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For further context, also check out my associated blog post: Talking Turkey: 9 out of 10 retail turkey samples contaminated with fecal bacteria.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them! Be sure to check out all the videos on pork and foodborne illness as well as yesterday’s corresponding blog post Talking Turkey: 9 out of 10 retail turkey samples contaminated with fecal bacteria.

  • Frightening!!!

  • gfortcher

    In the past I never heard of MRSA. Now, in just this past year there have been two incidences at a local high school. Both incidents were months apart, but both with members of the wrestling team. One of the kids came very close to succumbing.

  • That makes me so mad!

  • Thank you Dr. Greger for telling the real truth about meat. Hopefully, the people who need to see this, will. I am grateful to be animal free since the very early 90’s. It is soooo great to see a pro-active Doctor who really cares and hasn’t been sold out by the media or, Big Pharmaceutical companies. Again, thank you<3

    • Laurie K.

      Hello Janet, how fantastic that you’ve been animal free for so long, good for you…and all the animals you’ve saved! Like you, I hope the people who need to see this video (and all the others!) will. One way to help get the word out is to share the videos with your friends and family in the hopes that they will be positively influenced by the information they contain. If you’re on Facebook, you can share the videos quite easily and ask your friends to do the same, as well as follow on Twitter. If you’re not on a social network, you can view the videos on YouTube and then send them via email. A couple of other videos you may want to share are: and: Happy holidays!

  • Rene

    Hello Dr Gregor,

    I highly value your work and have been spreading your gospel across India for the last three years (i’m a Canadian expat) to personal friends and through food workshops to audiences of over 100 people. I have personally spent about eight thousand hours researching food and health and boast over 70GB of data on the various subjects involved in food and health. I share this knowledge with as many people as possible, free of cost, like you. I regard you as a model for academic integrity in research, and try to follow suit.

    My question regards Staph infections, which my wife and i have suffered several times since our move to India in 2010. I cannot seem to pinpoint the cause, and have narrowed down the potential contributing factors to: low b12, allergen exposure, hard water (from wells), prolonged excessive stress, and cannabis smoke. My wife does not smoke, but we each get infected 2-4 times per year. The infections tend to last for up to two months, spread all across our bodies with up to 50 painful boils that render us nearly immobile.

    We have not used any medicines and heal ourselves naturally with food and meditation, which is a slow process. We’ve been vegan for five years and my wife has recently checked for b12 and is just below normal range. I have documented the processes of disease onset, duration and healing at length but will not disclose here. I’m referring to you because i trust your judgment and highly value your approach on diet and health. I’d appreciate any light you could shed on this. Thanks!