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Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a natural human growth hormone that assists the body’s transition from childhood into healthy adulthood. Once the body completes this natural growth period, high levels of IGF-1 are no longer necessary and over-production may become detrimental to health. Uncontrolled cellular growth and proliferation (which may be the result of too much IGF-1) may lead to cancer growth. Having low levels of IGF-1 as an adult may improve the chances of acancer-free life.

Animal protein consumption appears toincrease IGF-1 levels. Plant protein consumption in general may not have the same effect.

Dairy products and excess soy may also result in similar IGF-1 results. A plant-based diet and a regular exercise routine may reduce our IGF-1 levels in less than two weeks. Lowered IGF-1 levels don’t appear to have any effect on muscular strength.

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