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The prior garlic video I mentioned is #1 Anticancer Vegetable (one of the most popular videos on the site!). Be sure to also watch its prequel, Veggies vs. Cancer. Other foods that may protect DNA include kiwifruit (see Kiwifruit & DNA Repair); cruciferous vegetables (see DNA Protection from Broccoli); green tea (see Cancer, Interrupted: Green Tea); and plants in general (Repairing DNA Damage).

Garlic beat out elephant garlic. But, what about Carrots vs. Baby Carrots? Or, raisins vs. currants?

Should garlic be raw or cooked? See my response to a viewer’s question: How can I preserve the anti-cancer effects of cooked garlic?

Which foods have the most flavonoids? I offer a cheat sheet to the USDA nutrient database in my response to another viewer’s question: Which foods have the most potassium?

Which foods have the most antioxidants? See my video series that begins with Antioxidant Content of 3,139 Foods.

What other dietary changes should we consider after a cancer diagnosis? See:

Please also check out my associated blog posts for more context: Foods That May Block Cancer Formation, and Tarragon Toxicity?

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  • Andrew

    Yet another reason I wish I weren’t allergic to garlic.

  • Mack

    Were can I see this list of the top 100 flavonoid phytonutrients in printed form so that I can examine it more carefully? I see that the despised banana that I so love, made it on the list, but not before beer. Maybe I should come up with a recipe for a beer-banana smoothie! And funny that plums are higher up than their concentrated form: prunes.

  • Julianna

    like to have a list of the top 100 flavonolds too…..

  • gilesset

    That list of the top flavanoid nutrients is quite astounding: Apple juice ahead of apples? Milk chocolate ahead of spinach? Filtered coffee over black tea which is over green tea? This isn’t what you’ve been telling us……….

    • Maybe you are confusing flavanoids with anti-oxidant profiles?

  • Thinkabouddit

    I cited this site to support a vegan argument, and the response I got is as follows:

    “[. . . ] really ? it’s a website sponsored by the medical association !, he scours the nutritional literature to bring you the most up to date food facts, hahhaahhaha, who’s all the research sponsored by? hahahhahaha”

    May I have an answer for this? Thanks.

    • I’d refer the individual to the NF “About” page (I see nothing about a medical association sponsorship, the site is brought about by the “Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger M.D”). As for how the research studies are funded/sponsored, one can determine how each study was/is funded by looking at each respective study cited (which can be done by linking to the studies via the “Sources Cited” tab available with each video).

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        What she said too! Let them “Chomp” on that!

    • HemoDynamic, M.D. is not a website sponsored by a “Medical Association”. It is supported by donations only. In fact that is why Dr. Greger had to decrease the videos from 5 a week to 3 a week because of the lack of donations.
      The research he scours is the research that everyone has access to and if they have questions let them look up the answers. But your response should be your health. It’s a waste of time, breath and effort to have an argument with close minded people. So continue to reward yourself with the fact you are the heathiest you can be, by following a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.

      I still haven’t seen one patient that has come into my practice having reversed their Coronary Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, or Insomnia (I could go on all day!) eating meat and dairy. And you know what–It I Never Will.

      But I have seen thousands reverse those problems, get off their medications and elevate their quality of life by following a plant based lifestyle.

      In Health

      • Mary Irving

        I personally did (reverse diabetes) and know friends now off of cholesterol medication by eating paleo….so no dairy, but plenty of meat.

      • Just donated a small amount and will do so every couple of months as I give 99% of the blame to Dr. Greger from turning me into a vegan from a 20+ year meatatarian where the majority of my veggies came from salsa and the occasional Chinese take out night.

        • HemoDynamic, M.D.

          Thank you so much!!!!! That is very generous of you. As well this website and the efforts of Dr. G have changed my life so profoundly that words cannot describe the depth of gratitude I feel towards all those that have made Nutrition a success!!!

      • Thinkabouddit

        Thank you, Hemo. Another question has come up. People wonder if it’s the meat and dairy or if it’s the way it’s produced, with chemicals, hormones, etc. They wonder if in the China Study the results were based on animals raised with pesticides, etc. and if eating animal products from animals raised without chemicals, etc., would be healthy.

        • HemoDynamic, M.D.

          Have you been following the current Videos from Dr. Greger regarding Heterocyclic Amines?

          Have them read the China Study themselves and review the data themselves and ask them why Medicare pays for teaching a plant based diet and not a Paleo, or Atkins or South Beach or Whatever Dr. Oz is selling this week for reversing heart disease.

          And bottom line if they want to eat meat let them.
          “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Buddha

          • bvgrannie

            The Teacher did appear….then moved to So.Cal. :P Redding is better for your footprint

    • Ken

      Not trying to be sarcastic, but how is having a medical doctor who scours nutritional literature to clarify and tell us the most up to date food facts something that is laughable? It’s actually very valuable, not quite sure what the person was laughing at?

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    As one professor told me one time when he was getting a cup of Java in the cafeteria, “Juice of the Gods”. Well it’s clear that Garlic is the Herb of the Gods!
    Anyone for Garlic Coffee?

  • Thrivalista

    I, too, would love to have that list of 100 foods highest in flavanoids, please. Link?

  • Thrivalista

    Ok, I typed them in to save offline, and thought I’d share. Hope that’s ok.

    Black Elderberry
    Black Chokeberry (=aronia)
    Black Currant
    High bush Blueberry
    Globe Artichoke heads
    Coffee, filter [sic]
    Lowbush blueberry
    Sweet cherry
    Red raspberry
    Flaxseed meal
    Dark chocolate
    Chestnut (!) J
    Black tea
    Green tea
    Pure apple juice
    Whole grain rye bread
    Red wine
    Soy Yogurt
    Cocoa powder
    Pure pomegranate juice
    Soy flour
    Black grape
    Black olive
    Pure grapefruit juice
    Pure blood orange juice
    Milk chocolate
    Pecan nut
    Red Currant
    Soy, tempeh
    Soy, tofu
    Green olive
    Black bean
    Red Onion
    Green grape
    White bean
    Chocolate beverage
    Roasted soybean
    Soy milk
    Red Chicory
    Soy meat
    Whole grain rye flour
    Pure Pummelo juice
    Green chicory
    Yellow Onion
    Whole grain wheat flour
    White wine
    Rose wine
    Dark beer
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Soybean sprout
    Pure lemon juice
    Red lettuce
    Soy cheese
    Green bean
    Curly endive
    Peanut, roasted, de-hulled
    Rapeseed (canola) oil
    Endive (escarole)
    Green lettuce
    White onion
    Refined oat flour
    Refined wheat flour
    Sweet green pepper

    Hope that helps!

    • Roy Strachan

      OK, where are the other 12?

  • Rossman1

    Dr. Greger! I love your work, you devote so much time and energy in order for people to ״see the light”, I did, through this site, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    I have a question re garlic, is it still so powerful if it is cooked?

  • Jessica

    Dr. G – Any truth to the folk wisdom that eating garlic makes you less attractive to mosquitoes? My kiddo is a virtual mosquito-magnet and the bites swell up into huge welts. I’d love to do something beyond dousing her with repellent in the morning and giving her baking soda baths at night. Thanks!


    egg including yolk ok, if I have hi cholestrol, and high triclerides? My doctor says yes, eat as many (hard boiled eggs as u want) he says you don’t get high cholestrol from eggs.. that people that alter the eggs, gives you high cholestrol…..I can’t find any evidence to support his remark. Please answer this for me. My surgeon, said no stay away from the yolk, my dr. said that dr. is a surgeon, he doesn’t know about the latest reach on egg yolks….who is right?

    • Oh goodness, if I were you, I’d find a new primary care physician–STAT! I think the answer you need is right here on this site. Just do a search for “eggs” (and “medical education” while you are at it), and you will see what the latest scientific evidence has to say on the topic.

  • Akinom

    what about black garlic? aka fermented garlic how does that compare to regular garlic for anti-cancer effects ?

  • Andrew

    Guys, I would like your feedback on this. I struggle to believe the following video (and many more like them)… but then i struggle to understand how there could be so many opposing views? Are these opinions or facts? Is there some element of twisted truth?

    • JacquieRN

      Hi Andrew, thank you for posting the video. It can be a struggle to find the best information to make our best choices. I watched the video and looked through Andreas Moritz’s website.

      1. He states that “Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest form of medicine doesn’t recommend garlic at all…” However, it seems this may not be the stance for all practitioners. if you do a simple google search you will find many like this:

      2. Although he says “some studies show that” – I didn’t see any references to actual studies/research.

    • Andreas Moritz is not a medical doctor. He is a self appointed internet guru like so many others… He is giving his opinion and personal preference towards garlic not based on sound medical science but on his personal dietary choices. We would be wise to follow Dr. Gregers advice over self appointed gurus like Andreas. Just because he personally doesn’t like garlic doesn’t mean we all should not like and avoid garlic as well… and this is the biggest issue I have with self appointed internet gurus… They sometimes twist personal preference as medical fact… nice guy, but wrong about garlic…

  • Kar

    What is the effect of raw garlic consumtion in brain activity?

  • rirtuls

    My mom was a freak with Garlic and she dies of cancer??

    • Corey

      Did she smoke? Did she eat much meat? Did she drink? Was she stressed a lot?

    • esther4

      There are so many factors in developing cancer. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  • Mindaugas Raulinaitis

    My doctor told me to eliminate garlic from the diet because its antibiotic properties have huge negative impacts on the gut biota. I wonder what’s Dr. Greger’s opinion about that.

  • HemoDynamic, MD – NF Volunteer

    I forgot how great this eduvideo is! One that I have to show all my patients but especially the ones with cancer and the ones concerned about getting cancer.

  • karl4hand

    I’m so glad garlic is good for you

  • Sparkey33

    New to Plant-Strong, late to the party on this topic, but with Dr Greger’s logic, wouldn’t purple garlic rate even higher? It is, however, a stronger taste, but when roasted, it mellows. Also, any thoughts on the new “black garlic” (garlic that has been fermented under specific conditions for the chefs to use as a great source of umami)? Keep up the excellent work, DR G!