til simmer

            Add bit of salt and sugar, tablespoon of corn meal

            Teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa

            When it bubbles, let it simmer 30 minutes

            2 cans drained rinsed black beans-good kind only, not cheap

            Stir, Add in cooled sweet pat’s

            Add water if dry. simmer 15 minutes, taste and adjust. Add
            cayenne pepper?

          • Olivia

            Yes, that looks about right, but don’t forget your cilantro :) You can print out the recipe here:

            I didn’t have all the ground peppers on hand, so I used what I had, which was cayenne, chili pepper and Lawry’s Fire Roasted Chile & Garlic (it really took it up a notch lol). It’s a little spicy, so please use less pepper if you can’t handle it, and adjust to taste.

            Also, If you’re worried about the oil, use half called for, because this will make a pretty big pot of chili, so the fat in each serving will be very low (1/2 tbsp each). It doesn’t call for browning the onions, so you can water sauté if you like. If you’re vegan, you can use a non dairy Greek style yogurt in place of the optional sour cream.

            Sweet potatoes and beans are so good for you! Let me know how it comes out :)

  • Sarah V Lucas

    I know this is off, topic (sorry!) but I’ve seen a lot of the videos on sea vegetables, and I was wondering if you had any information on mercury levels in seaweed? Obviously if it’s in fish, it has to come from somewhere, so should it be a concern when eating sea vegetables?

  • Ursula

    I get that we should probably not eat chicken. Whole eggs also seem to be a no no, but how about egg whites? I’ve looked through your videos and most of them are about whole eggs. What does the data say about egg white consumption?

    • Thea

      Ursula: One of the more memorable lines from Dr. Barnard’s book on Preventing and Reversing Diabetes is, “There are just two problems with eggs: the yolk and the white.” So, what’s the problem with the white? Dr. Barnard talks about the problems that animal protein presents for kidney health. Other experts talk about the (strong in my opinion) link between animal protein and cancer. The question scientists then want to answer is: Is there a causal link? If so, what is the mechnaism by which animal protein might cause cancer?

      If memory serves, Dr Campbell in The China Study mentions several ways in which we think that animal protein causes and promotes cancer. Here on NutritionFacts, you can get a great education on how aminal protein is linked to the body’s over-production of a growth hormone called IGF-1. IGF-1 helps cancer to grow. To watch the series about IGF-1, click on the link below and then keep clicking the “next video” link on the button to the right until you get through the bodybuilidng video. Then you will have seen the entire series.

      With all of the information we have about the harmful effects of animal protein, I think it’s best to stay away from egg white. Why not get your protein from safe sources? Sources which are known to have lots of positive health effects and will naturally give you a balanced amount of protein? (ie: whole plant foods) Make sense?

  • Just Me

    I bet if it was shown to make some “male parts” wrinkle up and fall off this would have been banned and never used again.

  • Tsandi Crew

    Do turkeys get the same treatment as chickens…. I mean for antibiotics and other illegal drugs?

  • Sandy K

    Is this the same for organic chickens?