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Make sure you see the “prequel” to this video, Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep. For other videos on appealing to vanity to get people to eat healthier, see Golden GlowProduce, Not Pills to Increase Physical Attractiveness; and Rosy Glow. Want to know what else green vegetables can do? I’ve got dozens of other videos on greens. A few of my faves include Prevent Glaucoma and See 27 Miles FartherBroccoli Versus Breast Cancer Stem Cells; and Kale and the Immune System.

For more context, check out my associated blog posts: The Anti-Wrinkle DietTreating Sensitive Skin From the Inside Out; and Diet and Cellulite.

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  • Dan Yetter

    Dr. Greger has one of the most delightful senses of humor that I know. Bless him.

  • Crack me up. Same thing I see with my patiens. No one wants to prevent cancer or live longer, but lose weight and look better, now you are talking!

    • Same here. There are those who want to prevent disease,but you get a lot more interest when you connect it to cosmetic effects.

  • i’m on board !

  • Donna

    Wrinkles, yep I get it. Way more compelling a reason to eat healthy, ha ha. Reminds me of when I went to see my chinese herbalist because of hair loss due to perimenopause. After telling him details about my terrible symptom, he asked me, “Do you have mood swings, irregular periods, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, any other symptoms?” I said yes to everything. He laughed and said, “Women don’t care about any of those but they care about their hair!” (Chinese herb “Foti” tablets worked wonders for my hair BTW.)

  • Hakan_IB

    Thanks for your amazing site! Dr. Greger, do you know how to get rid of facial Seborrheic dermatitis? Regards/ Håkan from Sweden.

    • Daniela

      Try using the fresh gel out of a leaf of Aloe Vera plant. Or any type of Aloe, but the Aloe Vera leaf is really big and juicy. You won’t need much juice, you can actually eat the inside and just rub the inside of the leaf to your skin or scratch it and use your hand to massage it into your face, a gentler way to treat your face. You can also replace the soap with egg whites. No need to beat the whites into a foam, just take a bit of egg white and wash your face as if it was soap. No need to wait for it to harden or anything. Just apply it to your face, gently massage for 10 seconds and rinse. Don’t use soap. The soap is too strong. I hope these methods will help you.

  • Veganism: cheaper than cosmetic surgery! Excellent selling point… although a bit sad!

  • Jo Irwin

    Plant based lifestyle is THE anti-aging fix; heals inside and out.

  • Slim_Langer

    Be sure to use more pictures of dogs! ;)

  • Herehere

    This is very interesting research! I will share it with my acquaintances who inject themselves with botchulism toxin (botox). Personally, I think crows feet suggests a happy, jovial person in mid-life, but maybe it just means they don’t eat enough greens/yellows. I guess I need to increase my intake of these, too. Even as a vegan, I find getting in the greens a bit of a struggle, due to laziness and nothing else. Any cure for laziness out there?! (Just joking, I know, it is all in my attitude).

    • b00mer

      I too have the same dietary deficit. I eat pretty healthy- low fat vegan with tons of veggies, but eating those dark green leafies always feels like a chore. BUT I have come across a couple tools that have made it a lot easier to up my intake. One is the “Simple Green Soup” recipe by Anna Thomas on NPR, the other is the kale chips by Happy Herbivore (she doesn’t use oil). You can use any greens you want in the soup- I use kale and spinach, and also add garlic and rosemary as well. Next I’m going to experiment with kale, bok choy, garlic, and ginger. It’s a really great base recipe for getting creative. I would love to get used to eating big raw kale salads everyday, but for now the soup and chips will have to do. I hope these ideas help! :)

      • Try a green smoothie every morning ;)

        • shirleycolee

          Agree. This is what I do. Drink it through the day as well.

        • shirleycolee

          Love my 19 year old Vitamix for making smoothies. I think it would pulverize concrete!

      • unf13

        It seems cooking the greens will decrease their vitamins level.

      • Annie Girard

        Low fat is not necessarily the best idea. Look and read at 0:17 : ”…the results showed that higher intakes of total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat were significantly associated with increased skin elasticity”. This idea that fat is bad was actually pushed by the agrofood industry and is almost a crime. Cell membranes are composed of a fat sandwich. Neurons are protected by a fat layer. The brain contains a high percentage of fat. Fat is essential to the development of the brain and to maintain healthy cell walls among other benefits.

    • anonymous

      feeling lazy about eating green veg? juice them and get all the concentrated goodness!

  • Great info…I’m already eating a plant-based diet for health reasons, but the vanity side of it is alive and well! Can you explain why this is – not my vanity but rather the prevention of wrinkles…grin? What causes the skin to retain it’s youthful properties when eating this way….or maybe a better question would be, what is the mechanism that causes earlier wrinkling? And is this earlier skin aging an outward expression of what is potentially happening internally?

    • Oops…just watched the other video you suggested, Beauty is no more than skin deep and it was helpful. Thanks!

    • Congrats on eating a plant based diet hopefully with Vitamin B12 supplementation. As a physician I note marked improvement in just several days when patients go on a McDougall type diet(starch centered whole plant based diet). This short term improvement is most likely secondary to improved circulation courtesy of the Nitrous Oxide system see The long term prevention of wrinkles seemed to be related to intake of green and yellow vegetables, monounsaturated fats and legumes. Most of the effect was due to dried fruits, apples and tea possibly due to polyphenols. Of course as a plant based person you avoid milk and milk products which tends to increase wrinkling. Your skin does reflect what is going on internally so continue eating a whole food plant based diet. Be well.

  • Sharon

    Hi, I’m vegan and I understand from these videos how eating a plant based diet is important for my skin…my question : Does using retinol have a negative effect on my health?

  • Steve

    I went vegan 2 years ago after being vegetarian for almost 20 years, at the same time I cut right down on my use of olive oil and other concentrated vege fats after reading Dr Essenden’s book about avoiding heart attacks. I have always been on the thin side, but lost another 2 or 3 kilo’s and now have a terribly wrinkly face and look about 10 years older than I am. I am not a good advertisement for Veganism as everyone assumes I am thin and wrinkly due to lack of animal protein! I feel fine and excercise plenty, but sleep poorly. So what is the answer please!????

    • anne33


      loosing muscle in the face can make wrinkles worse, I do facial exercises for the face and it keeps my face firm and younger looking, try this one, tilt your head back onto your shoulders so that you are looking up at the ceiling or sky, then try to get your bottom lip over your top lip and hold it there for a count of ten, also with the same head position try and kiss the ceiling, with both of these you should get a firmness around your jaw line up to your ears, do about 50 at a time twice a day. Next looking straight put your tongue out as far as it can go and hold for a count of ten, this will lift the muscles around your nose and under the eye and make them firm again.

      Lentils are a good protein. Regarding sleep.. in bed take a deep breath and hold it for a count of ten then slowly exhale, do this about five times and your heart rate should slow down and help you relax for sleep. There are herbs you can take for sleep if you do some research too. To improve skin I use an essential oil in a carrier oil like rice bran and my skin has looked better than when I was young.

      Also make a strong tea of comfrey leaves and when well steeped dab the tea all over the face and on the back of the hands, (brown spots) make sure it is really rubbed in, borage is the same as comfrey in this effect, also a teaspoon of slippery elm with warm water makes a gel/paste to rub on the face and is amazing for dry skin on the elbows, but I use it on my face all the time and I am happy with the firmness all these ideas above have worked for me. Also drink slippery elm everyday if you can. It’s amazing and just about cured my ulcer. And finally add silica to your daily regime it really makes the skin glow but may take a month or so to see it in action. For those non vegans I also recommend fresh goat milk for skin complaints, to drink it everyday.

      • Thea

        anne33: I had fun trying your face exercises. You did a good job of describing how to do them. (But I don’t think I would do them with an audience…)

        • anne33

          No they have to be on your own for sure, but they really do help

  • Karina

    Which yellow and green vegetables would be best for wrinkle prevention?

  • thanks for making us all feel like fools (pass the broccoli, please)

  • lovestobevegan

    Greens With Envy

    – 10 lettuce leaves, torn into pieces
    – 3 fronds organic* kale, destemmed and torn into pieces
    – 1 green pepper, diced
    – 1 small summer squash, cut into half moons
    – 1 small cucumber, diced
    – 3 slices onion, chopped
    – ½ avocado, diced
    – 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
    – 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
    – 1 slice lemon
    – black pepper
    – sea salt

    Combine all ingredients except lemon, pepper and salt. Toss ingredients and squeeze lemon slice over top and mix in lemon pulp. Season to taste with sea salt and black pepper. Makes one meal-sized serving or two side salads.

    *Kale may contain pesticide residues of special concern so choose organic.

    ~Complements of lovestobevegan

  • Veronica Dimotero

    Citation: ,,A higher intake of green and yellow vegetables was significantly associated with a decreased Daniell wrinkling score. Intake of saturated fat was significantly inversely associated with the Daniell wrinkling score after additional adjustment for green and yellow vegetable intake.”
    This basically means that HIGHER saturated fat intake was associated with LESS wrinkles. You should have mentioned this too and not only the vegetable intake (btw, other studies show the same correlation with sat. fat and mufas).

    • unf13

      Interesting. Apart from animal foods where can we get those saturated fats? Maybe nuts? Avocados?

  • Diana17

    Hello, I was wondering what facial skin care product Dr. Greger would recommend. There are so many out there, many of them VERY pricey! I would love to know the real truth about what to use. I am 51 and my main concerns are sagging skin and brown spots. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated! I’m tired of spending over $100.00 on one bottle of face cream. Thank you!

  • shirleycolee

    I am reading How Not To Die on my I-Pad. Bought the hardback for the husband. LOVE the book. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Greger.

  • John Schumacher

    1 oz daily of Wheatgrass is the most PROFOUND Anti-wrinkle AND Anti-eye-bag treatment. Wheatgrass will also remove dark circles from under eyes, clean blood, promote red blood cell increase and clear up acne (It is a alkalizing agent for the body and skin – sugar (and alcohol) is the enemy #1 for skin and entire body. Sugar creates a terrible acidic environment within the entire body and organs which promotes cancer, inflammation, acne, diabetes, Alzheimers, joint problems and many other negative conditions.

  • nan2018

    Love Dr. Greger’s video’s & scientific health issues on everything under the sun…