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Other tips on raising healthy children can be found in videos such as Nerves of Mercury, Preventing Childhood Allergies, and Dairy & Sexual Precocity. Unfortunately parents tend to overestimate the quality of their children's diets. For advice on how to best raise our children, one can't beat the advice offered by the most esteemed pediatrician of all time, Dr. Benjamin Spock. Check out Dr. Spock’s advice in Doctors' Nutritional Ignorance.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Other tips on raising healthy children can be found in videos such as Nerves of Mercury, Preventing Childhood Allergies, and Dairy & Sexual Precocity. Unfortunately parents tend to overestimate the quality of their children’s diets. For advice on how to best raise our children, one can’t beat the advice offered by the most esteemed pediatrician of all time, Dr. Benjamin Spock. Check out Dr. Spock’s advice in Doctors’ Nutritional Ignorance.

    If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here.

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      Fantastic for the Family Practitioner trying to get parents to breast feed!

      Also thank you for the Toxic Overload series last week.  They were mouth dropping.  If those video’s don’t change my patients food choices than I guess the onset of chronic disease may be their last stimulus to choose a plant based lifestyle.  

      Nothing like the Grim Reaper pointing at you and pointing at your head-stone to get you to change your habits.  It’s been the most powerful stimulus in my practice.

  • Massimo

    I confirm! My son was exclusively breastfed for six months, and partly breastfed until he was 4 years old. We never had a problem in feeding him veggies: he started chewing vegetables before he started walking. At 1 year old he was enjoying salads, leaving his grandmother astonished (I was bottle-fed and my mother had to put sugar on tomatoes to convince me to eat them – she could not foresee I would eventually become vegan). Today he’s 8 years old and enjoys broccolis, carrots, beets, potatoes, eggplants. cauliflower, kale, sprouts, roots, tomatoes… (the list can go on almost endlessly). The only problem is that we cannot put him in the school canteen: in France, animal proteins are compulsory (by law!) at each meal and you seldom get anything without cream or other crappy sauces.

    • Tan Truong

      Great to hear about your boy. What’s with the messed up law about animal protein? That’s absurd.

    • WholeFoodChomper

      In the U.S. we have the Milk Council and in France it sounds like you have the Meat Council.  Really disturbing how politics and profit can negatively affect what we can choose to eat.

    • OutsideMom

      My nephew is sometimes vegan and at his school in the US, they would insist he put ham and cheese on his tray (which he would promptly throw away as soon as he got through the line). Did they make the kids getting pizza and fries and nothing else get a veggie? Nope. Just the vegan kid with the huge salad.

  • Thea

    What is also interesting about this video is: If the mother is not eating all those fruits and veggies, then the baby will not get that mulit-flavored milk.  So, this piece is not just about exclusively breast feeding baby, but also about mommy taking care with what she eats.   Not a revelation, of course, but it is yet one more interesting way to look at the importance of what the mother eats.

  • Luisfer

    What to do if there is breastfeeding is impossible?

  • Health4life07

    Hi Dr. Greger, Before we get too far from the subject of toxins, can you address hair dies? How bad are they really? Is there a best and a worst?

    • Jo

      There’s a link between hair dyes and bladder cancer. Hair stylists are particularly at risk.

    • WholeFoodChomper

      This site is dedicated to food, nutrition, and diet.  You may find useful information regarding hair dyes and other cosmetics on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website:

      You may want to consider henna as a hair dye alternative

  • Lauren Ard

    I’m disappointed that the title of this article is so misleading. We all know “breast is best” and I was really looking forward to learning what formula I should be giving to my foster son. (Yes, it’s stupid that it’s against the rules for me to give breast milk to my foster son, but if I broke the rules I could lose my license and not be able to adopt him!!) So, I’ve been looking forward to this video so I could find out which baby formula to give him, only to view it and discover it’s all about breastfeeding. 

    Don’t get me wrong – breastfeeding is awesome, I did it for a year with my biological daughter. But it just isn’t possible with my foster son and it would have been nice if the title of this video actually fit with the content.

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      A lot of Dr. Greger’s titles are punny but in this case The Best Baby Formula is. . . Breast Milk.  That is his point is that no formula is better than Breast Milk.
      But regarding formula Soy is best.  Here is a link to Dr. Neal Barnards website
      If it doesn’t work you may have to first sign up with your email address but it is free.
      I hope this helps.

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Agreed, this video title is a bit misleading.  All of us watching this series already know that “breast is best”. Problem is that not every woman with a baby can breastfeed. A video on breast milk alternatives would be nice indeed.

      • Lauren Rae Layton Ard

        I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so!

        • wendellsmom

          I agree. I was am a very healthy plant based mom who planned on breastfeeding but was not able to do so. I would have actually liked to know the best formula for my baby, given our inability to breastfeed.

  • Blac

    Misleading title

  • M.J.

    Is it true that if a mother is on medication it transfers to baby from breastfeeding possibly causing problems in child?

    • TCB Health

      MJ, It IS true that a mother’s medications can transfer to the baby through her breast milk. Anything a mother ingests – medications, supplements, food – has the potential to impact her baby to varying degrees. Maintaining a healthy diet and having an open dialogue with the family doctors will keep both protected.

      • Teresa Pitman

        This is NOT true. The vast majority of medications do not enter breast milk (for a variety of reasons: molecular size, protein-binding, etc.) and most of those that do have no effect on the baby. There are some medications that are potentially a problem. Dr. Thomas Hale has written an excellent book on this that is updated every couple of years: he lists medications and rates them for safety for breastfeeding.

        • Luis

          I may have misread what TCB Health says: medications CAN transfer. It doesn’t say if all, a majority or a minority. It only states that in at least one case, the medication transfers to the baby through breastmilk. Apparently, it doesn’t contradict what Dr. Hales says, IMHO.

          • TCB Health

            Thank you, Teresa and Luis, for your replies and added information. Teresa, I believe we are essentially saying the same thing. I purposely kept my response generic because MJ did not ask about a specific medication. It would have been irresponsible of me to imply that all medications are safe. Multiple factors are involved in whether a certain medication passes into breast milk and the best course of action is to discuss all medications and concerns with one’s personal physician. Reading about Dr. Hale’s work, however, is an excellent way to learn more about it and to be better prepared for discussions with the doctor.

  • More myths

    It is not ironic at all and actually follows complete logic. And breastmilk is not “the best formula”. It is the normal food you give a human child

  • Stephen Lucker Kelly

    Just like to extent my gratitude for the work you do. It’s amazing. Thank you!

  • mitz

    Misleading… All of us already know that breastmilk is best! But how about the women who can’t breastfeed? The ones who doesn’t have enough milk or when breast feeding is just impossible? I thought that this article will give you alternatives of the best formula milk for mothers who doesn’t have enough milk for their babies or just can’t breastfeed.

  • mitz

    Sorry, I mean the title is misleading.

  • Mark

    A study this spring suggests that delaying the introduction of grains until 6 months increases the risk of celiac disease. the findings are contrary to the suggestion that exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months is optimal. I think it’d help to revise this video. thanks.

  • Chris Armendarez

    Question: I try to breastfeed exclusively but even with the assistance
    of a lactation consultant and fenugreek I have not been able to
    completely nourish my baby with breast milk. I even tried the
    prescription Reglan for a little while then stopped due to side effects.
    We were supplementing with organic dairy based formula. However, we
    recently discovered he has a milk allergy (along with reflux) and the
    use of organic dairy based formula is no longer an option. We tried to
    feed him nutrimigen but he won’t take it. He will drink soy formula
    although he doesn’t like it as much as dairy formula or breast milk. I
    have read very scary things about soy formula and little boys due to the
    estrogen. Could you elaborate on the safety of soy formula in baby

  • punky

    I was not able to brest feed my child due to health problems I have but I gave my child the best milk to him I gave him Soy milk . and at birth I didn’t feed him around the clock milk I gave him water and juice insted of milk he grow very healthy baby and Not a fat baby never Hungry and I gave him all the water he wanted I was told he was going to lost his hair but this was untrue he was was very healthy baby he had a milk 4 times a day this child is now 40 yr old . and has 2 of his own .

  • Chris B.

    Firstly, thanks for what you do. You have helped inspire my wife and I to seriously adjust our eating habits. Secondly, I agree with some of the other similar comments below – Of course breast feeding is the most healthy thing for a newborn, but unfortunately some mothers (like my wife) are unable to breast feed as long as they would like for certain reasons, so there is no alternative but to formula feed. Your title “The Best Baby Formula” is misleading and insensitive to some mothers who would very much like to breastfeed but can’t. We came to this video excited for the idea that you had some real input on how to choose the right formula since we value your opinions, but we were very disapointed in this one. Maybe you could do something on actual formula for those of us that are unable to give our children breast milk any longer?

  • Judy Okten

    Hello. I have breasted exclusively for 6 months. She is now eating solids as well as continuing with breast milk. I would like to use some formula milk to mix with cereals. My doctor insists any milk needs to be cows milk based and that soy based formulas are not proven in the market. Almond milk is apparently not okay either. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks a lot. Judy

    • Thea

      Judy: I am not an expert, but maybe I have some thoughts that will help you.

      Based on what I’ve read, it sounds to me like you are doing so much right in terms of breastfeeding and now slowly moving to solid foods. What I don’t understand is why you would want to mix formula milk with cereals instead of just regular non-dairy milk. Why a formula milk? I would think that babies only need formula milk when they can’t get human breast milk.

      I have found the group/website Vegetarian Resource Group to provide well researched, sound information. They have a page that I think would be helpful for your situation. It covers a wider age range, but the following page has a section about moving babies from breast milk to solid food:

      As for any sort of cows milk product: I personally would never give my child, especially such a young one, any non-human breast milk. Dr. McDougall thinks that cows milk is the likely cause of type 1 diabetes. And you will be interested in the following video:

      Which ends with this text: “…Until doctors are taught more about nutrition their advising us about
      diet may be physician-assisted suicide. There is one doctor though,
      everyone trusts. Perhaps the most famous physician of all time. Dr
      Benjamin Spock. Always on the forefront of important social issues. And
      in the final edition of his book, the best selling book in American
      history (second only to the Bible), he recommended that all children be
      raised on meat and dairy free diets to prevent diseases like cancer.”

      I’m sure your doctor means well. But it is worth taking his nutritional advice with the practical understanding of how ignorant most doctors (not all! We have some great ones who follow this site) are when it comes to nutrition.

      Hope that helps!

  • Donna

    After breast feeding is soy milk healthy for young children ?

  • Saz

    Michael I have been Exclusively BFing my twins for 6.5 months but recently started adding baby porridge in addition to their feeds. This has greatly improved their sleeping but Because they were five weeks premature should I stop and wait til their corrected age of six months is reached? THanks

  • Nic

    Dr Greger hello,

    First off, thank you for the work you do! I’ve always got one or eight of your videos open.

    I saw a ray of hope in the title of your video “The Best Baby Formula” but alas it’s not really about formula at all, so broke my heart just that little bit more. But it is a good twist :)

    I recently won the ailment lottery and developed Transient Osteoporosis of Pregnancy. Long story short, I shall breastfeed for just 6 beautiful months because according to advisors far smarter than I, breastfeeding any longer will speed up bone loss and significantly increase my fracture risk – still tempting though. Just passed the 3-month mark and bone density is only a smidgen worse :) which is fabulous!

    Through the profound sadness of not being able to give my daughter the best, I’m looking for the next best solution…which seems like soy formula while transitioning to solids.

    I doubt I need to tell you or anyone reading this just how fraught this decision is.

    Please, please do give some guidance to those of us facing such a difficult decision.