A plant-based-diet can help prevent hypertension. Those eating vegetarian are less likely to have hypertension. This may be because many plant-foods contribute to prevention and treatment of hypertension, such as beans, watermelon (especially yellow), and cocoa. Spirulina might also help with high blood pressure, but it is not recommended. Alkaline water machines are a scam, but DIY extremely dilute baking soda-water may help reduce hypertension.

Dark green leafy vegetables may be especially helpful, due to their high nitrate levels. When eaten in plants but not meat, nitrate forms nitrite, which then turns into nitric oxide, which helps open up blood flow (and can result in a “rosy glow“). However, when eaten without the fat-free phytonutrients found in plants, nitrite can turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Salt is a well-known contributor to high blood pressure; even if our blood pressure is normal, it might be wise to keep sodium intake under 1,500 mg per day and watch out for high-salt foods such as chicken. Other possible contributors to hypertension include certain banned pesticides, advanced glycation end-products, and viruses present in chicken and turkey.

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