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The new USDA guidelines include soymilk, which may be good because drinking soymilk has been associated with weight loss, relieving constipation, reducing cancer risk (including breast cancer, see also here), and preventing COPD. Soymilk has 75% more antioxidants than cow’s milk (sample breakfast here), and contains phytoestrogens that have a number of health-promoting effects. Girls who drink soymilk as opposed to cow’s milk develop at a more normal age, beginning puberty 8 months later on average. Also, drinking soymilk with spices, such as curcumin, may especially beneficial. Check out chocolate pudding and milkshake recipes here. Soymilk is also a good source of calcium, but it may block the benefits of tea. Also, make sure to shake it well before pouring. Finally, soymilk made with kombu may contain too much iodine and should be reformulated. Sticking to 3-5 servings of soy a day is considered beneficial, while drinking a day may prevent the decline in IGF-1 levels one would ordinarily expect on a plant-based diet.


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