Breast cancer is sensitive to growth promoting steroid hormones (like estrogen); ingesting these hormones in eggs, meat, and dairy may promote cancer growth. The dramatic increase of hormone dependent cancers (breast, ovarian, endometrial, prostate) in Japan, for example, has been speculatively linked to anabolic steroids in the beef supply.

The sex steroid hormones in meat may alter a man’s testicular development in utero as well as affect female fertility. Hormones and dioxins in meat, milk, and eggs are may also be responsible for early onset puberty. And steroid hormones in milk have also been blamed for the acne epidemic.

Rheumatoid arthritis is often treated with steroids; vegetarian diets have been found to successfully treat it as well. Oral lichen planus is also often treated with steroids; it has been successfully treated with the common plant purslane.

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