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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. And check out the other videos on acne. Also, there are 1,449 other subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well!

  • kerem

    Hello from the Israel… (sorry in advance for my horrible English..)
    I’m doing a little research about the estrogen in milk my self (I’m a vegan nutritionist my self..).
    I read the article you’re talking about in this video but I was disappointed to find out that they check less then 20 people… so I just can’t take it seriously… Is there any other articles dealing with this question?

    I have another question, I know that the milk industry claims that Estrogen is collapse until the consumers are drinking it. but i couldn’t find any information about what happens to this destroyed Estrogen, maybe he is still act like Estrogen (and this can also explain the finding on this Japanese study.
    Oh and your website is just great and really Inspiring :-)
    Thank you!

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Also be sure to check out my associated blog post Breast Cancer and Diet!

  • Vanessavannicola

    Is there a link betwen baby acne and the hormones in human  breastmilk  being linked to cancer.  Both my children had baby acne as newborns and I wonder if there are increased hormones in m breastmilk that could lead to an increased risk for breast cancer.

  • cody

    what about raw dairy products from grass-fed cows?

    • Great food for baby cows not for humans. Raw dairy can be associated with infectious agents. The best way to avoid the myriad of problems associated with dairy products is not to consume them either raw or pasturized. Dr. Greger’s videos on diary and cheese go over these problems in detail. Go to View All Topics and chose between the 79 videos on dairy plus the overview on dairy by Denise on the first page of the dairy videos.

    • gr

      The milk will still have cow hormones in it just like humans breast milk will still have hormones in it whether she is vegan or non vegan.

  • Sofia

    Besides dairy free, what other advice you have for acne? I got acne when I went frutarian, now cooked vegan have it.

    • Nina Greif

      It kinda makes me think, the healthier I ate the worst my acne got! I believe it was a coincidence, but it was a rather funny observation.

      • Thea

        Nina: That’s too bad. But I have a lot of respect for you. Humans have a hard time believing in coincidence. Sounds like you were able to put some logical perspective on things (and took the logical step of going to a dermatologist).

        I hope the skin thing clears up for you!

      • gr

        You probably have an allergy to something.

    • gr

      What fruit were you eating? Pineapple can have that affect on some people. Does that mean pineapple is bad? With fruits and veggies. Everything in moderation.

  • aishwarya sitaram

    hello Dr.Greger, Iam a Pathologist from India and i too m a vegan i agree with everything here but i have one question…these IGF and other growth factors, arent they heat sensitive? dont they get destroyed when subject to high temperatures say during pasteurisation?

  • Larissa

    Dear Dr. Greger,

    I am suffering from acne for almost 10 years now and I am desperatley searching for some medication / advice that could help me fighting my acne. Since I switched my diet to vegan it is better but not gone.

    Now I have heard about methylsulfonylmethane as a treatment for acne and seasonal allergic rhinitis, from which I am suffering, too. I could not find articles providing scientific evidence for these promises. Could you please tell me if it works and how it works? I really don’t want to take something without knowing that it can help and that it does not have severe side effects.

    Kind regards from Germany :)

  • Sebastian Tristan

    I suffered from back acne for a lot of years and I can testify that when I stopped consuming dairy my back acne improved 50%. Also, I had to take Accutane twice (once at 16 and once at 26) and the only time it worked was when I wasn’t consuming dairy.

  • Tom Goff

    A 2013 journal article concluded “This analysis of African-American women provides little support for associations of dairy and meat intake with breast cancer risk.”

    A 2011 study stated that the “findings of the present meta-analysis indicate that increased consumption of total dairy food, but not milk, may be associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer.”
    Do you have any comments on these studies?

    • gr

      Are those the only studies saying so?

  • Nina Greif

    well, I think dairy may aggravate the condition in those predisposed. For me, my acne was never bad until this year, Ive been vegan for three years and the past few months have been the worst for me. and i have even tried going oil free. I finally went to the dermatologist to help. Diet is a not a cure for acne, and dairy does cause it can, but I do believe that it can aggravate it if you are so inclined to have it. P.S, for years I had clear skin before I was vegan (probably due to birth control pills which don’t seem to be working now) and during that time I ate badly, lots of meat and dairy and still had beautiful clear skin (though 10lbs overweight!)

    I gave up on the diet connection. I eat my well rounded vegan diet but i no longer expect miracles from it.

    • Daria

      Dear Nina,
      There is definetely more to a healthy skin than just diet, still the diet is one of the main factors that impact it. Vegan is far better than eating meat/dairy products, but there are ways to optimize your vegan diet/ lifestyle to achieve clear skin. I’ve done it myself and I’m very happy to enjoy acne free as well as allergy free skin:) I recommend that you research more on “alkaline diet” and balancing your blood’s pH. We need to keep our blood slightly alkaline (pH>7) for the body to be able to function properly and healthy skin is one of the signs that our internal body environment is functioning well. In general, plant foods are more alkalizing than animal products, but still grains/legumes/some fruits are considered slightly acidyfing to the body, so if your vegan diet consists in big part of grains,legumes and the wrong kind of fruits you may still be overall more acidic. The most important thing to do is to include as many vegatables as you can in your diet, in particular the dark green leafy ones (the most alkalizing foods on earth eg. spinach, kale). Eat a huge salad every day, it can be accompanied by potatoes as this are highly alkaline, too. I could recommend you the book by Karen Fisher “The Healthy Skin Diet”, as the author expalins in more detail what is important to create a beautiful complexion. For me the book has been very helpful when it comes to various skin issues I used to have. However, the book is not about a vegan diet and the presented dietary plan isn’t vegan, but I believe it can be easily adjusted. I used the author’s advice and in circa 2 months of improving my vegan diet I had a clear healthy skin. I continue on eating in this “alkalizing” way with lots of green veggies and smoothies and I can assure you that it isn’t hard to keep up this kind of eating style. In addition, I encourage you to include an excercise regimen (if you don’t have one now) because movement is very important for the blood and particullarly lymph circulation, which both contribute to the effectiveness of you body eliminating harmful metabolites and distributing essential nutrients. Moreover, it’s very important that you are capable of handling your negative thoughts/emotions and any stresses you may have in life as that also greatly impacts your skin. You could do yoga/deep breathing exercises as well as practice some positive affirmations about yourself and your life…may sound weird but it does work to improve your life overall and also to help you achieve the healthy skin you were meant to have. To sum up, I hope you’ll be encouraged to reserach the subjects I’ve brought up a bit further and benefit from it. For me it worked wonders therefore I’d be very happy to help you by sharing this information:)

      • Nina Greif

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. Those few months of acne were caused by harsh products as I discovered. My skin normalized after following the dermatologist Rx and stopping all the scrubbing and products I was using.

        • I’m glad to read your skin is better. Diet and exercise as Daria mentioned are very important to overall health. Although the only thought I had which is a bit different is that you don’t balance the pH of your blood your body does. By eating consistent with our anatomy and physiology which is that of a vulnerable (at least until we invented weapons) hind gut fermenting herbivore we make it easier for our body to maintain the proper pH by not using alot of our calcium compounds in our bone. The acids come from our metabolism and foods we ingest. Most of the acidity comes from amino acids in proteins. Some of the amino acids tend to be more acidic then others. These sulfur based amino acids tend to be more prevalent in animals but are also present in plants. You can view more about specific amino acids such as methionine which is one of the sulfur based amino acids… see We don’t need to worry about getting enough essential amino acids via protein in our diet if we eat enough calories. Congrats again on solving your skin condition.

    • robert

      have u myb tried tea tree oil?

      • robert

        and turmeric…both good topicals for acne

  • DanielFaster

    Cows are great mothers. Each one loads her milk up with 5-alpha-pregnanedione and other hormones to help her baby pack on 500 pounds. And she gets even when you take away her baby’s milk – with poxes of zits, breast cancer and prostate cancer on whoever breaks the laws of nature!

  • edith

    It always strongly confuses and upsets me, when I hear how many vegans cured their acne and how this condition is mainly caused by dairy consumption…. I have been a vegan for over three years, eat a very healthy and whole foods diet and still have bad hormonal acne…

  • Trent

    You Tube presentation about pitfalls of milk is excellent – worth the hour and twenty minutes.
    Professor Veith, a South African Zoologist and researcher, gave this lecture at unspecified date.
    However, Dr. Veith has chosen evangelical pursuits as his primary focus.
    His science based approach to nutritional discussions and opinions on biblical prophecy and evolution denial is a true dichotomy.

  • gr

    This could be what I was looking for! Increasing rates of male pattern baldness (non genetic) with the association of milk,meat, and dairy products because the hormones are DHT precursors.