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There’s another spice that may be useful for brain health. See my video Saffron for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s. What about coconut oil? See Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s? In terms of preventing cognitive decline in the first place, check out my video How to Slow Brain Aging By Two Years.

I’ve previously raised the issue of plant-based diets and dementia in Alzheimer’s Disease: Grain Brain or Meathead?

For more on spices and inflammation, see Which Spices Fight Inflammation? and the follow-up, Spicing Up DNA Protection.

What about treating Alzheimer's disease with the spice turmeric?  That’s the topic of my next video, Treating Alzheimer's with Turmeric.

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  • heath

    Why would it be that when I eat grains I get herpes on the lips (cold sores, not canker sores). Especially brown rice and wheat. I’ve considered it was an arginine/lysine ratio issue, but other high arginine/low lysine foods do not cause these lip sores on me. Could these grains be causing an autoimmune system issue?

    • Julot Julott

      Many peoples have problems with grains and/or legumes even whole ones…it seems they are not that safe…

      • slider1

        Many people claim to have a problem with gluten, but don’t. Less than 1% of the population have difficulty with grains. Most people following the gluten free regimen are responding to media hype.

        I use turmeric routinely in my rice…which is a main ingredient in my veggie burgers.

        The only “down side” to this study is some will falsely assume using turmeric on their double decker bacon burgers will combat fat induced Alzheimer’s. Do a big brother campaign, like for cigarettes. “WARNING: Although this product has been proven to prevent or diminish (name the disease), in most cases, it is not intended as an antidote for meat poisoning.” Surgeon General U.S.A.

        • guest

          Yes, lots of people have problems with grains, but not because of gluten. A likely cause
          of wheat intolerance, as well as other grains, is the FODMAP issue. Foods high in FODMAP’s
          (yes, some delicious vegan foods, by the way), cause great distress in the gastro-tract for
          many people who are therefore unable to eat grains such as wheat. And wheat can both
          cause a FODMAP issue as well as be a symptom of a FODMAP issue.

          • slider1

            I’m not familiar with “wheat intolerance”. I DO know that foods we have trouble with sometimes become acceptable once we stop eating meat and dairy. Recent studies demonstrate peanut allergies can be reduced, even eliminated, by slowly introducing the offending food in microscopic amounts until a tolerance is created.
            Oddly, after I fasted my taste buds changed and I liked (loved) cottage cheese. In grade school I loathed the stuff so much I had a standing agreement with a couple other boys…they removed the cottage cheese from my pineapple before I got nauseous. I could easily eat a container of it today…but don’t.

        • Renee DiCesare

          Just for your info, gluten makes me very bloated and gives me intestinal issues. When I began eating gluten free breads, that all stopped. It’s not hype. It’s facts. I am on end the millions that are proof of it. So is my niece.

          • slider1

            Didn’t mean to imply your problem with gluten was hype. I have no problem with peanuts but they are deadly to some. One person (you or me) does not constitute a statistic. Gluten is hyped by food processors and TV cook shows. Sales of gluten free foods is profitable. Many folks are self diagnosing and declaring themselves gluten intolerant. “Gluten free” represents a huge portions of the products sold today while less than 1% of American’s actually have the affliction. All true statements.

            Fortunately for you there are lots of healthy foods that aren’t a problem.

          • Jane

            I absolutely agree with your statement. Gluten free has become big business.

          • Marie

            I agree with yourself and @slider1’s view. Let me clarify this Im NOT saying I think any food intolerance are hype and dont exist. My GI doc agrees these sensitivities are real…in a SMALL group of people. And of those who truly have them, a good effort has been made over time to rule out other possible health/ medical issues which may mimic or manifest the same symptoms. This could be dangerous if a true cause is going undiagnosed and or treated because something like a food intolerance seems too fit. In my case I actually had allergy disease go undiagnosed until a while ago. I can only encourage those who think they may have a food allergy or intolerance to do educate themselves and dont just read the mainstream media articles or others comments (even mine), do what they can/ have to rule out any other issues that may be the real problem. I had to get VERY SICK before medical doctors got red flags as to the real issue(s).

            At least be open to the fact that your reactions to certain foods may just be the smoke and not the real cause of the fire. Trust me.

      • Tobias Brown

        This isn’t true. 1% of the people have a problem with grains. 7% more are sensitive to some grains. Totally unfounded statement here.

        • Michel

          Hum, I think you should also revise your statement. The same group of researchers who found that gluten sensitivity exist have redone more strict studies to find out that “gluten sensitivity may not exist after all..”

          • Tobias Brown

            Very well then.

          • marie

            Interesting. Although, as we see by this new study findings are never really written in stone or final. A few years from now new, good, studies by these or other researches could very well change this outcome…again and support the diagnosis of gluten and other food sensitivities. Until then lets keep an open mind and focus on supporting others in getting the help and clarity they need with health issues which may be reducing their quality of daily life. My immunologist admits there is alot we still dont know about the immune system, or the human body for that matter. Stay tuned.

      • Grains are safe for people who have no sensitivities to them, which, as the good doc has video’d before, is most people. The assertion that whole cooked grains are not safe is unsubstantiated and borders on the irresponsible.

    • Toxins

      Rice is one of the most non allergenic foods on the planet, so it is extremely odd this would occur to you. I haven’t heard of this before.

      • Julot Julott

        I get hardcore nasal congestion and more symptomes from eating white rice and more or less usually other starchy foods, it seems to go significantly better with whole rice though maybe beacause it is not sticky that is weird but it is fact~
        Probably related to complex carbohydrate feeding yeast overgrowth, There are solid science about specific carbohydrate diet i think~

    • Tobias Brown

      What does this have to do with the subject of this video? Nothing it seems. Thus, I will start flagging as inappropriate posts like this that are off topic. If others do the same, the user may be demoted. Simply hit the flag in the upper right corner of the post.

      • Tommasina

        Hi Tobias– As I explained in my previous email to you, we want to create a welcoming environment for all users on the website, so we do not find it a problem when users post “off-topic” comments or questions on videos. Comments or questions like this can serve as a way to open up discussion of other videos that might be relevant to a user’s interest. I welcome you to share thoughtful responses or a link to a more appropriate or relevant video with users rather than implying a mistake on the user’s part. In any case, I think people will respond more kindly and it will hopefully solve the issue with which you’re concerned. Thank you!

        • Tobias Brown

          My comment related to the post here on “eat grains I get herpes”.

          If you’re telling me that Dr Greger likes it when people post things that are totally off topic and he encourages this, then I will stop leaving such comments. I’ve been using online forums for almost 25 years now and that behavior has always been considered bad form.

          Please confirm that you’re working directly with Dr Greger. Thanks.

          • bruxe

            Don’t like an off-topic post, them skip it. Your post is more off-topic since it is not your job to be the Internet’s cop.

          • Tobias Brown

            It’s okay for someone to post off topic but not okay for me to complain about it? I have a reason for doing this. The only reason someone top posts is to draw attention away from the subject at hand and to their own subject. It’s rude. Pointing this out and complaining about it isn’t rude.

          • slider1

            Tobias, each forum has it’s own set of rules. “RagingBull” (financial forum) was a zoo because posters battled it out over most any post and for any reason, each justified in their own minds. It was shut down and later reopened under strict rules (much less tolerant than here).
            Bottom line is, do we respect each other and accept we aren’t perfect and we don’t all think alike or agree, or do we go to war? I have no problem matching you tit for tat but I so dominate the moderator would feel sorry for you and delete me.
            Do you have anything to contribute on any of the topics? Flaws are easy to find if that’s your goal. Dr. Greger will likely comply with your rules on your board. Doesn’t he deserve the same courtesy?
            Personally I like out-of the-ordinary comments. It’s an opportunity to explore and realize what’s in the minds of others. It’s so easy to miscommunicate. We can say the same words and have different perceptions. Tell me I’m wrong but don’t tell me not to say it.

          • Tobias Brown

            You threaten to engage in big conflict with me here that you assure you’re going to win, as a way of resolving this issue and expressing your sense of mutual respect? The post in question associating a herpes disease with eating brown rice, well that looks very close to trolling to me. So, I’m focused here on a reasoned response to a piece of data. You’re posturing for a fight. Big difference there.

          • Thea

            I understand that sometimes a topic has to be talked out before people can move on. But I feel that this topic has been thoroughly discussed. Please everyone. As frustrating as it may be, please self-govern and stop posting on this topic. If someone’s post get out before they read this one, everyone else should just ignore it. I will be deleting any posts on this topic on this thread after my post goes out. I would much rather spend my time helping others when I can. So, please don’t make me do this.

          • You threaten to engage in big conflict with me here

            I’ve done no such thing. I don’t think in terms of combat. This conversation is over.

          • slider1

            I can turn the other cheek, Tobias. Just saying…and you are affirming, that without rules of conduct this forum could easily turn into a free-for-all. Since we can’t kick each other in the shins, how do we declare a winner? Sounds like a scenario for endless bitter discourse. Should the rest of us bow to whomever is gruff so’s to avoid conflict?

          • slider1

            yep, I’d rather win than lose.

          • slider1

            “Guest” (wink wink), you remind me of Tobias Brown. Please show me where I “threatened” anything with you?

          • Thea

            slider1: I have had to delete the last 4 or 5 of your posts. You need to stop now. I mean it: now.

          • slider1

            Thea, I understand “now means “now”. Keep in mind I’m not privy to your posts until I, by happenstance, cross paths with them. I take it your emphatic insistence I stop is based on the fact I posted after your general warning that the subject is closed. Or did you post to me over objectionable content of my four posts? If so, I don’t have a clue as to what offense I am guilty of. This is not a good learning experience for me.

            Only after my posts were on display to the world did I read your warning to all. At that very moment, without delay or hesitation of any kind what-so-ever, I immediately did my part to be a member in good standing on this forum by ceasing and desisting from any additional posts on the matter.

            If my content is the problem then please tell me and I can start saving a copy of all posts and after any future deletion (provided I’m not booted) I can review my pitiful effort and improve myself to your standard, whatever it may be.

          • Thea

            slider1: Yes, my post was emphatic because after my general warning, you were the only person who kept going and didn’t look like it was going to stop. Thank you for explaining that you hadn’t seen my general warning. I did not realize that.

            re: “…mother.” I laughed at that. But for a bit of venting on my part: I really, really, really do not want to spend my time “mothering” on this site. Ugh. It will be great to just have mature posts on this site so that I’m not put in that position. The unproductive and immature discussion was a group effort (no one person doing all the bad posts) that spiraled downward fast. Now it’s over. Whew.

          • slider1

            Thea, thanks for the feedback and perspective. When I post I only see my window for typing and the post I’m responding to. My email shows I have a comment/reply so I view it. I don’t necessarily read all that has been written in my absence. I check in from time to time between other activities, but I don’t sit in front of my computer screen looking for new comments. Hence, I didn’t see yours until too late.

            I tell you all this because I don’t quite understand what screens and procedure should be present when I an using this forum. It’s confusing because typically I get an email notifying me someone has commented. The email provides a button and invites me to click it to “reply”. Well, when I click on the button all it does is take me to the Nutritional Facts web site. The landing page is the video or article under discussion. It does not take me to the post I was invited to reply to. Therefore I have to pan down the page and scan numerous new and old posts looking for the specific one featured in your email. Is that the way it’s suppose to be? If so, I’ll now understand I am not taken to that particular post. I’ll expect to see only the web site and understand I must find the post. Maybe your message should say, “Go to our web site to comment.”

          • Thea

            slider1: re: “It does not take me to the post I was invited to reply to.” I’m not 100% sure I am experiencing the same problem you are, but I may be. I find that when I click ‘reply’, I get taken to the comments section, BUT the post I am replying to will be just above the area of the screen that I am seeing. I find if I hit the up arrow a few times, I can see the post I am replying to without having to scan all of the comments. This may be a Discus problem. But since the problem did not start until the new website for NutritionFacts (NF) came on-line, I’m thinking it is a problem that can be fixed by NF. Hopefully the web person for this site will see these comments and work on it – if she can.

            re: “Maybe your message should say…” I don’t think NF has any control over what the messages look like. I believe the Discus e-mails are determined solely by “Discus”, the third party application which powers the NF comments section.

            re: “I don’t quite understand what … procedure should be present when I an using this forum.” If find it helpful to read other comments in a discussion before I jump in, especially a discussion with a lot of activity happening. (Though that doesn’t always work out.) Either way, I recommend the following for you: Only participate in discussions that are about nutrition. Leave the moderating to the moderators. (If everyone had done that, none of this painful discussion would have happened.) Also, for every post, after you write it, stop and ask yourself: Is this the *wording* I would use if I were talking face to face right now with my grandmother? My child? My best friend? My respected co-worker? If your posts are polite, with the intent to be helpful to others or asking honest questions, there should be no problems.

            Hope that helps to clarify. Can we let this go now?

          • slider1

            Wow! Plucked the magic twanger and your reply popped right up. Was it an accident?

            NF should always have control over quality. It’s a matter of understanding what you are paying for (and getting it).

            Sure, if you wanna be a lone gunslinger, be my guest, but peer pressure is a powerful tool. Abbot had Costello, Mutt had Jeff, and Dean had Jerry. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

            My part of “we” let it go let it go already…just replying to you. Let it go Thea, you’ll sleep better.

          • marie

            Yes, speaking of being ‘off topic’. This type of comment of string is an example of why I dont usually write comments or engage with others who seem only intent on side debates/ arguments and or the fight to be right and may get inundated with a repetitive list of studies which supposedly prove the writer’s point. To be fair I’ve read this site for a long time before commenting and even those directly associate with the site have made remarks that dont show respect for opposite view points, i.e. “well at least I can go to sleep at night knowing my food choices are in line with my values.” If this is an open forum that type of comment is not “in line’ with those values.

          • dogulas

            She has “NF Team” as flair already, that should be confirmation enough for you. Also, it has always been encouraged to post any question under any video. That’s how the “Ask the Doctor” topics usually get started.

          • Tobias Brown

            Where is this encouraged?

          • Toxins

            If you filter for the “first post”, you will see that Dr. Greger has stated that anyone can ask anything under the video. Not in those exact words, but it is implied.

          • Thea

            You might also check out the FAQ page and the question, “How can I get Dr. Greger to answer my question or submit an idea for future video coverage?”


          • Tobias Brown

            My error. I should have read the FAQ first.

            It still seems like a misuse of a discussion board. It happens sometimes. Okay, that’s fine. But you’re instituting a posting behavior that traditionally has been seen to lack some etiquette. And it’s simply impractical too. If you want to address a B12 question, post it to the prediabetes thread? just because it’s more current? and you can trap everyone’s attention? Wouldn’t it be better to show a bit of restraint and go post in the B12 video areas instead? But now this great set of replies to the “gluten issue” will not appear under the gluten videos, but here in the thread on Alzheimer. Just seems like common sense to me. And also contrary to practically all of the forums I’ve ever participated in.

          • Toxins

            You have to remember most people don’t know the ins and outs of this website if they are new especially, so they don’t know where to post their questions. We usually direct them to the proper video, this has been going on since’s beginnings

          • Thea

            Tobias: I’m sorry, but I disagree about what is most appropriate or effective in regards to this site. I know you are having a lot of trouble letting this go. But I suggest practicing some of that restraint and acknowledging that it’s time…

          • bruxe

            Sorry, but shut up already.

          • guest

            Tobias, I am the one who posted the off-topic question the other day, and after sleeping on it I do appreciate your sentiments, in this regard. It is unfortunate that we do not have a forum to present questions such as mine to our community here. Hopefully Dr. G. and his staff can at some point create an area on the website where users can post their questions to the general community. The way it is set up now is not perfect, and yes, it does at times divert from the day’s video at hand. And I do think your voiced opinions on this matter might spark change, so please, (if you do) do not feel bad for telling it how you see it. I think a good idea would be for this website to have a live column on the right hand side, where users could see the most recent questions asked….click on the question, and reply from there. Each question would be archived and continual. And maybe they could create a “search” function where someone could type in a keyword and up would come all the questions asked that related to the key word.

          • dogulas

            Well a lot of his videos have him commenting similarly to this:

          • bigbird2071

            Show me what forums existed almost 25yrs ago…Mr.Forum Judge!

          • Tobias Brown

            Correction. 18 years ago. That’s when I started doing web design. There were plenty of forums then. Anyway dude. Let sleeping dogs lie.

          • Southbaysteve

            Uh Oh. Someone got his Topic Police badge out this morning. Seriously, It may be off-topic but it’s valuable to someone and wasn’t meant to offend your good senses. Please try to understand that the original poster was attempting to understand what he or she was experiencing in their diet. They aren’t here to bug you. BTW, Dr. Greger doesn’t work for this or own it either. He voluntarily contributes his time to too. Just food for thought.

          • Tobias Brown

            We’ve dropped this discussion already.

        • Tobias Brown

          Very well then. I will start posting my nutrition questions at the top of Dr Greger’s new video posts, regardless of whether it relates to the topic or not. And we should encourage everyone to do the same right?

          Can you please confirm that this is how Dr Greger wants it and that you work with him directly?

          • Thea

            Tobias: Unlike many of the ‘NF Team’ posters who are volunteers like myself, Tommasina is a paid staff person at NutritionFacts who indeed works directly with Dr. Greger.

            Please note that neither I nor Tommasina at any point said we had a goal of “encouraging” people to post off topic. What we said was that such posts were allowed and explained why in at least two different ways. Dr. Hemodynamic also gave you a great explanation of why such posts are not actively discouraged.

            I understand that this is a pet peeve for you and that you have had different experiences elsewhere. I understand that you think the NF policy is just wrong. You are usually a great member of this community, with helpful posts and good questions. I hope you will be able to get over your pet peeve and participate in positive ways on this site going forward. If you see a post whose topic bothers you, just ignore it. Or you can politely point the person to the video with the answer. That might have the effect of having the person post future questions on the page with the right topic–a win-win for everyone.

          • Tobias Brown

            I will stop complaining knowing now that top posting off topic subjects while not encouraged here is accepted. (A better approach for you would be to applaud self-policing like this and remove posts flagged an inappropriate. That’s what that flag is for.

          • slider1

            A public flogging is in order.

          • Tobias Brown

            This is indeed a core problem here, if not THE core problem: That this platform (Disqus) doesn’t allow the moderators to move posts, a traditional feature of discussion boards. Thanks for helping to makes sense of what happened here. (Contrary to one moderators comment, I have no problem moving on. As far as I’m concerned, the whole reactionary part which too place here reflected our broader society where political correctness reigns and we can no longer openly criticize each others actions. I have to say that I don’t think I resorted to name calling or threatening others at any point. BTW, I’ll see Dr Greger speak tonight in Montreal, about three hours from now. Very excited. 2-year plant based whole foods.

          • Tobias Brown

            While few probably saw it, the moderators did just this 2 days ago, removed Coacervate’s post on his “tumeric/oil mixture” that he uses to heal his “warty thing.” I’m surprised at this. The post was actually related to the focal topic. So, yeah, the moderators occasionally remove posts. (Not sure why they didn’t remove the entirely off-topic post on herpes caused by wheat, which now dominates this page.)

          • KWD

            No, it’s not removed. I still see it. Earlier though, it was at the top of the thread and now, in my web browser, it’s further down.

          • Guest

            I stand corrected.

          • KWD

            I just want to add that the Disqus interface doesn’t support moderator ability to move comments to different threads (that I’m aware of). This, combined with the vast number of videos necessitates that the flow of discussion be different than other thread-based message boards.

          • slider1

            Tobias, in a spirit of peace, let me offer to screen your questions. Those easily answered with a quick google search I’ll refer back down to you. Anything complex, I’ll answer. If it’s new territory I’ll kick it upstairs to Dr. Greger and see if he has any data on it.

      • slider1

        I’m guessing, like you, Toxins was replying to the previous post and failed to click on “Reply”
        I’m new here so maybe I’m wrong on both counts. (You WERE replying to Toxins? Toxins WAS replying to Julot Julot?)

      • Just chill, Tobias. We have no problem with off topic posts here.

        On the other hand, obsessive commentors complaining about off topic posts…
        Well, I’ll leave that up to the moderators.

        • Tobias Brown

          As you can read above, I resolved my sentiments on this issue. Now, you come along and complain about the complainer. And you think this is helpful? I raised a legitimate issue. I got a clarification. Now, I will change my behavior here.

          • Yes. Please stop harassing people who come to this site with legitimate questions. Nutrition Facts has no official bulletin board or forum system. So complaining about off topic comments is unwelcome and uncalled for.

          • Tobias Brown

            You want to create more “obsessive comments” here?

            I harassed no one. Someone acted rudely but posting off-topic, trying to draw attention to their absurd “brain drain” type theory, trashing brown rice and wheat, more paleo crap. That was a spam post. And I”m wrong for asking the poster to take it somewhere else?

            The real problem here is American style political correctness. No one is supposed to criticize anyone for anything. And the crowd (you) enforces strict conformity.

            This will be my last comment on this thread.

          • I understand and sympathize with your sensitivity to the Paleo/grain brain/wheat belly/etc. propaganda out there. That does not mean, however, that just because heath evidently has an issue with grains that he is part of that movement. Or that he’s a troll or spammer.

            It’s called individual variability. Posting questions about one’s own individual sensitivities is not considered rude here.

          • guest

            There are many vegans amongst us whose health is dramatically better when they do not ingest grains
            in any way, shape, or form. It is not a paleo-thing. Gluten may not be the issue, but there is clearly evidence
            that FODMAP’s could be the causative factor. And it is possible to thrive as a vegan when as a non-grain

          • I enjoy the openness of posting here. As if we have our morning tea or (SHH Coffee!) and see what is on people’s minds today. Most posts are on topic, but I have learned much from responses to tother topic postings that get seen sooner than if they posted on older video spaces.

          • BTW, I just went to your Disqus page and see there are an extensive collection of posts on this off-topic of off-topic subject.

            Just so you know, on my iPhone, Disqus does not seem to consistently display comments from top of the page to the bottom in chronological order, or vice versa, so I did not see any subsequent comments, no resolution of sentiments “above” before making my own comments.

          • Tobias Brown

            Maybe try an Android product then. Anyway. Extensive collection of posts? That’s an exaggeration. I posted once before about an irritating off topic post. This is second time. Since then, I’ve learned that off topic posting, even when it’s for retarded things like “grain brain” talk, isn’t a problem here. So, I will simply change my behavior, stop complaining and post off topic if I feel like it.

          • The Android snark is rude. It’s likely an issue with Disqus’s mobile platform in general.

          • Tobias Brown

            My point there was that you were exaggerating my “obsession” with this topic via my “extensive” posting on it.

            So, mark my word here, I will stop all replies related to this discussion. Off topic posts are not discouraged on this site. I didn’t now that. Now I do. So, I will change my behavior, as I’ve mentioned.

    • It could be autoimmune or might be related to the herpes. Do you have the same issue with enriched white rice?

      • heath

        Not as much with white rice, but it does tend to cause a blood sugar high and then low. I’ve considered the idea
        that the brown rice as well as wheat might somehow cause autoimmune issue, which lowers my immune system’s
        strength, and thus the resulting lip sore outbreak. Who knows. Bums me out though since I like the taste of brown rice.

        • chateaux

          Off-topic, you’re out!
          There seems to be an increasing influx of the paleo/non-vegan commentators on here sometimes in a subtle form and sometimes just talking pants like above :)

    • Claude Martin-Mondiere

      Decades ago I had a patient with that , I learnt then it was a reactivation of the Herpes virus, locally by a chemical signal due to dry lips, it was solved by a lip balm (old recipe) to protect the surface of the lips from chemical contacts.

  • GeorgeBMac

    I think it is a mistake to mix and match the terms “Dementia” and “Alzheimer’s”. Alzheimer’s is a very specific illness characterized by plaques and tangles and with a very predictable course. Dementia covers a very wide range of cognitive issues of the elderly. And, more specifically “Vascular Dementia” is often associated with various forms of stroke – exclusively.

    But there is another form of vascular dementia that is often overlooked and confused with Alzheimer’s : that from chronic vascular insufficiency – and I suspect that it rather than Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of dementia. Plus, the treatments and preventions for the two are quite different. So confusing dementia from vascular insufficiency and Alzheimer’s does a disservice to those who do and will suffer from those two very different problems.

    • Toxins

      Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, so I think it is justified.

    • Laloofah

      I often wonder if “Alzheimer’s” is sometimes used as a generic term for “dementia” in the media at large, not just here. My mother suffers from a form of dementia, but it’s not Alzheimer’s. I can’t help but think that curcumin is helpful for staving of most (if not all) forms of dementia, along with a plant-based diet, but also wonder if it can be helpful once dementia has set in.

    • bruxe

      Good points, but since there is probably no way they could know what kind of dementia someone has of what kind of other foods they are or behaviors they did I am really suspicious of these kinds of studies and this kind of data, not to mention the conclusions made. Why should I be influenced by what “you suspect” is the leading cause of dementia? What do you know about it, and why do you suspect that?

  • marysaunders

    Sun and too many tomatoes, and I got that tingly feeling that used to end up with cold sores. Now, I take lysine every few hours, and it passes. This works for me.

  • joe

    Hi would anyone see the link below ? care to comment on how an anti cancer vegetarian diet is actually not so good for the brain ?
    Elderly people with dementia are less likely to die from cancer than those who retain a sharp memory, according to scientists.

    The study suggests that the two diseases are at opposite ends of a biological spectrum, in which cancer causes abnormal cell growth and Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia cause abnormal cell death.

  • joe

    In an editorial accompanying the Italian study, Catherine Roe, an instructor in neurology at the Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis, said the study’s large size makes the findings exciting.

    “Like previous studies, they have shown that people with Alzheimer’s disease are less likely to get cancer, and people with cancer are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease,” she said.

  • Coacervate

    Some months ago I mentioned that I used tumeric/oil mixture directly applied to a fast-growing warty thing. I think it is important so here are the pics such as they are. Note that the left pic was taken some 3 days after I first started treatment. I didn’t think it would work so I didn’t bother to take a “Time 0” picture…initially it was some 5 mm in diameter.

    • Thea

      That is just *so* cool. Thanks so much for not only sharing your experience, but taking the time to show the pics too. :-) Very nice!

      • Coacervate

        Thanks Thea. You’re the cool one…great having you here. You keep it real and we notice/appreciate that.

        I wonder how much turmeric should be added to soap? I make 4 liters at a time using soyabean oil. I’ve got a ton of bulk turmeric. I might try 5% by weight unless someone has a better idea on that. I can’t describe how good it feels to have this (and other little “buds”) gone without seeing a medical professional.

        People asked what the yellow dot was for and I said it was the “vegan feast of the great KIR-ku-min” and start chanting anddervishing, re ally, they’re gon put me in a jackette any day now :) I’m living again, somemore.

        • Thea

          Coacervate: Your last paragraph – had me smiling big. :-)

          I’ve never made soap. I know you pointed out that only the growth got yellow, but I’ve stained my fingers (and clothes) yellow in the past. I would be really worried about turmeric soap. But it’s a fascinating idea. Please let us know what happens if you try it.

          Thanks for your nice words. You and one other person has said something very nice today and it sure made my day.

          • My fingers and just about everything stain when I open the tumeric lid. I was very surprised when the whole area on my face did not stain. It did faintly but not enough to show up in the photo’s. I’m eating and filling capsules with it too. I don’t care if I do turn yellow, I can always back off the dose…There is some really interesting chemistry going on. I will let you know how the soap works out.
            Your Bro,

    • Hanna

      What kind of oil did you blend in with the turmeric?

      • I used canola. I put a teaspoon in a small container and sprinkled in the spice while mixing until it formed a paste.

  • Joe Caner

    Monday evening, I made a dry brussel sprouts curry with onion, garlic, curry powder, red pepper, cumin, and a tbsp of olive oil (a rare indulgence) and served it with brown rice. I tossed the brussel sprouts with the olive oil, and cooked them in a dry cast iron frying pan covered with a cast iron lid on low heat, and I only started to add the other ingredients when I got a good scow on the brussel sprouts. It turned out very tasty. If all one has to do to forestal dementia is to eat a curry like this on a regular basis, sign me up.

    • Thanks, I’d like to try this with the minimum water saute method…umm what do mean by scow? browned?

  • Jean

    Started really using turmeric after one of the videos a few months ago. Because of its anti inflammation properties I use it for migraines and osteoarthritis. Know it has a whole list of things it helps with so this video just adds to the list. Just received a pound of it today from Mtn Rose Herbs. I love the stuff and it goes really well on any legume, many veges, rice and potatoes.

  • Ken Bouchard

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  • chris czajkowski

    Grains and pulses and processed dairy upset my system too much so I eat a meat and eggs and fish as well as lots of veg. However, ALL my animal protein is basically wild: range beef (not just “grass-fed”; my meat eats weeds year round); REAL free-range chickens (not in a shed) and raw milk when I can get it. And, of course, wild fish. These foods are not harmful – it’s only factory animal protein that is a problem.

    • Thea

      chris czajkowski: I’m curious. Do you have a set of studies which show that “wild” animal protein is not a problem regarding alzheimers? (I haven’t seen those studies.) Or is that an assumption you are betting on? Just curious.