Does Marijuana Cause Health Problems?

Does Marijuana Cause Health Problems?
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Every year, cannabis is estimated to result in two million years of healthy life lost due to disability. How much is that compared to alcohol and tobacco?


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“The popular notion seems to be that marijuana is a harmless pleasure…” But what are the potential adverse effects of marijuana use? That’s not an easy question to answer. Most studies [to date have been] cross-sectional or rely on self-reported health.” Cross-sectional means a snapshot in time; and so, you don’t know which came first. Are people sick because they’re smoking marijuana, or are they smoking marijuana because they’re sick? And, if you just ask people how they are, pot smokers may be like: “I feel great!” even if they’re actually suffering from some health problem. “Few longitudinal studies” have been done—meaning studies done over time, using “objective” measures of health—until, now.

More than a thousand “individuals followed up from birth to age 38,…test[ing] associations between cannabis use over [decades] and multiple domains of physical health…” They looked at 12 health outcomes, and tobacco use “was associated with worse health for 8 of…12…,” from impaired lung function to systemic inflammation, and metabolic derangements. And, cannabis use was associated with—just gum disease. That’s it? “[C]annabis use was unrelated to other physical health problems.”

Now, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, and there may be other dental health problems associated with smoking marijuana, but when cannabis is described as “nefarious,” the first thing to come to mind is probably not gingivitis.

Is it possible that cannabis users are just living healthier-than-average lifestyles to counteract the effects of the drug? Like eating more fruits and vegetables, or maybe drinking less alcohol? No, neither are pot smokers exercising any more; and so, “[t]he absence of associations between cannabis use and poor physical midlife health could not be attributed to” any of these other things. So, maybe marijuana is just not that bad.

Heroin may increase your risk of dying, cocaine use may increase your risk of dying; but no association was found between mortality and marijuana. Now, they did just follow these folks until age 38. To find out what happens after that, we need to turn to Sweden, where they recently published “the longest [study ever] on cannabis and mortality:” 50,000 men “followed…up to around age 60.” About 30 years ago, when they first reported on this cohort, “no…significant excess mortality was found” among cannabis users, or abusers as they called them. But, back then, these men were in their 30s, like in that other study.

What happens when you follow them past middle age, when perhaps “the health-related detrimental effects” might begin to emerge? Those with “a history of heavy cannabis use” did end up having “a significantly higher risk of death”—a 40% higher risk of dying prematurely.

But, wait a second. I thought cannabis didn’t kill. Cocaine kills thousands of Americans every year, alcohol kills tens of thousands, and tobacco breaks the graph, wiping out hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. every year. But, marijuana doesn’t even make it onto the graph.

But, what they’re referring to is that “no deaths have been directly attributed to the acute physical toxicity of cannabis.” So, when some 19-year-old eats a cannabis cookie and then jumps “off a fourth floor balcony,” the direct cause of death was the fall. But, that doesn’t mean cannabis didn’t contribute.

It’s true that people don’t directly OD on cannabis like you can with opiates, which can shut down your breathing. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, for which a harmful dose may just be a few times larger than the prescribed dose, the “therapeutic index” for cannabis is like 40,000 to 1. Does that mean you could smoke like 40,000 joints without OD-ing? No; you may be able to smoke 2 million joints before a lethal overdose. Cannabis use contributes more to disease than death (in part because people aren’t injecting it), but “[t]he health-related harms of cannabis had never been quantified on a global scale”—until, 2013.

Every year, cannabis is estimated to result in two million years of healthy life lost due to disability. Now, this is tiny, compared to 100 million or so years attributed to alcohol or tobacco, but still results in a lot of pain and suffering.

But, what about our gum disease study? I thought the only physical health problems were dental in nature. Well, they were just looking at a specific set of health problems; they emphasize that the periodontal problems are in addition to all the other potential issues, like increased risk of “accidents and injuries, bronchitis, [heart attacks and strokes],…possibly, infectious diseases, and cancer, as well as [the] mental health concerns…” But, in terms of as a more direct cause of death, marijuana may be suspected in maybe hundreds of deaths over an eight-year period, whereas a single pharmaceutical drug—Viagra—was involved in thousands.

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Below is an approximation of this video’s audio content. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video.

“The popular notion seems to be that marijuana is a harmless pleasure…” But what are the potential adverse effects of marijuana use? That’s not an easy question to answer. Most studies [to date have been] cross-sectional or rely on self-reported health.” Cross-sectional means a snapshot in time; and so, you don’t know which came first. Are people sick because they’re smoking marijuana, or are they smoking marijuana because they’re sick? And, if you just ask people how they are, pot smokers may be like: “I feel great!” even if they’re actually suffering from some health problem. “Few longitudinal studies” have been done—meaning studies done over time, using “objective” measures of health—until, now.

More than a thousand “individuals followed up from birth to age 38,…test[ing] associations between cannabis use over [decades] and multiple domains of physical health…” They looked at 12 health outcomes, and tobacco use “was associated with worse health for 8 of…12…,” from impaired lung function to systemic inflammation, and metabolic derangements. And, cannabis use was associated with—just gum disease. That’s it? “[C]annabis use was unrelated to other physical health problems.”

Now, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, and there may be other dental health problems associated with smoking marijuana, but when cannabis is described as “nefarious,” the first thing to come to mind is probably not gingivitis.

Is it possible that cannabis users are just living healthier-than-average lifestyles to counteract the effects of the drug? Like eating more fruits and vegetables, or maybe drinking less alcohol? No, neither are pot smokers exercising any more; and so, “[t]he absence of associations between cannabis use and poor physical midlife health could not be attributed to” any of these other things. So, maybe marijuana is just not that bad.

Heroin may increase your risk of dying, cocaine use may increase your risk of dying; but no association was found between mortality and marijuana. Now, they did just follow these folks until age 38. To find out what happens after that, we need to turn to Sweden, where they recently published “the longest [study ever] on cannabis and mortality:” 50,000 men “followed…up to around age 60.” About 30 years ago, when they first reported on this cohort, “no…significant excess mortality was found” among cannabis users, or abusers as they called them. But, back then, these men were in their 30s, like in that other study.

What happens when you follow them past middle age, when perhaps “the health-related detrimental effects” might begin to emerge? Those with “a history of heavy cannabis use” did end up having “a significantly higher risk of death”—a 40% higher risk of dying prematurely.

But, wait a second. I thought cannabis didn’t kill. Cocaine kills thousands of Americans every year, alcohol kills tens of thousands, and tobacco breaks the graph, wiping out hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. every year. But, marijuana doesn’t even make it onto the graph.

But, what they’re referring to is that “no deaths have been directly attributed to the acute physical toxicity of cannabis.” So, when some 19-year-old eats a cannabis cookie and then jumps “off a fourth floor balcony,” the direct cause of death was the fall. But, that doesn’t mean cannabis didn’t contribute.

It’s true that people don’t directly OD on cannabis like you can with opiates, which can shut down your breathing. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, for which a harmful dose may just be a few times larger than the prescribed dose, the “therapeutic index” for cannabis is like 40,000 to 1. Does that mean you could smoke like 40,000 joints without OD-ing? No; you may be able to smoke 2 million joints before a lethal overdose. Cannabis use contributes more to disease than death (in part because people aren’t injecting it), but “[t]he health-related harms of cannabis had never been quantified on a global scale”—until, 2013.

Every year, cannabis is estimated to result in two million years of healthy life lost due to disability. Now, this is tiny, compared to 100 million or so years attributed to alcohol or tobacco, but still results in a lot of pain and suffering.

But, what about our gum disease study? I thought the only physical health problems were dental in nature. Well, they were just looking at a specific set of health problems; they emphasize that the periodontal problems are in addition to all the other potential issues, like increased risk of “accidents and injuries, bronchitis, [heart attacks and strokes],…possibly, infectious diseases, and cancer, as well as [the] mental health concerns…” But, in terms of as a more direct cause of death, marijuana may be suspected in maybe hundreds of deaths over an eight-year period, whereas a single pharmaceutical drug—Viagra—was involved in thousands.

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    1. Since ten times more people die from consuming pharmaceutical drugs as directed than from street drugs, let’s pass a law against Big Pharma.

      1. Maybe we could determine the number of mass shootings that have been committed on marijuana compared to mass shootings committed on SSRIs. ? Apparently the pharma industry has hidden the fact that SSRIs can lead to suicidal ideation and murder. Every school shooter has been on SSRIs.

        1. Te media who they influence in many manner but in the majority as they use it to advertise their big pharma products is complicit in our not knowing the darker side of prescription meds. Only one other country to my knowledge allows such gross advertiseing by pharma to occur.
          How can they do a significant thing of reporting if a big chunk of revenue from advertiseing will be withdrawn if they focus on the dark side of their products?

          1. Maybe if we got Big Pharma to get a piece of the pot pie money, then we could spread the good news on television through intensive advertisement like they do for their drugs, and this will help to “chill” the country.

  1. Wonder if there are any associations between marijuana use and mental health issues. I had understood that use of marijuana, particularly in the teenage years, can trigger conditions such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia etc. in those susceptible. Would appreciate any direction as to whether there are studies in this area or if this was unfounded. Thanks.

    1. I have seen it estimated that 20% of humans do not have ability to metabolize the chemicals in marijuana, and when
      they use it it becomes harmful. Something in their livers and or blood stream can not process it in a healthy way, and
      this might then directly result in illness, specifically mental illness.

      I know of no shortage of people who have had their lives single-handedly altered towards mental illness due to
      smoking pot. Yes, maybe they were predisposed to the illness, but without the ingestion of pot it may have remained

      What should worry us most, I think, is that people of all ages are now smoking marijuana out of electronic-vapor devices,
      and most bystanders just assume these people are smoking nicotine/electronic cigarettes. Nope. Marijuana in many of
      them, as well as other drugs, some hard-core……..and the public in the vicinity is breathing in this second-hand vapor that
      the users exhales. Scary. Little kids out in public, breathing in these drugs in restaurants, libraries, etc., the users puffing
      away at will.

      1. where I am from half of teens have been admitting to trying cannabis at least once for many years despite legality and you need to be more worried about second hand tobacco, it contains polonium.

        1. Ben, do you know how polonium got into the cigarettes? Is it naturally there or if it’s an additive? (…just thinking of all the years I was a second-hand breather of cigarette smoke in work environments….)

      2. I don’t believe you know countless people who have had mental illness due to smoking cannabis. Let’s just say that you’re exaggerating. I’m an old hippie (77) who over the years lived communally with several dozen people, almost all were pot smokers. Only one had mental illness, chronic depression.

        1. Hi Joseph. I personally know about half a dozen daily marijuana smokers who have panic attacks if they don’t get their daily fix. When I questioned them about it after noticing the pattern, none of them had anxiety issues before they started smoking. On the other hand, I know a few daily smokers who successfully treat their chronic pain with marijuana instead of opiods so I see is as a mixed bag of effects. Just my second-hand experience with it.

          1. What are the symptoms of their “panic attacks”? Is it akin to dashing out the door at 2 am in a snow storm to get a pint of ice cream? Or is it akin to writhing in a fetal position?

            1. Ummm, no Joseph. It’s not them getting the munchies- they’re panic attacks. For example one of those people got sent home from work and another left work early because they couldn’t function or do their job anymore panic attacks.

              1. Panic attacks. Would you also call them bouts of anxiety? They’re pretty uncomfortable, and can be very confusing. I’ve had those, but when I do I talk myself down. It’s all about thoughts, and reason can help keep it moderated. But they go away in a few hours. This isn’t mental illness.

                1. I’ll let you argue with the American Psychological Association about what is and what isn’t mental illness. Not my circus and also not my monkeys.

                  The point is, which you are ignoring, is that they didn’t have these issues before they started smoking marijuana.

                  1. I’ve responded to that argument two or three times on this forum. I’ll do it again, but more thoroughly. Post Ergo Propter Hoc has been a fallacy for some 250 years. It’s Latin for “After This Therefore Because of This”.
                    That Y repeatedly follows X may indicate an association or what is stronger, a correlation. But the rule for causation is that it may only be shown when a connection between X and Y is observed. To develop systems for establishing a valid connection, science (all science, not just medicinal) developed strict rules and methods of controlled testing, which Dr. Greger has often cited in his blogs. Without them we’d be flying as blind as they did before the Enlightenment.

                2. I would agree. Most anxiety appears to be based in fear. Social anxiety, worry, fear of speaking in public, etc. I talk myself down too. It’s not one hundred percent effective, but it works most of the time.

                  1. Hi Smilee! My anxiety is rooted in self-esteem issues, and it’s sometimes exacerbated by THC. I’ve noticed that it’s gotten worse as I’ve grown old.
                    Again, I’m 77. So I vape CBD’s now because it relaxes anxiety. I’ve found that ACDC relaxes anxiety without numbing the body or mind. I think it’s because it’s a sativa not an indica.

          2. I know this guy who started smoking marijuana, I think he called it Acapulco Gold, or something like that, anyhow it made him really paranoid. He stopped smoking it and eventually over a period of time his paranoia went away.

            1. The term paranoia is used colloquially and far too often mentioned in connection with cannabis. What’s really happening is low self-esteem issues may be exacerbated by strong doses of THC. When that happens one can feel extremely self conscious, “weirded out”, and believe that others are noticing it. It can happen with any psychedelic. It’s vaguely similar to paranoia, but only in the sense that you feel like the center of attention in a bad way. And many of the current popular strains are heavily laden with THC. Those with self-esteem issues who also enjoy cannabis may do well with Eastern strains with stronger CBD’s.

                1. I didn’t say that paranoia is a self-esteem problem. I said that the two are often conflated when people talk about the effects of cannabis. The term paranoia is often used colloquially.

                  1. We all know what paranoia is. We don’t need your flowery confabulated definition of it skewed to rationalize the use of marijuana in order to experience a little altered state of consciousness.

                    1. Relax dude. Take a bud and get laid. This guy was very accurate in his explanations. It’s you who are projecting a bad inner mood.
                      We love you back!

                    2. I do not have a bad inner mood. I am just warning people without success that the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to smoking marijuana for the puposes of getting high may not be beneficial to their health or those around them. Do you ever smoke marijuana and drive at the same time?
                      Did you know that recent research shows that smoking marijuana raises one’s risk for Alzheimer’s Disease as they age? Anyhow, the more people that get high on marijuana the less competition for those who lead a healthy life of proper nutrition and exercise when applying for jobs, passing courses in college, and expending ENERGY to achieve economic success.

                    3. The limitations that Schedule 1 places on the scientific community means that the conclusions from studies done on cannabis aren’t sound, but iffy, and quite questionable. We can’t rely on them. Let’s agree to take cannabis off of Schedule 1 so that science can have a real go at it. Then we may know what we’re talking about.

                    4. Tank girl: You are funny. Made me laugh.

                      I grew up in BC (Better Cannabis, ahem I mean British Columbia) in the 70s and pot use was rampant. Although illegal it was much easier to get than booze. Yes I smoked it but got bored with it and quit in my early 20s. The biggest problem I noticed both personally and in others was lethargy & apathy. Never saw or even heard of anyone getting panic attacks or paranoia episodes.

                      As a teen I also read “Brave New World” and always thought of pot as “Soma” since then. I wondered why it took the governments this long to legalise it.

      3. Wow, Nature, what kind of people do you hang out with? Wow! How do you meet “…no shortage of people who have had their lives single-handedly altered towards mental illness due to smoking pot.” I’ve ever met any. Is this ‘nature’s” marijuana, as people used in the 60s? Or is it the ‘new, improved, bred for intensity” marijuana, adjusted for the biggest bang for your buck”? I hear things have changed over time.

        1. Legal pot shops have all sorts of pot available with differing intensities. Basically you tell the shop owner or employee what you want and they advise you on the brand best suited. You can still buy pot that gets you totally blatto but that is usually the edibles. Most smoked pot in stores produces a mild tranquilizing effect.

        1. Hello Amanda,

          check out also Hari’s new book “Lost Connections” turns on its head what we think we know about mental health.

          Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as …

        2. I’ve seen mentally ill people who also smoke pot sometimes to manage their overt symptoms. Alcohol as well.
          Had a friend who was homeless a bit ago who managed what was clearly manic depression/bipolar…with alcohol.
          The use of illegal drugs or alcohol may correspond with mental illness but not be causative factors. Keep in mind in any one year it is estimated at least 10 percent or excess of americans are being treated for mental illness to include depression.

          1. The latest figure I heard was that ONE in FOUR Americans has some degree of mental illness which could range from mild depression to full blown schizophrenia. It will be interesting to see the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states and the national acceptance of smoking weed. It would be funny to see police officers smoking weed while having a donut at Krespy Kreme donut shop compared to the days when they used to arrest people. It will be funny to see politicians clamoring for the legalization of pot, when just a few years ago, the democrats hammered George Bush Jr. during his campaign for president for smoking pot. On the other side of the coin, it will be funny to watch Republican conservatives smoking pot while just a few years ago they hammered Bill Clinton who said that he never inhaled. Maybe the national acceptance and advocacy for smoking pot will help to demilitarize the world, and make the world a safer place. Like they say, “make peace, not war”. Perhaps, the nationalization of pot will bring in the New Age of Aquarius. A land filled with love.

            1. Toughly 18% are taking what are called psychiatric drugs at least once in a years time as per a study published in a medical journal but reported by CNN a few years back.

              I would not hold my breath on peace breaking out. Most recreational use of marijuana in states that have legalized I,t is simply to relax after a days work or on the weekend. Similar in a lot of ways to alcohol use.

              A few take it for life changing experiences and select very potent brands usually edibles but they are a very small minority.

      4. Give me a break. Chemtrails permeating the air with god knows what, water polluted with nuclear fallout and this dumb ass country is still worried about a beneficial plant we have receptors for in our brain.

      5. The likelihood of getting any actual concentration of contaminants from second hand vape is beyond low. It would require you or your kids to be stuck in a car for an hour while 4 people vaped their heads off. If you walk by a few people and smell cannabis vape, that is not enough contamination to do any harm whatsoever. Again, if you don’t even feel the effects of cannabis, the likelihood that there is enough of the stuff in your body to do harm is next to nothing.

    2. Go and talk to recovered addicts….some of them will tell you firsthand that marijuana caused in them mental illness. Not everyone
      is safe from this drug. Apparently some people are fine with it, but in some it alters the homeostasis of our body’s nervous system,
      possibly forever. Even after using only one or two times. Really seems like russian roulette for teenagers. And now it is legal!
      The people who advocate for pot fail to accept that this drug is not safe for everyone.

      1. Sounds like hearsay. I’m betting that in most of the cases the “kids” and their backgrounds I.e. family situations, would be suspect to any and all causes of said problems. And when things go wrong is easier to blame than to face reality.

        1. You’re wrong, my life was perfectly fine and happy until I smoked cannabis at the age of 17. Just one spliff and boom, 2 years of torture. I’ve recovered but others have ended their lives because it’s been so unbearable. I’ve seen it happen to friends and to friends of friends, and it ain’t no coincidence I can assure you.

          1. Thanks for your testimony Darrell. Pro marijuana activists make smoking marijuana to be absolutely harmless. I have seen first hand how it has destroyed the lives of teenagers in my neighborhood. I believe that marijuana is going to harm everyone to some degree. It may only harm some a very small amount, but then others may have great difficulties such as memory loss, inability to communicate effectively with speech, reduced reflexes, and maybe even mental problems like paranoia and anxiety.

            I would like to see tests done between a group of people who have smoked a complete marijuana joint and a group of people who never smoke marijuana.
            Let’s test the two groups in the area of reflexes. Who has the fastest reflexes. Let’s test them on memory retention tests. Let’s test them on the ability to stay focused on a jet airliner practice module. There are a lot of mental and physical tests we can do to compare non-smoking individuals to long term pot heads. Let’s see what the numbers prove.

            1. I hear there is old fashioned marijuana, cannabis, and then there is MARIJUANA that is more akin to speed or other drugs, and it is fairly recent on the scene. Do you know anything about the shift in ‘brands’ of marijuana? The old-fashioned kind was pretty mild… and the new fangled kind is totally intense. My neighbors 5 years ago, used to use a very intense form of marijuana that I could smell all the way into my condo and it had a very bad effect on me. I never experienced that kind of side smoke in the olden days – in the 60s. I am not a ‘user’ because I never liked being non-sober. But I sure could tell that something had changed between the 60s and 2010+, just from the odor.

              1. In the 60s and 70s the marijuana was just weed. Then “they” started breeding it to be a much stronger strain. Now I call it super hi-octane. Nothing like what was available. They have made it way toooooo strong.

                1. Not true. Yes the plants have become higher THC but we had hashish in the 70s that was as strong as anything made today. The extracts and plants are very potent today so the motto is “start low, go slow” to see what effect you get at different dosage levels. A lot of people just ignore that advice and end up doing way too much.

                  1. The hash in the 70’s was condensed. Except for Afghani hash it was often quite strong. We used to eat it and stay high all day. But it paled in comparison to today’s precision cultivation.

                  2. FYI, traditionally the cannabis grown for hashish had always been roughly 1:1 CBD to THC. Due to popular demand, most cannabis strains of today are cultured to yield a much greater % of THC to CBD. As I get older I’m preferring a greater % of CBD to THC. It’s great for inflammation, recovery from workouts, and anxiety.

                2. In the legal market one chooses the brand that meets what they want to do. Some are strong but some are very mild. Edibles tend to the strong side.

              2. Legal pot has any and all varieties of potency available from a mild tranquilizer effect to totally blotto.
                The edibles are the ones to usually produce a blotto effect.

                Back in my day pot was cut with any number of substances to produce a blotto effect. Why…to sell more as that is what kids wanted back then where I lived.

        1. To say that MOST adults take psychoactive pharmaceuticals is RIDICULOUS. Most???
          As an aside, I can’t believe that inhaling smoke is healthy.
          You won’t find me shuffling through Walmart in fleece pajama pants, a tee shirt that says Juicy and wearing Crocs. THAT should be illegal.

          1. As for “most” Americans taking psychoactive pharmaceuticals, I think that stat comes from a generalization of the statistic that the known side-effects, as well as the intended use of many prescription drugs, includes a mood-altering indication (e.g. medications prescribed for depression are also prescribed for some physical conditions.)
            The real “fear” around Marijuana is a nearly “free” chemical that has medicinal properties.
            The big pharma lobby shops are protecting a billion dollar industry.
            This is a USA pandemic — a lot of people sick because of the disease of lobbyists, corrupt lawmakers and a government gone to the dogs.

          2. From CNN 2013…”(CNN)About one in six American adults took a psychiatric drug — most often antidepressants, sedatives or antipsychotics — at least once during 2013, according to a new research letter published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

            1. The more drugged up people become in America, the easier it is for people who are clean, eat whole plant food diet, exercise, and take no drugs of any kind to compete with these people for promotions, jobs, academic achievement, and economic success in America.

      2. Teenagers should not use pot there is little doubt about that.
        In Colorado where it is legal since 2014 underage use has in fact gone down. Some of the mystique of pot is as a teenager its illegal status. Remove that and one removes a bit of the push to try it.

      3. There sure are a lot of misinformed,uninformed ignorant and hateful people on here that obviously know nothing about cannabis, but like nutrition propaganda, they spout off what they’ve heard on the local news, in their church and from other people who know nothing about what they speak.
        Has their even been another plant on earth that is so beneficial and yet so maligned?
        I challenge anybody on here to watch a youtube video of a child suffering seizures and then helped by cannabis, and then turn around and say it should be illegal? Just try to keep a dry eye, let alone deny it to anyone.
        I a

    3. i personally was using cannabis to treat IBS GERD CVS as a teen due to fear of all the pharmaceuticals I had been taking / continued to be prescribed and it worked but I had a bit of a mental break down and flunked out of university so I lost about a year to that but I feel like I would have lost a lot more if I continued down the pharmacare path and being off the cannabis for 2 years allowed my brain to continue to develop normally and now I’m above average intelligence with a psychology degree. Switching from smoking to vaping or eating made a huge impact on my life and actually I did get into 1 car crash but it was on a day I wasn’t using any and had more to do with poor car maintenance from being poor. A friend of mine did get bronchitis from it and he lost a solid 5 months of his life to that so we both smartened up and no longer smoke. I think if you are predisposed to schizophrenia and clinical depression most of that happens before you even turn 5 years old and is related to some epigenetic links and non cannabis type drugs or stress experiences will be more likely to trigger them than cannabis. I was just put on a medical cannabis program so I can be studied more effectively and I’m glad I did because a lot of the drugs I was taking as a teen have now been banned for killing people or are linked to mental health problems and serious cognitive decline in late adulthood.

    4. According to a main stream documentary in Canada released 10 years ago there is a genetic factor but it seems to be related with heavy addiction as well as having the rare phenotype, if you find people who are seeking out more than 20+$ of cannabis a day in their teen years it is a sign they may start experiencing extreme hallucinations soon. For a specific case from the documentary it said one teen who became schizophrenic with the rare phenotype was using upwards of 35$ a day. My personal number is 1-3$ a day even as an undisciplined pleasure seeking teen.

    5. Do you have studies that you looked at for that?

      I do know people who started off pot smokers and ended up with such mental health problems, including schizophrenia and remember hearing doctors going into a which came first the chicken or the egg scenario.

      The people’s personality didn’t change until the pot, but was the change because of pot or were they turning to pot to comfort themselves, because of emerging mental health issues?

      It must be challenging to figure that out.

      Looking at the brain scans of people with schizophrenia and the brain scans of people who smoke pot, I am not sure if they can just put the two scans together and see something in common?

      1. One of the big problems with this speculation about teens, marijuana and mental illness is that schizophrenia usually presents between age 15 and 25. This is true in people who use or don’t use marijuana and has to do with brain development at that time of life. So does marijuana tip some people into mental illness? Do some people self-treat mental illness with marijuana? These are questions, not statements.

        I personally want marijuana legalized so it is available to me to treat pain and auto-immune issues if I need it as I grow older, since I cannot take opioids. I want an open market because that’s the only way we will get organic growers of varying types of marijuana. I have no interest in the current street version and haven’t for decades. For one thing, I can’t figure out why anyone who takes the trouble to eat an organic plant-based diet would go anywhere near illegally but commercially grown marijuana – they not only use loads of pesticides and herbicides, they often use chemicals that are illegal on food crops. Who knows what stabilizers they use for shipping? We are talking about a very contaminated product here – I would guess much worse than mercury in fish! Those problems teens are having – pesticide or the marijuana? As long as it’s illegal, no one will check.

        1. Even if it is legal, Big Business will still add protective chemicals, stabilizers, pesticides, and the such to their money making product in order to extend the shelf life. But, your wish will come true. Pot will become legal in all 50 states. Soros, the Russians, the far left, and the Chinese will clandestinely pour money into this campaign to make it happen.

        2. Or if it is even pot. Back in the day to boost its force and then sales it would be cut with anything under the sun. The more blotto you got the better stuff it was…. so the more you could charge.Could be pure oregano with a swash of angel dust thrown in…who was to know?

          1. You sir, no nothing about which you speak. Just out of curiosity, how would go about doing this cutting/adding, considering that smoked cannabis, in case you didn’t know, which you obviously don’t, comes as tight dried buds which have to be crushed and ground up to be smoked.
            So maybe you could elucidate to the folks out there how this adulterating took place.
            I thought not. Maybe in the future just keep your reefer madness to your self and people will probably stop thinking less about you and may even listen to what you have to say.

    6. My own use of cannabis promoted less mental health issues that have contributed to a much better outlook when compared to the terrible effects of alcohol or tobacco use combined or by themselves. At 68 years of age I find a small amount of it during the year beats using any pharmaceutical drugs for chronic pain or mental issues, but this is something that Pharma doesn’t support or promote with its campaign contributions pipeline that allows their opinions and viewpoints over first hand opinions from those benefiting from non-Pharma drugs that include harmful side effects.

        1. Hey Navy, it is called marinol or biotrial, neither of which came close to the real thing. Just like those who try to get their nutrition in a pill form, they find it’s just not as good as the real thing which is much more complex.
          So now of course big pharma is against cannabis and when you watch the youtube videos of children suffering from seizures and helped by cannabis, but unable to access it because of behind the scenes lobbying of industries like big pharma that are scared of losing profit, you realize that their lack of caring and compassion is on a level only understood by the worst of the worst in our society.

    7. Normally I ignore questions about possible negative effects of cannabis. That’s because whenever the “effects of cannabis” are questioned, it’s usually an inquiry over negative effects. Positive effects of usage are only questioned in physical-medical terms.
      That said, there is one negative effect that applies only to some people, and it’s psychological. Some suffer anxiety when they ingest high levels of THC, whereas strains with high levels of CBD’s may calm their anxieties. People who have little or no anxiety in the first place don’t have any such problem. But if you’re one with low self-worth issues, THC will bring you face-to-face with them. It can be scary, it can be therapeutic, or it can be quite uncomfortable with little compensating effects that are beneficial. Many have tried pot, got terrified, and said: “it’s not my drug”. Perhaps they didn’t want to face their anxieties. It can be edgy.
      Joseph in Missoula

      1. Correction: I had written “low self worth issues” but meant to say low self-esteem issues. They’re different.
        Joseph in Missoula

      2. If you are reasonably intelligent…..MJ and some other drugs can “wake you up”. If you are awake…you are not a good candidate for the Borg military/industrial machine? This upsets the Borg. They need people with an avg IQ or somewhat above…but not bright enough to see the bigger picture.

        If you have a lower IQ and/or emotional issues…you might use drugs to make it all go away. These are the people that have issues.

      3. How many studies on legality and anxiety? Tough not to feel anxiety when every cop in the land wants to throw you in jail for ingesting.

    8. Hi Vicki!
      I ordered Dr. Gregor’s cannabis videos when they first came out, he DOES address this eventually and the answer is that these claims are NOT UNFOUNDED. It’s my understanding that more studies should be done but there is a link between cannabis use in teens (users under 25, because the brain is not done developing) and psychotic disorders that are irreversible (though still treatable with medicine…but you then have to be on meds for the rest of your life). I work with several psychiatric nurse practitioners who work with teens and report that in certain cases they believe pot use has triggered bi-polar disorder and schizoaffective disorder in some patients.

      1. adding to last comment: these teens have no family history of mood disorders or psychosis, which makes pot more suspect. In general, these are wealthy families with kids in good schools. I live in a state where pot is legal.

        1. Tom has thankfully provided a link to a national academy of science report on these studies. Be advised you must read the entire document to understand the qualifications and all is under the purview of incomplete as it may not be studied in depth in light of pots schedule 1 classification….
          It is not beneficial to just cherry pick the study. It is not produced for that aim.

      2. Thanks Jessica. Marijuana will be legal in Canada this year and while its distribution will be controlled and age restrictions will be in place, I am concerned that it will now be “normalized” to an age group (and their parents, community) without an adequate understanding of potential long term, even permanent effects. We have done the same with alcohol and gambling–allow it and promote it for its health or entertainment value then treat the suseptible people who fall through the cracks–people who may not have tried these things if it hadn’t become socially acceptable and unbiased science-based information had been more available.

        1. Vicki teen age times are often times of rebellion. KIds can rebel through taking illegal substances. Colorado as of now shows a actual decrease in the use of pot by those underage. This is a now known by study they funded in part by tax money from pot. It is a bit early to show definitive conclusion as they have only had legal pot for a few years.
          The American experience with prohibition a time when they tried to outlaw it, did nothing to stop use. It did create a illegal corporate underground which did not subside when the americans realized error and withdrew the amendment that prohibited it.
          Attempt at illegalization was a complete total failure in every single regard.Not directly parallel to pot but is has relevence.

          1. But, don’t you think we should encourage teenagers to smoke pot, because it will help them to get over the stresses of being a teenager. It will help to curb their anger, anxiety. Plus, from what you say, pot makes people more creative. Perhaps pot will help them to make better grades in school.
            I saw one study that says that smoking pot increases your I.Q. by ten points.

      3. If I have learned nothing else from Dr. Gregor it is the fact that hearsay and anecdotal evidence is not the way to make decisions on things you put in your body.

    9. Tom a bit longer on in the conversation has provided a link to a national academy of science study on this. Basically they state overall most conclusive statements cannot be made as the role of pot as a category 1 drug prevents much of the study from being performed.
      They make one definitive conclusion…pot may cause more traffic deaths. Pot for teenagers it appears connected but the conclusion reached is possible not probable.
      By my take I read the connection as corresponding not cause but that is a personal opinion. Kids may tend to use pot if they are having difficulty of the psychological kind. Rather than the inverse, kids who use pot tend to have psychological problems caused by pot.
      More study is needed to make a definitive conclusion on these type questions the study affirms.

  2. I take 500 mcg of Tikosyn (dofetilide) twice daily to control my heart rhythm. Without it I go into fibrillation, my heart rate goes to 180 and my blood pressure goes to 170/110. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)such as aspirin and ibuprofen and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such s Prozac and Zoloft change one’s QT interval. So I can take neither NSAIDs nor SSRIs. Marijuana changes the QT interval so I cannot have it either.

  3. Your entire focus to date has been on the negative effects of marijuana. Nothing was said about how the drug was used. I’m guessing that almost all of these users smoked the weed. But what about all the supposed positive effects of CBD? It would be nice to know what studies have been done to verify (or not) the positive uses and verified effects of CBD.

  4. Just a note to mention that this is the first video on Nutrition Facts that has displayed the message:

    “Your browser does not currently recognise any of the video formats available”

    Hopefully it’s a glitch of some kind and all future videos will be accessible. Otherwise, please change back to the format you were uploading before today.

    1. The powers that be do not want you to see this video….please…step away from your computer while they readjust things…when you wake up you will have forgotten this incident….

    2. Hi Nigel, did you try refreshing your browser? The formats of our videos haven’t changed, so it might have just been something temporary. If you’re still experiencing problems, please email our support team using the green button on the bottom right of this page. Thanks!

  5. A circuitous route through decades of research across the world to arrive at solid evidence to support the popular opinion that weed is 99.99% harmless, but Darwin will prevail. Don’t smoke it, don’t smoke anything, but Marijuana is harmless. Use it conscientiously in other forms. THC and CBD in various forms (e.g. Oil) is directly linked to recovery from some types of cancer. There’s also the observable benefit of a reduction in nausea and improved physical condition (mobility, digestion, bowel movement.) .

    1. WOW- don’t say the so confidently! Do you know how and why cannabis effects us? Especially for younger people, there are potential SERIOUS LIFE ALTERING CONSEQUENCES. Edibles are AS STRONG OR STRONGER than inhaled weed and the person taking them has a MUCH HARDER TIME knowing if they’ve had enough/too much.
      I’m not “against” pot, but don’t go around telling people there aren’t consequences if you don’t inhale.

      1. Edibles in legal pot shops are actually the most potent type of pot.

        But typically in a legal pot shop one tells the attendant what one wants and the attendent leads one through the buying options and strengths to meet your need.
        Some are for fun, some to relax some to aid concentration some to produce a totally blotto state.

  6. Please remember that all of those studies focused on smoked cannabis. Untested, pesticide-laden, fungicide-laden and smoked. Smoking anything creates adverse effects, especially long term. Carcinogenic effects. Fibrotic effects. Et cetera… Currently, a rapidly growing number of patients are using oral forms, carefully lab tested for potency and purity so a whole new look is justified. Also, there are many who have had real disease, including mental illness, who have discovered they function better and feel better, and many now with blood tests confirming therapeutic effects, especially with autoimmune diseases, who had been doggedly self-medicating *without any medical provider guidance* and are only now beginning to be understood to have conditions where certain combinations of cannabinoids may be helpful. The pre-clinical research is actually incredibly promising. But the lag in human research is unforgivable. It is still prohibited and almost impossible to conduct. So we are left with these studies where people were smoking and smoking, also probably not being honest with whatever else they were smoking or using. Add in that those who found cannabis helpful for them, were then often pushed into a fringe society due to stigma. Even the oft-quoted 9% addiction risk, is skewed because when someone was illegally using cannabis, they were often presented with either accepting a legal penalty, job loss, et cetera, *unless* they said they were addicted and went into rehab programs to stay out of jail or keep their job. It is fascinating when one looks at much of the older addiction research where they looked at genetic variants and found that some of those “addicted” who had a difficult time stopping their use of cannabis, actually have genetic variants say, in the FAAH gene which would mean their own endogenous cannabinoid called anandamide (which THC mimics quite closely) were lower. Lower anandamide levels were also found in many women who suffered long term depression. So there are actually people with genetic variants that lead to lower anandamide levels, either due to poor lipid metabolism and synthesis (Cystic fibrosis is one) or FAAH overproduction (which degrades anandamide) and much more. It will take years for the research to provide answers, especially under the current prohibition and Federal confusion which paralyzes research. But the pre-clinical research is moving forward, mostly outside of the US. We currently have a bizarre situation where a young woman with HIV, who uses cannabis to help her with stress and to also reduce symptoms of her condition, who was threatened with loss of custody of her child if she did not stop using cannabis, who willingly stopped and then her mental condition deteriorated as her HIV/AIDS began to affect her neurological function — something that cannabinoids are showing great promise in reducing or preventing — or at least slowing. But the law is the law, and the understanding among physicians is generally zero. I thank you for your efforts to dig deeply into the research and share rational interpretations. But here is just one recent pre-clinical research article conducted to clarify how THC may actually be used to shift the T1/T2 axis and reduce even T17 cells and associated cytokines, which are such a problem with autoimmune diseases ranging from thyroid disease all the way to Graft Versus Host disease. Looking at this as actual medicine will help us move forward. There will be much continued confusion for a while but we will be able to sort out benefits and risks much more accurately and quit just focusing on those that choose to overdose or smoke, smoke, smoke and suffer from the detrimental effects of the burnt plant and paper materials. For those who are using it orally, and with careful dosing and making sure there is CBD to help buffer the psychoactivity and possibly actually be capable of negating the hippocampal effects we commonly associate with THC use, the situation is appearing quite different from studies like this. Time will tell, but only if we begin to allow for rigourous research to proceed. Thank you Dr. Gregor

    1. And thank you Kristen for your well researched, science based contribution to this discussion! There is such a great need for better education on the benefits of this important plant, and you have accurately provided some keen insights into an emotionally charged issue!

    2. All true Kristin..go into any pot shop in Colorado and there are hundreds and one will find at least five methods of administration for pot. Some containing THC and some not.
      Any long term studies consided one form and only one form…smoke, as long term 20 years plus…that was all there was, smoked or eaten. Smoke by predominance at least 100 to one.
      Any toxic effects found may indeed be long term the effects of smoking anything. The powers that be will cling to any straw in the storm however any thing which even hints at detrimient..

  7. I am amazed anybody would advocate for an addiction at all, be it smoking, drinking, marijuana, prescription drugs, soft drinks, chocolate, pornography, anything. There is no good addiction, period. Once one becomes dependent on anything, one is in trouble (either mental or physical or both).

    Marijuana seems to alleviate chemo side effects, some psychotic states and other diseases; therefore, it should be legal as part of a medical treatment and sold just like any other controlled prescription drug, at your local pharmacy under the responsibility of a prescribing doctor and pharmacist.

    Now they make marijuana a legal recreational drug so millions of teens and adults may enjoy getting high. They should read good books instead. But I suppose it is all about freedom to do whatever one wants. It trumps reason and common sense.

    1. Apparently, marijuana in uncooked form doesn’t get you high, but is an extremely healthy vegetable. You might even call it a whole, plant food.. I live in a state where it is legal, so one of these days I’m going to try it. Apparently, it doesn’t taste too good, but I’ve managed to get amla, natto, matcha, horsetail, raw garlic, and several other bad tasting healthy whole foods into my diet, so I’ll probably manage a way with this one too. I might try a smoothie.

      1. I think it may still John and advise only a tiny bit if I was giving it a try. Hemp is the father to marijuana and it is used for all sorts of things. I use hemp oil as its nutritional profile is favorable like flax. Hemp seeds are very nutritious. It makes for fine rope as well and paper.
        They will make you fail drug tests however. So keep the wrappers around to show why a false read to the doc.

        1. So, if marijuana is so wonderful….why do businesses do drug tests and if you have traces of marijuana in your blood they will not hire you or they will fire you. What are companies afraid of if an employee smokes marijuana. Companies are looking at the bottom line. What makes companies prejudice against marijuana? Could it be that companies think that if a person is taking marijuana they might also be taking crack or cocain. No of course not, because all pro marijuana people say that marijuana is NOT A GATEWAY DRUG. ( sarcasm ).

          1. If you look into the “gateway drug” issue more than scratching the surface you will see one of 2 outcomes.
            1) There is no gateway drug.
            2) All junkies start with cigs or booze. So called researchers stopped listing alcohol or tobacco when it showed that those 2 accounted for 100% and that wasn’t the result they wanted.

            So if there is a gateway drug it is tobacco or alcohol

            1. One premise of the “gateway drug” argument was the claim that cannabis use preceded the use of hard drugs. A second premise was the claim that “pushers” dealt an array of illegal drugs — like a leather salesman selling leather hats and leather belts. Hence, when a 15 year old girl associates with a cannabis “pusher”, she ipso facto, gets exposed to the heroin “pusher”. And the next thing you know, she’s on the streets selling herself.

            2. Thanks TRM. I am glad to hear that nobody who smokes pot never goes on to do cocain, designer drugs, meth, angel dust, or H. Good to know that. I guess I can safely know now that the teenagers in my neighborhood who smoke pot will never go beyond that. Good to know.

      2. Correct. The plant has acidic forms (THCA & CBDA) neither of which will get you high and both have therapeutic potential. It is only when heated that it changes to THC & CBD. Only the THC gets you high.

        1. Don’t want anyone to inadvertently get high here…from a knowledgeable source ;) Maryjane news…
          The debate over eating raw weed has been going on for years. Both sides have been argued pretty hard, so I’m going to shed some light on the subject once and for all.
          In short, yes you can get high from eating raw weed. BUT, it’s probably the absolute worst way to ingest marijuana if your aim is to get high. You are going to have to use wayyyy more marijuana to experience the same high as opposed to smoking or cooking edibles. You would probably need around an 1/8 of high quality bud to feel much of an effect. At that amount, you’re much better off using that 1/8 to last multiple smoke sessions instead of wasting it all at one time.”

    2. No offenes Carolina…the problems cause one to addict. So a thing surfaces. If not pot alcohol. If not Alcohol Heroin.. If not heroin perhaps porn…but the problem is not the substances but the problem. The substances only attempt to fill in the hole.

    3. Carolina so far at least in Colorado teen use has gone down since legalization. It is to early yet to say it will continue or not but that is it currently.
      Alcohol prohibition earlier in the American experience did not stop use of alcohol and in fact established a entrenched illegal groupings of gang type families which we still contend with to this day. The Mexican cartels are their present equilivent with pot.

  8. My husband is 71 with heart failure. He also has chronic pain (neuropathy and osteoarthritis) so we looked in to marijuana for chronic pain so he could get off pain meds. In research that I found online, there is noted evidence of reduced contractility of the heart with marijuana use, so since his heart function is already bad and he has a pacemaker, we decided it was too risky.

    1. So I decided to create this little guide to make that answer very clear and simple. Here’s what the cure is: take these seven simple steps:

      CoQ10: This is nutrient works wonders to energize the heart, reduce oxidized fat in blood vessels, and destroy free radicals lurking in the heart. This nutrient alone helps 50% of my patients get high blood pressure back to normal. And did you know that the majority of people with heart disease are deficient in CoQ10?1
      To heal and energize your heart, take 50 mg a day of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 (it’s eight times more powerful than the old ubiquinone form). Because CoQ10 is a fat-soluble nutrient, take it with fat like cod liver oil, Sacha Inchi oil, almond butter or olive oil to make sure it’s absorbed well.

      L-Carnitine: Every form of life depends on carnitine for energy production within cells. And in your heart, carnitine reduces arterial plaque, lowers LDL and raises HDL, for both healthy people and those with heart disease.
      You get carnitine from eating red meat and natural dairy products, but if you don’t eat enough, you’ll want to take at least 500 mg of L-carnitine as a supplement every day. It’s important to take the L-carnitine form and not the synthetic D,L-carnitine, which interferes with the natural action of carnitine.

      L-Arginine: This naturally occurring amino acid improves blood flow because it breaks down into nitric oxide, which helps dilate your blood vessels and keep them flexible so you can have normal blood pressure. L-arginine also helps build muscle (remember, the heart is a muscle).
      Good sources are red meat, fish, chicken, beans, chocolate, raisins, nuts, and sesame and sunflower seeds. To supplement, take 500 mg each day, and like carnitine, only take the L form.

      Tocopherols and Tocotrienols: One study of people who took vitamin E (100 IU or more) had 40 percent lower risk of developing heart disease.2,3 The tocopherols and tocotrienols in vitamin E have a lot of heart-protective qualities. They lower C-reactive protein, a marker for heart disease, and they raise HDL.
      You can get vitamin E by eating plenty of nuts, eggs, and dark leafy green vegetables. Other excellent sources are palm oil and coconut oil. My favorite way to get tocotrienols is annatto oil. To supplement, take 500 IU with 5 mg of mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols each day.

      Vitamin C: It’s very simple… Studies find a link between low levels of vitamin C and risk of stroke.4 And those who get the most vitamin C show a dramatic decline in death from heart disease. For heart protection, take 1,500 mg twice a day with food.

      Control Oxidation – There are four heart-smart antioxidants for this:

      Alpha lipoic acid: It’s called the “universal antioxidant because it recycles and extends the life of other nutrients like vitamin C and E. Take 100 mg a day.

      Carnosine: This is important for heart muscle and nerve support. Take 500 mg twice a day.

      Lycopene: Helps your heart and blood vessels. Also prevents cardiovascular disease by stopping the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. All you need is 20 mg a day.

      Omega 3: This essential fatty acid (meaning you can’t make it in your body) can prevent heart disease by protecting your cardiovascular system and lowering triglycerides. Eat fresh fish twice a week and get at least 3 to 5 grams of omega-3 every day.

      Lower Homocysteine – You can’t feel atherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries.” But a metabolic by-product called homocysteine is a major cause of inflammation in your blood vessels, which clogs and damages arteries, causing atherosclerosis.

      Fortunately, I have not had a single case of elevated homocysteine that couldn’t be corrected with the right combination of natural supplements. Here’s what I use with my patients. (Amounts are daily.) You can find these at your local health-food store:

      Vitamin B12 – 500 mcg

      Folic acid (B9) – 800 mcg

      Vitamin B6 – 50 mg

      TMG (Trimethylglycine) – 1000 mg

      Al Sears, MD

      1. “While Dr. Al Sears MD is a board-certified physician, this doesn’t mean that any of the therapies he provides or the supplements he sells are rooted in solid clinical science. Instead, like so many other supplements manufacturers, it seems that Dr. Sears takes 1 or 2 studies that:

        May not have been peer reviewed.
        May conflict with the wealth of other clinical studies already completed.
        May not ever have been repeated.
        May not have even been performed on humans, or in some instances, were performed only in a Petri dish.
        …and then extrapolates this to reach some conclusion that’s far outside the scope of the trials he’s referencing.

        Because of this lack of evidence, along with the very high prices associated with Dr. Al Sears’s therapies and supplements, we might recommend making a purchase only after thoughtful consideration and thorough research.”

        1. Right on Tom…..these money hungry doctors selling reducionist pills full of who knows what because most of them are made in China remind me of those money hungry television evangelist like Kenneth Copeland or Joyce Myers who have several private jet airplanes to take them around the world to mesmerize people to give them their hard earned money. These TV evangelists live in huge mansions that would make Queen Elizabeth jealous. Yeah…these greedy men think that they can optimize their M.D. diploma to sell “stuff”
          made in China. No different than the local “hood” drug dealer.

          1. Yes, John. They recently detained a prominent Philippines evangelist in Hawaii. He apparently had one of his private planes, $350,000 in cash and gun parts seized. Nice guy, clearly. However, he was released when a local US associate claimed all the stuff was hers.

            I don’t trust any of these prominent doctors selling books and stuff either even if they are MDs. It’s why I prefer Dr Greger’s approach to Fuhrman’s, McDougall’s etc – his book profits and speaking fees go back into NutritionFacts. I am even more wary of NDs like Pam Popper. I understand that pretty much anybody can buy an ND through the mail. But at least they aren’t killing people with dangerous but sensational and seductive advice like the Atkins, Hymans and Mercolas of this world.

        2. Congestive heart failure has an obvious endpoint…they call it death.

          It’s not going to make much difference to me whether anyone tries this….just a note…there are other options.

          We makes our choices…and we takes our chances.

      2. I think WFPB is a good way to reverse poor health or preserve improved health, but I also subscribe to targeting specific problems and improving health in general using supplements.

        The ones presented in Carrot’s post are good at the beginner’s level of supplementation, but the ones for longevity are like being at the Phd level. And that level requires putting in the study work to reach a knowledge base to be successful.

        In my case, there isn’t one place to get the information I require, but by putting the narrow approaches championed by many together in a regimen that works for me specifically, I feel confident in what is working.

        Personal therapies and targeted max nutrition is the way forward.

      3. Yeah… can buy all of these bottles of pills at the local health food store……and remember…all of these pills are usually made in China. And remember Dr. Greger has a video where he quotes a study that shows that people who rely on supplementation only actually have shorter life spans than people who just eat a regular standard American diet without supplementation.

  9. What about smoking strains of marijuana via pipe or joints that do not contain any or very little (<0.02%) THC, but more CBD? (~15%)
    Has this been studied extensively? If not, would you expect the health effects to be similar or different if a person is smoking organic, CBD-only cannabis? Is any smoke inhalation whatsoever damaging to the lungs?

    Also, if a person smokes marijuana for 4-5 years heavily, with a couple 1-year breaks in between, from the ages 14-23, do you think they have done significant damage to their lungs or other parts of the body?

    1. Hi Marina! I would suggest googling how long it takes the body to recover from smoking tobacco as a very rough guide to your question. That information would suggest that 1 year is not enough for a person’s body to completely heal, especially considering that smoking marijuana produces more tar than smoking tobacco.

      1. One doesn’t have to smoke cannabis anymore. Vaping eliminates the tar.
        And tobacco has a kazillion toxins that complicates the comparison to effects of tars in cannabis. How do you separate those factors?

        1. Ok Joseph, yes, you can vape marijuana now but that wasn’t what she was asking. It was specifically about smoking.

          I’m also aware that cigarettes contain a multitude of untoward contaminants that have numerous deleterious effects. That’s why I’ve nagged my wife until she started vaping her nicotine instead of smoking it.

          However, to my knowledge it’s the tar from smoking which primarily builds up in the lung tissue. This both impairs oxygen exchange (lowering cardiovascular fitness) and paralyzes the cilia in your respiratory passages (preventing you from effectively clearing your lungs and increasing your risk of infections like pneumonia).

          That’s why I said to take the tobacco recovery guide as a “very rough” guide for marijuana recovery. Unless you’re aware of a comparable guide for healing from marijuana smoking?

  10. Nice, balanced video.

    It is exciting that there are long-term studies available.

    I am still mostly thinking it is wiser to focus on getting rid of all the chemicals and toxins and unhealthy habits, instead of searching for which ones you can get away with and for how long.

    But if people can get off alcohol or drugs and use pot instead, there might be a logic to that.

  11. There isn’t a hint of curiosity in the scientific community over the question that is the proverbial elephant in the room: why are so many people drawn to cannabis? What is the number one reason why they ingest it? The reason for this lack of curiosity is that the scientists believe they know the answer. They think it’s because pot smokers want to escape — hence the name “recreational” use. The term for recreation in Spanish is informative on this question: it’s “Divertir” — or diversion.
    The truth is, cannabis takes you inside yourself, so you can see yourself in a way that you haven’t before. Alcohol is rightfully a diversion. Cannabis has a contrary effect.
    So, how about it you scientists! How about being a bit more curious. You’d make Sir Francis Bacon proud.
    Joseph in Missoula

    1. Joseph

      As far as I can understand your criticisms, they are essentially that nobody has done a study that validates your beliefs.

      Frankly, I can’t see any difference between your statements and those by people defending drinking say wine eg

      “Wine has been known as a gentle social lubricant that can facilitate any conversation. It has the healing power to make the lips loose and the spirit open. Mind you, I’m not condoning the over consumption of wine, but I am suggesting that wine in and of itself has been used throughout millenniums as a truth serum with the unique ability to help the most timid among us to bare closely kept secrets to the world.”

      1. I watched the video Tom. I’m not sure why you sent it, as none of the ten points remotely resembled the result of exhaustive analysis by impartial scientists using the established scientific method. You may say the same about my statements about cannabis, but as you know, cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug, making such exhaustive scientific studies difficult or impossible in the US.

        I think most of us on this forum would welcome the lifting of cannabis from Schedule 1. Until then, the conclusions of objective studies must remain suspect, whether their findings are positive or negative. Which brings me back to this. With no confidence in the reliability of objective analysis, one is mostly left with subjective experience. And look after the exhaustive studies are finally done, it will be true that none of them will replicate the experience of getting high. Whenever I hear someone compare the effects of cannabis with the effects of alcohol, I know that person never smoked. It’s like sex. If you haven’t done it, you can’t know.

        To my mind, below is Dr. Greger’s best video on the subject.
        Joseph in Missoula

  12. Our current laws do more harm than smoking a little dope but we gotta keep it illegal to support our legal system. I’d grow some if it were legal to a) not have to deal with the criminal element and b) know what I’m getting. There isn’t much reason to buy something that grows so easily.

  13. You need to step out of the box here. What is a disease? Theoretically, once you define that, you can see if marijuana causes disease. Your result would depend on a previously made idea, which in turns depends on social made concept of disease. Things change when you talk about manipulating dopamine. It is very internal. It is the source of behavior. But if you cheat to get the dopamine by using marijuana, your behavior changes at the center of your existence. All your goals change. Is a behavior change a disease? Will you have free will? If your life goals revolve around injecting a substance, then you may not have any will when compared to free people who don’t need the substance.

    1. Really good point well made. We all know regular cannabis users who lose their drive, ambition, goal oriented focus etc and begin to drift. Then the drifting brings its own problems and alienation, so much potential unfulfilled, so sad… but not for the users, nope, in their world they are just hunky dory, and you could say, who are we to judge? But imagine a society where this degree of disassociation was dominant. Hang on, don’t bother. Go visit Yemen where you can find whole communities blighted by the laid back disease; where chewing the khat leaf has made the menfolk incapable of fulfilling their duties as fathers, wage earners… although for all I know it may be relatively harmless in terms of causing physical disease.

      You could still say, hey, who are we to judge? … and you could go on saying that as everything we have laboured to build post enlightenment just drains away in a rosey haze… peace and love, man……. There are malaises that do not appear in the body but in the wider social organism, and boy, can they be a bad thing, especially where they tend to harm innocent third parties, often the most vulnerable, rather than the user him/herself, who may be perfectly content and physically unscathed.

      1. Something that surprised me: I live in seattle, and just about every developer (computer guys and gals who work for amazon, microsoft, google….etc) I know uses pot quite regularly. This number is actually quite large, I have a hard time meeting people who are not coding for one of these companies. They have really good jobs, do their work, and are productive. Things they generally lack–social skills…but I wouldn’t necessarily blame the pot for that.

            1. Cheese does not throw you into an altered state of consciousness like marijuana has the potential to do. So, no, cheese should not be made illegal.

        1. Agree Jessica. A bunch of states are now using it regularly. Does not seem to reflect in any more peoples being on the dole nor going homeless or any of that…in fact the opposite.
          I wish peoples would really just stick to facts that we do know..a place like coloado is showing none of this tendency.

          It is false until proven other wise is my motto on pot.

      2. Gillian we all know people like this….just remove the cannabis phrase….
        ” We all know regular cannabis users who lose their drive, ambition, goal oriented focus etc and begin to drift. Then the drifting brings its own problems and alienation, so much potential unfulfilled, so sad …..”

        Life beats some people down. Do some of them then use pot or alcohol or porn or this or that..sure. It is not that beating them down.
        Go watch a Joe Rogan podcast. The guy uses pot regularly every day has for years and years, does a 2 hour podcast every day, a million plus subscribers, is a black belt in several martial arts is a stand up comedian who does yearly Netflix shows and about 30 or so shows of stand up each year…and is a proficient hunter with several hunts each year and he does UFC commentary as their prime commentator….to include a father of two young girls happily married for years.

        He is on you tube. For every beaten down user of pot I can show a beaten upward one who Joe Rogan professes to be. He states…it helps him in his endeavors. A bit of calm it provides, nothing more than that.And for millions more it is a unwind after a hard day..nothing more.

    2. Is there a point to life? Some say, especially in our culture, that the point of life is to achieve and become somebody. But if you do, what’s the worth of all your achievements when you’re going to die anyway. You can get smarter and smarter, or richer and richer, and in the end you die. So what’s the point? Well, look around you and see how are other friends live. I mean the animals. What they do is enjoy their lives. Because first and foremost, that’s what we’re here to do. Enjoy life. Every moment of it. Becoming somebody? Eh! Not so much. It detracts. But be wise about it. Momentary enjoyments that pay the price later isn’t the way. This wisdom was gained through taking psychedelics, of which cannabis is one.

      By the way, the entire question of free will is a strange one, once one knows that so much of what we do extends not from our conscious but our unconscious intuitions.

      1. Joseph, when I was a teenager, I genuinely wanted to just be a hippie and enjoy life and not live this whole life of responsibility and that is one option for people.

        In my mid-twenties, I remember talking with a homeless man who wanted me to move in with him. Or should I say, “out” with him and he promised to protect me. He asked, “Are you someone who is free?” and I ponder his notion of freedom versus my friends who were in the military versus my friend’s son, who was in prison and is now in a mental institution without the rights to leave or live how he wants. I contrast that to my friends who want the right to do whatever hedonistic thing they want and I contrast that to the Christian notion of “freedom in Christ” and within my Christianity there is a notion of a God who designed things so that people would have free will. (Billy Graham died and his invited to come to a loving God “Just as I am” altar message is one which was my internal version of freedom. I saw his final crusade in America and am pondering him as this inspiring man today.)

        Yes, I landed Christian and am happy, but when I was young I took Ken Ring classes and he was big into Buddhism and drug experimentation and things like Brain gym’s and I could have just followed the Grateful Dead everywhere and never get a job, but I was miserable.

        Like the Drops of Jupiter song, I traveled back and forth across the country 5 times and throughout Europe and Island hopped looking for myself and read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and climbed mountains and probably was closer to the Indigo Girls song, “Closer to Fine.”

        Somewhere in my thirties, I had no direction and no understanding and no career and no purpose and I suddenly wanted one.

        Then, I came to the end of wanting to run around in circles or even wanting to look at my thoughts and did the whole came to Christ Just as I am thing and really did become closer to fine and now I am eating vegan and I feel so much healthier mentally and physically than I did back then.

        1. Interesting stuff Deb! Good for you! There are advantages in joining religious orders. Not my cup of tea, but I respect it, as long as the order isn’t about forcing people to do life the order’s way, e.g., backing legislation to make abortion illegal.

          That said, I think you missed an important sentence in my post: “Momentary enjoyments that pay the price later isn’t the way.” You see, I’m not an advocate of hedonism. I’m an advocate of enjoying one’s life. Living for momentary pleasures is self defeating.

          BTW, perhaps when you were reading The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance I rode a motorcycle from Arizona to Mendoza, Argentina. It was a one-way trip that took a year and a half, and lovely Mary rode with me, on the back of the bike. We sold the bike and flew home. It was one of the few richest highlights of my life so far. On the way, Mary got pregnant, to our daughter Susan. Susan was born two weeks after we arrived back in San Francisco. She’s 43 now, with a Ph.D. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences. You may have heard of her: Susan Thompson, owner of Bright Line Eating. She’s a rock star, with an online following of 250K people.

          All of this, and I followed my heart almost all of my life. But in the process, I didn’t put my brain to sleep.

          1. Aside the fact Joe but ..hated that book myself. He predetermined his sons mental illness and failure by my read. Looking for it sort of made it happen in his role as father. Aside the topic of course.
            Soros had a partner did the same sort of thing back in that day ;) Motorcycle ride. I know you know who. ;) After he made his first billion.

      2. Humans are not equipped to live like the animals free as a bird finding berries and seeds to eat and making their shelter from twigs, grass, and debris. If I put you out in the Amazon jungle, you wouldn’t survive 3 days. Man has to work in order to survive. You can play and frolic through the tulips now because you have a huge support system in the form of the government of the United States. But, this modern day society that you depend upon for your survival was not created by day dreaming, and staring at one’s navel while chanting Oooommm. The creation of western civilization which has allowed billions of people to be able to eat, have shelter, and protection was built upon sweat, hard work, determination, bloodshed, competition, and focus not on your marijuana visionary dreams. If I was a soldier during WW II you would be the last person I would want on my platoon. You would get us all killed.

        1. You missed my meaning John. I was saying that we should live like animals, frolicking all day. I was saying that we should live our lives we want to live, not the ones thrust on us by our culture. Get back to your heart and follow it. You say so many things about me in your post that have nothing to do with me. It’s your bias coming out. I won’t be responding to you again John. You’re just looking for a fight. Bye bye!

      3. As our great president understands…it’s whether you die with the most stuff that matters. He who dies with the most stuff is the WEINER…

        1. Isn’t this just a common misspelling of Wiener? Which in fact means a person (or something) from Vienna. So, you trying to say that people born in Vienna are automatically winners in life?

          But then, I have led a very sheltered life.

      4. Joseph Fleischman in Missoula
        Thank you for taking the time to state a bit of the case for psychedelics. You’re the saving grace to this “discussion” concerning the evils of marijuana, by voices I would not have expected to hear on this website. Apparently, the topic of such drug use is outside the boundaries of good taste. The benefits of psychedelics are simply too radical for most people today as they seem to lack the imagination to suspect what they might be missing. Their arguments are typically cartoonish.

        I’m guessing that few commenters have read William James’ “Varieties of Religious Experience” and most would think that Ram Dass and Timothy Leary were simply insane or criminal, if they know of them, at all. The fact that the continued ban on these substances results in hundreds of thousands of people being incarcerated doesn’t seem to make a difference, either. The collective conclusion herein might be that they deserve jail for the corruption of the minds of youth as well as questioning the common “wisdom.” Let them eat hemlock.

        I don’t know the answer to such callous, blind ignorance. It may be beyond the ability of even “educated” people today to conceive of any alternative way of thinking and living. But you’ve got an ally, and I appreciate your doggedness in speaking up.

        1. Thank you very much for that Thea. I was beginning to wonder what was up with this forum. I too had thought that Dr Greger fans would be wiser than what now seems evident. For example, it escapes me how the term “addiction”
          is loosely thrown around on a blog purportedly dedicated to science.

          1. Yes Joseph by this thinking I would guess everyone in Colorado is now hopeless addicted. Truth being though like with the use of alcohol many imbibe but only a few addict.

            Sad in both cases those addicted but really normal use does not constitute addiction. I do not drink as well so have no dog in that fight. turning away reality out of touch turning away from all things loved ones….mostly I think people want to relax a bit after a hard weeks work is my guess…

        2. Steve I agree with all you say and all that but..
          I think few are endeavoring to change the whole of things and their minds by using a little pot on the weekends or after work…..just guessing but most that use say it to me as in that context.
          It is using pot not remaking the world. Most it is a little fun.

    3. If someone followed your assertions to their logical conclusions Panchito, they would have to conclude that the majority of humanity doesn’t have free will. After water, coffee and tea are the most consumed and most popular drinks in the world because we find caffeine addiction socially acceptable. When you walk into most convenience stores you’ll find them dominated by caffeine products and sugary products to fuel that addiction.

      Would you concur with this line of reasoning? I’m curious.

      1. I think we believe in free will because we have a need to feel like we’re in control. The more you look at our lives the more you see that so much just happens to us before we respond, and often unconsciously. Psychology is learning that our faculty of reason is there to explain such reactions rather than author them. Free will is a specious concept.

        1. Playing word games with the concept of free will is not the path to success in life, but survival of the physically and mental fittest. You can ponder philosophy all day long, but when you have to compete individually, or nationally to survive it takes strength. Life is based on Darwinian evolution, not on mental word games of philosophy.

    4. OK…I’ll bite….”But if you cheat to get the dopamine by using marijuana, your behavior changes at the center of your existence. All your goals change. Is a behavior change a disease? Will you have free will?”

      Who says any of this happens? I see no ones all goals change due to using marijuana. that happening there…seemingly not.

    5. Panchito most do not use pot to get a life altering experience in pot legal states. They use it to unwind from a hard days work or on the weekend. Some do but it is like alcohol some abuse that as well.
      Nothing suggests when legal, pot produces those effects amongst those who buy it commonly.

  14. As is always the case, while the drug is a minority pursuit compared to the ubiquitous legal tobacco and alcohol it will appear so much safer. Once we have millions of legal regular users and the detriments become obvious our children will wonder how we ever persuaded ourselves it was a good thing. Just remember we were here with tobacco once, which was actually touted for its health promoting properties in particular as a stress reliever and a weight loss tool…….

    1. As you and others have said in other contexts, follow the money. Selling legal dope for non-medical purposes is a great way for states to make money.

    1. Yes from Toms study conclusions…
      “CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials, with one pure CBD product (Epidiolex®) currently in Phase III trials. There is also preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions.
      There is unsanctioned medical use of CBD based products with oils, supplements, gums, and high concentration extracts available online for the treatment of many ailments.
      CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.
      Several countries have modified their national controls to accommodate CBD as a medicinal product.
      To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD. ”

      Imagine that pot but with no recreational use facility. WHO.a source I tend to trust. The Gates not so much.

  15. Sadly this entire subject regarding marijuana has imbedded in it a nearly archaic misunderstanding of addiction. For starters almost everything you think you know about addiction is wrong… wrong in fact that that the following quote (which is scientifically proven) will likely seem to be Martian – “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection” (Johann Hari “Chasing the Scream”) If you’d like to become informed about this check out this 15 minute TED talk

    1. Karen, I am watching the ted talk, and just have to sat re : the ‘grandmother not coming out of hospital a drug addict’ needs some clarification. In the hospital here (bc canada) it has been my experience that there is a policy in place that morphine is not given past four days. ie you’re cut off and switched to another pain killer. I had a terrible time getting ANY pain killers beyond useless tylenol after open heart surgery , but thats another story. So the premise that people can use pain killers in hospital for extended periods to me is false from my own experience (many operations) . They have the 4 day policy in place because of potential for dependency. Just wanted to make that note.

      1. Good talk Karen, thanks for posting. I especially liked when he talked about the need for ‘ social recovery’ . Nothing sadder to me than seeing a parent taking their child out for lunch at a restaurant and while the child hangs their head to munch silently on their meal, the parent is texting and smiling away at their phone. ty again.

      2. Aloha Susan, while it’s admirable that Canada weans folks off of morphine, it’s not the case in the US nor in a host of other countries. Hari’s example of Vietnam war heroin users is far more instructive though. That said this forum is really about “evidence based” medicine and diets. Johann Hari’s work is a watershed moment in our understanding of addiction…ie the “hooks” of the substance equals the rate of addiction which is now proven to be scientifically untrue. Marijuana may in fact be habit forming or “addictive” for some individuals… Hari’s investigation tells us why – which is immensely important if we want to see real change as opposed to more prohibition and suppression of substances that are, in fact shown to be relatively innocuous. Portugal’s policies and the results are the slam dunk with regard to the nonsense we’ve been fed. I hope you watched the entire presentation… we are in dire need of understanding the “addiction” phenomenon. Instead of trying to evaluate the “harm” of smoking marijuana we’d do well to evaluate the societal obsession that wants to crash down on people and substances without understanding the context in which they happen.

        1. Karen, thanks for your reply! There probably isnt many of us that are not touched by addictions in some form or another , so I really do appreciate the points you have raised here. The example of the Vietnam war vets coming home was amazing.. as was the description of Portugal’s program success. Wow! I did indeed watch the entire talk and heartily recommend others do as well. It’s time well spent.

          1. Aloha Susan,

            we’re at a turning point, I believe, to move from fear into a more considered evaluation of the many troubles that cause us dis-ease. Thanks for taking the time to dig deeper!

    2. To add Karen a Dr Matte out of Canada has versed things to this same effect. He has published a book in this regard. His son Gilbert runs and is a announcer for a alternative based media outlet one may access on you tube.

  16. When are you going to make a video on the positive uses of cannabis? I know many people who are in a lot of pain, and who cannot take pharmaceutical pain medications because of their toxicity. The cannabis is highly effective, in fact, in many instances, the only pain reliever that actually works. I know numerous college students who tell me their studies and grades improved after they started using cannabis. I know men in their 70’s who’ve been using their entire life, and they are hugely successful businessmen. Having known many cannabis users during my lifetime, I don’t know one who suffered mental health issues. Sorry, Dr. Greger, but you clearly started off this video series with a negative, outdated perspective on cannabis use. Please do more research on cannabis benefits. There are countless benefits listed all over the internet, but we need to know which ones are valid and which are not. Thank you

      1. I didn’t see a bias.

        I saw one study seriously supporting its safety and one study bringing up potential issues for long term health.

        That honestly was the least biased presentation I have ever seen on the topic.

        I respect that he is doing some of these polarizing topics and not ducking when the arrows start shooting at the apple on his head.

        It is not easy to be a famous doctor and cover incendiary topics. Easier to cover sugar and spices and arsenic in rices.

        1. I don’t even see anything negative in the video.

          Do you want him to not report the long term health study?

          People have the right to make decisions based on these studies. Withholding information would be deceptive.

          1. Forgive me if I am saying that too strongly.

            I don’t understand when people come against Dr Greger when he is neutrally presenting the results to the longest study ever done on a topic.

            1. Hi Deb, I like how you engage so fully with these topics. Dr. Greger would be a hero of mine – if I had heroes. I’ve been listening to his videos for more than 6 years now and have rarely commented till now. By the way I’ve eaten a whole foods plant based diet for the last 25 years and Dr. Greger is my go to guy when comes to dispelling the myths and getting to the reality of a given subject… he does this by rigorously thinking, in the most critical manner, about the scientific research available on a given topic. That said no one is completely objective… everyone has conditionings and preconceived ideas and bring them to any inquiry they undertake… the more familiar a person is with their bias the more they’re able to look at things impartially. Dr Greger has, for instance, due to his research, contradicted a very few ideas put forward by Dr McDougall who Greger considers a hero (and should). The bottom line is that thinking critically and examining the available research is not anything that comes against Dr Greger’s take in fact it’s exactly what he does…..that said he may have (as Dr McDougall) not seen all the available research and also like McDougall bring to his examination of the research a preconceived idea….he’s human.

              1. Thank you for your kind words.

                I agree with what you have said about everybody having biases.

                I watched McDougall and Furhman and a whole panel of vegan doctors debating about which diet within vegan ism is the best and all of them had different ideas, and they might never be able to form a consensus, except that vegan ism is better than eating animal products.

                They all had their own rationale and all of them are people to be respected AND they all have biases.

        2. I see your point. Thanks. Perhaps I missed it but I don’t remember seeing Dr. Greger say that proper studies are made impossible in the US because it’s categorized as a Schedule 1 drug.

            1. Thank you Jessica. I would add as governments have a vested interest in this thing of maintance of pot(until very very recently virtually all governments were against that thing with one or two exceptions) as illegal how any study government has a input into or funding for can be considered as unbiased is beyond me.

              Things of money are dependent upon pot remaining illegal. There is vested interest which represents at times in governmental interest funding for study and the like.

              1. The societal impact study produced at the very end of the video was in part from funding from the government of Australia. Not certainly of course but it raises a big red flag.

    1. Dr. Greger’s research on the benefits of a whole foods plant diet are really his area of expertise and the science is overwhelming confirmation to this. Sadly, he tripped out a lot (pun intended) with regard to pot. Do you think he’s tried it or even knows someone who has? This particular series diminishes Greger’s credibility with regard to diet which is enormously sad! He certainly should look into the many positive benefits of cannabis.

      1. Reporting studies and research that doesn’t fit some people’s preconceptions and prejudices isn’t necessarily evidence of bias or missing the ball. Failing to find or report studies that show strong benefits might be bias or it might reflect a lack of such studies,

        But, if you have scientific criticisms of these videos, or evidence that key studies are being omitted, then by all means lay out the evidence for us all to see.

        However, so far, all I am hearing is vague, airy generalities and industrial scale wishful thinking.

        1. Hi Tom,

          Dr Greger, in this series has mentioned studies regarding the positive benefits of marijuana….these are the ones I would also like to see and judge for myself as to their accuracy. The anecdotal claims of positive benefits that some have listed in this forum are fine but I’d like to see hard evidence. Perhaps Dr greger intends to continue the series and delve into those studies. I am by no means an expert on this subject however here’s what a 2 minute search turned up


          Massive meta-study confirms the health benefits of cannabis The report was authored by a panel of health experts led by Harvard pediatrician, Marie McCormick. The study found, among other things, that cannabinoids …

          1. Thanks Jake but Dr Greger has already discussed this – see his video of 22 December Don’t bother, though, if you don’t enjoy bad puns;


            It’s probably better to read the original report rather than summaries by advocates or opponents. Yes the report identified certain benefits for people with specific medical requirements but it also identified risks with its consumption. Some discussions by pot supporters emphasise the benefits and imply that it is healthy or even harmless. But this is not what the report says. It is considerably more nuanced than that, Here is a link to the report’s own summary

            And if you are interested, here is a link to the WHO report on CBD use

            Here also is a one-pager by the WHO on the health effects of cannabis use

            Dr Greger does go into this in more detail on a DVD he has produced. I haven’t watched it myself since it’s not a topic I am particularly interested.
            in. However, given his respect for what the science shows, I would suspect that it is in effect a plain English summary of many of the key issues discussed in the National Academies report – all 400+ pages of it. The DVD costs $20 while the National Academies report is free to download.


        2. I will bit speak to the benefits at all as I am simply not going to endeavor the work.

          But as per recreational study, this demographic is not the demographic which is present in about half of America at current.
          The user of cannibus in days past is most probably not the user in days of legal use available from source such as a local shopkeeper.
          A person doing a illegal act recreationally as opposed to a person not willing to do a illegal act likely has differing results in any health study.

          A current study of health of those in Colorado of users as opposed to nonusers would be useful but of course limited as to duration as only five or so years are available.
          A scientific study would of course be limited to what brand and type of cannibus they used THC CBD levels and all the rest.
          Saying basically….we do not really know good nor bad.
          I think good but this evidence for conclusion here in this video is lacking.

        3. TG think about this challenge…is not smoking pot illegal in Sweden and in about any other nation in the EU up until very recently.
          How can we not think those who do a thing illegally with regularity will not have increased risk of mortality? I had a friend of mine a notorious pot smoker back in the day who drunk on new years eve decided to attempt a swim on the Hudson River in NY state. Was pot involved,not really. His personality which lended itself to risk taking was and illegal activity.

          Of course we can assume they will have. Not to mention the fact back in the day a thing sold as pot may not be pot at all but a inert substance like oregano laced with angel dust tranquilizers of any sort to provide a pot like experience. And can we assume any control is telling the truth of consumption of illegal substances…are they not inclined to lie?

          Point being we cannot have any sort of long term valid study on mortality when consumption of illegal substances or illegal activites are endeavored.
          The nature of the thing being illegal studied prevents logical valid conclusion.

          1. Thanks Ron. But I think the evidence shows that cannabis use is not associated with excess mortality. Well, except for two specific areas
            1) my understanding is that pot use is associated with car accidents and greater mortality from them
            2) pot use following a heart attack is associated with greater mortality risk
            It’s worth reading the National Academies report on cannabis if you want to checkout the evidence.

            As for being legal in Sweden, no. It is also illegal in most of the EU. In Spain, I think it is legal and Germany is pretty easy-going but in most European countries it remains illegal. However, possession of small amounts for personal use is ‘decriminalised” in many countries

            1. My point is Tom the Swedish study versed in the video may be nothing more than a study of those who tend to do illegal things not a study on pot, and the point on car mortality rates is performed usually on the base of Colorado data a state which does not do full autopsy in vehicular homicides. So we have only partial data on cause of death by auto and not to mention incomplete data on other possible cause such as prescription meds.

              Agree on number 2.
              Your evidence no offense but it is a book title. Please quote the particular study within it so I may verify the valid or not status of it by content.

              1. The limited part of the study you reference national academy of science study….just on a quick read basis, the psychological claims of detriment may well be things of corrospondance with pot use rather than causative effects of pot. Which possibly is the why involved with a inconclusive proof of effect. .
                The auto accident data that state conclusion. But as we see with media claims of such statistical basis in places like Colorado a complete screening of the sample of deaths by auto is largly being misstated. Complete examination after death must be performed in all cases from which one may draw a conclusion. Colorado I suspect is not exceptional in having only partial examination present.
                Are prescribed drugs being tested for may be the essential question. A large segment statistically in America is being treated at any one time for various forms of mental illness to include simple depression.. The number probably approximates 20 or so percent. This must be ruled out.

                I never claim that pot is harmless nor that it does not increase deaths by auto..but it appears to be inconclusive. Many positive effects may as well be misstated, we simply can not really say by study conclusively as the report suggests..
                And to restate presently differing forms of pot are available and in use in legal recreational pot states. No qualification is present for this determination. THC presence may to a extend be a variable metabolized item. Study has to allow for all these factors. Simple stats such as so many who died by auto and so many have been found with THC may be misleading.

                Considering the environment in the US on this item especially as regards governmental consideration I always tend towards the prove it to me side.

                1. Ron, I did a search on Bill Gates, and he has a terrible diet. He eats a lot of hamburgers from McDonald’s and he drinks a truck load of diet soft drinks. Bill Gates is 62 years old and he does not look that healthy to me.
                  Anybody that eats burgers and fries is also going to be eating other junk food. I know a lot of people who drink diet soda thinking that the diet soda will protect them from all of the junk food that they consume. People love to rationalize their addictions. Also, it is ironical that, Gates one of the richest people on the planet has a daily schedule that is made for him by his staff. Every minute of his life is scheduled for him because he has a lot of people to meet and things to do. He appears to be a willing slave to the system that he has created. I am not sure that this is a healthy life style. Maybe he should just chill out and smoke some weed…and just hang out. Stress does harm people. What do you think Ron?
                  Putin, and Trump have the same scheduled life style, but I think they all really enjoy it.

                  1. I always though the contrast between Gates and Steve Jobs to be striking. Jobs had a very nice home but not a mansion. Gates has a gigantic place with boat docks a 100 plus dining hall and all the rest. Warren Buffet to contrast has lived in his same home in Omaha for years and years. A nice home but just that a nice home.

                    The issue with the study Dr Greger mentions, the amounts of productive time lost to pot, is funded by Gates and the government of Australia. I think pot legalization is a hot button topic in Australia. To say they have no interest in promoting study which shows a detriment to pot speaks of a honor I generally do not find in government. The powers in force at the time of that study were against legal pot.
                    And Gates globally he is well known to have big pharma interest. This is why most recently India declined his monies and help in their vaccine program. It is actually globally the biggest criticism of his foundation, its ties to big pharma and also its ties to agricultural giants like Monsanto. He is a strong proponent of GMO foods.
                    Those are the two principles in the study DrGreger references in his video in the concluding part. It may still be valid despite the red flags but the WHO did not accept the findings of it..raiseing another big red flag.

                    I have no personal doubt productive time is lost to pot use in society. But the production of jobs from the growing and sales of the product may likely outweigh the negative of productive time lost by your average user who is not consumed by pot but usually uses it recreationally or medically.

                    1. Exactly, the pot industry will generate new jobs, new companies. Perhaps now, we should begin training teenagers on how to grow pot, start a pot plantation, how to cultivate pot. They could have such a course in the junior colleges. Just think how much it would add to the economy…all that money going up in smoke.

  17. How many people go on to using cocaine, heroin, designer drugs, and meth after starting a life of marijuana. Pro marijuana activist argue that marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. It may not be a gateway drug for some, but never argue in ABSOLUTES. I am sure it is a gateway drug for some, and the question is what is the percentage of users who go onto the next level of intoxication.

    1. From admittedly a source with a impetus to confound the finding but nevertheless true…marijuana industry news..
      ” As alarming as these findings may sound, a little context is needed to understand the scope of these results.
      For example, a 2013 study found that men who watched television for 20 hours a week have almost half the sperm count of men who watch very little television. On the flip side of that, men who exercise for 15 or more hours a week have a 73 percent higher sperm count than those men that do not exercise.
      While marijuana may lower sperm count and sperm concentration in regular users, a good number of other activities do as well, but leading a healthy and active lifestyle may be the best counteraction.”

      Just a quick look of the study seems it it offers seemingly contradictory results in that those who smoked less often seemed to have more sperm count loss than those that smoked more per week.

      A voluntary report obtained I think from Danish military recruits self admissions,. the question then becomes….are they truthful?
      Leaving me to conclude though widely reported without a challenge …it is interesting but far from conclusive.
      Do those who smoke pot then sit around more and watch the telly…I would suppose they do. Did this study screen for that…appears not.. .

      1. Sorry looking over the source there is a percent decrease for more use. .here is the source quote…

        The study looked at 1,215 Danish men aged between 18 and 28 years old from 2008 to 2012 while the subjects were attending a mandatory health examination for military service. Subjects provided a blood sample, a semen sample and underwent a physical examination.
        Researchers asked the participants a number of questions regarding health and lifestyle, including questions about marijuana use and other recreational drugs within the past three months. The participants were split into three groups: no use, use once per week or less and use more than once per week.
        Out of all the participants, 45 percent reported marijuana use of some kind. Researchers found that participants who used marijuana more than once a week had a 28 percent lower sperm count than those that did not. They also found marijuana users who partook more than once a week had a 29 percent lower sperm concentration, which is slightly different than sperm count.
        Participants that used marijuana more than once a week and used other recreational drugs were found to have an even lower sperm count and concentration. Those subjects were found to have aa 55 percent lower sperm count and a 52 percent lower sperm concentration.

        A Danish military physical examination…can anyone thing of any reason under the sun why a person given such a questionnaire may not be exactly truthful in their response…..I can think of one or two….another good example of solid pot science it seems…not.

        1. I could venture a opposing conclusion…truthful people have lower sperm counts than not truthfull. Seems strange but so does watching the telly causing such a drop.
          And reading all the reports on this in media…only one challenge with not a mention of problems with methodology.
          Lets now ask all people with CHF if they thought they had healthful diets shall we.And then publish the findings…all people with CHF shown conclusive by their own admission to have healthy diets….put that to the test shall we, and publish the results with no challenge.

          Typical America media bs as I read it. The study is interesting and bears further study to provide conclusion. As I red it. But no it is assumed fact as displayed here.
          No offense to the original poster..I know you made the comment in good faith.

          1. Reasonably my conclusion may be this. The dames have mandatory military service. 44 percent may be thinking a admission of drug use though technically legal in their county may have a result of suspension from this requirement. Those who want to avoid service are perhaps the most unfit physically who doubt they can meet the training requirements…hence the lower sperm counts. Unfit peoples have lower sperm counts….And or those who are physically unfit just do not want to participate in the military program.

            So they when questioned on a military physical connected to service admit drug use. Thiinking such a admission may have such a result. Reasonably if added to a physical why would they not think it is a potential qualifier for service? Why would they admit to other drug use which is likely illegal?
            I would assume so.
            Then serves as another example of poor study method resulting in a real potential of in error finding .Accepted as fact by media interest.

  18. I’ve been using about a half pound of cannabis a year for the last 30 years. This morning I got out of bed at 5:20AM and went for a 7 mile run up and down the side of a mountain- in the snow. Cannabis helps with my Crohn’s disease and relieves both depression and anxiety. I make a juice with it and drink a couple of shots a day. Don’t believe the hype, nonsense, and hearsay. I’m in my fifties and outrunning youngsters. Carl Sagan was a daily user. Many brilliant users have been. Many athletes and artists as well.

    1. Jonathan, I am 73 and eat a lot of Indian gooseberries. I practice Brazillian Jujitsu with guys in their 20’s and 30’s. I also bench press 210 pounds. I have turned my garage into a dojo with speed bag, heavy bag, rubber mats, mirrors, B.O.B., and practice with friends who come over. I don’t need marijuana, all I need is a whole plant food diet and lots of Indian gooseberries, black raspberries, frozen whole craneberries, stawberries, regular blackberries (there is a difference you know). Maybe sometime we can get together and spar. You can take the mount position and I will take the guard. Let’s see how long you stay in mount.

      1. John you probably know this well but….in the interest of fairness it bears stating…

        Do you expect you would be successful making that statement to Joe Rogan who has a black belt in an Jujitsu and is a notorious consumer of pot?
        He is fifty I think but a very very accomplished master at various disciplines. And he smokes pot every day.

        Nate and Nick Diaz in MMA as you may also know have a affinity for pot. one being suspended for several years for consumption. I could mention at least a couple of dozen more if I bothered to research.

        1. No, I could not beat these professional atheletes at Brazillian JuJitsu.
          But, I could beat them at knife fighting, because I have practiced the Apache knife fighting system for a few years now. I could also beat them at fencing. I could probably score better than they could at the firing range with a glock 9 mm. Why? Because all of their efforts are focused on one single atheletic event. I am spread out over a lot of disciplines, which is pretty good at a lot, but never a master of one.

          1. Rogan is a expert marksman and archer. Just saying.Jonathan’s statement is that one can be a fine athlete and consume pot on a regular basis..which is proven true.

            1. I am 73 years old right now. If Rogan was 73 right now….then I would challenge him. I work out with a guy who is 30 years old and he is a professional MMA fighter who actually fights in the octagon. By the time Rogan reaches 73 his arteries may be clogged up from eating meat, cheese, milk, and taking body building supplements. I have been involved in the martial arts since I started taking judo at age 11. I have studied traditional martial arts weaponry and I consider myself an expert on improvised weapons and hidden secret weapons. I do not practice archery even though archery has traditionally been apart of the Japanese martial arts traditions.

              1. Jonathan states a person may be a elite athlete and smoke pot regularity. That is the point, not if you can beat him or some other at any particular age.
                Rogan is a elite martial artist and a elite level hunter, he is even featured on the cover of one hunting magazine recently with his recent kill.His black belt was accomplished in the Eddie Bravo school one of the best in the nation.
                That is nice you can do this or that but talking pot, many elite athletes do use it and have admitted to it. A famous Olympic swimmer recently admitted to it.

                It is not uncommon in sport.

                1. There are many atheletes such as the Gracie family who do not smoke pot, cigarettes, or drink. The question is how well would Rogan do against Rickson Gracie if Rogan smoked pot for a few hours before a match, and Rickson is into health, meditation and does not smoke pot. So, if Rickson is meditating and visualizing his success against Rogan a few hours before the match while Rogan is puffing on marijuana a few hours before the match, the question is who would win. Rickson Gracie would win, just on the mere fact that his reflexes would be faster than Rogan. Part of my daily training is reflex training with reflex bounce balls, tennis ball on a rubber band hooked up to a cap, and other exercises. Rickson always meditates and visualizes and even uses positive verbal sound vibrations before a match.

                  1. Here is Joe Rogan’s lineage…Instructor lineage
                    Jigoro Kano → Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Carlos Gracie, Jr. → Jean Jacques Machado → Eddie Bravo—Joe Rogan.

                    Eddie Bravo is a believer of the use of pot as a focusing agent before bouts as is Joe Rogan. Eddie Bravo beat the best the Gracie house had to offer in international compeitition back in 2004 I think it was and went on to have a rematch which went to a draw several years later, a specific challenge match no tournament….check Wikipedia on the dates.

                    1. No offense John but you are talking the pot of thirty or so years ago. NOw they have strains and brands that are specifically tailored to specific activities. Some will still get you blotto but that is a very small segment of the market. Most get you where you want to be psychologically. The legal market and medical market have provided that. Some in relation to PTSD.

                      I have no dog in this fight as I don’t use it not a bit. But I know many fighters do and the only restriction on their use is how close to a drug test they may be. Many advocate it as does Eddie Bravo as a aid to training. He does not compete now though he runs UFC affiliated competitions.
                      Things have changed. No offense but most here do not know the state of pot currently. Really they need only to go to Colorado and get a look see…
                      All seem lost in the world before legalization. ONce legalized everything as per development of strains and use changed.

                    2. Answer me this question. Why does UFC prohibit the use of pot within 3 hours of a match? What do you think the reason is? I think it is because they know that pot will slow down your reaction time. If you get in the ring and your reflexes are not up to speed, you will get hurt in a hurry.

                    3. Here is a link on it, 10th planet….and use of pot. If you read it you will read a thing on Ibuprofen and the dangers of use. I have a old friend who was proficient in the arts and used to lift a lot to coincide with that….he developed renal failure consequent to ibuprofen use over years and years of daily use….

                      He was in a drug tested profession so could not smoke pot…..I guess he is dead now….pot instead….he believe you me would be alive.Like nutrition this thing is a matter of life and death.

                      Stick with your stuff John I don’t care….but for a friend like I had this thing could have done him some real good and saved his life.
                      A lot of the newer sports oriented stuff has no psychoactive effect at all.
                      Sad so many are lost in some past 60’s type view on this thing.

                    4. My present work out partner’s teacher was a student of Dan Inosonto who was a student of Bruce Lee. I don’t think Eddie Bravo or Joe Rogan are going to be in better shape than you or I when they reach 73 years of age….or 77 years of age which I think you claimed to be…..IF they continue eating McDonald’s, charcoaled steaks, Idaho potatoes dripping in sour cream – butter – salt – chives…..then their arteries are going to clog up. Not only are they consuming pot frequently, but they probably drink wine, beer, and some hard liquor once in a while. These people do not want to deny themselves…..especially with all of the money they have made. There are a lot of body builders, wrestlers, that have died early deaths because of the ingestion of a lot of protein, performance drugs, and steroids. Also, interestingly, a lot of people in the porn industry have also died early deaths because of depression and suicide, drugs, and living the “good” life.
                      People with a lot of money are able to feed their flesh at any level and when they do their risks for disease increase. I eat like a Spartan. In other words I eat only for health and never for pleasure. However, I do take pleasure in my raw foods and the few cooked foods that I eat. But, I see these guys going to parties and eating for pleasure. One professional wrestler I personally know, Sean Michaels, on the other hand is very much into eating healthy. he is retired now. I used to work for him.

                  2. You’re assuming that reflexes are dampened by ingesting weed. Studies are far from conclusive on that. My experience is that reflexes aren’t hampered at all until extraordinary amounts are ingested, which almost requires eating it rather than vaping or smoking. I’ve self tested my reflexes to derive that conclusion.

                    1. The finding of one UFC fighter as a result of testing just after a bout seems to reaffirm this. Nick Diaz found positive just after a fight was suspended for quite a while as result. But the testing infers there is little doubt he competed in that fight under the influence.
                      He I believe won that fight. And certainly he being one of the top contenders in UFC would not do a thing which interferes with his livelihood or success at it. Many UFC fighters employ pot as a aid to injury recovery and a aid to concentration. Eddie Bravo a expert black belt at jujitsu speaks of the beneficial effect as to concentration. He no longer competes but when he did he was ranked top 5 at the sport globally at times.

    2. I’ve been using about a half pound of cannabis a year for the last 30 years. This morning I got out of bed at 5:20AM and went for a 7 mile run up and down the side of a mountain- in the snow.

      Hmmm… running in the snow at 5:20 a.m. sounds like a serious side effect of cannabis. Thanks for posting. ‘-)

  19. So far I haven’t seen any study distinguish between the original marijuana plant God made and the hybridised high THC street drug/plant. In arguing as to whether marijuana is a gateway drug noone seems to be really able to distinguish whether it’s a case of addictive potential or accessibility (users will find a supermarket of temptation when they visit with the dealer). I think all studies considered at this point are extremely limited in application for these reasons.I don’t think anyone can really make a good judgement at this point. We really need to start again on it with a clean base of a broad range of study participants (not just conscripts). We have to take a leap of faith here and try find a good range of plants, as close to origin as possible, grow it as best we can, grow it cleanly, produce it cleanly and take it from there. I think marijuana has alot to offer and it really is worth a try to avoid the slavery and toxicity of most common pharmaceuticals. The faith required to put out a new garbage drug is soooooo minimal compared to the faith we seem to need for this particular plant. This is a joke.

    1. In America at least, with the legalization of marijuana for recreation use, in many populous states California Colorado and others… the experience is one of going to the local shopkeeper to determine what brand one wants to use with what characteristics one wants to find.
      And all the producers are making brands to meet buyers needs, with more or less of this or that to produce what effect is desired.
      The days of going to a dealer to get blotto pot which knocks you out, are dead and gone for about half of the population of the US. Some still want that but I doubt is it any but a small small minority.
      Most want to feel a bit more at ease…that is all.

      This is simply today not the day of dealers giving us what they want us to buy.

      1. Most people just want to get high that’s all. But, being high can reduce your reflexes. I remember when I was drunk in Germany, and I was challenged to fight this German guy, and might reflexes were slow as reflexes and luckily the German guy never showed up to fight.

  20. I find it interesting that a site about healthy nutrition does not accept the possibility that many mainstream foods are acceptable (and in many comments, even patent drugs) but may accept a lightly studied smoke as acceptable “food.”

    I would personally like to see a video that addresses herbs and spices that have calming or pain relieving effects that do the same thing for many sufferers who use marijuana sans the high that marijuana use produces.

    Of course, if it is the high side effect that encourages the “medical” use of marijuana, then alternative natural medicine would be moot. To be clear, I’m not for or against an individual’s choice to use or not use something they feel is needed in their life as long as it’s use doesn’t encroach on the lives of the rest of us.

    But for those who would prefer something that brings relief without the loss of control, I would like for some natural alternatives to be made known, if there are some out there.

    1. Lonnie,just to mention the high is a thing which producers can single out remove or enhance as desired. From Boulder Business to express this point on one producer in Colorado Wann…
      ” “Pretty much from the beginning, we realized that the biggest chunk of the market would be regular folks,” said co-founder John Whiteman. “We’ve stayed true to offering a product that is consistent and reliable and that you can trust.”
      In the wild west of marijuana edibles, where dosages and potency can vary wildly among products, Wana takes extra steps to produce products that will perform as dependably as Tylenol or Excedrin. Every batch of tincture used in the edibles is tested on-site before being sent to the state labs for additional testing, and the CO2 extraction method used for WanaCaps is fully automated.
      The capsules — available in three formulations with different ratios of the active cannabinoids THC and CBD — are selling well in all regions of Colorado, according to a mid-August report from Cannabics.
      Sean Best, co-owner of Wana, said the company hopes to begin distributing the pills for recreational use in the coming months, joining a recreational product lineup that includes fudge, caramels and their best-seller: sour gummies.”

      AS to pain mediation that company has worked together with a Israeli pharma company to produce things like time release capsules. Other companies are doing similar things.

      1. I wonder if these marijuana brownies, gummies, and candies will be given out to children during Halloween. This is what is going to ruin America. We are going to have a generation of children eatng marijuana edibles such as these candies you described. If you lose one generation….you will lose the entire country. I can promise you that the Russians, Chinese, and Soros are doing whatever they can to promote marijuana, drugs, open borders, and the elimination of fire arms in America. It won’t be long now…and with todays technology there will no place to hide. When the communist take over….the access to all of these drugs will vanish….and then all of these pot smoking snowflakes are going to have no idea what happened. I go back to that one generation of American young people. It is a FACT that marijuana has a negative effect upon the developing brain of a child. It can lead to memory deficits, paranoia, speech deficits, and other things.
        Good luck America with your pot of poison.

  21. I think there are way more people who support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use than there are those like me who are against marijuana. You can see it on this forum. The future is obvious. Recreational marijuana will be legalized in all 50 states in a few years. I think I’ll write a song and call it “Pot Head Nation”. Maybe, I’ll put the lyrics on this forum tomorrow.

  22. Oh my goodness – studies like the Swedish study make no sense to earn any information about the power of marijuana or better THC – because there is no statement to the environment of the participants (what diet, what amount of alcohol, what other kind of drugs, how often and for or against what)
    First of all, marijuana or better the THC of the femal plant blossom, has been and will ever be one of the best natural medicine on the world and as such it is not intended for a regular use over years (may be at special conditions for special person but not generally). Until the end of the second world war nearly every medicine cabinet in Germany have had a little bit cannabis blossoms… but unfortunately cannabis is a normal plant, like cale or carrots, you can’t get a PATENT of this plant nor the thc – so the Pharma and there lickspittles of pseudo scientist have a big interest to hold down any knowledge and use of cannabis.
    Therefor (and other reasons has been hamp banned – look also at the timber industry after 1950 of Canada you will find a second source) cannabis went to the underground and so the knowledge of using has been lost over the time – cannabis dealer today have only one interest – money and make the people stoned.
    So, most of the people today, which are using cannabis regulare, are stupid and cut off or not familiar with the use of such plants. I know from what I talking, I have worked years with such people on a special programm.
    I don’t know how to start – first, nowadays the THC in the plant is much higher then in the god given plant – fail number one! Second, most user don’t know anything about the interaction of cannabis and tobacco, when they mix it up for smoking – nicotine reduce the effect of THC but at the same time THC strtenghened the effec of nicotine – look at the work of Christian Rätsch one of the world famous German ethnopharmacologist (Enzyklopädie der psychoaktiven Pflanzen: Botanik, Ethnopharmakologie und Anwendung. AT, Stuttgart 1998; 13. Auflage: AT, Aarau 2016, ISBN 978-3-03800-352-6.)
    Also, THC act sedative – so no one with only thc in his blood or better brain likes to jump from a balcony – that’s a myth. The problem is, most of the people drinking alcohol in addition to smoking THC – the stupitidy never die! Or they jump then from the balcony – no matter, one “Depp” less on this world. (It sound may strange but please compare the sudden death from using prescribed drugs from a doctor to such jumpers ;-)
    And last but not least – If, I say if, one like to use THC for a “spirituell use” (in America you call such people maybe shamanen) he prepare him self days before using such powerfull plant, because he knows very well, that such a use can end with a no return to this world…
    THC is a powerful drug for medical interventions – not for a regular use for every one. THC is more then a simply part of a plant and like all on this planet it should be used only supervised by a wisdom knowing people at a safe room – not on the sofa with beer and chips during the super bowl is runnig at tv.

    1. Hi H

      I have heard in the recreational pot market stores in Colorado they do offer pot by type, this or that name and with this or that characteristic. The store person answers questions as to which favors your anticipated outcome. They also offer edibles with a differing sort of expected outcome.

      To my opinion the fears far outnumber the facts. Pot legalization has resulted in Colorado a decrease in the incidence of crime and a actual lower number of kids experimenting with the stuff. Part of being a adolescent is pushing the edge and trying to do what is not really legal…since pot is now legal kids are less inclined to use it as some of the mystique is now gone.I have heard of absolutely no increase in untoward events such as peoples jumping from balconies.
      The media continues here with the disinformation campaign as drug interests and liquor interests have very concerted reasons for seeing to it this is not legal nationwide. But the reality is in Colorado the effects seem to be about all good to include so much in taxable revenue they really did not know what to do with it all.

      A demographical study of Colorado’s result could now be done I suppose as it has been several years. To punch through all the media bias I would guess as science of a demographical sort may be a bit harder to influence, a observational study of the results to society in Colorado may be more relevant.

      A incidence of crime before legalization a incidence of drunk driving before a incidence of crimes of aggression before incidence of suicide before incidence of employment before and on and on compared to incidence of such after legalization…I bet my house bottom dollar and everything I would own that almost all of societal markers point to benefit by majority not fault.
      Clearly the science as to strictly health if confined to only this disease or that as here….in even that there is only slight if anything against it. Liquor far exceeds this in every potential category of potential morbid outcome.

      1. So Ron, you are not concerned if your taxi driver has been smoking pot all day long? You don’t care if your American Airlines pilot has been smoking pot 3 hours prior to your flight? You are not concerned that your surgeon has been smoking pot for about 2 hours before he walks in the operating room to perform an exploratory laparotomy on you? You are not concerned that someone has given your grandchildren some marijuana candy at Halloween? You are not concerned that the 18 wheeler next to you on the highway is driven by a guy who has been smoking dope all day long?

  23. Apologies in advance but i saw this written on the wall in the UCSD library in the 1980’s and I want to share it.
    “Acid consumes over 100 times it’s own weight in excess reality”. Anonymous.
    OK here is one from Carl
    “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”
    ― Carl Sagan
    Now here is one from me – I think you can get the same beneficial effects from meditation as from cannabis. That is the study that needs to be done IMHO. cannabis vs. meditation for personal development.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my long post.

  24. There is that but pot can have multiple uses and types ranging from meditational effect to simple pain relief and of recreational effect depending on desire.
    This web site covers much of the range..

    I am afraid that we are often looking at pot through a lens of a past time. Things in this field are simply way different than in the days past. Seems there may be a age gap offense. But most of my generation seem not aware of the changes to it.

    1. Anyone taking a current look at this thing would be advised to take a look at that link. And that link is itself almost 2 years old. Advancements strictly in the pain management field are similar with differing compounds producing differing result. THC and CNB levels are entirely maniipulable. The ability to patent this type thing at a federal level is seemingly hindering a bit as the substances themselves federally are still illegal. So hence legally not strictly patentable.
      Nevertheless thousands of patents are being applied for.

      1. Sorry should read CBD. From the article…
        Breeders spend years perfecting their hybrid strains, hoping to create the perfect Indica/Sativa cross so that you, the consumer, can find the perfect cannabis for your unique needs and goals. Whether you want to relax, get things done, or land somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find a hybrid cannabis strain to suit your needs.

        1. I would use biofeedback, sound vibration, and other techniques, but never hallucinogenics…never marijuana. If the country is going to become a pot head country….then so be it. Remember NOT everyone has sweet dreams with pot. It is interesting how the pro pot people say that people who have a negative experience with pot are lying, are mixed up, are over exaggerating.
          In their minds nothing can go wrong with pot. The president of the Phillipine Islands has come down hard with an iron fist against drug users and drug dealers because he has seen how these drugs take away the motivation of the younger people. The economy of the Phillipines is based upon the younger people in their 20’s to help the grandparents to “make it”
          successfully in their old age. Because drugs have influenced a lot of younger people to abandon this family value and has disrupted the flow of the Phillipine culture, the President of the Phillipines has, and is, and will continue to clean house.

  25. Here is a example of a strain which produces fun…Like a recreational user may want but is not conducive to work 303kush..
    “One word kept coming up during our reviews of this strain, and that was “fun” — this one just really improved our moods almost immediately, making us feel social, extroverted, and creative. It definitely felt Sativa in profile to start, increasing energy and bordering on racy at times (never anxious though), with a heavily buzzing body and pressurized face/eyes. The happy mood and relaxed body which made up the majority of the experience post-30 minutes wasn’t conducive to working simply because we wanted to enjoy life more than concentrate on anything. This strain was great for some mind-wandering and following your fancy, so to speak. After the main potency passed around 1.5 hours into the experience, we felt more able to actually relax and concentrate if needed, and the body relaxation feelings increased.”

    Other strains may produce a opposite effect to enhance concentration. It all depends on what the user wants and tells the store keeper or store worker.
    Before legalization it was one size fits all take this as this is what we sell, which likely was a drugged out stupor.
    We need to know what this is now not ten twenty or thirty years ago. Or scientific results may be influenced. This way of consumption by type and brand is totally new and not reflective in study. How could it be…..this variance never did exists back in the day. Grossly only very largly.

    Is a beer drinker alcoholic consumption pattern and result as to mortality equal to a scotch whiskey pattern and consumption….not at all, typically. So it is now a consumer back in the day is not what is being consumed today not in specific or in method of may not for instance be vapped.
    Is there a study of vapped pot….don’t think so. Tintures edibles topical ointments…..everything.

  26. Ok here is a critique of the video…

    The claims of negative nature are confined to two studies found towards the end of the video. The first study is referenced as the Swedish study. The second is the overall long term use societal loss study.
    The first study the Swede study is involved we can presume in Sweden. In Sweden pot use is severely discouraged by governmental action and societal opinion. WE simply cannot separate Swedish thought on this issue and the hence production of a risk taking individual who acts with a illegal substance in a illegal manner to be not coinvolved with other behaviors which tend one to increased mortality. Yes one may smoke and one may not and that may be factored in.But does one who does one illegal activity not also perhaps have more inclination to do another….does one who smokes pot also be so inclined to perhaps speed in a car…. I would guess we may say reasonably yes. To mention but one activity. Is it then the pot or the risk taking which is the issue?

    Secondly the societal impact study…
    produces these findings…

    “BD 2010 calculated new disability weights by use of representative community surveys and an internet-based survey. We combined estimates of dependence with disability weights to calculate prevalent YLDs, YLLs, and DALYs, and estimated YLDs, YLLs, and DALYs attributable to drug use as a risk factor for other health outcomes.
    Illicit drug dependence directly accounted for 20·0 million DALYs (95% UI 15·3–25·4 million) in 2010, accounting for 0·8% (0·6–1·0) of global all-cause DALYs. Worldwide, more people were dependent on opioids and amphetamines than other drugs. Opioid dependence was the largest contributor to the direct burden of DALYs (9·2 million, 95% UI 7·1–11·4). The proportion of all-cause DALYs attributed to drug dependence was 20 times higher in some regions than others, with an increased proportion of burden in countries with the highest incomes. Injecting drug use as a risk factor for HIV accounted for 2·1 million DALYs (95% UI 1·1–3·6 million) and as a risk factor for hepatitis C accounted for 502 000 DALYs (286 000–891 000). Suicide as a risk of amphetamine dependence accounted for 854 000 DALYs (291 000–1 791 000), as a risk of opioid dependence for 671 000 DALYs (329 000–1 730 000), and as a risk of cocaine dependence for 324 000 DALYs (109 000–682 000). Countries with the highest rate of burden (>650 DALYs per 100 000 population) included the USA, UK, Russia, and Australia.”

    The article itself is available on line. One finds if one reads it the substance of its conclusive basis is upon internet survey..
    These are notoriously inaccurate They are invariable age gender and income biased.. And the study itself is produced by the Australian government.Which one can presume has a inherent bias as that government already has in place antidrug use law which could only be negatively affected by detrimental findings.
    And as stated the conclusions drawn are not in relation in the main at all to not pot but to opioid amphetamine and cocaine.
    And the study was funded by the Gates foundation (US) Australia (australia) and is published in the lancet (Uk)
    The only outlier here is Russia…..

    I’m sorry this scientifically says nothing about pot. Again to state long term studies are only referenceing pot as a illegally consumed item with all that that involves. Basically we can’t rule out the mortality part as being a part of the risk taking thing of illegal substances..
    And it references pot taken by one route only..the smoked route. IN states where this is now legal four means of ingestion of the substance is available other than smoking.The mode of injestion may be the only qualifier in this issue of long term use. We simply do not know.
    Consequent to that is the amount of active ingredient taken. Is there any way of knowing what percent of THC was involved in any of this..of course not.

    Dr Greger is a fine nutritional analyst of study, but this thing pot…best left to others. Internet based bloddy red arse….;) is that science?

    1. AS per Wikipedia..” The World Health Organization did not acknowledge the GBD 2010 estimates.[14][15]”
      and the Gates foundation another funder of this has just had its presence declined in India due to a conflict of interest as regards vaccines and Gates drug industry involvement. In America we think Gates to be this and that a great noble man leading a great charity….. World wide it is not necessarily thought that.

      This with a 30 minute or so look see…my look see says a semi could be driven with any holes in conclusions possibly drawn from pot based on this study.
      Bad nor good..we can probably say both of the concluding documents are interesting but provide nothing in the way of conclusive scientific study.

    1. It sounds complicated but is in the real not so much. The critical part is the first…From WHO

      Metrics: Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY)
      Quantifying the Burden of Disease from mortality and morbidity
      One DALY can be thought of as one lost year of “healthy” life. The sum of these DALYs across the population, or the burden of disease, can be thought of as a measurement of the gap between current health status and an ideal health situation where the entire population lives to an advanced age, free of disease and disability.

      DALYs for a disease or health condition are calculated as the sum of the Years of Life Lost (YLL) due to premature mortality in the population and the Years Lost due to Disability (YLD) for people living with the health condition or its consequences:

      The YLL basically correspond to the number of deaths multiplied by the standard life expectancy at the age at which death occurs. The basic formula for YLL (without yet including other social preferences discussed below), is the following for a given cause, age and sex:

      N = number of deaths
      L = standard life expectancy at age of death in years
      Because YLL measure the incident stream of lost years of life due to deaths, an incidence perspective has also been taken for the calculation of YLD in the original Global Burden of Disease Study for year 1990 and in subsequent WHO updates for years 2000 to 2004.
      To estimate YLD for a particular cause in a particular time period, the number of incident cases in that period is multiplied by the average duration of the disease and a weight factor that reflects the severity of the disease on a scale from 0 (perfect health) to 1 (dead). The basic formula for YLD is the following (again, without applying social preferences):

      I = number of incident cases
      DW = disability weight
      L = average duration of the case until remission or death (years)
      Prevalence YLD
      The recent GBD 2010 study published by IHME in December 2012 used an updated life expectancy standard for the calculation of YLL and based the YLD calculation on prevalence rather than incidence:

      P = number of prevalent cases
      DW = disability weight
      Social value weights (age-weighting and discounting)
      The original Global Burden of Disease Study and WHO updates for years 2000-2004 also applied several social value weights in the calculation of DALYs for diseases and injuries. Apart from the disability weights, these also included time discounting and age weights.

      1. That the WHO who basically establishes this criteria did not acknowledge them to my opinion says a boatload. This study was done by the Australian government and the Bill Gates foundation published in the lancet.
        The findings were used in some subsequent reports by WHO however.

        Gates is tied into big pharma by investment which is the rational those in India have used to restrict the foundation from inputting on vaccine application, and the Australian government is after all…the Australian government. Those are the two primary sponsors here. Not to say it automatically discredits the report but it raises red flags. Big Pharm has a adversarial regard due to competitive pain meds to pot. Funding to antipot legalization shows this.on occasion.

    1. Very good question. Flow Mediated Dilatation studies after ingestion of sesame oil has actually been tested and found to be beneficial. This is a one-off study, and conflicts with the vast majority of other oils. I suggest you take this research lightly, so use tahini sparingly and make it fresh yourself from ground sesame seeds before each use as oxidation of the fats could be a problem. And don’t forget that it can make you fat like any other oil which would not be healthy.

      Dr. Ben

  27. So much for the debate on the benefits of marijuana. Let’s listen to people who have experience with it. This guy has years of experience smoking it, and now he has been free of marijuana for 6 years. Listen to him tell the truth. Don’t listen to Joseph.

    1. I watched the video John. Yes. If one spends years sitting around getting stoned all day, thinking nothing and doing nothing, then for that person cannabis is a trap. Although as a long-time user I don’t see how he can get high and think of nothing.

      Still, I’d advise someone in that condition to break clean for a few months, get out of their heads and get involved with others. If they choose, they can reintroduce cannabis into their lives — but by vaping it, not smoking, and to be strict about when to use it and when not to. Place limits. If one can’t do that but continually ends up ingesting constantly, like this fellow, then they need to consider putting it down for good.

      Anything to excess can do harm, especially a substance with such a profound effect.

      But does that mean that weed should be avoided by everyone? Not at all.
      Some of the effects of weed are profoundly beneficial, especially the psychological ones, which nobody seems to be studying.

      While weed profoundly changed this man’s life in a bad way, it changed mine in a profoundly good way. The first time I ingested cannabis was 1964, and for many years I got high every day. But I also spent years at a time without getting high at all. I’m in such a hiatus now. I stopped vaping cannabis just over a year ago. At this point in my life, at 77, I’m fine with it, and I’m also fine without it. I have a full life without it, and I have a full life with it. Something I find beneficial in cannabis is that it delivers an alternate view of one’s life.

        1. I have better things to do than to listen to that. The studies are tainted because of Schedule 1 and because the federal government has waged a campaign against cannabis since the 1930’s. And they’re still at it. I’m appalled at all the misinformation floating around this forum on cannabis.
          I expected better from such a group.

          1. Many of us on this forum do not want to risk many of the psychological problems that cannabis users have shared with the public on YouTube. There are a few people like you that have not yet experienced depression, paranoia, anxiety, reduced reflexes, disassociation, lack of motivation, or who have become an addicted stoner. But, there are many that have experienced these ill effects and have given their testimonies on YouTube why they quit using marijuana and how it has improved their lives. It is interesting how users of marijuana have this need to proselytize others into joining them and becoming a cannabis recreational user. You Joseph are a proselytizer. Many of us do not want to risk our delicate mental health to the weed and we resist your efforts to proselytize.

            1. In light of the plausible guesstimate that tens of millions of Americans have ingested cannabis since the 1960’s, the testimonials on U-Tube are too small a sample to mean anything — not to mention that their anecdotal, as is my case. When you need proof, anecdotes are useless.

              I don’t consider myself a proselytizer. I’m an advocate for legalization.
              I don’t care if others do weed or not. I just want two things: everyone to have the right to do so, and an end to the punitive criminal justice system surrounding all drugs.

              Just over 40% of our prisoners in jails and prisons are serving time for drug offenses, with most incarcerated for simple possession. Because of the war on drugs begun in 1972 and the changes that occurred in sentencing rules beginning in 1993, with only 5% of the world’s population, we have 22% of the world’s inmates — and per capita we imprison far more than China. And our cops disproportionately target the black and Hispanic neighborhoods when they cruise for busts.

  28. I’m not advocating for Joe Rogan but as regards pot, he has done some research and is involved in MMA a field of employment in which all its participants use it.

    Why is that so usual in a field of fighting UFC and all that….as pot has its application for the mediation of injury as well. I remember back in the day the AMA stating for years and years by scientific study steroids had no effect. Which was a fact on who they tested the thing on. Everyone involved in any competitive sport knew certainly that it had great effect. Now the medical community admits that when once it did not depending on misguided studies to claim that.

    So it is with pot. The medical community is being left behind in this thing when every fighter knows it has application. In this video Joe Rogan is discussing concussive injury treatment with one UFC fighter who is using the non psychoactive form of pot for treatment. He suffered concussive injury in one of his last bouts.
    But no medically we are still often told marijuana has no use or limited use…..
    Know what folks despite medical or scientific considered opinion those that need to use it will and are. Same as with steroids back in the day. Peoples will not depend on some authority who often has vested financial interest to make determinations of this sort. Pot being used by virtually all MMA fighters is saying a thing about its use.
    Here is a video on that specific..

    1. People like Joe Rogan, Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, and many other fighters who become KING of the mountain is that they are NOT looking at the long haul like I am. People who train daily at the dojos and fighting gyms get injured. I’ve been injured: shoulders, knees, feet, fingers. I just work out with one trainer and simply go through the motions. But, you take Ali, he reached the TOP of the mountain. He became KING. But, through poor diet, head trauma, and who knows what else he became absolutely defenseless as a human being in the latter part of his life. In the end he was wheel chair bound. Look at Kimbo Slice, because of eating the standard American diet, taking drugs, steroids, and who knows what else he died an early death. I can point to many, many top fighters that never make it into their 80’s or even their 70’s. I am sure that Rogan has been hit in the head a few times, knocked down, might even have taken some steroids because a lot of them do. He eats a standard American diet. and, even when you spar and practice you still get injured. Even surprising injuries like a detached retina. Yeah, Joe may be king of the mountain now, but he may be in the VALLEY if he ever reaches 70. Besides that recent research is now contradicting the idea that marijuana helps with Alzheimer’s disease. Recent research says that smoking marijuana actually increases the risk for alzheimer’s disease.

      Put that in your bong and smoke it….no pun intended.

      1. Agree with your points made John, they all are valid concrete observations. Rogan specifically does not compete as he had problems with concussive injury. But his diet sucks and he is a proponent of a paleo style diet. I would affirm that his long extensive injury history has a to do with his diet. He being a avid hunter and in part that being connected to his income he simply cannot admit its obvious deficit.

        But as to pot, my point is that it has use, especially the non psychoactive form, which due to federal obstruction involved, has not been sufficiently studied to make determinations of a absolute nature. But regardless of the scientific obstruction,the federal government basically only allows study which point to its deficit, it continues to be used to good effect in many areas of injury and some select areas of disease such as childhood seizures.

        And recreational pot, the evidence of the permission to use pot in such a form in Colorado and many other states allows us to conclusively now state, it has been close to five years in Colorado, no obvious detriment to society is present..It is not for lack of looking. Media concerns and scientific concerns as pot is in a adversarial position to established interests and competes with its products, has natural enemies in the big pharma and liquor industry. Any legalization attempts are found to have as opposition from those, at times hidden in subsidiary interest but always at root from them, monies donated from them.

        This thing of pot I mention again is not what it was in the earlier days. There are any number of products, many attempted to be patented but not allowed by the federal government as it is illegal, being produced with specific aim. Some are the non psychotic areas strictly involved with the mediation of injury or specific disease, and some are in the recreational area. Nowadays even in the recreational area, it is not like in the past when a person would use weed to get simply blotto. Part of that was the illegal nature of it. As now legal, we can now choose what we prefer not what some dealer wants us to have. Back in the day a dealer was likely connected to the Mexican cartels(they have since diversified into heroine which explains the current heroine epidemic in part), who wanted a extreme product which indeed would lead to all the deficits mentioned. They wanted a product which would lend itself to addiction as that is the revenue stream for them…from addicted peoples.

        It is simply not that way anymore. Now one can use pot with any number of effects, some as mild as a beer some as still devastating as angeldust. But in the real most do not want to get blotto. That pot can still be found usually in the edibles but few proportionally want it. The sales are to the products the strains which produce a very mild effect of a tranquilizing nature. Most regular users of the thing are winding down from a day at work or on the weekend and do not want to examine a hallucinatory experience that has one questioning the basis of life itself. Some still do and those products still exist but in sales shops one is questioned as to what effect they want and then sold that thing. Almost always it is the mild tranquilizer effect.

        That is pot today absent from the influence of the Mexican cartels and other illegal producers of the past.

        1. I agree that their are some benefits to the non psychoactive components of cannabis. There is no denying that. I am just against the idea of people getting intoxicated and getting into disassociation with reality by smoking the types of cannabis that have that effect. I was watching a YouTube video of a woman who had Alzheimer’s Disease and she greatly improved with cannabis OIL.

          On the topic of Joe Rogan. Here is a link to his diet. He eats a lot of meat….a lot of meat. Plus, he uses a lot of oil in his cooking. Joe is now around 51 years of age. He is starting to increase the size of his waist…..not overweight….but you can see it coming. There some research that suggest that people with a lot of tatoos may be at a higher risk for melanoma. He is an A type personality kind of guy. He also takes a lot of supplements. And, as you know, a lot of supplements are made in China…and some of them have been analyzed as having all kinds of “things” in them. He takes a lot of fish oils because they help him with his joints. He runs, lifts weights, practices yoga, eats a low carbohydrate diet — paleo, practices martial arts, hunts, and of course he has his pod cast show. The only warnings I would suggest to him is the build up of plaque in his arteries from eating so much meat, using a lot of oils in cooking and in salads, and the small amount of fiber in his diet. It is a fact that a lot of red meat increases your risk for colon cancer. Will he make it into his 70’s? He is a risk taker.

          I am interested in what the very wealthy and powerful eat. I have already checked out the Clintons. They eat really healthy. They are basically vegan, except for some salmon fish once a week. Oprah Winfrey is into rich foods and she eats a lot of animal protein. I speak Russian, and right now I am trying to figure out what Putin eats. He is a very cautious man, and a very deep thinker. The last summit of the top 8 economic nations held in London was where Putin brought his own food and his own water. He refused to eat or drink anything served at that summit.

          1. I agree entirely on Joe Rogan. Diet consequence often does not show until a terminal event. Often the best outcome is one noticing deleterious effects prior to that event and taking steps to remedy it. Ali kept fighting even though many in the sport knew he was showing problems with concussive syndrome .It was so well known of in that circle George Forman named all his sons George, he figured would come the time he would not be able to remember names..luckily he evaded it.

            Yes the elite amongst us know of the damage. If they do not personally most probably they have educated their young to it. Bill was vegan but come Hilliaries run by my take it was not politically expedient. So he disavowed it but probably still does it by my guess.

            1. Putin ;) his concerns are other I suspect. You do not think Hugo died a natural death do you?
              Not to turn this into politics but I think he is a very clear and present target. He talked to Castro about it he being the enemy for so long and so many attempts…Castro said to make sure all his people close his security people were his people.
              Putin is older now and still seems very fit. He as you know is a martial artist but I also suspect he had attention to diet. We will never know. He represents Russia in his mind. so cannot by diet exclude any particular. All things are grown in Russia to include cattle.

              1. Ron, Putin’s grandfather used to be the private personal cook for Joseph Stalin at Stalin’s Villa in Moscow. Not a very safe job when you consider that Stalin had a lot of people who were a part of his inner circle through out the years to be terminated because of his Paranoia. Maybe Uncle Joe had some weed in that pipe he was always smoking. Anyhow, like you say, Putin has an exercise program which includes many sports. He is NOT addicted to food like Americans are for the most part. He actually does a lot of intermittent fasting because he is so busy. He frequently eats maybe only one or two meals per day. He is more focused on working and eating does not enter his thinking processes that much. He is on the go constantly. But, when he does eat, he likes traditional Russian foods, because he was able to get to eat some meals that his grandfather made while he was a young boy.
                His grandfather died when Putin was only 12. So, yes, Putin likes to eat борщ, щи, уха, пельмени, голубцы, and блины and many other traditional Russian dishes. He moderately eats fish and lamb. But, he does eat a lot of vegetables. I would say that his diet is much better than the American standard diet. But, like I say he only eats once or twice a day and that goes a long ways for not over consuming unnecessary calories. Dr. Greger has presented studies that indicate that when people consuming to many calories over the years it reduces their longevity. I think Putin will enjoy a long, healthy life.

                1. Interesting stuff on Putin, thanks John. I didn’t know that about his grandfather. I honestly am a bit of a fan, though I know he has his dark side. But what politician does not, seems part and parcel of the territory.
                  American media demonizes Russia. When they were making all this fuss about the Russians stopping any vocal support for the gay lifestyle, India was reaffirming a law by Indian supreme court decision. A law they had internalized from the brits back in the day, outlawing male gay sex completely with a ten year sentence for any so proven to have endeavored the act. At roughly the same time as the Russian law…the latter was never mentioned.

                  Can’t say I think the average Russian meal is healthful though. My grandmom ate stuff like that continually and died a early death of CHF.
                  Espousing it as healthy till the end. . Fasting I guess would be the way to go eating that diet, though it did contain healthy elements like beets..

            2. Yes, Bill is 99 percent whole plant food diet….but…Dr. Hyman wants him to eat a little salmon about once a week. Dr. Hyman is one of the personal doctors for the Clintons. In recent TV interviews of them, they both look very energetic and healthy.

  29. Daily use of marijuana is causing an acute medical problem called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. It’s quite interesting. While working as a Nurse Practitioner in Northern CA, we were seeing it more and more often in emergency rooms. Of course, it does not affect all daily pot users , but it is becoming more prevalent w/the legalization of recreational marijuana. The only cure is to stop using. We saw many repeat patients in the ER. Either they couldn’t stop using, or they didn’t want to believe that their marijuana use was related to their sickness. I am looking forward to further research on this syndrome.

    1. Well Jane I ask…how long has pot been legal in California? I know the legislation passed a bit ago but how long have people in California been able to buy legal pot? Could such a syndrome present in two months time?
      I think we would have to look to Colorado to see if such a syndrome is present and is on the increase if such was a factor in prelevence. Seems it is not so in Colorado. .
      I expect the powers that be will research any thing of any negative connection to pot to a extreme extend. So I expect your hope will be realized. Will it come to fruition a finding of absolute harm…I seriously doubt it. Nothing in Colorado suggests this is happening.

      1. Keep in mind perhaps in the illegal trade in Marijuana any sort of substance may be cut into marijuana to produce a affect that a dealer wants. If he wants a person addicted to increase sales he may include some morphine like substances to it. Illegally there is simply no barrier to such activity. I expect problems with pot use will significantly decrease with legalization as that is no longer possible. Sales of pot are now regulated and inspections may occur.
        We will see in California but it will take at least a year or two.

        1. Illegal pot use as I mention may have any number of substances added to it to enhance a desired effect a dealer wants. Trust me in this or not….I was involved with crowds back in the day as a kid who did deal, and they commonly added things to pot sold to increase effect. The most common back in the day was angel dust which consists of several things one of which was a commonly known of horse tranquilizer.

          Why did they do that….as the most potent pot was often the best selling item. One chancing getting caught and jailed for pot wanted a thing which produced a real drastic effect.The thinking being if one was to risk life and liberty you should get quite a significant bang for the buck. A pot arrest for simple pot or pot with angeldust was equal a jail term. So users preferred a potent product.

          So I am not disputing here antidotal accounts. I am disputing cause. Yes anyone found with such a syndrome will present with THC in their system and it is related but is it the cause?
          Colorado says not.

          1. Since we are dealing in “what ifs” here, what if Colorado is covering up the medical data in order to protect their revenue stream? ‘-)

            1. As to this…
              “Since we are dealing in “what ifs” here, what if Colorado is covering up the medical data in order to protect their revenue stream? ‘-)

              The lack of a requirement for a full complete autopsy in the event of a traffic death seems to imply the inverse. If they really wanted to know if traffic deaths were caused by pot and not some other cause…why not a full autopsy?
              Are they going to make pot illegal in Colorado because of a statistical increase in pot caused traffic deaths…seems not.
              They would call for a increase in the police budgets and testings required. A modification to the program which would cause a increase in government.
              Would they actively work against a thing which causes a increase in their area…most likely not, a given this thing is governmentally inspired..

              Who potentially could be adversely affected by a complete autopsy requirement in Colorado…my guess is and I admit it is a guess, is a group that has we know significant lobbying influence in any state that has a pharma influence which Colorado does….opioid as cause.

              The revenue stream was not at all anticipated. They had so much money coming in to government they literally did not know what to do with it all. I think they ended up giving some of it back to the taxpayers.

              That they did not even anticipate that and now have entered into some far reaching scheme which involves thousands of peoples and reporting interests to now protect a thing they are quite surprised to have….seems very remote. To remote as to be considered impossible.

              My guess is pharma products are implicated in why they do not do full autopsy by law in Colorado with traffic deaths. The money to do so provided by pot revenue is available. It is outstanding that they do not do so…there must be a reason. To protect pot revenue stream seems unlikely as they never have required that ever before the introduction of legal pot.
              Why not …seems the public interest would be served. Could be pot now in theory but why not in the past?.

              Big pharmas interest in opioids is being very underreported in media. A fed bill was passed just two years ago that prevents prosecution of companies involved in this thing by a removal of a specific that is required to do a prosecution legally.
              This speaks as to how far reaching is that of big pharma. I could get into specifics but that would be quite boring and lengthy..
              That is my guess.
              That guess is prescription meds are having a bigger impact on traffic deaths than is wanted to be known of.

  30. The only negative effect I can find in societal terms in Colorado is so far the potential of increased traffic deaths. The media is commonly beating that to death.
    But here is a example of the counter to that argument which is rarely stated…
    ” Unlike alcohol, THC can remain detectable in the blood stream for days or weeks, when any impairment wears off in a matter of hours,” said Taylor West, former deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. “So all those numbers really tell us is that, since legal adult-use sales began, a larger number of people are consuming cannabis and then, at some point … (are) driving a car.”

    Estimates vary for how much marijuana use has increased in Colorado since legalization. Surveys by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that use within 30 days rose from about 12 percent of Colorado adults in 2013 to 17 percent in 2015, a 42 percent increase.”

    That 12 percent accounts for roughly the finding of increased amounts of peoples driving involved with fatal outcomes with THC in their system.
    Some select cases do exist in which by percent we can attribute the cause to a probable of pot,
    But overall statistically it remains unproven until further documentation and study result.

    It may be a problem. Or is may not depends on how the raw data is manipulated. Alcohol remains the real problem with traffic fatalities in Colorado and elsewhere.
    But I say it is possible, we must study it further. Keep in mind autopsy in Colorado does not necessitate a full consideration of all substances. Was a person on pot or using pot within 30 days using some other things as well to include prescription pharmas….well we know those are not tested for and we know the why behind that.

    Notice any mention of increased use of prescription pharmas and increased traffic deaths in national media…..hardly at all. We know it is a big big problem and more are using them then ever it is a societal problem, is Colorado exempt from that?. Is not one on involved in traffic deaths being tested for that….?

    So show me a real equal study on that with full autopsy result for each incident and then we may perhaps draw a conclusion.
    Till then it is media saying this and not that as sponsorship is from corporate interest which is not separate from big pharma and alcohole.

    I am not saying pot is harmless in all things..probably it is not. But the deck is slanted significantly for deteriment at present not benefit in media.
    In this environment we just can not say presently. Mostly as per Colorado it appears very insignificant is the societal effect of legalization.
    To be clear I do not use pot nor hold any financial interest.
    I am simply just tired of BS being sold as fact in science and media like it was with tobacco is now with pot and was just a bit ago with climate change. To include I may add at present diet…. media bias is obvious.

      1. As to this…”Me thinks you advocate too vigorously to not somehow being involved in an advantageous resolution of legalized pot. ‘-)

        I see the same bias at present in national media as it relates here to dietary preference. We know without a doubt science supports one type of diet for health and not some other kind. Check media source, we are not living with our heads in the sand….does media ever represent that at present?. Very very rarely.Truthfully told I had the same arguments in this same medium over secondhand smoke, political issues specifically the Iraq war, climate change diet, and now this… issue always has been and remains misrepresentation.
        Yes I am a bit of a zealot on that.
        Pot is not my singular issue. That the science seems to verse the opposite of what government and media represents is to my eye obvious as it was with all the others.

        Most of my personal specific understanding of the corporate world and media representing it actually began with the secondhand smoke issue. With that is when I began my research of these type things. But that story…. once educated to how things are influenced, public perception… I find the application is wide.

        1. O.K., it just made me suspicious that you either were trying to defend your own use… which would be illogical since you don’t need our permission to do that… or that you have stock in a marijuana company… or you are trying to squelch anything negative in hopes of getting New Mexico to legalize marijuana so you could open a “pharmacy” and profit from that.

          Like I said, I was just suspicious that you would have a positive outcome of some sort from a “marijuana for the masses” law of the land.

          Just wondering if your zeal is not better directed at bigger issues?

          1. As to this...”or you are trying to squelch anything negative in hopes of getting New Mexico to legalize marijuana so you could open a “pharmacy” and profit from that.

            I looked into several years ago investing into the pot industry. Actually it was in Colorado before the passage of the law. It involved to much up front money it was to far away for me to manage. I and a acquaintance looked into New Mexico as a result and found the interests were all tied up into the medical marijuana field, which in New Mexico means the players were already established and corruption of government would prevent new entry into the market without significant push back.
            In New Mexico pushing into a field without a government sponsor means, you risk arrest or worse, and it requires a hefty pay off or more likely in this a new partner you do not want or need. the place is corrupted.
            It makes New Orleans look good.
            Liquor interest is the reason why pot is not legal here.

            Taking them on government or who they represent is risking life and liberty or at the least finances. I had a relative who turned in one state legislator for overtly soliciting a bribe in one non related issue….his business was pronounced dead about two years after that individual was tried and convicted.
            Governmental interest is far reaching.

              1. Thanks for the “disclaimer”… explains a lot

                To be clear I anticipate I will never attempt any entry of investment into the pot industry at all..never ever. Those investable are to small and able to be influenced by singular events. Nor do I have a bone to pick with state government here….I could influence them if I chose to do so….once I did by political involvement. Those days are far gone. One congressional candidate who did get elected and who I ended up supporting called me every day for a bout a month courting my and my peoples support….I don’t see government as any enemy. But we have to admit it as it is not some wish or dream we want.

                I do hold a minor interest of investment in the health food industry. Health foods the companies are relatively clean industry investments, they produce little to no harm. I am trying at present to divest major interests which I and my relatives have held for years which do produce harm but ones that produce safe secure returns are just very hard to come by.

                I wish I had invested in Tesla but oh well. I did not really know what Elon M was all about until recently. Peoples like him come around once in a very great while.;(

                1. That person I mention..who reads these things none really, nor takes them to heart.
                  Is to be the next governor here. I am not remembered nor can draw any pay for that thing.
                  My relatives experience is as he explained to his other partners how things were and they did not listen. He knew one did not turn in a state legislator, it just is not done. You tell them the pay is insufficient that is all.This is how things are though we know it not.

                  So they can tell us meat and cheese is healthy it is in the same vein the both.

  31. As to antidotal experience I will mention one. It has little relevance to the overall study of such things and I will qualify it as such…
    The most significant far reaching event of a traffic nature I was involved in locally in a center of the city context involving multiple injuries and death to the extend a observational unit was called in to access the scene, which speaks of the destruction involved..the woman who caused all this was not killed….she admitted to a overdose perhaps intentional but perhaps not of prescription meds.
    And this was many years ago. If she had died likely she would not even have been tested for such meds.
    So that is my antidotal reference though it really has little application to the issue of study.

    As to traffic deaths in Colorado we at present really do not know. Till they require full autoposy in any involved traffic deaths in Colorado, which at present is not required we simply can not say.
    But media says we can……I ask you can we?

    1. Your mention of antidotes has me wondering if there is an antidote to cannabis when a user is brought in to hospital? I think there is an antidote that even first responders carry now, for drug overdoses. Just wondering if someone in the medical profession can comment on how a marijuana overdose is treated?

      1. I can’t speak for the medical community but I think overdoses are not treated. In that the treatment is support only. Maybe one could be prescribed a mild tranquilizer.
        Narcan is the patented drug which reverses a morphine induced terminal event. Marijuana absent other drugs never produces terminal events.
        Police are now carrying narcan in many places. It requires a simple IM injection. Anyone can do it really. Swap the site shoulder if possible, stick it in and pull the syringe. They will however sometimes fight you when they come out of it as they hate that you ruined their high ;)
        So there has to be at least two around to make sure for your safety.

        1. Ron, slight correction. Do not pull the syringe, but PUSH the syringe.
          However, technically you are correct. Before, a medical person injects a patient with a hypodermic needle they usually pull back on the plunger to make sure that they are not in a vein or an artery. If they are in a vein or an artery blood will appear in the chamber of the syringe. If that happens then they are suppose to get a new needle, new syringe, re-draw the medication and try a different location.

          1. Yes John I am not attempting to give a medical lesson on how to do a IM injection. Yes you are right. Truthfully though in the dark rain a car perhaps with a drug scene to be handled with suspects around and likely weapons around as well…a cop will shoot it in anywhere he can that even distinctly resembles a muscle and will not be withdrawing to see if he is in a vein or not.
            And if it does not work he will give it another go and then proceed to CPR.

            Book on many medical procedure little represents field use and application. I saw once a medic applying sterile medical procedures to a gunshot victim…once.

            1. That medic no offense to him was clearly a subject of to many years doing that thing….and applying strict medical procedure to and in light of totally unmanageable situations…it was his recourse suffering from PTSD.I can follow the book even though the book is not being followed is the thought unconsciously.

              No one in management of field trauma of a significant sort applies hospital like strict sterile procedure….it is abandoned about the first week of a medics life as a medic with extensive trauma like gun shot or knife wound. So it would be with police application of narcan.
              Stick it in see if it works. If not oh well at least we tried.

            2. Agree with you, I just wanted to make sure that you knew the difference between push and pull…..Ha….it comes in handy when you are romantically under the influence of pot.

  32. AS to this…”Just wondering if your zeal is not better directed at bigger issues?”

    This is a no brainer. Climate change is the most significant in a global sense now but the battle excepting in a certain religious based belief base…it is over.
    The only question is how to remediate it.

    Diet affects us all. The problem is as it was back in the day with climate change the peoples in this specific fail to realize the forces aligned against them.
    They are the same forces. I could get into the inside of corporate structure and how and why they act in concert in by view unrelated issues together with government but it requires a full study beyond this medium and particular vehicle.

    And honestly most involved in this thing of diet…no offense but they are not nice people. They are into it for reasons just of their own and relatives health totally self consumed…excepting vegans who the nutritional side of it generally refuse to accept.

    So pot is easy and a no brainer. Clearly the arguments against it about 95 percent are rooted in some past thing of just misinformed.

    1. to add….politics are simply generally not discussable. What the people are told of things in media little represent the reality.
      How could you educate a peoples to the reality of politics….it would take a study which began in grade school. Which those who are elite endeavor but those who are not cannot.

      Basically it is garbage in garbage out, and our garbage in since about ever. For all those existent today is managed by psychological means of manipulation honed to a fine art with application in the intelligence field of defense in Germany following world war two. The entire societal structure starting with the educational field was honed with the production of a anticipated desired outcome which was achieved. A thousand years of Germanic tendency was uprooted and changed.
      It is a science applied with great success to its subjects. We are its subjects. It is like trying to argue logic to a drunk person…it never works though I and others may endeavor it at is always doomed to failure as the means are psychological not rooted in logic. Those trained to it will understand but with few exceptions they do not exist. Those who rule things and accumulate things they know this. We are their subjects and are treated with such due respect as subjects not participants of a equal sort..

  33. No offense to Dr Greger I think he does excellent work on nutritional information beyond any available in any place in media nowadays.

    I have versed against the conclusive studies referenced in the video found in the last section of it, two studies.

    But many questions have been raised.
    Here is a link Tom has provided, which addresses many of the questions which have come up here and repeat.Keep in mind the study is a bit dated but is produced by the national academy of science (2013)

    Most importantly however one must scroll up to the top and read it in its total form. Scroll up. It has its limitations and they are stated clearly.
    It should compliment the video to my opinion. By all and every means do not just read a bit of it and draw conclusions. Catagories of qualification are mentioned and defined.

  34. Yes dear American’s no offense as I am one of you…but we must actually at times read a thing of science or law or anything for that matter.. from which we may then hone our opinions on.
    Believing a thing to be so does not suffice in any context considered excepting that of our own mind individually considered.

    So one must read that thing from top to bottom to dispel or confirm opinions. It did speak for the science as of 2013. Not solely but in a understandable form.
    It is not produced to provide absolute conclusion. It ventures only one such absolute conclusion. It is context and nuanced so one must spend a bit of time with it to understand it.
    It is very useful to compliment the video.

  35. Tom has provided a link as well, I think, to the entire study, earlier on in this thread in book form. This suffices for the purposes of this discussion here.

  36. That’s all great. But I feel an under-looked aspect of this video is the effect on livelihood, especially for addicted chronic users.
    Another understated issue is that what we call “marijuana” is often obtained on the black market and may contain all sorts of added substances. So you make marijuana look good here, and people have more of the random stuff in the streets that could be lased with moth balls, formic acid, artificial THC produced who knows where or with what purity, and the rest of the long list of thing you might find mixed with pot.

    I grew up in village plagued with pot abuse and have spent years trying to get the young into healthier lifestyles than 24/7 pot addiction.

    I’ve seen people have only occasional pot, and I’ve seen outright addicts that need to be stoned all day. For the latter, I’ve witnessed serious paranoia, like checking the doors and windows time and time again out of a completely irrational fear that criminals or thieves might storm in. It is beyond doubt for anyone who’s witnessed enough potheads (or people that don’t want to smoke pot) that this was caused by whatever was in their pot and subsided after stopping to use marijuana.

    I’ve seen potheads laze around day in day out, and miss out on their lives, and just play video games or do all sorts of favorite stoners stuff, but not have a job, or engage in healthy social relationships and lifestyles.

    I’m very aware this is not representative of all people who smoke, and I described here only a portion of all marijuana users. That idle lifeless state is addiction-caused and is often a mental burden on the people around, and sometimes a financial one to the community in welfare countries.

    It would be nice if some of the people here would get off their screens and scientific literature a bit and grant some credit to the testimonies of those that have seen or experienced a wider spectrum of behaviors and undesirable effects. Thank you.

    1. Youcef, American will eventually become like the village you used to live in where pot smoking was everywhere. When that happes the Chinese and Russians will take over America. Kruschev predicted this back in the 1950’s. He said that America will fall from within. The “fall” is mounting speed like a snow ball rolling down hill. America is consumed by drugs, pornography, witchcraft, abortion, entertainment, gambling, parties, greed, gladiatorial sports like UFC, it’s people are very divided culturally over political correct views, sharp political and views that go to the degree of neighbor hating neighbor even relatives hating each other. The day is coming when America will fall.

      1. Boris, Kruschev did say that America will fall from within. But he wasn’t referring to the maladies you mention. He was reminding his audience what Karl Marx had said about Capitalism, that it had the seeds of its own destruction. In his earlier works, the 1849 Communist Manifesto, he said that in their zeal for evermore profits, the owners of industry will continue to reap profits in the only way they could, by squeezing their employees, their laborers. When he wrote that, the modern industrial revolution hadn’t happened yet, and the vast majority of workers were still working the fields, even in England. It was a decidedly agrarian society.
        It wasn’t until the 1880’s that Industrialization of the farms had substantially freed most farmers to work in the cities, where industrialization began to revamp factories. And that changed everything for capitalism. Instead of worker revolts due to ever depleted paychecks, the demand for labor increased, and increased pay followed.
        Entrepreneurship and innovation changed what had remained the same for hundreds of years.

        Today, workers are facing a very different set of issues: the control of industry and government by the financial markets, global corporations and the CEO’s who run them, and the inequalities that result from their success.

          1. Maybe so. I have no idea what they say in Russia today. But I do know what Kruschev was saying in the early 1960’s.
            I didn’t know that you live in Russia John. Are you one of those Russian trolls that we hear so much about? Spreading discord in the US?

    2. Nothing of the experience in Colorado suggests legalization leads to any of this. In fact the substances of pot are subject to inspection and one can be assured they are not having foreign things put in them.

      Peoples have always been some of them lazy sit around do nothing types. Now some of them smoke pot a lot more of them drink, if not one the other, truth is that is what they like to do not that some substance made them that way.

  37. I would like to know about cannabis, not when smoked, but as a helpful plant to eat medicinally and as food. The FDA or AMA (?), after all, took out a patent on it many years ago as a medicine.

    1. Sure Judy! Below is a link to the latest report from the National Institute of Health (NIH) on CBD. CBD is the cannabinoid in the plant that is strongly suspected by impartial scientists to have many physical and psychological benefits for humans. From the many studies on rats and mice we know that they do for those mammals, but the studies on humans, though very promising, haven’t been thorough enough for definitive conclusions.

      For your convenience, I’ve extracted some of the more salient statements in the long narrative. The link is at the bottom. In addition to the statements in this NIH report, a plethora of anecdotal evidence should be enough to suggest widespread studies on CBD use for psychoses, including bi-polar, paranoia, and schizophrenia; childhood epilepsy; inflammation, heart disease, and cancer; and, of all things, addiction disorders.
      Joseph in Missoula

      *”Since several years, other pharmacologically relevant constituents of the Cannabis plant, apart from Δ9-THC, have come into the focus of research and legislation. The most prominent of those is cannabidiol (CBD). In contrast to Δ9-THC, it is nonintoxicating, but exerts a number of beneficial pharmacological effects. For instance, it is anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and antipsychotic. Moreover, neuroprotective properties have been shown.1 ,2 Consequently, it could be used at high doses for the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging in psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and dementia, as well as diabetes and nausea.1 ,2 “”At lower doses, it has physiological effects that promote and maintain health, including antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotection effects. For instance, CBD is more effective than vitamin C and E as a neuroprotective antioxidant and can ameliorate skin conditions such as acne.””This review could substantiate and expand the findings of Bergamaschi et al. about CBD favorable safety profile.1 Nonetheless, various areas of CBD research should be extended. First, more studies researching CBD side effects after real chronic administration need to be conducted. Many so-called chronic administration studies, cited here were only a couple of weeks long. Second, many trials were conducted with a small number of individuals only. To perform a thorough general safety evaluation, more individuals have to be recruited into future clinical trials. Third, several aspects of a toxicological evaluation of a compound such as genotoxicity studies and research evaluating CBD effect on hormones are still scarce. Especially, chronic studies on CBD effect on, for example, genotoxicity and the immune system are still missing. Last, studies that evaluate whether CBD-drug interactions occur in clinical trials have to be performed.””In conclusion, CBD safety profile is already established in a plethora of ways. However, some knowledge gaps detailed above should be closed by additional clinical trials to have a completely well-tested pharmaceutical compound. More clinical trials with a greater number of participants and longer chronic CBD administration are still lacking.”*

      * *

        1. You’re welcome Judy. There’s a lot more information on the internet about positive findings for CBD’s, but most are published by organizations advocating for legalization. Although their statements shouldn’t be ignored, many may question their motives, so I decided to just send you the report from the NIH, a report that is rather remarkable.

    2. Judy, “privet”….you should research how placental mesenchymal stem cells can improve your health. This link is an interview of your famous American actor Mel Gipson. He describes how he flew his 92 year old father to Panama for an infusion of placental mesenchymal stem cells to rejuvenate his father. It worked. The clinic is located in Panama. We have a Swiss clinic in Moscow. But, listen to this video to broaden your understanding of this rejuvenation process…..”paka”

      1. Thanks, John. I didn’t happen to see the video attached. But I also wonder where they got the placental ms; might it have been from an aborted baby?
        Thank you.

  38. Has any studies been done on the impact of smoking marijuana and the decrease of hormones ( testosterone) causing teens and young adults to be content as they are ( even if living with parents at 30) rather than achieving their full potential?

    1. The NIH says that the effect of cannabis on human hormones, like testosterone, has not been tested. All effects of cannabis should be studied thoroughly, but is there cause to suspect such a negative association?

  39. I use medical marijuana for migraines. It’s very low in THC so unlike the other prescriptions I’ve had, it doesn’t make me feel high at all. So I say, pot for the win!

    1. Studies are woefully lacking due to the fed’s having labeled cannabis a Schedule 1 narcotic, with no medical value. Schedule 1 prevents thorough scientific study, except in test tubes and rodents. Strangely though, the NIH has given millions of dollars for studies in Israel. Some of the best information is coming out of Israel. From what I’ve seen results have been positive, not negative.
      Other than that, the problems you hear associated with cannabis are anecdotal, and highly unreliable in any scientific way.

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