Doctor's Note

Avoiding meat and other animal products can certainly reduce our risk of becoming infested with parasites, but may place us at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency (see Vegan Epidemic), which can have its own dire cognitive consequences (see Inverted Rabbit Sign). See Safest Source of B12 for the best way to get this critical vitamin. For more on pork tapeworm brain invasion, check out Pork Tapeworms on the Brain, and Avoiding Epilepsy Through Diet. Be sure to check out my other videos on brain health, including Reversing Cognitive DeclineImproving Mood Through Diet; and Constructing a Cognitive Portfolio

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Avoiding meat and other animal products can certainly reduce one’s risk of becoming infested with parasites, but may place one at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, which can have it’s own dire cognitive consequences. See Safest Source of B12 for the best way to get this critical vitamin. For more on pork tapeworm brain invasion, check out Pork Tapeworms on the Brain and Avoiding Epilepsy Through Diet. A sampling of 50+ videos on brain health include Reversing Cognitive Decline, Improving Mood Through Diet, and Constructing a Cognitive Portfolio. That’s just one of more than a thousand topics I cover!

    •  I really appreciate that you list these links here for more reading on similar subjects you’ve covered. Thanks

  • David Stewart

    What can you say about a case like the one cited above? She was right. How many others who believe they have a parasite are right? If having a parasite can trigger the belief that one has a parasite, then maybe it’s not a disease. Psychological theory can turn any behavior, or even belief, into neurosis or psychosis simply by giving it a name–witness “orthorexia nervosa.” Believing one has a parasite may just be an error–not a psychosis. 

  • Stefan Juhl M.D.

    We have a saying: Being paranoid is not the same as nobody is pursuing you…..

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      Stop following me already!  ;-}

      • Stefan Juhl M.D.

        Here`s Johnny !

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    I guess I will start to consider Pork worm as a cause for Morgellons Disease.
    ‘Crazy’ stuff ;-}

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    Speaking of brain diseases, I want everyone to read a fantastic blog from Dr. Greger regarding the recent discovery of Mad Cow (Prion) Disease from milk in California.  
    It’s important to keep this information in the forefront of our minds and keep the diseases out.

    Milk–It does not do a brain good! 

    • Stefan Juhl M.D.

      I think it was Dr Michael Klaper who said: You need cow`s milk as much as you need giraffe or rat milk. Milk is disgusting. Period!

  • anonymous

    I’d be interested in you guys doing a rebuttal on this:

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      I have seen that link before and some of the statements are clearly false and even ubsurd.  You can go to and type in Saturated Fat and Heart Disease or any other of the statements from FatHead and read the many articles that debunk the stated claims.

      • Stefan Juhl M.D.

        I think we still have one doctor in Denmark who claims that smoking is not unhealthy. You can say anything and back it up with junk-science or single cases. Many people want to hear that meat, fat, eggs, dairy and oils are good for you, so they “believe” in these fad diets. So keep up your good job and educate your patients Dr Dynamic! And you are right: Real science speaks loud and clear – if you want to live a long, vibrant and healthy life: Go vegan !

    • Stefan Juhl M.D.

      The problem is that a person who argues based on ignorance is invincible

    •  I spent over two hours watching this movie. Theme: eat bad (including McDonald’s), it’s actually good for you. I do the opposite of what this movie promotes, and my blood work is great. But hey, tell people what they want to hear and they don’t bother double-checking the sources, in which happen to come from the same circle of mostly non-MDs and non-scientists.

  • nomenclator

    Please. This makes no sense. If someone’s belief that they have parasites is caused by having parasites in their brain, then the belief that they have parasites is neither a delusion, nor a symptom of a psychosis. What IS a delusion, is the belief that such a person has a delusion. And the act of ascribing psychoses to them is stigmatization, not diagnosis.

    • nomenclator

      Ascribing psychosis to them is also projecting your own psychosis, onto someone else.

    • Very true! You can’t be delusional about having parasites if you actually have parasites…that part really makes no sense.

    • Rusti T Hauge

      The delusional part if the belief is that there are parasites crawling on her skin.