Doctor's Note

If you missed the first half of this topic, see my last video Fibromyalgia vs. Vegetarian & Raw Vegan Diets.

Other inflammatory conditions have been successfully treated with semi-vegetarian "flexitarian" diets. See Dietary Treatment of Crohn’s Disease. Cutting down on meat may also help reduce the risk of cataracts (Preventing Cataracts with Diet), obesity (Thousands of Vegans Studied), hypertension (Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death), metabolic syndrome (Metabolic Syndrome and Plant-Based Diets), and diabetes (How to Prevent Diabetes) though there does appear to be a stepwise drop in risk as one's diet gets more and more centered around plant foods.

For some more context, check out my associated blog posts: Plant-Based Diets for PsoriasisPlant-Based Diets for Fibromyalgia, and How Probiotics Affect Mental Health

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  • Celia

    Well, let me tell you about my firbomyalgia, Dr. Greger – IT´S GONE! I have been a vegetarian sine 2008 and there was no improvement whatosever, but as from May 2012, I have been following Dr. Essy´s diet a no-oil plant based lifestyle and the exclusion of dairy and eggs, plus the addition of dark lgreen veggies did the trick. I jump out of the bed sparkling every day!! it´s priceless! I am 48, pre-menopausal and have no menstrual cramps anymore either! For me, a no oil plant based diet is the Holy Graal of Pain killing. Period.

    • Veganrunner

      Celia that is amazing! By no oil do you mean processed-out of a bottle?

      As a side note, in case you just noticed we are only getting 3 videos a week because is a bit cash strapped. I would hate to lose my morning video and coffee routine. I bet even 20.00 would help. Just click over to the donate page. It’s that easy.

      • Celia

        No oil – zero oil, processed. I am not even consuming nuts or avocados. I started the diet to control my 25-year-resistant cholesterol actually, the fibromyalgia thing was an unexpected bonus! Lost 28 pounds so far, cholesterol dropped 70 points for the first time ever and I am happy as bird! so happy that I am going for that donation ( I am in Brazil and wish we had these materials available in Portuguese fo people could have access to good info).

        • Veganrunner

          More good news!

    • Viola Wyderka

      Great news, thanks for sharing

    • Thea

      Celia: How inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story. I have a friend with fibromyalgia, and I’m going to share your story with her to reinforce Dr. Greger’s information. Thanks.

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      Happens all the time with my patients too. It’s just too bad that MOST doctors don’t employ evidence based medicine unless it involves prescribing more meds.
      Congratulations! I wish everyone with Fibromyalgia could hear your story.

      • val

        Yes, a FB friend just posted this morning about feeling so lousy and achy every…single…morning…and she’s probably only around 5 years older than I am…and I feel sparkly and new every….single…morning, I cannot even imagine feeling that bad every day. So, I posted a gentle question to her: “have you tried changing what you eat?” and then I posted this very video for her. And Dr. John McDougall has a very short youtube about fibromyalgia and he says “Give me 2 weeks of your time and effort and I can almost guarantee you’ll feel better by going plant-based and most folks feel better after 4 to 7 days.” Why wouldn’t ANYONE suffering want to at least TRY this out? Shout out to Celia & thanks for posting your situation…wishing you continued good health!

  • Diane Krstulovich

    WOW! fyi, the Hallelujah Diet is mostly raw and vegan Thanks MUCH!

    ps – you might want to use a little less olive oil than the author calls for (or none!) and slightly fewer nuts but it’s your call

  • Randy Sandberg

    Yay, being Plant-Strong wins again! Thanks for yet another informative video Dr. Greger. :-D

  • Laura

    After two years of detoxing lead from my system, and reversing high blood pressure and closing a long standing ileocecal valve problem, I am now testing for high lactic acid, in the case of mitochondria dysfunction. This being the case I have been told about coq10. What I don’t understand is if meat carries the highest level of coq10, how can that be replaced with a plant based diet? I also understand that russet potatoes have a sufficient level of coq10 but have been dismissed in a previous nutritionfacts video. I have been enjoying one green juice a day including parsley, celery, cucumbers and spinach.
    If I go off of all meat – what else would replace the coq10 that I am in desperate need of?

    • fabien COQUEL

      Coq10 is made by the body, so a diet rich in antioxydants, vitamins and minerals will get you the coq10 you need !

  • Sherri Allen

    I started eating this way in June 2013. Didn’t even know about his recommendation for the vegetarian based eating. It just made perfect sense to me, but I was forced to look at my eating, how bloated my body was from sugar, wheat/grains, bread and not near enough water. So far I’ve lost 27 lbs. However my weight can vary 5-20 lbs if I binge eat any of the above. Fruit is my dessert and my snack. I drink almond milk and enjoy it. Use only unsalted butter (hey I still want some dairy and since gave up eggs except for hard boiled I’m allowing it for So glad to find this site. Its encouraging and IT WORKS. I feel so much better energy wise. Still alot of joint and muscle issues from Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and a multitude of side effects. I look forward to following your blog.

    • nick

      I encourage you to drop the butter – if you’re already so close to giving your body just what it wants, why not go all the way?

  • ikeboy

    I had a horrible case of FM/CFS, and it was green (mostly) smoothies that turned me around–not overnight, took a good year and a half, but I feel fine now, very active (I’m 66), and work out w/ kettlebells, etc. Wish I had cut out wheat and gluten at the same time, recovery might hav been quicker. Thanks for the article, it’s awesome, and my hat is off to everyone who struggles w/ this challenge!! Let plants be our medicine!

  • LynnCS

    I want what Celia has. I have been a vegetarian since 1980. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in ’91. The pain just got worse and worse. Depression became the norm and eventually I was put on Cymbalta. I went raw vegan in June/July of 2011 and things started getting better. I got myself off the Cymbalta. Lots of scary side effects. Now I am partly raw and some cooked. I can see that I need to clean it all up even more. I am a thousand times better, but Still searching. I want to jump out of bed sparkling too. Thanks all for posting!

  • Vegastatia

    I think the study indicates that a vegan diet can lessen symptoms, however, it is not a cure for most people. I have been vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for 10, but I still have fibromyalgia. I’m sure my diet and lifestyle ensure my symptoms are not as severe as many others however in order to manage my FM I also need multiple other factors to help me such as drugs, weekly physio, water therapy, exercise and pacing. The drugs are essential and allow me to work 4 days a week and still have a bit of a social life. The other thing about FM is that it is very individual so that some things work for some people and not for all people. I think it’s important to keep it all in perspective.

    • Lori Woods

      That’s exactly right. This disease seems to vary quite a bit from person-to-person. I have also been vegetarian for quite some time and vegan for five years. I too still have the fibromyalgia. And yes, exercise, pacing, sleep, and a small dose at night of an SSRI help me the most too. I’m a HUGE proponent of a plant-base diet for health, environment and animal rights. I feel better in general and I think it’s an important component to any fibromyalgia treatment plan, but a component, not a cure-all.

  • Juli G

    A note for celiac patients: both Hing & Beano are NOT GLUTEN FREE>

  • Susan

    Yes, me too we have eating vegan as a life and I can tell you that when I got fibromyalgia and couldn’t walk and was on 27 pills a day. Muscle relaxers, pills to help for side affects and I gained wait too. But now I lost all the weight and not on any pills and my husband has no more heart problems and we are both not on any medications, why because we are eating a plant based diet and its working. I so glad we are eating this way. But I always wonder when I get stressed will it come back!! But not yet