Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2017

Thanks to the collective enthusiasm for sharing by our subscribers, Twitter and Instagram followers, and 1.5 million Facebook and G+ fans, we averaged millions of video views a month this year. But it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the people whose lives we’ve touched, changed, or even saved. That is why I’ve dedicated my life to get new videos and articles up each and every day. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made this public service possible. arises from my annual review of the medical literature. With the help of a team of hundreds of volunteers, we churned through tens of thousands of papers published in the peer-reviewed scientific nutrition literature and are ramping up to break new records in 2018. How do I choose which studies to highlight? In general, I strive to focus on the most groundbreaking, interesting, and useful findings; but which topics resonate the most? Is it the practical ones, offering cooking or shopping tips? Or those that dissect the studies behind the headlines? Maybe it’s the geeky science ones exploring the wonderfully weird world of human biology? As you can see from the below list, the answer seems to be a bit of all of the above:

#10 Are Avocados Healthy?

Actually, all the avocado videos were really popular this year. Also check out The Effects of Avocados and Red Wine on Meal-Induced InflammationAre Avocados Good for Your Cholesterol?, and Avocados Lower Small Dense LDL Cholesterol.


#9 What Does a Low White Blood Cell Count Mean?

I figured this would be popular since it was a popular question I get, followed by What Is the Ideal White Blood Cell Count?



#8 Best Foods to Counter the Effects of Air Pollution

The picture kind of gives it away :). This was one of many popular Best Food for X videos this year, including Best Foods to Reduce Stroke RiskBest Supplements for Prostate CancerThe Best Food for High CholesterolBest Foods for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and Best Foods to Improve Sexual Function.


#7 Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox is Wrong

This was such a popular video it tempts me to do more analyses of the popular press. Let me know if any new books come out you’d like me to look at.



#6 How Our Gut Bacteria Can Use Eggs to Accelerate Cancer

The other two really popular microbiome videos this year were How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem and Microbiome: We Are What They Eat.



#5 What about Coconuts, Coconut Milk, & Coconut Oil MCTs? 

The other coconut oil one I did was also really popular: Coconut Oil & the Boost in HDL “Good” Cholesterol.



#4 How to Prevent Blood Sugar and Triglyceride Spikes After Meals

Within hours of eating an unhealthy meal, we can get a spike in inflammation, crippling our artery function, thickening our blood, and causing a fight-or-flight nerve response. But there are foods we can eat at every meal to counter this reaction.


#3 Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Beverage

I had a feeling people would like this! I also did Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Dessert and I’m toying with a New Favorite Breakfast, but first I want to get it just right!



#2 Which Are Better: Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds?

I think this was so popular because of all the traffic we got from Google of people asking this exact queston. Well, what effect do chia seeds have on weight loss, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation? Click the video to find out!


#1 Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist

In my book How Not to Die, I center my recommendations around a Daily Dozen checklist of all the things I try to fit into my daily routine. This video version was so popular, that on January 26th we’ll be posting a second version up on the site to see which design people like better.


Yours in evidence-based nutrition—and… a happy, healthy new year!

In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my free videos here and watch my live, year-in-review presentations:


Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

15 responses to “Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2017

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  1. Mark me down as one who’s life was saved by putting into practice Dr G’s principles. My journey began 5 years ago and included cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and the most wildly out of control –
    ulcerative colitis. I have shared the details before on previous posts. An update . . .
    Recently, a retired nurse in my church prompted me to share my story with a senior adult group in the church. It described how my health predicament seemed hopeless and I contemplated suicide. With no health insurance, I consulted websites including NIH and WebMd, who consistently dismissed diet as an intervention for Ulcerative Colitis (UC), but had a list of foods to avoid. . . mostly plant foods. Their ideas did not help. I accepted my fate and began to update my will and make preparations for my death. Needing only a few months, I abandoned establishment dietary restrictions and began to eat much more plant foods. After some turbulence for my system to readjust, what I discovered was, the more plant foods I ate, the better I got. Just the opposite of medical establishment predictions.
    I began a trial and experiment being my own guinea pig, monitoring what I ate and how UC reacted. This began reshaping my diet. Perhaps a year into this, I saw Dr G’s video “Dietary Treatment of Crohn’s Disease”
    dated July 3rd, 2012. What I was trying to learn by trial and error had already been documented in medical research. By far, the most effective intervention. . . better than drugs. . . was a semi-vegetarian diet The very foods the medial establishment was telling me to avoid had already been proven to be the best (not worse) foods to eat. I almost fell out of my chair.
    Now, with actual science to back up my hypothesis, I studied every post Dr G has posted the beginning. And what did I find? Plant foods heal. The more, the better. I concluded my presentation to the church by quoting Dr G:
    “Even though the most widely accepted, well-established chronic disease practice guidelines uniformly call for lifestyle change as the first line of therapy, physicians often do not follow these guidelines. Yet lifestyle interventions are often more effective in reducing heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and deaths from all causes than almost any other medical intervention.” . . . “The best-kept secret in medicine is that, given the right conditions, the body heals itself.”
    Every disease I was facing. . . every disease. . . reversed. And though previously taking over the prescribed medication for UC still left me bleeding profusely, today I have reduced medication by 80% and am symptom free. And the melanoma (which my dermatologist recently explained was very serious) has never returned. Multiple signs of cardiovascular disease, gone. My hypertension is gone with blood pressure near where it was in my 30s. My total cholesterol is now 150. It’s never been that low.
    After my nurse friend heard my story, I asked her how close I was to dying. She responded “I don’t know, but I’ve never known anyone that far gone who made it back”. Remember, she’s a retired nurse. For those of you who face seemingly impossible circumstances, never give up. So I shared my story with the group and then showed a video of Dr G presenting his “How Not to Die” talk. Dr G is unequivocally my most trusted for nutritional science. I am grateful. . . and my nurse friend is now fully on board. We hope to spread this message throughout the church.

    1. That’s fantastic that your health has been so much improved! I am surprised though, than you’ve not made the switch to a completely whole-food, plant based (WFPB)/vegan diet. If you follow Dr. Greger, as it sounds like you do….that’s the best for our health. My favorite quote of his, about WFPB: “The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest.” ~ Michael Greger, MD ​ Peace to you.

      1. Okay, I’m really sorry – I went back and re-read your story – and I believe I misread your comment…you didn’t say you were ‘semi-vegetarian.’ Sorry again – I’d delete my comment but it doesn’t appear that I can. Best of health to you!

        1. I agree that WFPB diet per Dr G is optimum and I follow that closely. Not only has it reversed ulcerative colitis, but everything else I am aware of. My practice is to scrutinize a wide range of ideas and selectively put into practice the most credible ideas, all the while keeping a log via spreadsheet to monitor the result. I was my own guinea pig and UC provides very fast feedback of what it likes or doesn’t like via internal bleeding. I still read broadly, but I’ve settled on WFPB as the most effective diet for preserving health, treating/reversing disease, and more recently I’m becoming convinced the same diet seems to be counteracting normal aging process. And as a bonus, my weight and body dimensions have returned to where they were 30 years ago. I’m 64 today. I do not focus on weight, as it seems to be “free” with healthy eating. But I have found most people I share with are obsessed with weight and usually find some low carb diet as their “solution”. I’ve gone so far in my spreadsheet data as to breakdown daily diet where I could reconstruct a long term trend of macro-nutrient proportions vs weight response. Though that was not my focus, I demonstrated where increasing complex carbohydrates to 75%, fat 15%, protein 10% caused me to lose weight eating all I could stuff down. Frankly, I was getting tired of eating. So I experimented with carb/fat proportion and found 75/15 lost weight, 65/25 added weight, and 70/20 maintained weight. In each case I was consuming > 3000 calories/day . . . which is a huge amount of plant based food. And so to my friends, mostly who are obsessed with weight, I offer that solution for their focus. And oh by the way, it also reversed every disease I have. Somehow they find that logic more appealing. Go figure.

          So yes I am fully on board with Dr G and recommend him and this website when I share my experience with others. Thanks for your feedback.

          1. Glad to know how much has been of benefit to you and to read how well you are doing You clearly have put in much much research you put into learning how to eat healthfully. Continue viewing and reading this site to stay up to date on the latest science-based nutrition information.

  2. Just came from watching a blogger with a guest saying how bad all this stuff is. How high carb diets kill cause diabetes and this and that.

    The truth is firmly Whole foods plant based diets work in about any regard to improve health. While we may not eradicate all diseases any one with one will be significantly better for it if they make this transition.

    Our media simply will not accept this despite the science and individual proof.
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. On a personal wish list I would like to see Dr Greger take on some of these benders of the science more often.

    One of the most popular videos is his refuting Gundry. For every Gundry there exist probably ten or so more popular with a better following but still spouting utter nonsense. WE are so ill informed about nutrition any quack draws a auidence.And the Gundry video was not really a in depth study of him.

    Perhaps one series on them, and how their opinions are refuted in science. I think it would be very popular and really someone has to provide a counter to them.
    Who better than the authority. Each one has a fundamental flaw in scientific basis. It just needs to be found and versed.

    I would start with Atkins that 267 pound fraud who had a secret heart condition but continued to spout his nonsense till the end. Repeated now with the Keto crowd, slightly more healthy but still with flawed fundamental principals.Mentioniing just two there are at least 10 or so more in the same vein always selling this or that. A coworker of mine died of a AMI from that frauds nonsense in his early 40’s. How many others are harmed?

    He has the platform the popularity now is the time to use it..Ignoring them seems to not help much. And it would naturally draw hits and views.
    People love to see that kind of stuff.especially as most sense they are being lied to but are not informed enough to counter it. You just know intuitively slabs of bacon are not healthy and whole foods berries and such are. But we have not a voice In that and can’t really speak on what seems common sense. .

    All Dr Gregers stuff is great. But really there is a specific need here.

    1. Dr Greger does talk about low carb diets in some videos. I also would like to see some videos aimed at the new studies being done on Keto. Every person I meet who is on keto swears by it and you can’t tell them otherwise. My brother always sends me videos by Dr Peter Attia and completely trusts everything he says. It worries me that he dismisses all the info about side effects. He also claims that some of the studies about keto are outdated. One of his goals is to lose weight but he doesn’t realise that he probably would have lost all the weight he wants in a shorter amount of time being plant based. I’m just surprised when even the most intelligent people go along with these fad diets.

  4. Dear Dr. Greger! I would like to see a video about the effects of different eating rhythms on one’s energy an well being. Is it better to eat 3 times a day or 5 times a day? How about snacking? I’ve started experimenting with giving my stomach more free time (not digesting food) during the day by eating only 3 times a day and not snacking in between, and it seems to make a difference. I often tend to be constantly tired.

    What does the science say?

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in my mid to late 40’s. I had hand tremors for several years. Gradually becoming worse. I then noticed when I was tired the tremors were worse. I started falling for no apparent reason. I Later had stiffness in my legs and need to walk with 2 canes or a walker. I was very slow getting around. I am now 54 years old. I was forgetful at times and had difficulty expressing myself. I had difficulty swallowing at times. I become tired easily.Now am Parkinson’s disease free,after using the Parkinson’s disease herbal formula i purchased from BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE for 6 weeks,tremors disappeared,No more legs stiffness,energy increased,walking without cane. All thanks to God for leading to BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE.

    1. Sounds like a add to me Riley.

      If god is so involved with this thing why exactly are they not just giving this stuff away at the best health herbal centre.
      Seems god or benefactors those who follow this god could pony up the dough…
      just saying. I mean Parkinsons being such a bad disease and all.

  6. Monte up pleasant website! Male. Great webcam. Incredible. I am going to take note of your blog site plus make for on top of that? Now i’m content to uncover numerous strategies right here inside the create, we’d like exercise excess techniques this kind of consideration, thank you for discussing.

  7. I have become plant-based since September 2017. During discussions with friends, the topic of eating meat that is “sustainable treated” comes up. Is it healthy if one can eat meats from farms that are humane vs commercial sources? Or is any meat just not acceptable?

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