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For more on that million-kid study, see my last video Preventing Asthma With Fruits and Vegetables.

If manipulating antioxidant intake by increasing fruit and vegetable intake can so powerfully reduce asthma exacerbation rates, why not just take antioxidant pills instead? I cover that in my next video Treating Asthma With Plants vs. Supplements?

And if a few extra servings of fruits and vegetables can make that kind of difference, what about a whole diet composed of plants? I close out this 4-part video series with Treating Asthma and Eczema With Plant-Based Diets.

What else might antioxidant-rich diets help with? See:

How many antioxidants should we shoot for? See:

Where are antioxidants found the most?

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  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    Thanks for putting this all together. A copy of this transcript will be on all my coworkers desks on Monday as well as a copy given to every asthma patient I have (all of whom I have already told).

    I have had many asthma patients get better eating more fruits and vegetables but I also have some patients that go completely plant based and get off their asthma medication (eg. inhaled steroids, Singulair, and beta-agonist like Albuterol) altogether. It’s phenomenal to watch this as a physician because NO ONE EVER in medical school or residency told me or even hinted this could be done.

    For anyone out there reading this that has allergies or asthma, the single most important thing to stop eating or drinking is ALL dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt). Remember, the milk protein casein (Casein is in all animal milks) makes up 87% of the protein in dairy and is an enormous mucus producer which just clogs your airways making it harder to breath, thus worsening your symptoms.

    And we didn’t even get into one of the first studies to show DNA manipulation by casein to turn on the genes that promote cancer growth.

    Leave the dairy to the animal that produced it. I never saw a baby calf come up to my mothers breast and beg for a feeding. So why are we begging the cows and goats for their breast milk?

    • Thea

      Dr. HemoDynamnic: Well said! I love it when you share stories of your patient’s success. While not a scientific study, you have a bird’s eye view that individual anecdotes lack. Thanks!

    • DGH

      The Casein data on carcinogenesis are from T. Colin Campbell’s books Whole and The China Study.

  • Plantstrongdoc M.D.

    Impressive – fast and significant results. If we had a new drug cutting the exacerbation rate in half, it would cost a lot of money and probably have a lot of side effects. The side effect of fruit and vegetables: Reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension etc.

    • Thea

      Exactly! Well said!

  • Janekm

    Interesting. I switched to a vegan diet 2 years ago. Before that I was vegetarian for 1 month but switched to soy milk from the start. I noticed an improvement in my asthma symptoms immediately, and after 8 months stopped taking symbicort ( steroid & long acting bronchodilator). I had an exacerbation recently & had to start taking the symbicort again for a couple of weeks. The only thing that had changed was that I had starting eating peanuts again. I’ve cut them out and I’m asthma free again!

    • celiayounger

      if you take soy milk, be sure is organic and not GMO

  • DGH

    If I got asthma, I would try a plant-based diet. Being already on an exclusively plant-based diet, with a heavy family and personal history of atopy, I guess I am somewhat protected. Equally important is to avoid smog, which I view as more of a geographic thing and staying indoors in A/C on really bad days.

  • Zuppkko

    Go ORANGES! I also find several greens helpful. I make smoothies with lots of them. It also improves my fatigue. Especialy smoothies with parsley. It has a good impact on adrenal glands.

    • Michel Voss

      Smoothies are not as acidic as Diet Coke but cause also teeth damage:

      • Zuppkko

        Yes, that is true. In nature orange tree gives a lot of fruit for only 2-3 months, then it slows down a little. It’s not good if you eat oranges for a long time every day. But they are not just agressive on teeth. They clean the heck out of you. :) Some people use them just for fasting (they use OJ).

        • Michel Voss

          Fasting lowers the basic calorie turnover.

    • celiayounger

      can you tell me which fruits and veggies are good ? and which are not (like apples)? I wish this study can be printed.

      • Zuppkko

        Citrus fruits (but not for a long time, they are hard on teeth), melons, watermelon, grapes (choose red or black – with lots of flavonoides), all berries. Red, orange, purple colors indicate good cleaners.

  • patipnuts

    I was a life-long asthmatic on five different meds 24/7 when we decided to try a vegan diet for my husband’s pain. It worked for him and to our surprise I was able to stop all the meds! That was 1998. I am so thankful that I only need an occasional pill. I keep an inhaler on hand for incidental seafood contamination in restaurants, but that’s it! I also have far, far fewer sinus infections – usually related to something I have eaten in compromise. Not worth it! My allergies were pollens (and I live in the tropics), animal danders, diesel exhaust (we sometimes can’t even see the back of the truck or bus), chemicals, and molds.

  • PiFi

    It seems mildly unethical to put someone on a standard American diet.

  • Lauren

    Now if only I could get my asthmatic toddler to eat more fruits and veggies. Besides hummus and smoothies, he won’t touch any whole foods. It’s a start, right?

    • Alyssa Martens-Petty

      Hey Lauren! So sorry your toddler has asthma. How old is he?

      Have you heard of Juice Plus+? Its whole food (fruits & veggies) in a soft chew. My girls (3 years & 1 year) love them! They have never had a doctors appointment except well visits. I am so thankful for that!

      If you want info, check out my website :)

      • celiayounger

        when i was young we eat a lot of fruits and veggies in my grandfathers house. One fruit was the best : acerolla (i dont’ know if they have this tree in this country or can get it). NEVER EVER got sick my brothers and I. never missed a day of school.

  • Own Your Life

    Been sharing fruit and veggie concentrates for 19 years along with some incredible healthcare professionals and with the 32 independent published studies it is no wonder we have seen tremendous results in asthma and other chronic diseases. When you can flood your body with plants, great things happen. It has been a catalyst for other changes

  • Jotting down too information in this way seriously takes too much.. I appreciate the efforts made.. Thanks for sharing so valuable information… Keep up the hard work :)