Doctor's Note

This is the final installment of my five-part video series on preventing and treating radiation damage. I started with Fukushima & Radioactivity in Seafood, on avoiding radiation exposure in one’s diet, and then moved to diagnostic medical and dental radiation in Cancer Risk from CT Scan Radiation, and Do Dental X-Rays Cause Brain Tumors? In my last video, Mediating Radiation Exposure from Air Travel, I reviewed population studies of airline pilots and Chernobyl victims, which studied the dietary components that may decrease radiation-induced DNA damage and cancer risk.

For those interested in the Nuremberg narrative, I touch on other cases of medical mistreatment in:

The prior lemon balm video I reference is one of my favorites, Antioxidants in a Pinch.

What else can ginger do? See:

I’ve since added ginger to my pink juice (see Pink Juice with Green Foam) and hibiscus punch (see Herbal Tea Update: Hibiscus) recipes.

For additional context, check out my associated blog posts: Dr. Greger’s Natural Nausea Remedy RecipeAre Dental X-Rays Safe?Fukushima Radiation & SeafoodHow Risky Are CT scans?; and Ginger & Lemon Balm for Radiation Exposure.

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  • Cory

    Speaking of ginger, does anyone know if the pickled ginger that they serve with Sushi is actually good for you? Ever since I saw Dr. Greger’s video about Kimchi I have been skeptical of most fermented vegetables.

  • ken

    Does raw ginger give the same results?

    • Jon Lefave

      “Fresh ginger does not contain zingerone but cooking the ginger transforms gingerol into zingerone through a retro aldol reaction.”

  • Stephen Lucker Kelly

    Should people be recommended to drink high amounts of lemon balm before and after flying?

  • Jane

    My husband will most likely be going through his third round of radiation treatments for his recurrent low grade lymphoma. Would consuming this tea/ginger lessen the effectiveness of the treatment at all, or could it help prevent future problems that the treatment itself may cause?

    • Darryl

      Here’s a site that offers recommendations of foods that synergize with radiation treatment for breast cancer, others to be avoided that reduce treatment effectiveness, and a bland low-antioxidant diet for during radiotherapy:

      Food for Breast Cancer: What should breast cancer patients eat during radiation treatment?

      The site offers extensive references to news items and studies for every food listed. I think the rationale for many of their recommendations should apply to other cancers.

  • Scott

    Hi Dr. Greger, I was just wondering if you had read anything about Graviola fruit/sour sop. There seems to be some hype going around the internet touting its ability to fight cancer. Here is one example:

  • Cass

    I am being a bit picky here, but people are hanged, while a coat is hung.

  • Chris Hartley

    I don’t know whether to be amused or just confused with this article.
    “When eating healthy becomes dangerous”

    “A local doctor said awareness is growing locally around orthorexia, an
    obsession to consume only healthy foods that can leave sufferers far
    from well.”

    • Plantstrongdoc M.D.

      Talk about inventing a disease… it is a disease to eat a healthy diet….can you get a pill to cure this terrible condition !? Of course it is a threat to the diseasecare system if people start to eat healthy.

  • Vaughan

    Just to ask, what were the other 6 spices/herbs analyzed in the antioxidant table? What was the number 1 with 721?

  • Meg

    I have a question. I’ve been hearing a lot about lemon water (squeezing half a lemon in a glass of water) , that it has lots of beneficial effects, including weight loss, improved digestion, breath-freshening, boost immune system, cleanses your liver of toxins, give you an energy boost, keep skin clear, reduce inflammation. I’d be curious to hear what the science says about this, and just how much of this is actually true.

    • Meg

      Also, I’ve been drinking this for a while, and I feel good, and it would make sense since it is a citrus fruit and should be healthy, and I do a plant-based diet anyways, but I’d still like to hear if there is more
      science backing it up.

  • Daniel

    Hello. Is crystallized ginger healthy or unhealthy? Does it have similar effects to non-crystallized ginger? Is the amount of sugar unhealthy?

  • Daniel

    Oh, and what about the antioxidant content in non-crystallized ginger compared to crystallized ginger?

  • John Axsom

    Maybe one should drink song of this ginger juice before going to the dentist for full mouth x-rays or even chest x-rays in a clinic.