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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. For information on stool size, check out Stool size matters! Also, there are 1,449 subjects covered in my other videos–please feel free to explore them!

  • Thanks for my entertainment for the day Dr. Greger :) Who would’ve thought that talking about feces would be so enlightening.

    There’s the crap we put up with our politics in America and then there’s just plain old crap. For once I wish us Americans would be full of more crap to help reverse the current healthcare crisis going on in this country (politicians and citizens alike).

  • Mike Quinoa

    Love this video—I can’t stop chuckling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I just love the graphics and charts on these videos, not to mention Dr. Greger’s droll delivery. Comprehension has taken place.

  • A tragedy for the Tongans. While the denizens of New York may suffer on average from shockingly small stools, it should be noted some of the finest vegan restaurants in the country are found in New York City!

  • Holy Shit!

  • Berryman

    Great video! I have a question though. If some people have such small stools and some have such large stools and supposing we all eat about the same quantity of food per day- what happens to the excess weight of food in the people with small stools? Actually, having been in India I wonder if NYers eat more than people in India on a daily basis. Where does it all go?

    • i think it stays longer in the colon (i bet being on-the-go all the time trains their bodies to hold on to the poops longer, so that wouldn’t help the situation), so it gets drier. (water weighs quite a bit) so once it comes out, a similar amount of food would produce a much lighter and smaller bunny poop than it would a comfortable log.

    • Guest

      I also think other videos (eg on fiber) suggest that more fiber leads to larger stools. So in your scenario, the two people may be eating the same amount of calories, but the plant eater would be eating a much higher volume of food, due to its fiber content. (Plant eaters are getting more fiber – and other nutrients – per calorie). Fiber causes both faster transit, and due to its voulme, greater stool volume. So someone eating a plain bagel with cream cheese, or white pancakes with syrup, and a coffee with cream and sugar is going to have a smaller denser stool than someone eating a big bowl of oatmeal with soy milk and flaxseeds, plus a big bowl of fruit and nuts even if the calories are the same. But its an unlikely scenario – people eating less fiber eat more calories in order to try to feel full and as their bodies are hungering for nutrients they’re missing. Smaller food volume due to missing fiber means higher calorie diets and overweight. People eating a lot of fiber get full quicker and eat fewer calories. (See Eat to Live by Dr Fuhrman).

  • Truelady50USA

    I’m wondering how great a part “stress” plays in stool creation. (since New Yorkers are definitely NOT laid back people on average) Yet there would be lots of other factors, like: water supply, air quality, lowered oxygen levels (due to limited # of trees + lots of exhaust)…not to mention all the restaurants (which would keep food additive consumption higher than a kite!)

    BTW I once lost 40 # doing nothing else but strict avoidance of (even probability) of food additives!

  • GW

    Where do-do you find your data?  Never mind.  I don’t really want to know.
    Westerners need to be aware of the types of food they’re donating to third-world countries.  Chicken parts!  And I can guess how the chickens were raised.

  • Any idea of what grains Tongans used?

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please also check out my associated blog post, Stool Size and Breast Cancer Risk!

  • mirabelle

    what causes colon polyps?i eat a very healthy diet Eat To Live by dr. fuhrman :based on raw and steamed vegetables,salads,berries,apples,beans/legumes and then smaller amounts of grain/starchy veg.everday,i also eat plain unsalted brown rice cakes (topped with cucumber and tomato slices).is there any way rice cakes could lead to colon polyp formation ?

  • Jim Johnson

    I have taro growing in my yard and I enjoy eating taro greens. I am aware they contain calcium oxalate and I wonder how much taro greens in my diet is too much?

  • Fidel Castrati

    Big Apple residents should eat a big apple once in a while indeed! 8D

  • Psych MD

    Here is an interesting followup. A report came out this week stating that every 90 seconds a New Yorker dies of diabetes-related illness. The city is a nutritional disaster.

  • barbarabrussels

    Wow, chicken parts culprit again…

  • Dawn

    Such great information on so many health issues Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge & all this research so freely.
    I was diagnosed with IBS 50yrs ago. 10yrs & 3 children later, developed chronic fatigue [Dr.diagnosis “country equivalent to suburban neurosis “! In my mid 30’s with 4 chrn. & at times near suicidal, by elimination diet discovered a SEVERE reaction to wheat, huge rage yet totally exhausted after 1 weetbix ! Have been wheat free ever since, but still far from vital & ‘present ‘.. suffering bouts of depression & lethargy + severe constipation. My diet is mainly my yeast free/ gluten free bread for breakfast,
    egg for lunch, & generally chicken or fish [mainly salmon] for evening meal, always with cooked carrots & greens, occ potato / sweede etc.These past 3 months I have been dairy free [loved cheese !] My concern is re the chicken ..& the high ARACHADONIC acid @ 26.9 … does this include free run / anti biotic/hormone free as well? I have always avoided too much beef as I know it is slow to move thru the colon. My current Dr wants me on a Paeleo diet, No grains , lentils/dried legumes but HIGH meat & fats. i do not tolerate raw vegetables well. Take probiotics & Vit D [ though will now take them WITH MEALS ! THANKS to your site. [I found it when googling ‘when best to take powdered probiotics !
    I really would appreciate your advice re best diet, especially regards chicken & proteins & vegetarian .. Oh I also follow [ to certain extent .. Type A blood group diet ] Again my sincere gratitude for your site Thank you, Dawn

    • Thea

      Dawn: Here are Dr. Greger’s overall diet recommendations:

      You can also get great help from the PCRM site. Sign up for the free 21 Day Kickstart program where they will hold your hand through three weeks of meal planning, cooking videos, nutrition information, and a great forum for moral support and asking questions.

      A doctor who pushes the “paleo” diet? No grains!? No legumes!? High meat and fat?! I really, really hate to do this, but have to suggest getting a new doctor. It is one thing to recognize that one doesn’t know everything and to stay out of an area such as nutrition. But it is quite another to so misdirect someone to the extent that it could seriously hurt their health. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a doctor who understands nutrition…

      I would also recommend taking a look at the videos on this site that address the topic of “mood”. I’m glad you figured out your wheat problem. With this site, you might be able to tweak your diet further for additional health.

      Best of luck.

  • Thank you, Dr. Greger, for shedding light on this toilet topic – you’re connecting people to a daily reminder of how lifestyle food choices really matter. GO FIBER! (40-100 grams daily, to be exact) :)

  • baggman744

    India? Some of the highest heart disease rates on the planet.