Doctor's Note

My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer. By the time the first symptom arose—a dull ache in his gut—it was too late. That’s why we need to prevent it in the first place.

I previously touched on pancreatic cancer prevention in Largest Study Ever and Poultry Exposure Tied to Liver and Pancreatic Cancer and attempts at pancreatic cancer treatment in Gerson Therapy for Cancerand Gerson-style Therapy vs. Chemotherapy.

For more on the heterocyclic amine cooked meat carcinogens:

I’ve done a bunch of videos on turmeric and various cancers:

And more on this amazing spice (and more to come):

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  • Merio

    This type of cancer it’s a nightmare.

    I hope we’re going to find at least some dietary, or pharmaceutical intervention safe and effective to treat this condition.

    As for other disease, prevention is the best way to avoid this issue.

    • bob

      Paul was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in October 2012. His prognosis with conventional therapy was about six months. His oncologist believes that without treatment, he would likely have been dead by Christmas of that year. Using ISCA’s resources and expertise, Paul’s condition turned out quite different.

      Twenty-two months after he was diagnosed, Paul continues to receive chemotherapy, but is very much alive and doing well as of August 2014.

      • Merio

        Interesting, case like this could be really important, i was not aware of this organization, maybe in future i would search more information on it.

  • Paula

    One of my friends died of pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago. She was 32 years old. It’s so hard to wrap my brain around it. She died 13 months after her diagnoses. Looking at her, you would’ve never thought she was so sick. Yes, she ate meat, but she was in excellent shape. Semi-pro tennis player. Anyway, I think about her all the time.

    • PC

      For sure, I understand what you’re going through Paula, and I feel the same pain as
      you. An in-law of mine died from pancreatic cancer too, when she was in
      her forties, about two years after being diagnosed. Besides the standard
      American fare, she loved to eat kim chi, which Dr. Greger mentioned in
      an earlier video to be associated with pancreatic cancer. When she was
      diagnosed, she asked that no one would send her any article on natural
      cures or prevention but instead plunged ahead to death by chemotherapy.
      She then suffered from nausea and hair loss. The therapy trashed her
      immune system and she spent time in the hospital for pneumonia. A month
      or two prior to her death, she lost her sunny disposition and optimistic
      personality and became impatient, critical and insulting. She probably

      died the most horrible death possible. The thing I
      can’t figure out is did she die from the cancer or from the medical
      treatment? Would it have been better to have let nature take its course than
      to have submitted to such a barbaric treatment? I also wonder if I
      should have violated her wishes and sent her info on natural treatments.
      But perhaps that would have been casting pearls before swine

      • Paula

        Yeah, it was horrible and out of nowhere. I mean, 32! I was 33 and pregnant with my first child (who is now two) when we found out. She left behind two girls (2 and 4 at the time of her death). I can’t fathom knowing that I have a year to live and my daughter would most likely not remember. She also had chemo and lost her beautiful hair. She really struggled with her faith…and who could blame her. She was a positive person. I still can’t believe she died from this. Really scary.
        I know someone else who died from this, was in late 60s. Tried to go the homeopathic route. He didn’t make it much longer. Maybe a year and 1/2.
        I really learned to not take my time for granted. My friend was having stomach pains and thought she would get better… Not a death sentence.

      • Thea

        PC: re: “I also wonder if I should have violated her wishes and sent her info on natural treatments.”
        I can imagine how that decision might haunt someone. For what it is worth, I think you did the right thing. You treated your in-law with dignity by respecting her wishes. If she wasn’t interested in any other information, then all you would likely have accomplished by sending that information would have been a damaged relationship with someone who was dying (so it’s hard to make up later…) You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t cram it down her throat, no matter how much good it would do her. That’s just my 2 cents. I’ve been through similar situations myself. So, I understand how hard it is.

  • Luke

    Presumably, the best medical care on earth couldn’t save the life of Steve Jobs. Prevention is the best way to deal with any cancer.

  • Kirsty

    I have recently been diagnosed with IPMN which may lead to pancreatic cancer. Seems crazy after 30+ years as a vegtarian and maybe 10 as a lowfat vegan, so not opting for any treatments or surgery. I am taking turmeric and wonder what dosage Dr. Greger recommends. I feel fine and hope for a positive outcome.

    • Ben

      I believe one teaspoon a day is the recommendation. Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong. Heat treated Turmeric in cooked dishes along with pepper protects the DNA strands. Another good idea might be to take one teaspoon of Amla powder a day. Eat G-Bombs every day. Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds (flax, chia, walnuts).

      • Val

        BEN, HELL YES…eat those G-Bombs!!! I applaud your compassionate advice…and to KIRSTY…stay positive and eat up that turmeric…I’m rooting for you sweetie! Kick that IPMN to the curb! I buy my certified organic Amla via Amazon Smile so that gets a donation therefrom!

        • catalinda8

          What is Amla?

    • Thea

      Kirsty: I think Ben’s reply was great. I just wanted to add that I wish you luck. I hope you have a positive outcome too!

      • Val

        I *also* wish Kirsty the BEST…fight fight fight!!!! I loved Ben’s response!

  • Kar

    Irradiated tumeric? Or non irradiated?

  • Plantstrongdoc M.D.

    This is the worst cancer – any treatment (that works) is wellcome. Curcumin is such an interesting “drug”


    Question: For someone with colectral cancer, would enemas with curcumin be useful?

  • Ariel Gail MacLean

    Turmeric has been one of the mainstays of my self-treatment cancer program I have been on for over a year. Don’t forget Dr. Greger’s earlier story about how black pepper (I use it at about 10% rate) potentiates to the max, the prevention and healing power of turmeric. The other thing I wish to point out is that someone in my position, restricted by the income of a Social Security check only (while also conducting a complex, multi-year self-treatment for multiple cancers!) needs to figure out how and where to purchase the best quality for the best price of the raw materials used for one’s alternative cancer treatment program. I use Mountain Rose Herbs for most every leaf, flower, berry, root, bark, and mushroom I buy in bulk, process these raw materials myself for whatever use I need (teas, capsules, salves, enemas, and for use in food dishes), and this self-directed cancer treatment program is a FULL-TIME job. Think of it as essentially paying oneself to do what the expensive Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers (Naturopathic Oncology programs in North and South America) would be doing for you for 100xs the cost. If you are very low-income like I am, you might need to hear this: you CAN cure yourself of cancer using readily available information, and you can figure out what your treatment regimen needs to be via copious quantities of time spent on websites like Dr. Gregers, and you can do this even if you only have a few hundred dollars a month to work with. The other point is that ingredients like turmeric, which is a mainstay for any self-treatment protocol, needs to be heavily vetted in terms of the source for that product – possible contamination issue from such countries as China (where a majority of herbs and supplements ingredients originate) become critical if one is consuming them at the does/rates needed to make a difference (24/hrs/day for extended days if not forever). The last thing I wish to say with regard to Dr. Gregers video here on turmeric is that when he finds a study or three which illustrates the efficacy of (for example) turmeric for advanced stage pancreatic cancer, one should NOT assume this vetted information applies to only pancreatic cancers and/or advanced stages. One beautiful discovery I have made is that the other advanced symptoms (of undiagnosed) cancers of GI, CR, Esophogheal, and Breast, reversed and dissolved during the year of targeting the diagnosed Liver Cancer. In other words, my proven track record of making tumeric one of my high-dose religiously administered (got up in the night and never let myself run out of it no matter how broke I have gotten), also worked for what was likely a return of the other cancers I already cured 40+ years ago. Just because he finds scientific articles for a specific application of a terrific anti-cancer natural cure does not mean it is not maybe even more powerful for another type of cancer such as my probable breast cancer. It just means no one has done that study yet or it has not yet been published.

    • Thea

      Ariel: Thanks for your continued participation on this site. I find your story inspiring.

      • Ariel Gail MacLean

        Thea, thank you for the personal contact – this self-treatment lifestyle (even if I was not living in a barn with the daily social isolation issues I must attend to), is extremely lonely. I believe I am gradually working my way toward a platform for communication – just don’t know what/where it is, to interact with/educate the many like me, who need to be communicating with one another about their individualized self-treatment plan, and need a means of social support.

        The healthcare system has long ago abandoned us and as we all know, supportive counseling does not exist for the 99% in America anymore. Mutual support models are all we have to work with. I approached Dr. Greger about my interest in collaborating with him to develop some Self-Treatment Cancer Information & Support Group function (esp in the area of purchase of raw materials, kitchen strategies, and self-training for one’s own plan), but he has repeatedly said he is just too busy dog-peddling his way through the daily demands of what he has going on, and although I sympathize and completely understand, I still think someone there has a clue as to where/how we can get this idea going.

        I am therefore, asking you to consider any way your platform (or you, or anyone you know of) and I could help one another and a lot of other people in the process. I have a long list of diverse, relevant skills and professional background, and I get physically and mentally stronger and more determined every day, to find a way to launch some kind of interactive network of self-treatment cancer people. Americans just don’t have the resources for the wonderful Naturopathic Oncology (alternative cancer clinics) programs in North and South America. The number of people who will be manifesting the current cancers in their bodies is facing a broken response system.

        The cancer industry is bankrupting and killing us already and the economic resources of the average American continues to plummet – most of us barely stay afloat in ordinary daily needs and cannot handle any unplanned extra expense. If I can figure this out, with so little resources and almost no social safety net except my regional recognition as a Local Food Hero through my medicine vegetable CSA, surely I have something to give and say.

        What is missing is the platform (and someone with technical skills on your end) to collaborate to get this conversation going among the larger audience of self-treating cancer people.

        Ariel Gail MacLean
        Ariel’s Sustainably Grown
        POB 541
        La Center, WA 98629

        • Thea

          Ariel: Have you considered starting a Yahoo group? I like Yahoo groups because it is a way for people all over the country (or anywhere in the world?) to e-mail each other about a topic. People join the group and then get e-mails when people post to the group. There are already a bazillion yahoo groups on a bazillion topics, so there may even be a group that already exists that is close to what you want and that you could join and participate in. You could share your information and learn from others.

          I did a quick search myself and saw that there is a group on Alternative Cancer Treatments. Sounds like it is right up your alley.

          I hope that helps! And I hope you are able to find the support you are looking for.

    • PC

      Best of luck to you, Ariel. Here’s a short data base I recently saw of plants and plant extracts that clinical studies have shown to fight cancer, amazingly enough, without harming healthy cells:
      I was wondering if you’d heard of sour sop; my guide on a vacation to central America claimed that this native plant also cures cancer.

      • Ariel Gail MacLean

        Thank you for the continued conversation. “Graviola” (soursop) could be good for others but not me. I also manage a degenerative neurological process which is happening as a result from a lifetime of TBI’s; the way this works is that after years of getting these traumatic brain injuries which cause brain inflammation, they gradually evolve into cognitive decline otherwise known as dementia. Soursop is contra-indicated for its neurotoxic effects for someone like me. Wouldn’t it be great if someone qualified could provide online information advice for so many of us – this age of demonizing “alternative anything” is killing us all. The other thing about this is the source for purchasing this natural anti-cancer plant (soursop) would need to be very carefully scrutinized because it only thrives in places like Africa, and until we vet the the contagiousness of viruses which might sustain in agricultural products, we need to exercise The Precautionary Principle. In the retail domain, we actually already source quite a few herbal products (and raw materials which go into formulas, retail teas, supplements, tonics, etc.) from Africa. I am waiting for the day to arrive when the current supplies of one of my most favorite medicines, Green Rooibos, is no longer safe to purchase from a given source. And on this subject, I do not find even the most reputable wholesale suppliers being proactive about investigating their sources because when these things become no longer safe, it could collapse some companies to lose major supply pipelines. The last point I wish to make is that for those out there who are “prepping” for possible self-quarantine, economic collapse, or even temporary disaster scenarios, stocking up on one’s essential natural medicines needs to be up there with sufficient water and surviveable foodstuffs.

        • Soursop thrives in many more places than only Africa and it is not necessary to get it from Africa. My mom has a soursop tree in her backyard in Florida. Soursop grows abundantly in Jamaica and other islands. Soursop is native to South America and the Carribean. Making sure you eat only alkalizing plant based foods to keep you pH @7.5 is a good way to combat cancer. Soursop, curcumin, guinea hen weed are good cancer fighters. Many different phytonutrients in many plants fight cancer. This list is a list of alkalizing plant based foods:

    • Meredith

      How do you get a capsule to put the Turmeric powder/pepper into?

      • Sally smart

        You can by capsules at health food stores, two different sizes and even a loader. I load them by hand. Put the powder in a dish with a tiny bottom in it. Powder is better in a tiny space for loading. Break capsule apart and load one half, the smallest half by tamping it down on the powder, some powders load easier then others. Cap it and you got a pill. Turmeric makes a big bad yellow mess so be careful if you care about the dish you use or the counter top. You could even do this using a sawed off pill bottle to put the powder in, better for loading. Cut a plastic pill bottle in half and keep it as your hopper shall we say.
        I load turmeric, cinnamon, and many other spices, leaves won’t work, must be dried and taken down to powder. Any bits or twigs will mess with your capsule, so make it as fine as possible.

      • Ariel Gail MacLean

        Mountain Rose Herbs Eugene, OR sells an $11 hand capsule “machine” which expedites the process (creates a knitting-type of activity in my life). They also sell veggie caps (non-gelatin) which are between wholesale and retail. If you are going to experiment with homemade medicines (various herbs, barks, roots, berry powders, etc.) you are going to wish you had invested in the raw materials on price alone. Then there is the shelf life issue – items sold in retail stores are one to several years behind in terms of freshness. This matters a lot with these types of ingestibles and also avoids fumigation, preservatives, irradiation, etc. when you purchase bulk, fresh, highest quality source which supplies the “manufacturers” in the first place. You save money, get higher quality, and pay yourself to manage quality control (I store mine sealed tightly in freezer). Same goes for buying herbal teas, kitchen spices, and a whole lot of other raw material foods we all need to be consuming every day. Their prices go down as your order quantity goes up for an item, so shipping is not a deterrent to bulk purchasing with them. Once you get the hang of saving money this way, the initial cost per order issue dissolves – it is way less expensive to provide way more benefit for yourself than purchasing retail. I buy almost no retail bottles of anything anymore except as an experiment to try a new herb or supplement; then if it works, I investigate where to buy the most important component in a supplement or the highest quality of whatever it is I need as a stand-alone medicine.

      • Thea

        Here is another option for you. The following link takes you to an example of a very affordable pill loading “machine” that comes with 500 empty capsules. The important thing you will want to do is research capsule sizes and buy the machine version that is for the size you are comfortable with.

        FYI: I know someone who has this particular device – and he is really happy with it.

        Amazon also sells the empty capsules by themselves.

    • val

      Ariel, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge ….this is hugely helpful for everyone here!!! I wish you a total return to great health!!! and 100% healing! Will surely keep the Mountain Rose reference handy!

  • Debbie

    Do you need to do capsules? Can you just take the powder?

    • Thea

      Debbie: The problem is that the turmeric is just so *strong.* It is hard for many people to take straight – say mixed with a liquid or something. So, to be able to get it down, a lot of people want to take a capsule. But if you are able to get the powder down, I can’t imagine it would be a problem. I would think it would be even better. (But I’m not an expert, so I don’t know.)

      • Debbie

        I have put spoonfuls in my smoothie and it was fine. Because it is so strong, is it safe to take by the spoonful and what is the max I can take. Is there different strengths of turmeric powder?


        • Thea

          Debbie: Dang, I just don’t know the answers to that. I assume it is perfectly safe. It’s not like you are eating the powder plain. You are putting it a smoothie. I don’t think that’s any different than eating any strong spice in food. But I’m not expert enough to say. What I can say is: Good for you! I wish I could just take it by the spoonful in a smoothie.

      • Ben

        What about the need for Turmeric to be heat treated? The raw powder can protect against inflammation, but the heat treated Turmeric protects the DNA and the raw powder does not. Do you remember the Gregor videos about that?

        • Thea

          Ben: You are ringing a bell for me, but I don’t have that information at the top of my head. There can’t be that many videos on turmeric. I find that sometimes when I am looking for a specific video, it is helpful to do a search and then when I click on a particular video, to scan the transcript. That way you don’t have to listen through the entire video to see if it is the particular one you are looking for.

          Just for kicks, I did a quick search on the term, “turmeric heat” and came up with this video:

          See if that is what you are thinking of. Either way, thanks for reminding me about that video. Here’s the paragraph I am guessing that you remember:
          “Now why do I suggest cooking with it rather than just like throwing it in a smoothie? Well this effect was found specifically for heat-treated turmeric. Because in practice, many herbs and spices are only consumed after cooking, they tested both turmeric and oregano in both raw and quote unquote cooked forms, and in terms of DNA damage, the results from raw turmeric did not reach statistical significance, though the opposite was found for the anti-inflammatory effects. So maybe we should eat it both ways.”

          • Ben

            Yes, thanks, that’s it. Good reminder for us all that we should do both. I keep reading about people making their own turmeric capsules but that’s only going to give the anti-inflammatory benefits and not the very important DNA protection.

          • Saved1973

            I realize that Dr Greger doesn’t recommend dairy products, but perhaps a good way to get the “heat treated” Turmeric is to take it in “Golden Milk”, which is apparently one way they ingest it in India.
            A fat of your choice can be added to whatever type of “milk” that you choose to get the advantage of added fat, & you could also add pepper to it or take a piperine supplement.
            I’ve had “golden milk” (using cows milk) multiple times & the taste is not disagreeable at all.
            Please be aware that using a pipirene supplement, reportedly can potentiate other supplements and/or medications you are taking.
            Simple recipes for “Golden Milk” can be found on youtube & other places online.
            If new to Turmeric, please be advised that Turmeric can & will stain your hands, clothes, white whiskers etc. if not handled carefully.

          • Thea

            Saved1973: Nothing says you can’t make Golden Milk with soy or almond milk!

          • Thea

            Ooops. My apologies! I was doing multiple things at once and skimmed your post and missed that.
            FYI: Some other people have reported trying golden milk with non-dairy milks and said it tasted pretty good.

    • Ariel Gail MacLean

      If you research this particular medicine for your unique purposes, you will find it takes much more than we would normally be able to consume in a curry dish, for example. Calculate your dose requirements and upper limit reported by Dr. Greger and others, then measure that out with capsules and a teaspoon and you will see how it might pay to think in terms of a self-administered dose pattern with turmeric on top of any foods you could consume in a day as an added benefit. Again, if you already have an impaired immune system,. liver or organ damage, active or recent cancer, cardio-stroke, etc. symptoms or history, you are going to want to make this root a part of your consumption pattern every day for the rest of your life. So many people are not honest about what they actually do to self-treat and prevent problems – they believe their own spin or “intention” to do something they know is good. If we set up sure systems of prevention and self-cure it is much more likely these slower, less invasive, infinitely less damaging and less expensive approaches will actually work. The proof is in the pudding as my grandma used to say: ascertain the correct approach, devise a plan to execute that, and reap the motivational rewards you get with actual results. So many people just don’t give the less glamorous self-healing strategies a chance, then say: it did not work. So often someone will not settle down to this intellectually until they are confronted with the diagnosis of Cancer. So many Americans will not take control on their daily habits until catastrophe.
      Preparation extends into the area of self-care also because the American healthcare system is not on our side and is available anyway, to the majority of us now, and help won’t be here for us if major disasters happen down the road. We need to take care of ourselves and communicate to one another about what worked for us. Personal Responsibility is all we have left.

  • lgking

    Lord Buddha said that the No. 1 cause of death…is birth.

  • lgking

    In all seriousness here, I just read yesterday that Turmeric actually has very little absorbable (usable) curmumin in it. Is this true? As I use approximately a teaspoon of Turmeric a day

    • curcumin is very hydrophobic. best to eat when you eat something with a little fat in it…nuts, flax …and black pepper helps a lot too. Others here understand this better than me may be more helpful…

      • You WANT to eat curcumin with foods that have fat in them. Fat takes curcumin straight to the liver and then the blood stream. High concentrations of pepper that is used with some curcumin supplements can be toxic. I add the contents of a curcumin capsule to a tablespoon of coconut oil and consume it.

    • Toxins

      True, please see here on how to increase biovailability by 2,000%

  • lgking

    Quote from Robert Redfern:

    “Curcumin is NOT what you put into curry. Nothing makes my blood boil as much as articles in magazines and newspapers saying ‘eat more curry to get healthy’. These articles are referring to turmeric, a spice used in Asian foods that contains a tiny spec of curcumin extract. Add turmeric to your foods by all means but don’t expect it to save your life as it would when taking curcumin. Please be aware that less than 0.1% of turmeric is absorbed in curcumin.”

    • Toxins

      As Dr. Greger has shared in previous videos, the entire spice Turmeric is more effective then the sum of its parts.

    • Ben

      And you are going to believe that quack? The research shows the benefits from taking the whole Turmeric spice. Don’t fall for the supplement trap.

      • lgking

        Hi Ben, thanks.

        While yes I agree with your opinion of Robert, his statement…”Please be aware that less than 0.1% of turmeric is absorbed in curcumin.” has many other sources of endorsement. His was just the most accessable to me at the time. Believe him or not, that is why I posed the question. ‘Is turmeric a waste of time, as curcumin appears to be the real benefit?’

        Thanking Toxins for pointing out the 2000% increase via black pepper.

      • Yes you don’t have to rely on curcumin supplements, but because curcumin is such a small amount of turmeric you need to cook with it everyday to build it in your system.

    • Researchers have looked at populations that consume a lot of turmeric and they have found that consuming turmeric everyday does “save your life.” They then isolated the active compounds in turmeric to make it more potent.

      • lgking

        does “save your life”.

        I have lived in both India and the US and have observed and partaken in their eating habits. However, the turmeric rich diet of India only delivers a life expectancy of 67 years vs. the ‘overly consumptive’ Americans at 78.5 years.

        • The data you shared is an overview of patterns. You can’t only take turmeric rich data and attach it to the 67 year life span indicated on the site, and compare overly consumptive diet of Americans and link it to 78.5 years. Poverty appears to play a much greater role in the health of Indians and population density. The US has a density of 32 per sq mile and India has 371 per square mile. That is many more people together in India who have to opportunity to more easily spread diseases. Having more people living together who are afflicted by properties associated with property (unclean drinking water, inadequate sewage) makes them more susceptible to Diseases of poverty than to Diseases of Affluence. That 67% is compromised of 30% of Indians to 15% of Americans who fall below the poverty line, who have less access to healthcare resources to combat their diseases of poverty.

    • Jean

      From Wikipedia — Most curry powder recipes include coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and chili peppers in their blends. Depending on the recipe, additional ingredients such as ginger, garlic, asafoetida, fennel seed, caraway, cinnamon, clove, mustard seed,green cardamom, black cardamom, nutmeg, long pepper, and black pepper may also be included. Quality curry powder will contain curry leaf.
      Turmeric is only part of what makes up curry so use turmeric not curry.

      • lgking

        “Turmeric is only part of what makes up curry so use turmeric not curry.”

        Hi Jean,

        Thanks for your advice.. I agree, and will follow your advice as the rest of those ingrediants in the curry you list look suspicious.

        “coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and chili peppers in their blends, ginger, garlic, asafoetida, fennel seed, caraway, cinnamon, clove, mustard seed, green cardamom, black cardamom, nutmeg, long pepper, and black pepper”

        I learn so much from this forum.

        • lgking

          Actually, I just re-read my previous response to Jean, and I realize I was being somewhat of sarcastic jerk. My apologies in advance to Jean and any others I may have offended.

          Jean, if you will read back a few posts you will see that I clearly state that I am already currently taking a teaspoon of turmeric a day. Actually, it is closer to a tablespoon.

          • Jean

            Igking – I didn’t have a problem with your response. Actually I was trying to respond to the quote from Robert Redfern by adding the info on curry. For some reason it didn’t go there.

        • Ariel Gail MacLean

          Don’t forget everybody – the main reason I have observed Others doing nothing is their (American pseudo-science obsessed personality?) habit of immobilizing themselves with intellectualizing about things to a fault. Fear of failure or whatever, can immobilize us and assist us in confronting the need for change. What we want and need is the hands-on feedback from making a CHOICE – choices require personal change, in order to be able to get the date to be able to observe the results. The point here in this discussion about turmeric – it’s efficacy, its “purity”, its form, its use, dosage, etc., if this: If there was ever a substance which one should experiment with, which so obviously shows no risk (when approached reasonably), which has so much impact on so many systems, which is so ordinary for an animal to consume (it is a FOOD, afterall) and which is so financially available, it would be the Root called Turmeric. Combine this with the fact that we all know by now, that the WHOLE FOOD is always the most integrated, synergistic method of delivery for any phytochemicals that plant possesses, and this puts us in the drivers seat – just do it! and see what happens! When I began using turmeric at the highest doses, right from the beginning, my body showed that whatever it is in turmeric – it works and almost immediately…..globbed on top of oozing cancerous tumors, in a mouth rinse before bed to heal my gums, inside capsules every few hours EVERY day to shrink my enlarged liver 75% in less than 3 months, and this does not even mention all the other systems I turned around as side benefits! Cognitive decline symptoms arrested….breast pain and engorgement reversed completely….a lifetime of GI dysbiosis reversed course to healing finally. The tendency is to want to vet something forever….to avoid having to embark on a Change Plan….changes which will naturally impact on one’s cherished habits….imposing change on ourselves will expose our fear of success? vs. fear of failure? and confront us with our psycho-spiritual vulnerabilities about our own mortality, will bring to light our guilt about how we have lived our life, and in order to change these core things about our life it forces us to need to manufacture the courage to do something – something different. Cancer does not come in a day and does not go away in a day. If there was ever a substance which we needed to take into our lives with eyes wide open, fully and religiously, it would be this little orange root. Turmeric is my mainstay forever. Cancer cells are in us from the start. The question is: are we going to feed that cancer cell or starve it to death. Tumeric is probably our best ally in answering to this challenge that all human beings face living on our only planet. FYI: it will not be long before you will have a hard time purchasing quality turmeric in bulk at a reasonable price – I would like to hear questions about longevity stored in freezer/cool places for multiple years. All these ground plant powders are prone to molds…..does anyone know if turmeric’s properties include also, naturally occurring food preservatives??

    • Saved1973

      How would a whole ground root of a plant have “curcumin extract” in it? Sounds to me that maybe Mr Redfern was trying to sell his Curcumin products.

  • Mitch West

    Hey Dr. Greger unrelated to this video but I was wondering if you could discuss adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola rosea there benifits and how much they really stand up to the claims.

  • Suzanne

    I live in Japan and we use a lot of curcumin here (called Yu-kon) and it is definitely viewed as health promoting. We get “Longa” tumeric root grown as a crop in Okinawa. Makes me wonder if that has something to do with Okinawan’s reputation for long life. Most people drink Yukon tea or commercial drinks marketed for hangovers and for general liver function, cardio function, and improved artery function. I just like the taste of the tea. Anyone have any idea on how much curcumin might be gained from 100% tumeric tea?

  • Guest

    Dr. Greger, with all these amazing benefits of spices, it’s nearly impossible to fit them all in your daily diet. Can’t I just put a bunch of turmeric in capsules and swallow them?

    • Thea

      Guest: Lots of people do just that. If you are fine with swallowing capsules, my lay person’s opinion is that making up your own batch of turmeric/pepper and maybe amla capsules is a great insurance policy.

  • Jon Lefave

    Dr. Greger, with all these amazing benefits of spices, it’s nearly impossible to fit them all in your daily diet. Can’t I just put a bunch of turmeric in capsules and swallow them?

  • Ann C.

    Hello Dr. Gregor,

    Wanting to read and view anything from you about Ebola and how we can protect ourselves and our families. Do you have anything on your site or others sites that would be helpful?

    thank you,

    Ann Ontario, Canada

  • SeedyCharacter

    Hmm, just read that curcumin is poorly absorbed beyond the gut track . . .

  • Rachelle

    my thing is lectins which is in a lot of veg’s & fruit which puts holes in the intestine walls causing digestion discomfort and leaking toxins in the blood stream which causes inflammation and suppresses the immune system which then allows disease to progress. ex’s are beans (which are not digestible) tom,string beans, peas,peppers,mushrooms,pomegranate,grape seeds,apples,raspberries,lemons bananas etc the list is huge so i am limited to what i can eat because it all causes a leaky gut yet a lot of these fruits and veg’s have beneficial reaction for our bodies
    also, i thought phytates blocks nutrition but they say they are good for cancer? help i’m getting stressed

    • Jean

      Modern paleo advocates claim that these foods weren’t part of Paleolithic-era diets, but new research challenges that assumption.5 They also argue that lectins naturally present in these starchy foods are harmful to human health. Consuming too many lectins can cause significant gastrointestinal distress. However, because legumes and grains are almost always consumed in a cooked form—and lectins are destroyed during cooking—eating beans and grains doesn’t result in lectin overload. Sprouting also reduces lectin levels in plants, although not as effectively as cooking. Generally, pea sprouts, lentil sprouts, and mung bean sprouts are safe to consume, as are sprouted grains, which are naturally low in lectins. Most larger legumes contain higher amounts and should be cooked.

      This paragraph is almost at the bottom of the article.

  • gina

    is there AGES formed in puffed rice or plain brown rice cakes?

  • Magicalsummer

    How to take turmeric and other natural supplements easily every day

    – mix together a tsp of turmeric powder with a few drops of water to make one or balls of the size that you can easily swallow. swallow with water

    – mix together a tsp of neem powder with a few drops of water to make one or two balls of the size you can easily swallow. swallow with water.

    – in a small container soak pepper corns in honey and keep away. take a tsp of 5 or 6 peppercorns and honey, chewing the pepper well.

    do all three every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Randy Reutzel

    FYI, papers by Bharat Aggarwal, formerly of MD Anderson, about curcumin’s anti-cancer activity probably should not be relied on:

  • Annetha

    Interesting–I assume diet-related at least in part? Researchers “found presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis was linked to a 59% overall higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Similarly, presence of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans was linked to a 50% overall higher risk. Both types of bacteria are known to be associated with gum disease or periodontitis.”

  • Ernest Smith

    As a beekeeper I have read in archival research papers that honeybee propolis can be used to treat cancer. It has had the greatest effect on pancreatic cancer. Reportedly, it can stabilize the primary tumor, prevent and reduce metastacized tumors.

    It would be interesting to get Dr. Greger’s take on this.

    This research has been done mostly overseas where big pharma does not have as much influence over research grants. The actual publications are hard to find and recently a lot of “infomercial” sites hit the search engines first.

    Propolis is collected from tree resins during warm weather and used by the bees to seal the hive and protect from bacteria in the warm humid environment therein. They collect it in their leg pollen baskets and it is a real fight for the house bees to get it off the field bee so she can return to the trees for more. The resin is used by the tree for every bud – flower, leaf and branch to protect the tree from infection. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is a sticky, gummy, bitter, disgusting substance that makes you gag if you chew on it directly. It sticks to your clothes and fingers like no tomorrow and will ruin any other clothes washed with your beekeeping clothes. Usually taken in pill form or extracted into alcohol. Even then it can make you feel sick. Some people can tolerate it, some cannot.

    Couple of examples: “Chemical Constituents of Propolis from Myanmar and Their Preferential Cytotoxicity against a Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line,” and “Study on the Constituents of Mexican Propolis and Their Cytotoxic Activity against PANC-1 Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells.” Bees collect from many hundreds species trees and the resins from each have their own chemical properties. I can not find on the internet the the original research papers I had read from about ten years ago.

  • This is where juicing and whole foods, minus all animal products and dairy is king…not just processed pills. Using food as medicine outranks the philosophy that we need minor things in our guts to have bowel movements. In order to change the body chemistry so that it can be strong enough to have the immune response to overpower the gross imbalances that were in place that led up to the pancreatic cancer in the first place. It is a major detox, turn-a-round…juicing the fresh tumeric every day along with other cleansing herbs and veggies…all organic at this stage…is the way to go.