weight loss


While the average body mass index for the general population nears obesity, and even those eating vegetarian are, on average, overweight, those eating vegan averaged an ideal body weight. Meat has been shown to increase the risk of overweight, obesity, and obesity related diseases, in part due to the consumption of chickens who are themselves obese and may be infected by an obesity-causing virus. Conversely, plant-based diets may help prevent weight gain, promote weight loss, and maintain desired weight by increasing resting energy expenditure, lowering energy gain, up-regulating metabolism, improving satiety, preventing fat cells from taking up fat, and improving plasma adiponectin levels (a hormone that helps control weight). Additionally, soy foods may help double weight loss and promote abdominal fat loss. In addition to consuming a primarily plant-based diet, including nuts and dates in your diet and drinking green tea on a daily basis may be useful in the prevention of obesity.

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