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  • Filled Full of Lead
    Filled Full of Lead
    Standard rifle bullets disperse tiny lead fragments throughout the flesh of wild game, raising public health concerns about lead poisoning in those that consume venison, based on a study of...
  • Paleolithic Lessons
    Paleolithic Lessons
    An evolutionary argument for a plant-based diet is presented, in contrast to "paleo" fad diets.
  • Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death
    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death
    Death in America is largely a foodborne illness. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Dr. Greger offers practical advice on how best to...
  • Heavy Metals in Protein Powder Supplements
    Heavy Metals in Protein Powder Supplements
    A Consumer Reports investigation into the safety of protein supplements found that more than half exceed the California prop 65 "Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act" action levels.
  • Creatine Brain Fuel Supplementation
    Creatine Brain Fuel Supplementation
    Vegetarians appear to get more of a cognitive boost than meat-eaters from creatine supplementation.
  • Dragon’s Blood
    Dragon’s Blood
    The four most antioxidant-packed natural substances so far tested are cloves, amla (Indian gooseberries), triphala (a combination of amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki fruits), and dragon's blood.
  • Amla and Triphala Tested for Metals
    Amla and Triphala Tested for Metals
    Both U.S.-made and imported Ayurvedic dietary supplements have high contamination rates of toxic metals such as mercury, though only a small fraction of the levels found in canned tuna.
  • Get the Lead Out
    Get the Lead Out
    Toxic heavy metal contamination of Ayurvedic dietary supplements is in most cases intentional.
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