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  • miniboes

    Hi dr. Greger, it’s a bit off topic but I have been using a b12 supplement and noticed there’s lactose in there. Could this be a problem?

    • Adrien

      If you’re lactose intolerant, probably. In terms of health, I don’t think it can be risky. That being said, lactose don’t have to be in a B12 supplement. I’m sure you could easily find lots of cheap vitamin B12 without lactose.

    • Tobias Brown

      Please delete this post and post it in the B12 discussion area. Thanks.

      • Autumn Sage

        And exactly where is this off topic discussion area? How does one access it? Thanks.

        • Tobias Brown

          This video is about childhood diabetes. Your post is about B12.

        • Ann

          put b-12 in the search box and find a B12 discussion

          • Getting Tired of Partial Info

            Browse Topics does not show B12 and I can’t find the search box on this new web site. This web site gives some information but many times just leaves more ?’s and there is no where that I can find to get any answers.

          • Tommasina

            Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that the new format isn’t working for you! If you look at the top bar of the website, you should see a magnifying glass–that is the new search icon. If you click that, the search bar will appear. You can find lots of videos on B12 there: I hope that helps!

            Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’m passing it along so hopefully it will improve the site for everyone.☺

          • That’s better

            Thanks Tommasina. There isn’t a magnifying glass but there is the word menu with 3 bars on the right and in clicking that I find the search box and other items.

          • Tommasina

            Our web developer just changed the format of the search bar based on your feedback, so you should now see a more visible search bar that says “Search” next to a green “Search” button–do you see that at the top of your browser window? If you can’t see it, would you mind emailing me at Tommasina[at] and we can trouble-shoot it together? Thanks for your help with this!

      • Thea

        Tobias: I understand that the culture can be different at other sites, but NutritionFacts does allow off topic posts.

        • Tobias Brown

          The culture on the Internet and in society in general, last time I checked, is to NOT change the subject when someone initiates a topic. In any context, that is RUDE. I know people do this all the time here.

          • Chillax Tobias. There is no B-12 “discussion area” at because this is not a forum or bulletin board. Dr. Greger does not micromanage respectful questions, on or off-topic.

          • HemoDynamic, M.D.

            So if I understand your logic correctly if I had a patient come to my office for high blood pressure and I walked in and said, “how is your high blood pressure today?” And then they break down and start crying about how they just lost their mother, then I should say, “well you know you made your appointment for high blood pressure we will discuss that today, but you have to make another appointment for your acute depression.”because in any context apparently that is rude.” As far as I’m concerned it would be considered rude not to listen to the patient about their acute stress and depression. So my point is sometimes it’s easier for patients to bring up their problems in the most current area rather than waiting to find the appropriate place because sometimes people can’t find the appropriate place to make their discussion. We, as human beings, should be open to that. So I would look at this website not only as an information site with current discussions but also as a discussion site for other needs of patients that do not get those needs met by their current providers.

          • Tobias Brown

            This is a discussion board not an emergency room or doctor’s office. If you want to discuss B12, go to a related thread and discuss it there.

          • Thea

            HemoDynamic: That’s a great analogy. Thank you for your compassion and helping to show so clearly why we do things the way we do here.

          • slider1

            Dr. HemoDynamic, I think you’re taking liberties with Dr. Greger’s message…stretching your interpretation a bit. You missed the point. (Or ignored it.) Whether your patient has emotional problems or not, the cheapest, most effective treatment for high blood pressure is to take your patient off meat and dairy. It’s that simple. Indeed, this board is most excellent for patients who’s health needs aren’t being met by their current medical providers. I’m guessing that’s most everyone. Unfortunately you won’t refer them here.

    • Coacervate

      The lactose is just a filler and a few hundred mgs won’t cause a problem. But there are B12 preps out there with less adulteration…ask the clerk. Good luck

      • There is lactose in Superior Source’s methylcobalamin sublingual tabs. I’m quite fond of it. I’ll take the lactose over the stevia in some of their other supplements.

  • BB

    Every new parent needs to see this video. Pediatricians should be giving this information to their patients. It amazes me that some parents will watch what they eat for health or weight control reasons, but feed their kids unlimited saturated fat and sugar. The perception is that the kids will burn it off or even that they need it to grow. Heartbreaking!

  • tbatts666

    Nice. Vegetarian kids grow taller! That is a nice little snippet.

    Exercise works well for diabetic adults, I wonder if the same holds true for kids.

  • guest

    For those of us who can’t hear, the “transcript” is not working. I click on “view transcript”, nothing opens up.

    • brec

      Click on Acknowledgements first; then click View Transcripts. Why this works I cannot say.

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    Great video! I wanted to say that the new website is fantastic using Google Chrome, but when using Internet Explorer I’m not able to your page. This is a big problem because I use this website every single day in my patient rooms demonstra to my patients the benefits of eating healthiealso the editor in my iPad doesn’t allow me to press enter to make another line and it is much more difficult to edit a message
    I even have my IT department working on the problem but they haven’t been able to resolve it. Any suggestions?

    • Yikes! Anyone else having problems with Explorer? What version are you using?

      • Suzanne

        I use Firefox. The new webpage works well on my new, wide-screen Vaio notebook, however, there is a problem on my older Vaio, which has a smaller screen. The smaller screen notebook only shows the video portion of the webpage –like an extreme closeup–no room for the rest of the page! It is a bit off-putting to open the page and find this huge picture staring me in the face!

        • The Dude

          On my Firefox, the home page used to show the lastest video when I signed on, now it shows on old video not the latest video as it did in the past. Now I have to search for the latest video

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        I do not think many people will have this problem with Internet explorer, unless they are running it under a Microsoft server. This is what we run at her office and the terminals we have in the rooms are not actually full blown computers they are what are called thin”clients”. It is not allowing me to view the pages, search engine, sources cited, transcripts, search engine etc. I will keep you updated and give you info as to the fix when we discover it.

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        Update to the Video display problem with the patient room Terminals Screens: Apparently it is caused by outdated Java. It will be updated this weekend and I will keep you informed of the result.
        Enjoy the weekend!

        • Thule

          Unless you really *really* need Java in those computers (which very rarely would be necessary)
          deinstall the java plugin — For example, this site works perfectly for me, and I don’t have Java installed.

          The reason there is nothing more vulnerable to attacks. Avoid Java, you don’t need it to browse this site. Of course given that those are thin terminals you would need to say something regarding this to the IT department.

          In your personal computer tho, make sure you don’t have the plugin for Java in your browser. That is valid for everyone.

          • sf_jeff

            Java should be a lot safer than activeX and most likely flash also. The reason is the Java applet security model tightly controls network connections and only allows connection back to the original server that served the page.

            That said, Java would be less safe than no java, all else equal. The real question is, do you care about losing the web pages that require it?

  • AnnaFiona

    Thank you for the video. A bit off topic, I was wondering if there was any constructive thoughts regarding the latest article from the Times article, ”

    A Call for a Low-Carb Diet That Embraces Fat –”

    • b00mer

      A good response from David Katz:

      “Diet Research, Stuck in the Stone Age”

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        I feel that is a great response from Dr. Katz. I don’t agree with Dr. Katz a lot but I have to give credit when credit is due.

        The research that they quote is junk, just like the food they ate!

    • This explains the low-carb, pro-saturated fat media blitz.

    • slider1

      Lower the carbs and increase the diseases,

  • Paul Teppo

    Great video there!
    I’m interested to know that vegetarians are growing taller than meat-eaters. Any idea, though, as to how I can maximise my kids’ height?
    Thanks for everything,


    Surely children on high dairy diets grow faster and taller? with the attendant problems of eating dairy products meant for an animal that grows much faster than humans. I have been a vegan for decades on a mostly raw diet at 71 works for me :-)

    • Darryl

      This surprised me as well.

      This result was among Adventists, and only about 15% of Adventist “vegetarians” are vegan. The majority are ovo-lacto vegetarian, and childhood growth and plasma IGF-1 have repeatedly correlated with dairy intake, rather than other animal protein sources.


        When eggs,or milk or even meat consumed are referred to in research findings without specific information about how the animals were fed and treated important differences may be missed,as with supplements, surely food state will have different outcomes from the synthetic cheap type made down to a price often produced by big farm companies?

        • Darryl

          Many of the constituents of animal foods of most concern are also present in organic, grass-fed, free-range, lovingly stroked animals too. Organic dairy milk will have high levels of leucine and microRNA-21, for example. Its intrinsic to milk’s biological purpose.

        • slider1

          The differences between animal meat and dairy caused by differences in diet are insignificant when you learn ANY animal meat overloads humans with too much protein and taxes our kidneys tying to digest it. Meat protein triggers cancer growth. “Lean” “healthy” meat clogs arteries. Meat has zero fiber causing colon cancer. The list goes on. Sounds like you WANT to believe you can eat meat and not be at risk. Look at the facts objectively and you will want to change your dietary ways. I’d get nauseous if forced to eat meat.

    • slider1

      Milk grows animals faster when that dairy is of that species. Cow milk overloads human babies with protein and fat and deprives us of what mother’s milk contains. A baby rat won’t do as well on cow milk either.

  • b00mer

    It will be nice when plant-based/vegan diets are more common so that we can get more of all of this information specifically for vegans. Maybe the vegetarian kids aren’t getting more animal protein, and it’s the plant consumption/lack of meat consumption making them taller. Or maybe it’s the steroids found in dairy, that they’re most likely getting more of than their meat-eating counterparts if total animal protein is constant. On the other hand maybe dairy is constant between them, and meat is instead being replaced by more eggs. Further complicating is the huge range within the label “vegetarian”. In so many studies you see vegans studied by themselves but labelled as vegetarians, you see them all lumped in together with lacto-ovo vegetarians, and in others, who knows how of a range there is in plant/animal consumption within a population of true lacto-/ovo-veg/pesca-tarians. Can we please start conducting research with meaning and clarity and for cripes sake, can someone go measure some vegan kids??

  • Lark America

    Americans have been eating fast food for so long that they do not know how to feed themselves let alone their kids. People believe giving up fast food and meat means they are going to starve to death which I guess is why every time I tell some one I’m a vegan they ALWAYS ask, “Well, what do you eat?” People might be feeling they are taking their kids’ childhoods away by denying them junk food or that their kids would never eat a wfpb diet. There are so many dairy and meat alternatives so kids could still take a sandwich to school for lunch and so many delicious recipes that kids would not miss the animal products. Parents just need to educate themselves and plan meals out in advance which I understand is a hard job but worth it.

    • slider1

      When ask, “what do you eat?” I reply, “Anything but meat and dairy!”

  • Theresa Ditter

    I am not able to blow up the screen like I could before the new web changes. I really miss that.

  • laguna

    Plant based diet seems to me to be less expensive than when i was buying meats and fish, so i was a bit confused by Dr. Greger discussing the high cost of plant based, since processed pre made foods and snack foods are what many people seem to purchase on food subsidies from studies i have read and personal observations at the store.

    • b00mer

      I also found the phrasing in that bit surprising. If one looks at cost in terms of servings rather than calories, then most of the produce section would be considered the “dollar menu” or less. And grains and beans would be on the “three to six servings for a dollar” menu. The concept of a plant based diet being more costly is absolutely a myth, and I do hate to see it repeated.

      That said, access to healthy food and education on what to eat and how to prepare it are important challenges for many. I would like to see the plant based movement as a whole become more aware of social justice issues and make a pointed effort to reach out to the disenfranchised in our society who are disproportionately affected in our current health crisis.

      • slider1

        Don’t want to put words in his mouth but sometimes it seems Dr. Greger is reading what the article says and we presume it’s his view. It might become irritating if at the end of each video he provided a disclaimer saying he just reads em. Once you get his rhythm and views it’s easy to discern between what he reads and when he is making his point…often with emphasis.

        • b00mer

          It’s true, he’s often just the messenger for whatever research other people are doing. But he does provide critiques and counterarguments at times, particularly when a study’s findings are in disagreement with the promotion of a plant based diet. I guess I’m surprised he didn’t choose to present a contrary opinion to what the researchers state in this case. Especially given his previous videos about this very subject where he argues that healthy food is in fact cheaper.

  • Trigg

    Please comment on the new study showing low carb diet was better than low fat for both weight loss and CVD. The ghost of Atkins arises?

    • Merio

      Look above and search for the Boomer post about Dr David Katz response to the NYT article…

  • David

    It doesn’t seem that new posts are coming along by 7 AM as they had been. I miss the dates/times/ Today’s Blog post. I have checked every day at 7 AM and look forward to news posts daily. THANKS!!!! Please advise.

    • Tommasina

      Hi David! We’re posting at 7 AM as usual, but I think there’s some sort of bug we need to work out that might be preventing your browser from loading the new video-of-the-day. I’ve heard that clearing out one’s web history may solve the problem, but our web developer is working on it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Ragen

    Hi Dr.Greger, my question is off topic too. I was wondering if commercially distilled water ok/safe or good to drink?

  • David

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness.
    Any thoughts or nutritional suggestions for treating this condition.
    Would like to pass it along to a good friend who is suffering and working hard for a resolution.
    Thank you!

  • Dan

    All of Dr Greger’s video make you pause for reflection at the end, but this one brought a tear to my eye.

  • K8eekatt

    Organic produce is more expensive but organic meat is absurdly expensive so its good to think of eating meat once a week or less, actually. I have gone weeks with no meat purchased because of the cost, and we won’t eat conventionally raised meat for humane reasons and GMO contamination.

    • slider1

      What benefit is derived from eating meat once a week? (Other than the fact you’re not eating it the other six days.)

  • Julot Julott

    Hello, what is the opinion on this site of whole bread? This thing seems to be very hard to digest and very irritating on GI tract and is also very salty most of the time~~

    • slider1

      “Whole bread” might not be the same food as “whole grain bread”. Read the label and discover what’s actually in it. What is added to preserve or flavor your choice of breads? If you can’t find a whole grain product, try making your own whole grain bread before you give up. If you cannot bake or buy a healthy bread that you find palatable then eating white bread is still a very poor choice. Don’t give up yet, it may simply be a matter of your palate needing a couple weeks to adjust to the new flavor and texture.

  • Guest

    Using Firefox the top banner on the webpage cuts off part of the video. I can’t see the journal references without making the video full screen.

  • Tobias Brown

    A person who wants answers about b12 would be far better served, far more likely to get answers if they posted in ANY of Dr Greger’s thread ON THE SUBJECT, all shown here,

  • Ron

    Hi Dr, Greger,
    First let me say that I really appreciate your work.
    Your site has made a huge difference in the way I see nutrition.
    Practising a method described in one of your videos regarding crohn’s disease has really changed my life.
    And now to my question :)
    I couldn’t find any video in your site regarding Diabetes type I – I think it will be very interesting to know more about it from your perspective.
    Thanks again,

  • Cesar2

    How to prevent pre-diabetes in young children? Don’t feed them tons of fruit or starchy foods.