Doctor's Note

Taken internally, lavender may even work as well as powerful drugs for the relief of anxiety. See my last video, Lavender for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Migraine sufferers may also want to experiment with avoiding potential triggers such as aspartame (see my video Diet Soda and Preterm Birth). Saffron may also help with headaches (Saffron for the Treatment of PMS) as well as avoiding certain parasites (Pork Tapeworms on the Brain and Avoiding Epilepsy Through Diet). A note of caution, though: Pregnant migraine sufferers seeking natural remedies should be wary of advice they may get (Dangerous Advice From Health Food Store Employees).

Those eating healthy diets are less likely to be on pain medications in general (Say No to Drugs by Saying Yes to More Plants). See, for example:

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  • citrus1

    Yes, but lavender seemed only to help with some of the symptoms of migraine, but the one it did not help was the pain…which is the most significant symptom….I am a big believer in alternative meds, but sadly never have found anything to help me other than imitrex and advil..

    • AbigailOK

      Try acupressure (buy book and inform yourself) or acupuncture. Or buy a book on help with gemstones (color and stone itself works) Google otherwise but do not kvetch (complain) there is nothing in altern. med.

      • citrus1

        Im not complaining, but stating a simple fact in my quest for alternative forms of relief for relieving pain and frequency of Migraines. Unless you are a chronic migraine sufferer and have found relief other than mainsteam meds, you cannot speak on this subject…migraines are more complex than you seem to be aware of…even seasoned acupuncturist admit they are very difficult to treat.

    • Janny

      Lavender helps? Hmm perhaps it is a thing I could try. I also wanted to share this headache relief methods video I found

      • SpriteZero2013

        I’ve suffered from severe, debiliatating headaches/migraines since puberty. Lasting 3 to 4 days with nausea, severe vomiting, constant uncontrollable dry heaves, pain so severe I roll around on the floor and wish to die. My parents didn’t believe/couldn’t afford doctors. I got married and cried the day I found out that other people do not have headaches on a daily basis. I was in my mid-20’s then. I finally went to a Dr and was put on every migraine treatment avail. I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not wear perfume, avoid all loud conversations, places, chemical smells, etc. I go get neck massages to relieve tension at my expense to reduce/relieve migraines.

        I never took a preventative and would end up at the urgent care or ER for a demerol/phenergan shot. Thanks to all the drug addicts out there, they have discontinued that treatment. Since I went for years sick and out of work for days w/o going to a dr everytime i had a scratch, they say I have no HISTORY of migraines. That means you have to go be a wus and go to the dr everytime you have a cramp.

        I had went to the ER 1x in 2 yrs and my BP had gotten so high they thought I was having a stroke. they treat me like a drug seeker. Who are these people? and why does everyone have to pay for their stupidity? My husband refuses to take me any longer. A neuro told me NOT to wait til I was that bad off to take my meds. He wrote me Fioricet and it is the only thing that works. My now dr won’t write me a Rx for it. I pay a fortune to have insurance and then the dr visit, time off work to go all for nothing.
        I don’t think rubbing lavender oil on my head is really going to do anything. I actually have it and sprinkle a few drops on my pillow at night for relaxation. This was advised by the massage therapist.

        • Kristen Hall

          It used to be the only thing that worked for me was a shot of Toradol at the ER. Then an ER nurse mentioned Toradol comes in a generic pill now. Now that I have that, no more trips to the ER. You just can’t take them for more than 5 days in a row.

        • Deb Mitchel

          I feel your pain! I’m still suffering with headaches so bad that I lay on the floor and cry, wishing to die. I have tried every traditional medical treatment out there, with 100% failure! Not to even mention the side effects that are just as bad as the treatment.

          It finally gets bad enough that I go to the emergency room and the emergency room doctor does treat me like I’m seeking drugs. I’ve been in the emergency room twice in 2 years. It’s absolately ridiculous. Yet tne doctor attempting to find a solution! I just get passed from one doctor to another.

          So I’ll try lavender. Least it is better than the latest drug that isn’t going to wanyway or if it might work, the side effects are just as bad as the migraine to begin with.

    • JohnathanStein

      One teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) in water, at first symptom, should stop it in it’s tracks. An external lotion, “Migraine Buster” by “Florida’s Best”, along with 2 Naproxen is a 2nd best solution. Imitrex side effects include rapid heart beat.

  • b00mer

    Can the wax really be called a placebo? No one is going to put lavender essential oil under their nose and not realize it, and likewise no one in the wax group is going to wonder if they’re getting the lavender. I just thought the point of using a placebo meant that the subjects wouldn’t know what group they were in. Otherwise… could the success of the lavender itself be a “placebo effect”?

    That said I’m not doubting the results; if I had migraines I’d give it a try.

    • Blanster

      I agree. They should have had something that smelled like lavender, but wasn’t actually real lavender oil.

  • Zuppkko

    Thanks, but now my headache is already gone. :-|

    Maybe ill try it another time. :P

  • Tulika

    Funny, I have subscribed and resubscribed and it says I do not have permission o view the video.

  • painterguy

    I found some lavender scents at the store, but no lavender tea or edible oil. Lots of stuff on the Net though. I’m anxious to try something.

    • Essential Oils with doTerra

      You can purchase edible essential oil from The oils are therapeutic grade.

      • painterguy

        Thanks, I will try it.

  • JS Baker

    Thanks for info on Lavender. I’m always interested in migraine therapies. Many readers may like to know the Journal of Neurology published in 2012 a comprehensive assessment of 284 clinical studies of migraine prevention between 1999 and 2009. I quote here some of what the authors published: “RECOMMENDATIONS: Level A. The following therapy is established as effective and should be offered for migraine prevention: Petasites (butterbur). Level B. The following therapies are probably effective and should be considered for migraine prevention: i.) NSAIDS: fenoprofen, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen, naproxen sodium; ii.) Herbal therapies, vitamins, and minerals: riboflavin, magnesium, MIG-99 (feverfew); iii.) Histamines: histamine SC.”

  • Amy

    I stopped eating gluten and my constant migraines went away. :) I still get them very occasionally, though, and will try the lavender next time.

  • lynnabbott

    After purchasing oil of lavender I noticed that the label said to avoid contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes, lips and tongue. How can I reconcile this with the video recommendations?

  • Sonja Upham

    I want to mention the book “Heal Your Headache” by Dr. David Buchholz.
    The recommendations that he has in his book and his 30+ years working
    with migraine sufferers is exceptional. Here is the link
    You will see reviews from others as well. If you follow his steps to a
    tea, you will definitely see results. I also use a supplement called
    Butterbur Extra and a Homeopathic supplement, Migratox liquid. Between
    the recommendations in the book and these two supplements my migraines
    have reduced significantly. I am a health professional and am in the
    process of trying to put together a program that will help others. It is
    such a blessing!

  • Janny

    Lavender helps? Hmm perhaps it is a thing I could try. I also wanted to share this headache relief methods video I found

  • lynnabbott

    What is the difference between therapeutic-grade lavender and that which can be purchased at a drugstore?

  • painterguy

    I’ve been inspired to explore the effects of lavender scent. Not because I have headaches or pain though. The soothing aspect is interesting and I think it may have a relaxing affect on me.
    –I bought lavender flowers at a flower store and set them out a week. It made my sister’s nose itch a bit. I liked the smell.
    –My mom and I pulled the flowers off the stems and put them in oil. I’ve been trying the oil on my upper lip and on my temples, and even on a burn.
    –I received in the mail today some lavender oil (NOW) ($6) (1 oz.) that I got off Nice smell. Seems to have an alcohol edge to it though. Not sure I would ingest it. It is supposed to be 100% lavender oil though.
    –I am inspired to try other scented oils also, like peppermint and tea tree, and possibly others.

  • Abe Alexander

    I don’t get them anymore…it was from my environment and stress, as
    is the case for most I suspect. All these so called remedies are in
    my opinion really band aid fixes for the real solution which is a
    change of venue and/or reduction in stress.

  • Pistachio

    After 40 years of almost daily migraines, I have gotten tremendous relief with cranio-sacral therapy. Days go by with no pain now and, the headaches that I do get are usually much less intense.

  • cetude

    Funny I had a bad headache and put some under my lip and it’s gone. Amazing.

  • cetude

    Lavendar grows like weeds. I have a bunch of it in my yard. I crushed some and put under my nose (the oil) and it’s amazing.

  • thesaltqueen

    I used to be plagued with migraines. Then I stopped eating meat and had no attacks for five years. They did return but the frequency and severity of them has diminished greatly.