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For years, red wine enjoyed a popular reputation as an anti-aging remedy, but extensive research has proven that this may not be the case. Some scientists conducting red wine studies have admitted to falsifying and fabricating data.

Red Wine and Arterial Function

There has been promising evidence in rodents using resveratrol supplements, a component found in red wine. In rodents, these supplements decreased cardiovascular risk factors, improved cardiovascular function and decreased inflammation.

When this same study was done on humans, the results were not so favorable. In fact, the opposite results occurred in a study of exercise and resveratrol; the supplements were shown to increase arterial constriction and decrease oxygen intake. 

Non-alcoholic red wine, however, has been shown to improve arterial function, which leads to some to conclude that it may be the grapes that have the beneficial effect. This may also be the case with claims that red wine might help prevent breast cancer.   

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