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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check out all the videos on dietary guidelines, children and those sneaky empty calories. And don’t forget, there are 1,449 subjects covered in my other videos–please feel free to explore them!

  • great video. If you would recommend one journal for a busy biology student to read to keep up with the latest nutrition research, what would it be? This site is great..please do not ever stop doing it. I have already handed it off to several people with cardiovascular disease. Thanks, Victor

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      My favorite journal is probably the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, but I strive to at least skim through every issue of most every English-language nutrition journal in the world (see my list here). The few you’ll note missing from my list are mostly industry journals (like New Horizons In Nutrition And Health, published by the Butter Council), which are great for comic relief but don’t make my must-read list.

      • John Rallison

        This was my LOL for the day:

        New Horizons In Nutrition And Health, published by the Butter Council

  • mari_k

    I do not see how it could be correct that 99.9% of 2-3 year olds exceed the recommendation for solid fats and sugars. Could you comment on the methodology of the study?

  • Mike Quinoa


    You can see the complete study by clinking on the link provided in the “Sources Cited” section. Then click on “Free PMC Article” at bottom right of paragraph to view the whole thing. The article has a section devoted to “Materials and Methods.”

  • And it Scotland (and I’m sure here as well), we’re treating our pets to the same diet.

  • Eric Needs

    WOW, these facts disgust me. I guess I chose the right line of work.

  • The Ironist

    Would you please add this soundtrack? It just goes so well. :-)

  • AS_yes

    I want to be a nutritionist for children…
    I was going to be diabetic at age of 10 and it was horrible I changed my diet and now I’m good and I want to inspire kids to do the same to make them feel that they are worth more then just some fat kid who nobody likes. What would be the best school to study for that?

    • Unfortunately there isn’t a good school for this that I am aware of. I advise people to go to the best program they can and keep up with the new science via commercial free websites like NutritionFacts, Dr. McDougall and PCRM. Read the literature and join the debate in your program. Write papers and include research supporting your position. Good luck with your journey whether it goes toward being a registered dietician, registered nurse or health provider… nurse practitioner, physician assistant, DO, MD plus others.

  • bobluhrs

    Hi, Dr. Greger, thanks again for your work, everyone should have the information and contribute to its continuance, before they get sick, but anytime is also good.

    This video was listed as part of series, I am wondering if the series can be presented one after the other? In other words, I’d like to click “go” on the series. Am I missing somewhere that you click to ‘view series’ ? Maybe it’s not so easy to do, I don’t know, but would be helpful if it could be.

    Sometimes I just need a short video on a point, but most of the time, the information is new to me, and I find a few short videos on the same topic are much better than a single one…almost like the whole food versus the nutrient, so to speak..

  • K Weav

    What is the best thing to eat 30 minutes to an hour before a workout?