Doctor's Note

What about preventing the disease in the first place? See my previous video Preventing Parkinson’s Disease With Diet.

The serotonin story I mentioned, explaining the crowding out of precursor amino acids at the blood-brain barrier, is described in my three-part series The Wrong Way to Boost SerotoninA Better Way to Boost Serotonin, and The Best Way to Boost Serotonin.

More on the risks and benefits of coffee and caffeine in Coffee and Cancer, and What About the Caffeine?

And more on what fiber can do for us in videos like:

For more context, check out my associated blog post: Treating Parkinson’s Disease with Diet

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  • cobalamin

    You forgot about Vitamin A(Retinol,Retinoic Acid,Retinal,Beta-carotene)!

  • ruth

    Thank you so much for this information! Just last night while caring for a parkinson’s patient, I felt, there was more help for him in diet and lifestyle changes and this morning I see this! The suffering is so great for parkinson’s victims! thank you for spreading this! I know it will help a lot of people.

  • Southlander

    I appreciate NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG and learn more and more with each passing day. My most sincere “thanks” and “appreciation”. Don :-))

  • Veganrunner

    Dr Greger thank you all of the wonderful and helpful information you gave my sister Nancy yesterday. She feels more confident with her decision to go vegan as the best treatment. She is now looking for a new doctor who is willing to encourage her choice.

    Thanks again,

    • Annie

      Hi Gale,

      Does your sister have Parkinson’s? If so, has she improved on a vegan diet? I’ve been trying to get a family member with Parkinson’s to adopt a vegan diet, but he’s resistant. If he heard about the experience of someone who’s had success with it, I’m hoping he might be willing to give it a try.


      • WFPBRunner

        Hi Annie,
        No. Heart disease.

        But I have treated many patients with Parkinson’s and overall strengthening and coordination exercises help.

        I have also had great response to them losing weight.
        I don’t have clinical experience with Parkinson’s and WFPB diet. Good luck with your family member.

  • Thea

    This series on Parkinsons is fascinating. And so important. Thanks!

  • snowhawk

    I was wondering….would this help someone with dementia with Lewy Bodies? Lewy Bodies is similar to Parkinsons. Thank you.

  • Those darn persistent vegan facts again! LOL Viva la vegans!

    What about any correlation with prions?

  • Jackie

    It’s wonderful to have your site for facts and information. Thanks, Dr. Greger.

  • suzzy

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Any tips on which foods are high in hexacosanol and fisetin? So far I’ve found strawberries and whole grains but my searching isn’t coming up with anything else. Interesting that my spouse with PD felt the best all day after eating some strawberries and grapes. Coincidence? We ate those before I found this article…

  • I wonder if similar steps would help with preventing antipsychotic induced movement disorders?

  • garrtg4

    I have seen some videos by David Perlmutter MD promoting glutathione as a treatment for Parkinsons on Also, glutathione has been touted as a super antioxidant but I do not see it listed in the blog topic index. Am I being led down the primrose or perhaps the Indian gooseberry path
    by this assertion?

    • Alicat

      Hi I am new to these videos and as I am researching for a friends wife who has Parkinson´s I am not sure whether Glutathione works, however I know I have myself been taking a supplement called CELLGEVITY from Max Health and living International, sadly for the cost I have had to stop taking but the results in so many people were amazing, and in myself, so maybe do some research and check out this company, I have said that as soon as my financial situation improves I definitely would purchase these again.
      I am also interested in helping people and if it is going to not cost so much then great, so eating habits first for sure.

  • debbie

    Why wait to eat beans in the evening ?

  • Rooh

    Dr Gregor, do you have any advice for someone with Vascular Parkinsons? The patient is not swallowing at all, due to a blockage. He is in a nursing home in intensive care. I would really appreciate anything you can help with.

  • Sylvester Cater

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  • sfr53

    Macuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean seed powder and/or Extract)
    Any info on this and the L-Dope effect on Parkinsons?