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Potatoes contain a few phytonutrients, but may also have potato glycoalkaloids, which has been suggested to be harmful to humans Peeling white potatoes may remove three-quarters of the glycoalkaloids.. Conventionally grown potatoes may contain pesticides. If you soak potatoes in water, only about 2 to 13% of the pesticides are removed; a 5% acetic acid (vinegar) removes up to 100%. Salt water, appears to work as good or better than full-strength vinegar.

Potato consumption may be associated with a 50% increased risk of kidney cancer, perhaps because of it’s high glycemic loadPurple potatoes however, may decrease inflammation.

Sweet potatoes are a very health promoting food, and are an inexpensive cheap source of nutrients. The predominant protein in sweet potatoes may even have cancer fighting properties. Boiling may be the best way to cook sweet potatoes to preserve all the nutrients. The traditional diet in Okinawa (where some of the longest living people were once found) revolved around purple sweet potatoes.

Microwaving a sweet potato and adding some cinnamon and cloves is a cheap, simple, easy snack loaded with antioxidants.


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