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  • Em Crone

    UGH. Get it out!

  • Robert Taylor

    I will add all of these veggie to mydiet and share that with all of my followers God is good

  • guest

    I wonder why does the industry think we won’t buy something just because it looks like its natural color? Of all the reasons to keep something unhealthy, this seems the most absurd.

    • bruxe

      I’m not siding with the food industry or anything, but they do studies on the way people behave, and we do. We unconsciously like things that have bright colors, because to our brains with do not understand fake food coloring, we interpret it as nutritional value.

      Our whole food system, if not our whole society, is one damn big giant lie. Where do we even start to fix this?

  • ReluctantVegan

    Better yet, just eat your cherries in season, or frozen. You know those little red apple circles that used to come on your plate at places like Denny’s? (I haven’t seen them in a while.) Anyway, I know how to make them, if you’re interested – tastes just like the diner ones, but not so red.

  • Plantstrongdoc M.D.

    Eat food – not food-like things – apples, strawberries, kale, broccoli dont need artificial color.

  • dawn

    This is insanity. But hopefully, if you’re a fan of this site and truly care about what you put in your mouth, you’d never consider eating something like the sickly sweet maraschino cherries or artificially flavored popsicles.

    It’s really sad that powerful lobby groups and big money still have more sway than American’s health.

  • b00mer

    I haven’t had a maraschino cherry in quite a long time, but I always did think they were tasty. Now I can’t get the “light brown” image out of my mind. I doubt I will eat one ever again. Eww.

  • Shaila

    Dr. Greger

    I am a CML patient for about 11 yrs and soon will undergo transplant. Can you suggest food that I should be eating more of. I have been a vegan for the last 1 year and always regret why I haven’t consider going vegan earlier. Your website have been very helpful for over the years. Thank you for all your videos and discussions.