More than 95% of Americans do not follow the already lax U.S. dietary guidelines. Obesity is associated with serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Eating a plant-based diet appears to help with weight management by upregulating metabolism or altering gut flora and may also be safer and healthier than relying on drugs and surgery. Those trying to maintain a healthy weight may want to avoid eating chicken (see also here), fish, fish oil, dairy (see also here), and meats (see also here, here, and here). Foods that may help include beans, Indian gooseberries, broccoli, nuts (see here and here), soy, and green tea.

Dr. Greger covers obesity in his full-length presentation, Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, where he explores the role diet may play in preventing, treating, and even reversing our top 15 killers.

Topic summary contributed by Elizabeth Stolle.
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  • Flesh and Fructose
    Flesh and Fructose
    Meat and sugar increase uric acid levels, which are associated with increased risk of gout, hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, kidney disease and cardiovascular...
  • Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs
    Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs
    The consumption of three portions of whole grains a day appears as powerful as high blood pressure medications in alleviating hypertension.
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Plant-Based Diets
    Metabolic Syndrome and Plant-Based Diets
    Plant-based diets appear to protect against metabolic syndrome, also known as syndrome X, which is characterized by the so-called “deadly quartet,” abdominal obesity, high fasting sugars, high...
  • Unsweetening the Diet
    Unsweetening the Diet
    All sweeteners--natural and artificial, caloric and non-caloric—help maintain cravings for intensely sweet foods.
  • Neurobiology of Artificial Sweeteners
    Neurobiology of Artificial Sweeteners
    The disconnect between sweetness sensations coming from our tongue and the lack of a caloric feedback loop in the gut may result in overeating.
  • How Diet Soda Could Make Us Gain Weight
    How Diet Soda Could Make Us Gain Weight
    People consuming low calorie sweeteners may overcompensate by eating more than they otherwise would.
  • Standing Up for Your Health
    Standing Up for Your Health
    Prolonged daily sitting is associated with a shorter lifespan, even in those who exercise regularly. Standing and treadmill desks are two potential solutions for office workers.
  • The Best Baby Formula
    The Best Baby Formula
    Exclusive breast-feeding for a full six months may ironically improve our children's taste for vegetables, whereas children fed formula grow up with increased rates of inflammatory diseases such as...
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