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For more on breast cancer survival, see:

What about the role of flax seeds in preventing breast cancer in the first place? See my previous video, Flax Seeds & Breast Cancer Prevention. In my next video, Flax Seeds & Breast Cancer Survival: Clinical Evidence, I’ll detail a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial in breast cancer patients where flax seeds are actually put to the test.

For more context, also check out my associated blog posts: Treating Sensitive Skin from the Inside OutFlax and Breast Cancer Prevention; and Flax and Breast Cancer Survival.

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  • slim_langer

    If you happen to follow Caldwell Esselstyn’s version of a whole-food plant-based diet, you’re already supplementing daily with 1TB ground flaxseed for omega 3’s. Since the series on fenugreek as an anti-cancer agent, I added a Tsp of ground fg seed (very bitter to start but maybe I’ve begun to like it) same with the hybiscus and green teas. My question is after you’ve been living like this for several years (20+years vegan, fit/slender pushing 60 no health issues), what should you specifically look for (and look out for) in your blood and other tests — living long-term as a WFPB vegan? Maybe this could be worth a series. Thanks.

  • Off topic – just calling attention to a fascinating story in today’s NYT:

    The gut bacteria of omnivores convert the amino acid carnitine in meats into trimethylamine n-oxide, and high TMAO serum levels were predictive of a 3-fold higher risk of heart attack/stroke/death (2.5 fold adjusted) in this paper

    The diet of vegans evidently doesn’t support the same gut microbiota, so they didn’t produce TMAO, even when given carnitine supplements.

    • Thea

      Darryl: I wanted to thank you for your posts in general. You have supplied some great information to this site. While I have not responded to your posts before, I wanted you to know that I have read your posts and really appreciated them!

  • tduke

    Dr. Greger I’m hoping with Angelina Jolie’s recent disclosure that she had a preventative double mastectomy you could highlight all of your wonderful videos and articles on breast cancer prevention through diet (and perhaps speak to this in a new article?). Women really need this information. Thank you!