The “volumes” refer to a series of DVDs (now digital only) upon which is based (all proceeds donated to this charity). The DVDs give folks the opportunity to sneak preview videos months ahead of time, watch them all straight through, and share as gifts, but there’s nothing on the DVDs that won’t eventually end up online for free at You can also buy the DVD streaming online or as a download in full! Volume 34 is the twenty-ninth DVD covering the peer-reviewed scientific nutrition literature published between Spring 2011 and Spring 2017. For more information about Volume 34 click here.

Is Obesity Infectious?

Given the role our gut bacteria can play in affecting our weight, having family and...

Is Miso Healthy?

Miso is packed with sodium, which is linked to both stomach cancer and high blood...

How to Stop Hiccups

What are hiccups, why do we get them, and what can we do about them?

Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

How should we parse the conflicting human data on intake of aspartame (Nutrasweet) and non-Hodgkin’s...

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