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Fish Intake Associated With Brain Shrinkage

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check out the other videos on tuna. Also, there are 1,449 subjects covered in my other videos–please feel free to explore them!

  • paul3917

    Is this the place to post ask-the-doctor type of questions? If not, please remove this and post it in the appropriate place. My question is what is your opinion of the new book “Wheat Belly” which discourages the use of all grains, and wheat in particular. It’s confusing with so many divergent voices; one shouting High Carbs, and another, Low Carbs.

    • Toxins

      Hello Paul,

      To answer your question, when one looks through out human history, the primary source of nutrients has been a starch, such as grains or wheat. Obesity was never an issue in those times and carbohydrates are essential for energy. Carbohydrates are the most readily available fuel for our body and fat is only a secondary. Please view Dr. McDougall’s video on the starch solution and it will clear up a lot of your concerns.

      For more information on grains, check out these videos by Dr. Greger

  • Ronald Chavin

    On the other hand, the races in the U.S. that have the highest annual incomes (such as Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, other Asian-Americans, and non-Hispanic whites) tend to eat fish more often than the races with lower annual incomes:

  • elayne

    help! suffering with arthritis. receiving therapy. what about diet???

  • elayne

    help with arthritis. I am vegetarian suffering with leg pain

    • Thea

      elayne: I am sorry to hear about your arthritis and leg pain. Dr. Greger has done several videos on this topic. Hopefully you can get some ideas that will help you. There are no guarantees, but other people have reported great success in stopping the arthritis pain after adopting a whole plant food based diet fortified with B12.

      For videos specifically about arthritis:

      For Dr. Greger’s nutrition recommendations (which should hopefully work for you situation):

      Bottom Line: Most vegetarians eat dairy and eggs – which are liquid meat in terms of their health effects. (At least according to my lay person’s understanding.) And some vegetarians also eat lots of processed foods. Getting rid of the diary and eggs and processed foods should help and at least wouldn’t be expected to hurt.

      Let me know if you would like some recommendations on switching to such a diet.

      Good luck!

      • elayne

        I do not eat dairy and eggs. I have been vegetarian for years but do eat fish. I just would appreciate any help. thanks xxxooo

        • Thea

          Ahh. Thanks for the clarification. I do recommend checking out the videos specifically about arthritis that I linked to above.

          You might also check out what we know about fish:

          Fish is just another form of meat. So, if you become convinced by the videos that meat is detrimental to people with arthritis, you might want to consider cutting fish out of your diet.

          Best of luck to you.

  • Craig

    it seems clear Dr. Greger doesn’t want to weigh-in on the topic of dental amalgams as a source of mercury. According to many sources, in many people, dental amalgams are, by a large margin, a larger source of mercury exposure than fish consumption. but commenting on this is only for the courageous, as it’s considered the territory of quacks and the anti-establishment. fyi, i think dr. Greger is an excellent contributor to public health science. i listen to him for information that i sometimes don’t want to hear, but think i need to hear. thanks, dr. Greger.

  • horis

    Any Idea why Mother Earth News would ignore the science and publish articles touting the benefits af animal fats? Were the bought by the meat industry?

  • horis

    Oh, I forgot to ask, is it OK to run the videos in my waiting room?

    • Thea

      horis: I’ve never heard of that being a problem. I’m pretty sure others are doing it. :-)

    • EvidenceBasedNutrition

      Yes, please do!
      Dr. Greger wants to share this life-saving information as BROADLY as possible.
      Even consider writing us with any powerful stories.