Doctor's Note

This is the first of a three-part video series on sugar. What does uric acid have to do with sugar? Stay tuned for Flesh and Fructose. Gout is one of the “diseases of kings” that used to affect only the 1%, the tiny minority eating rich diets. Now, we can all dine like royalty three times a day, and suffer from the same diseases. The “peasant food” choices—the cheapest plant foods—are often the healthiest. See Eating Healthy on the Cheap, and Biggest Nutrition Bang For Your Buck. For more on the dangers of excess sodium consumption, see Dietary Guidelines With a Grain of Big Salt, and Salt OK if Blood Pressure is OK? For more on eating based on our evolutionary heritage, see Paleolithic Lessons.

For more context, check out my associated blog post:  Uric Acid From Meat and Sugar.

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  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    That never taught that in med school! That is some cool physiologic history!
    Great job!

  • Thea

    I LOVE the picture of the evolving man. Too funny.

    This is super-fascinating information. I can’t wait until the next video. I’m sorry that you didn’t get enough money to continue doing a video every single day. Maybe that will change in the future.

  • Herman Braekmans

    Sour cherries are one of the best ways to reduce uric acid. It is an old remedy against gout.

    • Rph1978

      Yes, cherries has been studied in gout patients. One study has shown that 280 g (45 cherries) can reduce plasma uric acid levels over a 5 hour period after consumption. Journal of Nutrition June 1, 2003 vol. 133 no. 6 1826-1829 and other studies have shown that cherry consumption in conjunction with the drug allopurinol reduced the incidence of gout flareups significantly.Arthritis Rheum. 2012 Dec;64(12):4004-11.

  • Mike

    Did I consent to your use of my picture in the evolution sequence? LOL

  • eversor

    What do you think about fruitarians?


  • Scott

    Hi Dr. Greger,
    I have two family members with “low thyroid” who take pills every day. Is it possible for them to get off the medication with a vegan diet? I would love to see a video from you on this subject.
    Thank you!

    • ping-pong-pete


      Have them watch Fork’s Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

    • Veganrunner

      Hi Scott,

      I am on thyroid medication. My dosage decreased but as far as stopping–no such luck.

  • Gary L. Pyles

    i enjoy most of the videos but this one is the exception. The first part is presented as fact when without empirical scientific evidence it is only theory. At best it is conjecture and circumstantial findings. However, uric acid in abnormal amounts is dangerous and needs to be dealt with. Thanks for that presentation.