Women's Health


Diet may significantly impact the risk and treatment of the most prevalent health issues for women:

Other nutritional research related to health issues for women:

Women at high risk for heart disease who eat peanut butter every day may have a lower risk of suffering from a heart attack as women who do not eat peanut butter. Dried apples have been found to result in an LDL cholesterol drop in postmenopausal women. A plant-based diet may be associated with a lower diabetes rate in women. Mint tea has been found to lower testosterone in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. For overall health, women should drink four to seven cups of water a day.

For accessible cancers such as vulva, skin, mouth, and ulcerating breast, topical application of a turmeric ointment may help reduce symptoms.

The sex steroid hormones in meat have been associated with female infertility, and the buildup of cholesterol in pelvic arteries may cause sexual problems in women.

Urinary tract infections from E. coli may be caused by poultry consumption or handling. Plant-based diets on the other hand may help prevent genitourinary infections. Eating a serving of oatmeal a day’s worth of fiber may significantly extend women’s lifespan.

Topic summary contributed by Linda.